a 2000 tfc timeline (most recent stuff first)

Thanks a ton to those who submitted logs and events, and to those who let me use logs from their collections so they could all be in one place. If you have any events or logs to submit, please send them to me (along with the date they took place if you know it).

12/30/00 - Gaelin is created.

12/24/00 - Drizzt posts "Echo from the Top Floor".

12/20/00 - Chee and Valo are created.

11/24/00 - Grug is created.

11/20/00 - A who list from this day.

11/13/00 - Khore posts "Remembering October".

10/30/00 - I post marisapoll to immortals as a joke :P Selune reaches Wa: 5 Cl:11. Symon levels to 8 mage and completes his first mobmaster. Klavier reaches Wa: 3 Sh:30 Th:20. Plerius levels to 5 shaman. Etrea is created. Mim levels to 7 thief. Micah completes mobmaster 4. Poacher completes mobmasters 38, 39 & 40. Izual completes mobmaster 7.

10/29/00 - Plato petitions for immortality. Symon is created.

10/28/00 - Whitehawk is promoted to Ambassador! Tessal levels to 4 mage. Rykken levels to 25. Charles reaches Sh:14 Wa:10. Mim is created.

10/23/00 - Snappy reaches Cl:17/Wa:15

10/21/00 - Whitehawk and Aoife get married.

10/16/00 - Wistom is ordained "White Tiger" by Tripper. Drizzt posts Hopelessly Lost. DarkClaw posts a retirement note.

10/15/00 - Version 3.67f is checked in by Tynian, fixing a few typos and bugs. Okk posts Reverence.

10/13/00 - Silonch posts how deep is the knowing.

10/10/00 - Alex is created.

10/9/00 - Jazek is created.

10/7/00 - Blisspoll 2000 is posted and Tripper posts a poll of his own in response.

9/27/00 - A who list from this day.

9/11/00 - Tylorn and Vulcan risk their lives to retrieve Vhirrek's corpse after he dies in Velalisier.

9/8/00 - Khore's "What If" story contest ends, and Cirth is the winner.

9/4/00 - Whitehawk and Mimbhan join Tamar.

8/31/00 - Xena is created. Thaygar and Khore tell stories. A who list from this day.

8/29/00 - Whitehawk levels to effective 40th (Ma:30 Wa:30) and posts an immortality petition.

8/28/00 - A note is posted regarding the following area changes: Temples and offices of Tel and JohnPaul have been removed, as have the temples of Masher, Elladan, Torchbearer, and Okk. In addition, the areas Mummy Tombs and Tower of Penfold have been removed. Major posts a note titled Introspection.

8/26/00 - Tynian posts this info in a note to the mailing list: "Beelzebub has been deleted for cheating. His mortal characters have been deleted, as well. He created a capture log of him going to a few thousand rooms as an Attendant. This capture log contained Immortal information that he distributed to other players." Tynian also posts the following info in another note to the mailing list: "I have completed my investigation of Lorna. As previously announced, Lorna and her mortal characters have been deleted. She provided very powerful equipment to one mortal, an online friend of her's, and worked with that mortal and another to pass equipment from her god character to her mortal characters. The two mortals that have been identified and confirmed as collaborators have been dealt with." Cordir resigns as webmistress for the official tfc website.

8/25/00 - Okk announces his retirement in a note and requests the deletion of his characters Endrek and Ugluk. I start working on reconstructing timeline information and begin posting to this new timeline. "Dearie Manners" posts a note to the tfc mailing list.

8/24/00 - Elrik joins Natas. Tallis logs in :) Okain reaches Th:12 Ma:15 and completes mobmaster 20. Rubicant reaches Ma:28 Th:28 Wa:30.

8/23/00 - Pez posts "The Grisly Demise of Babs Barella". I post a note to all offering to attempt to reconstruct the timeline information unless there are objections or unless someone else is planning to do it. No one contacts me with any objections or tells me they are planning to do it. I keep hoping that it is going to reappear.

8/22/00 - Cordir removes her timeline from her website with no explanation and no comments (to my knowledge) regarding what will be done with any of the information contributed.

8/21/00 - Ugluk posts "Fire Lizard Stew".

8/20/00 - Version 3.67e is checked in.

8/19/00 - Arianos levels to 15th, and duals to Shaman. A GT is held in Phoenix, with myself, my RL son, Molo, Molo's lawyer, Tynian, Darkmoon & family, and Syla attending. Hopefully i didn't leave anyone out :)

8/18/00 - Gail levels to 19 cleric. Elderon reaches Ma:14 Th: 9 Wa: 9. Mong levels to 30 ordained. Cipher joins Nicademus. Omnipotence joins Asia. Seyton levels for the first time after a long absence to 28 warrior.

