Tynian: Version 3.72
Mon Sep 3 18:07:38 2001
To: all
Added individual PK stats. It is possible to see your individual
statistics by using 'pkstat self'. In addition, FLIs can use 'pkstat
' on any of their own followers. The statistics give a count of
how many times you have attacked, and have been attacked, as well as
kills and number of times killed. The stats are also broken down to
recent attacks/kills.

Changed the time format for some of the displays from MM/DD/YY to
YYYY-MM-DD. Although it takes some getting used to, it avoids some
ambiguity involved with the MM/DD/YY format (many locales use the same
format as DD/MM/YY).

Changed the summon attempt in battle message from 'Your victim is
in battle' to 'Your target is in battle'. Was a posted idea.