Tynian: Version 3.81
Tue Oct 30 01:19:13 2001
To: all
Worn with pride decorations that have no magical affects upon them
are now individualized based on the first wearer of the WWP item,
provided it is not a limited item. After the item is worn, it will be
unwearable by others. Note that the item is only 'individualized' when
first worn, so WWP items that are already worn, for instance, will not
be set until re-worn. Also, such items will automatically re-pop on the
victim after death, provided that the WWP was being worn at the time.

Implemented equipment storage. See HELP STORE for more
information. Although this code has been tested, it is marked as
'experimental', since there may be special little surprises that just
haven't been found yet. An up-front cost is charged for storage, plus
time-based charges. Up to 10 items may be stored.

Fixed a bug with how affects on objects with spell affects on them
were handled (such as waterbreath and sanctuary).

Fixed a bug with how waterbreath amulets were generated.

Added Whitehawk's temple location.