Tynian: Version 3.84
Mon Nov 19 21:39:14 2001
To: all
Created a new mage mob routine, that utilizes rudimentary combat
tactics. Some of the mage mobs will use the new code. I realize that
only certain players will want a mob that can challenge them, but at
least there is now an option for a mage mob that is a little more
powerful than "standard." For those that want a mob with a little more
fight, I hope they provide entertainment.

Created some special spells that the mage mob has a chance of
learning. These are limited to how often a specific mob can cast them.

Changed some of the titles that new characters of some of the
races use.

An xp bonus is given for certain types of mobs.

Fixed some problems with various spells. Teleport and sleep were
behaving incorrectly in combat. Sleep may still have some issues.