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(located at port 4000)

At Some Point in 1995....

(This is a previous, not quite so friendly incarnation of Saruman, the Ancient Blue Dragon of Fate)

< worn about waist>  a studded leather girth
< worn around wrist> the dull moonstone bracelet
< worn around wrist> the thick spinel bracelet
< wielded> a club
<97hp 70ma 126mv(44307) 1406gp > whoz
You are hungry.
You are thirsty.
<97hp 70ma 126mv(44307) 1406gp > who 7 10
Players near you:
<97hp 70ma 126mv(44307) 1406gp > 5 players.
Hum [ Ma:10 ] Saruman is PKing so watch it...
Hum [ Ma: 7 ] Tester the Man
Hum [ Ma: 9 ] Dukun If you go into the woods tonight ..
Elf [ Ra: 8 ] Welverin Do'Urden of the UnderDark
Hum [ Ma: 8 ] Kurasaki just passing thru....
<97hp 70ma 126mv(44307) 1406gp >

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