Here's the email i posted in response to cordir's email (which is just below mine). My reasoning for offering to do a timeline was that I've always enjoyed seeing timeline info, and i thought lots of other people did too, so i would be happy to continue it so that people could still enjoy it. Plus, i gotta admit, i was a little miffed that i'd been sending her info for months and she hadn't mentioned that she was no longer intending to update her timeline. I couldve done something else with the info sooner had i known that... So, anyway, here are the emails:

Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2001 11:07:36 -0500 (CDT)
From: TaylorThomas Interactive
Subject: Re: [thefinalchallenge] Web Of Fate / timeline

I wouldn't mind putting up whatever info people wanted to send for the
timeline on my page. Course my site badly needs to be updated *cough*...
But really, i'll do that tonight :P I think i'll move the site too, so
will post the new address later, along with where to email info if cordir
isn't going to maintain the timeline anymore. I figure even a little info
is better than nothing...


On Wed, 20 Jun 2001, Cordir An-Shalach, Lady of Fate wrote:

> Its not that the time line is "back" to the 4th month, as in data was
> lost... I simply stopped adding data because people (for the most
> part, save for about 3 or 4 outside the Chosen) stopped supplying me
> with info.
> I thought if folks wanted the time line and/or enjoyed it, they'd
> provide info. If they didn't, that was a sign, too. = )
> C.

Click here if you want to read what happened's a mess, if you ask me :P