Greetings, Welcome to my small part of the realm, a little place I like to call home. It would be nice to one day call this my tower but towers cost money and I have been far to lazy to go out and con any. So there's not much here for now, but trust me, plenty is planned for later, you know, later! ;)

As you should know I am Neodis, devoted worshiper of Lady Bliss, Goddess of the Coven of the Ashen Moon. I have also been known to cook, indulge in having a bit of fun and irritate people. Don't be fooled by the decorations though, this is not the temple of the Coven, I merely like the way it looks.

A card from Lady Cordir, Mistress of Fate. Click on the card to view other cards by her.

A card done by Zip, Elven Witchling of the Coven. Click on the card for more of her excellence work.

Neodis's Musings

- My Philosophy as it comes to me.
Neodis's History - A short rambling of my past.
Bliss Shrine - A Shrine to my beloved Goddess.
Restrings - Descriptions of my Restings.
Companions - Cards and recognition of those who have had some impact in my life.
Descriptions - A couple of descriptions I have done. Plus a few cards.
Art Work - Art work that I have done and had done both for me and others.
Personal Logs - I have started collecting a few logs, don't do much pking so not a lot of blood here.
TFC Calendar - I spent 4 years in the realm compiling the info for this.
The TFC Realm - Links to other areas within the Realm.