8/17/00 - Lins is created. Trakker completes mobmaster 75.

8/16/00 - Vhirrek completes mobmaster 60, and petitions for immortality. Nayr announces to the mailing list that vortex exits to Aarakocra City, Cobblestone Square, Elemental Canyon, Frozen Drift, Haon'Dor, Harper's Landing, Hawk Peak, Light-Wood, Longship, Loth-Llorien, Og, Midgaard, Safehaven, Seaside, Skor'lanis, Temple of Isiira, Thalos, and War'loov's Fortress have been removed.

8/15/00 - Dundrave joins Tripper.

8/14/00 - Wish levels to effective 30th.

8/13/00 - Tynian announces that Lorna has been deleted for cheating. Tokugawa is promoted to God, and this note is posted to the tfc mailing list about it. Natas' temple entrance is installed when version 3.67c is checked in by Tynian. Darkangel reaches Th: 7 Ma: 9. Bulldog levels to 7 cleric. Ventius levels to 5 mage.

8/11/00 - Aoife reaches effective 30th.

8/10/00 - Idmaquina is created. Victoria and Yar join Tripper. Shorn becomes a member of the High Council of the Black Conclave.

8/9/00 - Greywolf and Tiax are created. Shorn reaches 30th level.

8/8/00 - Taryl is created. Slash actually logs on for a visit.

8/7/00 - Tyreth is released from the cooler. Anduin is re-created. Hidon joins Nicademus, and becomes the first good aligned ogre. Vorax turns 1000 years old. Natas ordains Nemick. Lorna duels with Zahar in order to test his DA gear.

8/6/00 - Claire rejoins Tripper. Acator joins the Dreamwalkers. Floyd is created. Caspian levels to 12 cleric and gets a train. Sneeky levels to 10 thief. Azkral completes mobmasters 35 & 36.

8/5/00 - Baconbits joins Tripper. Sneeky levels to 8 thief.

8/4/00 - Lorna gives out 100 free bottles of vodka in the Kitchen, and Okk drinks 80 of them. Turalurayay becomes Okk's 2nd ordained. Whitehawk and Areanna are divorced.

8/3/00 - Natia joins the Black Conclave.

8/2/00 - Bubba reaches effective 40th (Wa:30 Sh:30). Mekt makes Natia a member of the Black Ogre Clan.

7/30/00 - Tynian checks in version 3.67, 3.67a and 3.67b, which, among other things, add the deathtoll command. Riella is created.

7/29/00 - Steelblade's requested retirement takes effect. Galaphile triples to Warrior.

7/28/00 - Bliss, Okk and myself try to have a meeting at Ladislaw's. Galaphile reaches effective 40th. Bliss turns 1000 years old.

7/27/00 - Natas is promoted to Demigod! Nicholai reaches effective 50th.

7/26/00 - Tynian checks in a few bug fixes in version 3.66c. Hades joins Larry. Lyim rejoins Asia's following.

7/25/00 - Tynian checks in version 3.66pre-v4, which has a huge number of changes. Iso joins Larry. Lorna auctions 3 baskets with unknown items in them. Daelin buys the first and third baskets for 800,000 gold each. He gets a 39 tick sanct item and an average 1 pillow enchanted to -9 hit/-9 dam. Mordith buys the second basket for 400,000 gold. In it are Major Amulets of Anti-Theft, Steadfastness, Health, True Seeing, and Blocking, a Minor Amulet of Familiarity, and a Waterbreathing.

7/24/00 - Larry is re-promoted to Demigod! Torchbearer posts a retirement note. Breunor is created. Tripper announces the end of a quest with the following note: "The Tiger Random Quest has been a resounding success. It lasted for 2 weeks and ended this past Monday. I want to take this opportunity to thank all those that participated in making the Quest a success. Seventeen Tigers submitted entries to the Quest. 811 Items were submitted for evaluation. 542 items qualified for the quest and were awarded points. A total of 1505.5 points were Awarded. Winners of restrings included: Fen, Khorlan, Wistom, and Teva."

7/22/00 - Alyria leaves Tokugawa. Lorna's armor design quest ends, and she posts the following note: "For the Metal category, Thalantyr is the winner, with his thoroughly evil and scary theme. For the Leather category, Layla the winner, with her Brute Seductress? theme. For the Humor category, Kollen is the winner. I'm not sure at all what to call his theme. Kollen's item descriptions not only made me laugh out loud, but he went an extra step in creativity and even provided a visual aid with his entry".

