Tynian: Version 3.86
Mon Dec 10 00:40:25 2001
To: all
Added charge skill (HELP CHARGE). It allows spell casters to add
charges to magical devices (e.g. wands, relics). This is actually part
of a bigger addition, but I see no reason not to make it available now.
Testing has been fairly limited, but I don't anticipate any serious
problems. Also, the failure rate is currently fairly high, so practice
on devices that you aren't afraid to destroy.

Lowered the delay for most magical devices.

Fixed a problem with the mage mobs and hunting.

Corrected a couple of issues with the charm person spell.

Have mage mobs issue orders to charmies while not in combat.

Increased effectiveness of the confusion spell vs. mobs.

Implemented a saving throw for one of the "special" spells, which
I've heard heard referred to as "The Gesture of Death."

Worked on a bug with teleport, where victim would get teleported,
but still be casted on a round after the teleport. May still be an
issue, but was unable to replicate the problem after changes were made.

Added temple entrances for Kim, Torchbearer, and Cordir.

Mage mobs should avoid teleporting PCs affected by the sleep

Mage mobs should avoid targets that it has charmed.

Fixed a bug where a mage mob would cast on PCs that it could not
see and was not directly engaged with while in combat.

Reduced the circumstances in which mage mobs teleport victims.

Fixed a bug dealing with sloppy condition checking. If one owes
exactly 500 coins, she would treat the debt like it was over 10,000
coins, and sell equipment.