Kantor: Read this: a bounty on Tirant's head - he is STUCK.
Thu Oct 11 10:22:53 2001
To: all
Many of you know of Tirant's cowardly and backstabbing ways.
He tricked Athorne into helping him, then killed him using
a portal into certain death at a mob's hands
Now Tirant is STUCK, in a locked noexit room, which is nospell norecall notele.
I went and got the key, and offered him his freedom on one condition:
that he return every item he stole from Athorne's corpse.
he at first said no, but when we turned away and locked him back in
he hurriedly agreed to my condition.
However it was just him lying to try and get us to unlock and give him
an avenue of escape - proven by the fact he would not accept to my
method of ensuring his cooperation. (I wanted him to kill himself,
then I would give him EVERY item he had not taken from Athorne.)
Tirant, sensing he was up a certain creek with no paddle,
then killed his link, eventually disappearing into the void.
(This is however, forbidden.)

I'm hereby offering a bounty on his head, to the value of 500,000 gold coins.
Any who kill him and give me his corpse, will get that money, and get to keep
any items that were not once Athorne's. Also, any who HELP him out of his
sticky situation will find they will NEVER receive aid from me again.

Smirking at Tirant's imprisonment...
Kantor the Tiger