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Thaygar's Final Ascention

Note #51
By: Thaygar
Subject: Final Ascension
Date: Wednesday, July 17, 1996
To: All
This One has been blessed by the Mercy of the Triat, and the honorable Judgement of those who are both their Masters and their Thralls. As a consequence, this One has attained the Final Ascension: the shedding of all mortal bonds. This One is sadde rred that he must release those be holds the dearest, his own loyal followers. All who have remained faithful will be sorely missed... even those whose faith stemmed more from terror than from honor : ) No matter. You are all free. Hunt well.
The Order is no longer a mere following, and this One is no longer a mere godling, unknowing of the Triat's full glory. With the Final Ascension, this One at last comprehends the full Majesty of the Three, and must now wholly dedicate himself to expressinh that Majesty to all. Thus, this One now walks, as he did in his mortal years, the Path of Balance. Thie Triat no longer rage within me. They are One with me, and from this Turn onward, this One is dedicated to making their glory available to all.
In the next Cycle, this One will reshape the Order to include all who wish to pursue the honor associated in personal agony. For all, this One will resurrect the Legatos Obolus, that all may quest in the glory and the names of the miat, and reap their just rewards thereby.
Until this One's Masters bid him speak again, Hunt Well.
Thaygar - Master of the Dancers of the Ebon spiral

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