Belsambar: Tripper's Absense.
Fri Sep 14 16:08:21 2001
To: all
I regret my absense among you, but I'm sure that you will understand.
I served 33 years as an officer in the Army, and have and had many friends in the Pentagon.

I still serve the Pentagon as a consultant today.

I have lost 3 confirmed comrades in the Pentagon, and at least 9 that I consider lifelong
and dear friends who are missing still. I pray daily.

I am in my home office doing work for and reasearching data for them now, and have little time for
outside endeavors.

I have not abandoned TFC or the Tigers, and I trust you will understand.

If anyone wishes they may post this to the universal note list, but I do not have the time
to redo it all over for another board.

Take care Tigers, take care of each other, and behave as if I were there to rift you for being wicked.

Posted to Notes By Belsambar Bloodstar...Mage in Mourning...yet full of hope for the future