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TFC Historical Timeline

Here you will find the most comprehensive historical TFC timeline, which is a compliation of Cordir's and Marisa's timelines containing over 2500 files (and growing). If you would like to submit information or logs for the timeline, post a note to Marisa on the MUD. Due to time constraints beginning in 2006, for the most part the only things that will appear on the timeline are things that are submitted by others.

Thank you's

From Cordir: Thank you goes to Silonch of the Black Conclave, who suggested the idea of a Historical View of TFC. Thanks also to Tynian, Madman, Nayr, Jaxxon, Rhina, Pixel, Thaygar, Syla, Nalya, Daelin, and all the others who have provided a great deal of information for this time line, including my time line reporters: Aslan as Chief Reporter, Gytar, Jaerith, Legolas, Joeb, Artanis, Tranquility and others.

From Marisa: Thanks a TON to those who submitted old logs and events -- Tokugawa, Natilena, Oak, Skeeve, Bliss, Schwartz and others.

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