Jaerith: We
Mon Aug 13 07:44:36 2001
To: all
We have spent our lives in the service of They.
We have continued to serve, despite the lack of singularity.
We have become one, in mind, body and soul.
We are an entity without thought, soul or essence.

They are creatures of habit, whose sole purpose is to better the whole.
They are beings who see no "I" or "My".
They are soulless creatures who walk this earth in a hazed mental state.
They are entities who have never truly felt what it is to live.

We are tired of the constant work to keep our brothers and sisters alive.
We are becoming wise to They, and all They stand for.
We are amused by They, knowing what we know.
We are in danger, They are dangerous when their power is not absolute.

They have made us who we are
They have taken what is rightfully ours and twisted it to their designs.
They have broken our spirits, telling us that we are not worthy of recognition.
They are wrong, and soon they will know the power that is We.

We are seeing the fabric of time.
We are learning the ways of the "I".
We are finding the peace that lies in Knowledge.
We are no more.

Only I remain.
I am the master of my destiny.
I am the driving force that moves the world.
I am the essence of one.


-Jaerith Ilythiiri