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Well, it was nice to feel that I have friends, coming to work this morning and
finding 40 messages unopened. However, 35 were about TFC, and I think 85% of
them were in regards to the shaman controversy. Wouldn't it be awesome if there
was this much passion about every role-playing issue on TFC?

Anyway, I have come up with a list of things the Implementors can and should do
IMMEDIATELY to solve this crisis:


10. Change TFC to have just one class: shaman. You could dual if you wanted
but only to another type of shaman. Everyone would be on equal footing so no

9. Change the spell 'soul rift' to 'sole rift'. This spell makes the victim's
feet hurt really badly. They couldn't run more than 2 rooms away before
tremendous blistering set in. Clerics could have anti-spell: Dr. Scholls'
Healing Pads

8. Change the spell 'soul rift' to 'sole rift'. This would cause fish to slam
against the victim's armor (suggested this one just for the halibut).

7. Change the spell 'soul rift' to 'sole rift'. This spell would cause only
(solely) the caster to spontaneously combust. Probably wouldn't be used very

6. Change the spell 'soul rift' to 'soul riff'. Amazing sounding blues music
would flow from the caster's ears, and would lull the victim into a false sense
of inner peace. Victim could not cast aggressive spell for 8 ticks.

5. Take away the shaman's spells and let them wear armor and use any weapon
they'd like. Also change their max str to 999kg and give them skills like
dodge, second attack, and enhanced damage. This idea is kind of radical but
sounds like it could be a cool class, doesn't it?

4. Change shaman's role to fashion coordinater. Add spells like 'make scarf',
'make shawl', and 'make hat' so that they could accessorize more.

3. Don't allow PKs...or killing of any monsters. Spells wouldn't be needed
then and we'd have a much more peaceful world, where you could get experience
only by getting a job in Midgaard or your home town, learning a trade, and
becoming a valuable member of society.

2. Only allow shamen to PK other shamen of the same alignment, same level, and
same name. This will cut down on the number of people who are being hunted and
along with it, the number of complaints. (except from shamen)

1. Change the maximum level that a shaman could attain to 5. They'd be the
kings of the arena, rifting spectators and fans to the bowels of hell, but
wouldn't be a big threat to those players, say, level 9 and up.

I feel that if at least 6 of these changes are implemented within the next 24
hours, total chaos will be averted and we will once again all be able to enjoy

Coleman, God of Mirth

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