Tynian: Version 3.78
Tue Oct 9 08:45:46 2001
To: all
The apostatize command has been removed from play. There is now
no way for a character to leave a following with level loss. Requests
for reforms will not be granted by god+, except at our own whim. If you
request a god+ reform, the most we are likely to do is post a note to
your god that you asked for a reform, despite the fact that god+ doesn't
do them. You can be your god's chew toy, as far as I'm concerned.
Tynian: Version 3.79
Tue Oct 9 09:35:36 2001
To: all
If you have not regained all lost levels, you are unable to
unjustly attack. For instance, if you apostatize, you must earn back
those levels before you can unjustly attack. The same holds true for
other types of level loss, such as losing too much experience.