Tynian: Upcoming change
Sun Nov 4 21:51:13 2001
To: all
In the interest of giving people time to prepare, I have decided to make
the following announcement:

Hitroll and save vs. spell will soon be modified. The amount of +damage
worn will influence how effective one's swings are, and damage absorption
will influence a character's spell resistance.

The desired effect of this change is that equipping strategy won't be a
matter of choosing +damage or +da, and piling on as much as you can find
and have slots for. Rather, you will have to seek a balance in your
equipment, and choose how best to compensate for the negatives inherent to
wearing a lot of +damage or +da.

Note that these changes do not change the benefits of +damage or +da. You
can do 100+ points of damage per hit, if you want.

I would suggest that you begin gathering any equipment that you feel would
be of benefit when this change occurs. I would not wait until the change
becomes effective, as you may find yourself vulnerable when the time comes,
if you have not prepared.