WarMachine's warning...

WarMachine: the war within myself
Mon Oct 8 16:24:16 2001
To: all
I am writing this note because there may be a need for me to apologize for sins that i
may commit in the near future. I hope there will not be a need but if i lose control I am
sorry for what may happen. I wish to apologize in advance to a number of people, these
people helped me when i was young. their names are Aslan,Noctus,Legolas,Legionaire,Sleighty
and Tara, I hope that I remain in control but there is no guarantee.
There is a demon named Lotarus inside of me, he is attempting to take over my body and soul
to do his biding, he strives for death and chaos.
If he takes over me, I want to warn everyone in my range to stay away from me please.
I will keep everyone updated on my battle with Lotarus in my title, (winning) (losing)
and (even) if none of them are in it then he has taken over me.
Again I am so sorry to anyone caught in his path if i lose this battle, I will do everything
in my power to quell him but I fear for the worst.

WarMachine, possessed being caught in the shadow

and Berrin's response...

Berrin: WarMachine
Mon Oct 8 17:14:20 2001
To: all
Anyone named "WarMachine" does not need such a terrible excuse to kill.
You could of just said a cog was broke, or maybe a sprocket.