This page is reserved for noting those that have walked the path of life with me. Some have cards, some don't. All have influenced me in someway great or small. Most of these are in alphabetical order.

Of course, the biggest influence in my life could be none other then my adored Goddess, Mistress Bliss. She is truly the mother of her following.

Selune is Neo's heart, a dear and wonderful Elven maiden, born of Vorax and Sune.

This card was commissioned by myself as a gift for Selune.

A minotaur of Fate. Avatarr is a good friend, often sharing the road with me.
An old flame, Lanfear remains a good and trustworthy friend.

Guardian of the Coven, apparently a sexy gnome. Lins was one of the Coveners to spend a lot of time on me before my own devotion to Lady Bliss

A quiet Elder. I don't often see Mael but when I do he just seems to be such a easy Elf to get along with.

Another Elder of the Coven. I don't always get along with Vex but often he is eager to help not to mention thoroughly enjoys exacting revenge, regardless if he knows he's doing it or not.

*Shrug* That's what the list is for I guess.

Selune's sister, Zip aided me greatly when I set out to advance myself in the world.