Unity - Evil relationships
Wed Sep 5 15:26:07 2001
To: all
My followers will no longer be allowed to help evils. Not with spells,
not by grouping with them, not in any way. This isn't really something
new, but it came to my attention that more and more people (including
my own followers) forgot this Unity (AND Game) rule. My followers
started to take it for granted that they could help evils who haven't
harmed us. Well, they cannot.

From now on my followers will be punished if I see them casting
defensive spells, or spells like fly or identify, on evils.
Don't blame my followers for it if they refuse to help you, blame me.
If you don't agree with this, please first read 'Help Good' and then
contact me if you still think I'm unreasonable.

Robert, Lord of Unity