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Coleman: Some Christmas Mirth, Part I
Fri Dec 20 06:09:19 1996
To: All
Twas the night before Christmas
And all through TFC
Not a character was playing
Heck, not even me.
In their temple or guild hung everyone's stocking,
Hoping for Amulets of True Seeing, or Blocking.
A tree had been placed in the Ceremonial Room
So that people would be merry, not filled with gloom.
As I napped in my temple I awoke with a scare;
A noise from Ceremonial! Ahhh, should I care?
I wiped the sleep from my eyes and said 'What the heck?
I'll walk on downstairs...couldn't hurt me to check.'
When I looked in the room I drew back with a pause --
A fat man in red! Could it be Santa Clause?
As I thought he was fake, I got ready to purge,
But I saw a huge list -- he looked ready to splurge
on gifts for all players. I looked slowly at him
and I said 'You even have something for that ogre named Grymm?'
Santa replied with a smirk 'Don't get carried away...
but yes, even for him something is on my sleigh.'
He looked at me, smiled, and said 'You're a God...
check this list over, and don't be a clod.'
Coleman: Some Christmas Mirth, Part II
Fri Dec 20 06:15:28 1996
To: All
Hundreds of names were contained on the list,
I don't think that any player could have been missed.
So that you'll believe me that this list was ample,
I'll tell you some names, just as a sample:
For Tynian, a system that never would crash,
Next to Azzark's name, just one thing: hard cash.
Madman, a Metallica sculpture, made of solid gold,
Tokugawa and Syrinx: Geritol, cuz they're really that old.
Jerald, some nice stuff, but also a muzzle
and for Retired Kim, a big man with whom she could nuzzle.
Both Jaator and Kaern would be filled with glee
when they saw their passes letting them 'Get out of ID.'
Rhina and her followers a leaf blower and rake
So they could spruce up their temple, for cleanliness sake.
For Kalten's Ivory church, a nice big steeple,
Sadow a book: How to Win Friends and Influence People.
Newbies were getting recalls and magic mushrooms,
Jyslin/Myron and Em/Triston, their own private rooms.
Well this list continued, it went on and on,
I couldn't read any more or Mr. Claus would be gone.
Coleman: Some Christmas Mirth, Part III
Fri Dec 20 06:20:33 1996
To: All
But I noticed one thing, and I became filled with fear:
'Hey Santa' I spoke, 'My name isn't on here!' :(
Santa smiled at me saying 'You don't get a thing...
You have the best gift already: Your following!'
I had to nod in agreement but still felt a bit gypped,
Then I saw that some of the gifts' wrapping had been ripped.
Before I went back to continue my long winter's nap
I suggested 'Hey Claus we have some old Saran wrap :)'
Then I waved and I bowed, and went to take my leave
As I noticed him pull a walkie talkie out of his sleeve.
He spoke into it 'Hey Rudolf, my work here is done.
Of all the muds I visited tonight TFC's Number One!'
Then he winked, nodded and 'Poof' he departed;
For a second there I thought that the old man had farted.
As he drifted out of sight he exclaimed with much glee,

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