This part of my history is devoted to my life before I began this tower.

My Youth (First 4 centuries)

I don't have a long history, I have lived only a few centuries and my life I live slowly, patiently. My focus is upon my enjoyment, rather then my personal power, like the young dragon, I will sleep and wait for my strength to grow slowly.

I was born in Cillidellia to two Moon Elves, the Elven city of origin on the shores of the Southern Continent. Many describe it as a beautiful place to live, but I see it differently. It is week, arrogant and isolated. In my adolescence I would often escape the clutches of my foster parents to wonder about in the gardens, then later the shores outside and the forest to the south. Anything to get out. I don't know who my real parents are, I'm told that I am 3rd generation, that my parents are the children of the first 100. I had no siblings and everyone in the city was too busy to help me, I more or less taught myself about life.

When I started my training as a Mage under the tutalage of Savah, I was delighted. Here was a tool that I could use to shape my world. Perhaps I could shape a path to the world at large. I almost got there. Through practice though I started to push out. I found the guild at this point in my life and decided to join. Years later Cillidellia simply became the place that I lived near. The Elves there began to ostracize me, the only explanation I can think of is that a few of them died when I didn't like what they said to me. I got no problems with half-elves but when a High-elf tells you that Moon-Elves are just as tainted they are not trying to be nice.

There is a town near Cillidellia that I went to often. Safe Haven is the port town for the entire Southern Continent. Everything comes through here, as well as the rabble of the realm. Many times you could get away with murder if you chose your time and locations well. This marked the beginning of my journey to the realm. I spent a lot of time in Safe Haven, occasionally venturing out along the Tiber river to explore the forests to the south and the mountains to the west.

My exposure to the Coven through the time I spent at the Guild was rather extensive. They were very helpful and more or less shared my ideals. Eventually I concluded that I was going to need help in the world. I wondered around the temples near the Guild for a while. Spoke to a few Gods and decided that indeed no one was more suitable to my needs then the Coven. Besides, they had chocolate.

In order to become a Covener I needed several things. An offering had to be given. Something special. I spent a long time searching for the mighty Lord Tokugawa. My offering was going to be something more then just a simple object found upon the ground. I petitioned for a gift, unique and appropriate. He gave me a quest to find ten objects that were somehow related to fun. I set out, with the help of my family, to be, I traveled the realm north and south, east and west. I was so close to meeting victory though that I got careless. Upon the road I was set upon by villains. It was not the first time. I had come to learn that certain elements of the guild were not interested in helping others, but rather themselves. I'm not bothered so much by that as the loss of all the items I had hunted for. I started over, this time though I got everything. Along the way however I had been taken into the Coven, Mistress Bliss was generous enough to accept a vow that I would submit my offering as soon as I had it. The next test was finding Lord Tokugawa before my next death. In the end he found me and I was granted the offering that I would make. A little statuette of the Coven's holy symbol, a crescent moon, made of divine Chocolate.

Now that I had a new family my range in the world stretched further and I learnt far more from them then I could have ever done on my own. Eventually though I wanted more then just magic. I hunted Jack down and threatened to bury him under 25000 gold coins if he didn't help me. Although he looked very scared he did manage to teach me the ways of the Ranger. Since then I have been learning of nature and all of her moods. It's possible that this has triggered my more contemplative manner of late. Magery had given me a taste of power, being a Ranger gave me a perspective of the world.

Along side of all of this I had a bad habit of flirting. Often this went to far. I hurt a few hearts along the way, I became reclusive, an attempt to temper myself. The result? My desire to love became a desire to have fun. For a long time I started to focus upon fun and nothing else. It was almost my religion. Now I'm not so overwhelming in my desire to have fun. My curiosity has taken a turn I suppose, these days I'm more interested in philosophy and knowledge.

Every so often I return to Cillidellia, not just to pass through mind you, but to see the place of my birth. It's become an ugly reminder of my early days. It's beauty is wondrous, it's marvels are to be admired, it's inhabitants are to be ignored. They think they are all powerful. They torture the tree they live in, every time I visit I feel the pain of nature as it's twisted out of shape and into the shape that most convenience's the Elves. They think that nature is like them, we are of the elements, embodiments of the forces of nature, we are not her master. She will win in the end, she is the embodiment of the default, the state of that which all returns too. I think a lot these days, about life, the realm, the future. There is something waiting, something ready to explode into life I can feel it. A reckoning that will atone for the transgressions of us all.

Chapter 2