Bliss, Goddess of the Coven of the Ashen Moon.

Bliss is the Goddess of the following known accross the realms as the Coven of the Ash Moon. She is the lady whom directs our actions and punishes our misdeeds. Apart from Hexes though she is also known as a chocolate hoard. Which has gotten her into trouble a few times I might add.

Mistress Bliss, as all of us, started out as a mortal. She had a full life, worshiped other gods and on the 11th of July, 2000 she petitioned the powers that be for Immortality. Following is a list of dates, documenting my Ladies Ascension.

11th of July 2000 - Bliss petitions for immortal status.
13th of July 2000 - Bliss becomes an Ambassador.
31st of October 2000 - Bliss promoted to Attendant.
22nd of January 2001 - Bliss promoted to DemiGoddess.
8th of July 2002 - Bliss promoted to Lesser Goddess.

If you are looking for Lady Bliss, your best bet would be to wait for her within her Lair. In addition, calling her name out across the realm also helps. But the Lair of the Coven will give you a better idea of her following and what we do. A side note, if you see her dressed in pajamas, don't be alarmed!

Bliss Cards

To the left are the Cards that have been created for my Goddess, Lady Bliss. One might get the impression that she is popular, it's not true, everyone likes chocolate and most of the time she has all of it.

There has been a little trouble getting these cards in the right order. So to be safe I have ordered them according to the number that came with each file name. I believe them now to be in right order, from the top:

Card by Neodis, 1st Card
Card by Zip, Coven Witchling, 5th Version
Card by Jennifer Janesko via Lady Cordir, 8th Version
Card by Zip, Coven Witchling, 1st Version
Card by Lady Cordir, 3rd Version
Card by Lady Cordir, 2nd Version
Card by Lady Cordir, 1st Version

Bliss Descriptions

Created on 03/12/2003

Lounging carelessly here you see a sleek, lazy woman. Her body stretches out as she yawns, her hands reaching for the sky. The tangle of auburn chaos falls from her face, bouncing slightly to the side revealing her curious, amethyst eyes. Peeking at you long enough to determine how likely it is that you'll have any chocolate for her.

Not seeing anything in her immediate vicinity, her gaze darts away. With lacey garments flowing about her feline form, she slinks off to hunt for her favorite treat.

Current as of 28/11/2002

Her long, wavy auburn hair bounces gently as she tries to stifle a giggle. This Goddess of the Coven, with her amethyst eyes sparkling with delight, is surely up to something. You would ask why she is giggling, but then you notice the large cauldron filled with chocolate she has next to her. Uh oh.

From the Coven Website

A soft, throaty chuckle catches you unawares as you strolled along under a moonlit sky. A whisper of movement catches the corner of your eye, and a flash of tumbling, curly crimson hair glints in the moonlight. Delectable curves, the equal or better of any succubus of your wildest dreams confirm your suspicion: you have caught the attention of the Lady Bliss, Goddess of the Ash Moon Coven.

Pacing around you in a small circle, her pet panther holds you motionless, its gleaming ivory fangs a silent warning for you to bide the whim of his Mistress.

She grins at you, her Amethyst eyes flashing with mischief, and tosses you a small object wrapped in silver foil. Blinking, you examine this unexpected gift, only to find a small chocolate kiss!

In use at the time of this posting

Amethyst eyes twinkle bewitchingly on her perfect face and the hint of yet unformed a smile plays subtly on her ruby lips. Her head cocked to one side, she stands the epitome of complete feminine control. She is stunning, yet it is more than her physical perfection, there is the hint of some immeasurable power. She glides beneath clothing of the utmost quality, soft curves daring to invite only imagination. Her tresses of auburn splendor splash about her face in controlled chaos. A light mark adorns her neck, the anthracite blue glint draws your gaze. She takes notice of you finally, and as you brace for harsh punishment, she blows a kiss instead and smiles as her attention is turned elsewhere.
Bliss is bathed in the essence of charisma.