Alaric: A note of support
Thu Nov 29 02:23:40 2001
To: all
Just wanted to speak up in support of Tynian's recent activities to improve TFC.
Many of the changes have been along lines I've favored for some time now,
and I think they will result in a better and more enjoyable mudding experience.

IMHO, those who are griping the loudest about the changes are probably
playing for the wrong reason, or at least too limited a reason.
But if they decide to pack up and quit, I say, "Don't let the door hit
you on the way out."

Props to Tynian and let's keep TFC going!

Tiger Vexillifer and Virtuous
Tynian: Re: TFC's demise
Thu Nov 29 09:07:48 2001
To: all
Judging by the responses I have received about my threshhold for TFC's
demise, I should clarify a couple of things.

I don't think TFC's death is imminent. I posted the number because of
inquiries. I was not trying to alarm anyone. I'm fairly confident
activity will not drop below 18.5 for two consecutive months in the near

I am motivated by you, the players. When people are happy and playing,
and things are going well, I am much more likely to stay interested in
making changes to TFC. When things are at their worst, it is very
difficult for me to get motivated to spend time with the code. In the
back of my mind, I am thinking "Why bother? No one is playing, anyway."
I meant it when I thanked those of you that are reserving judgment until
I've completed this batch of changes. Now is not an especially good time
for me to become distracted.

Earlier this year, we dropped to the high 15's in player averages. I
vowed at that time that TFC was not going back there again.

As for the averages: Yes, they are 24-hour averages. Player activity
for this year, and the pervious years, is available at: