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a 10/11/96 partial who list
14 players.
Elf [ Cl:20             ] Kollen the bald cleric of Nature
Hum [ Wa:23             ] Hans, proud warrior of the Scarlet Shield.  *TEL*
Hum [ Ra:15 Ma:15       ] GIJoe:Two Blazing Fists of Fury! {TEL}
Hum [ Cl:25 Wa:25       ] Kinky: Warrior/Cleric -=*[Trinity]*=- [E]
Hum [ Cl:21             ] Bad.
Hum [ Wa:19 Cl:24       ] Emaleth is engaged, dont even ask me "to who?"
Elf [ Wa:15 Ma:13 Th:12 ] Isam.    [Tel]   (Scarlet Shield)
Hum [ Sh:25 Ra:25       ] Pendor: Councilman of the Scarlet Shield (IPS/TEL)
Gia [ Wa:20             ] Valkrie the Virtue-ous Secretary (leave messages)
Hum [ Ra:26 Th:26 Ma:26 ] Tokugawa seeks +int eq, Trinity[E]IPS.
Elf [ Cl:20             ] Unknown is his future.  Sq. Keller      '""""KEI"""'
Hum [ Th:11 Ma:15 Ra:12 ] Gwyrdain...                                    [Nash]
Hel [ Wa:20 Ma:20 Th:15 ] Blackstone, The Vorpal Illusionist of the Tiger
Hum [ Cl:18 Wa:10       ] Etris: Nature lass, love of Gaul. *Newbie Patrol*

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