Tynian: QUEST
Sat Jul 14 11:04:35 2001
To: all
The stage has been set for the quest that starts on Saturday morning, at
11am MUD time. The teams are listed in another note.

The object of this quest is to gather as many quest coins as possible.
These coins will be randomly distributed throughout the world. The team
with the most points at the end of the quest wins, so long as the team has
not been disqualified, and the quest makes it until the 2pm end time on
Saturday. Wooden coins are worth a single point, brass coins are 3
points, silver coins are 10 points.

In and of itself, this is a pretty simple quest. I will therefore
complicate it.

Your team will be disqualified if another team presents me with a bag
or steak of you or any of your teammates. The bag or steak must have
been created after the quest has started. Also, the bag or corpse must
be the result of a PK between you or a teammate, and a member of another
team. Thus, if someone in Team 1 manages to kill and bag/steak someone
from Team 2, Team 2 is out.

Further, there are 5 weapons of great power in the world, called Slayers.
These Slayers are specifically tuned to work against a single PC. If your
name is on one of these weapons, I would suggest you avoid it. If your
team collects all 5 Slayers, the quest is over, and you win.

In summary, there are 3 ways to win:

1. Collect all 5 Slayers.
2. Disqualify all other teams.
3. Collect the most points.

It is perfectly legal for others to gather coins, and give, sell, or
destroy them, as well as interfere with the teams. In other words, it can
be fun for everyone, even if you did not make it onto a team. You can't
win the quest, but you certainly can influence it.

Teams may turn coins in periodically, if they wish. I will revise the
totals as coins are received. Only team leaders can turn in items, so
hopefully you chose a leader that will actually be here for the duration
of the quest. I am the only Immortal that should have any of these
quest items. Your god cannot hold items.

What will you win? To start with, any Slayers with the winning team
members' names on them will be destroyed. That in itself should be enough
to motivate the teams to do their best. But there's more. The winning
team will receive a total of +15 points in the ability of their choice,
including +str, +dex, +dam, +da, or any other ability points that you
choose. These points will be added to existing item(s) of your choice.
Some restrictions apply, and I of course reserve the right to make
adjustments to this, as appropriate. For instance, no more than +5 points
per person (so, you can't choose 1 person to receive all 15 points). In
addition, no more than 2 points will be added to any one piece of
equipment (so, no +15 damage armor). It would be possible, for instance,
for someone to add +2 int to one item, add +2 wis to another, and have a
point left over for a third. Stats like mana go in multiples of 5, so 1
point of mana, for example, is +5. You can discuss this with me further
after you win. Also, no more than 10 of the points can be used for +dam.
The other 5 will have to be used for something else.

Good luck!