Tynian: Version 3.82
Fri Nov 2 21:22:17 2001
To: all
Set up an Immortal config option, which toggles between the
Immortal who display and mortal display. This should make pulling
Immortal information out of logs a lot easier. This was a posted idea.

Sanctify will now show 'unholy ground', if the room was sanctified
by someone that follows an evil following. This was a posted idea.

Changed hide skill. It now improves as you stay hidden, given
that you have more time to find the 'ideal' position/location to hide

Created the 'deleteme' command, that allows one to delete their
character, if they don't want it anymore. You can now get rid of your
character without waiting for a purge.

Fixed a problem with the Algenara quest and Mish. There was a
situation where the shopkeeper would give the newbie a quest item, and
then thank them for their generous gift.

Items stolen by a FLI are shattered, if they are anti- the FLI's
alignment. This was a posted idea.

LOCATE WITHDRAW ALL can now be used to cancel all unfilled locate
requests. Posted idea.

You should no longer lose experience for linking a mob that ends
up killing someone.

Killing yourself no longer clears the fact that you had been
captured or jailed.

Experience gains have been modified. Experience gains should be
more group-friendly, although individual experience has been impacted.
Experience for a given mob is no longer adjusted by how many times a
given mob has been killed. An adaptation of a posted idea.

If an item is a godgift, but now anti- your alignment, it no
longer falls to the ground. Instead, it should appear in inventory.
Posted idea.

Added 'hang' social. This was a posted idea.

Added 'ready' social. This was a posted idea.

Containers that are destroyed now spill their contents, rather
than the contents also being destroyed. Note that some of the items may
still be destroyed, but they now have a chance. This was a posted idea.

Fixed problem with link going over a character's maximum hit
points upon casting.

Sleep now correctly gives debt and attack justification upon

Changed the newbie quest items to also indicate the room of the
specified shop keeper. This was a posted idea.

Hurricane has been modified to affect items in inventory. Posted

The xp gain cap has been moved from 250 to 200.