7/21/00 - Dantrag is ordained.

7/20/00 - Tynian checks in version 3.65.

7/19/00 - Teva becomes the Tiger's ordained. Whitehawk and Kollen turn 1000 years old.

7/17/00 - Khore posts a response to "expectations" on the tfc mailing list.

7/16/00 - Solid joins Tripper.

7/15/00 - A GT is held in Newport Beach, California, with Marisa, Myronides, Berrin, Tokugawa and Xaviera attending.

7/13/00 - Bliss is promoted to Ambassador! Nyx reaches mobmaster 50. The vow code is removed.

7/11/00 - Bliss petitions for Immortality.

7/10/00 - Twinklefire joins Tripper. Rosemary is created.

7/9/00 - Demian is released by Solanthas from the Wardancers.

7/8/00 - Version 3.64 is checked in by Tynian, which adjusted the random code. Boromir reaches 1000 years of age, levels to ranger 20, and completes mobmaster 25. Mael uses 5 trains on charisma. Caspian is created.

7/7/00 - Tynian checks in version 3.63, which "mostly revamps the Ordained Mortal class". Trakker reaches effective 50th. Elladan reaches Lesser Power. Wistom levels to 20 shaman. Jacob is created. Lucretia reaches Cl:18 Th:14 Wa:15. Vorax completes mobmasters 24 & 25. Pez Quest 6 takes place.

7/5/00 - Malin is promoted to Ambassador. Tripper turns 1500 years old.

7/4/00 - Molo posts a note to all that Life's Blood is to be hunted indefinately.

7/3/00 - Molo posts a note to all saying that Life's Blood is to be hunted by his Conclave for the next five days, because a member of Life's Blood questioned his judgement.

7/2/00 - Rath completes mobmasters 68 & 69. Phedre levels to 30th Shaman. Bortman levels to 5 warrior. Qithlorien reaches Cl:27 Ra:25. Pacho reaches Wa:25 Cl:30. Boromir completes mobmaster 23. A who list and wizlist from this day. Bubba completes mobmaster 39. Majere gossips (in common), 'i will not have it! the liquor is innocent got it'.

7/1/00 - Hutt takes an imp reform to leave Okk.

6/30/00 - Tynian posts the following emails to the tfc mailing list.

6/29/00 - Bortman is created. Okk posts Lord Nash's Divine Vision to the tfc mailing list.

6/28/00 - Malin posts an immortality petition. Sometime around this date Vulcan reaches level 50 (Th:30 Sh:30 Wa:30).

6/27/00 - Malin is de-ordained by Solanthas. Version 3.62a is installed.

6/24/00 - Tynian checks in version 3.62, which added following justification for neutrals, and added the pkstats command. Rubicant kills the brass dragon for mobmaster 70. Bledsoe retires, along with his other characters. Daelin is unsilenced by Tynian.

6/23/00 - Solanthis ordains Malin. Arby joins Tripper. Vorax posts an immortality petition.

6/20/00 - Torchbearer ordains Jet, calling him "Chesed Chalcol" -- a "devil that nourishes, consumes, and sustains the whole" in a note to all.

6/19/00 - Clue reaches mobmaster 50. Spellcaster joins the Dreamwalkers.

6/18/00 - Plane reaches mobmaster 50. Berrin is de-ordained.

6/17/00 - Argul leaves Okk.

6/16/00 - Clue reaches level 30. Rhyann joins Tripper.

6/15/00 - Noctus reaches mobmaster 60.

6/13/00 - Silos joins Elladan.

6/12/00 - Alyria levels to 40th (Ma:30 Ra:30). Hutt reaches warrior 20 cleric 20.

6/11/00 - Brenick turns 1500 years old. Nicademus is reinstated as a Demigod. Elderon joins Okk. Bubba becomes an "it", after completing a quest for Lorna.

6/10/00 - Bubba reaches mobmaster 30. Vorax buys a simple ring, reaching one of his personal goals on the mud. Qball levels to 20th thief.

6/9/00 - Natas is promoted to Attendant of Solanthas. Nicademus is retired for "conduct unbecoming an immortal" by Tynian. Malin reaches effective 40th. Rahvin joins Torchbearer. Grundle is created.

6/8/00 - Sekmet joins Elladan.

6/7/00 - Elladan and Gwengwyfar have an anniversary of their wedding by Rhina in the secret garden. Shadar is named a Master Thief for "awesome thievery" witnessed by his god, Elladan.

6/6/00 - Clue joins Nicademus. Okk changes title to "Okk will rift Whitehawk on request", and does so.

6/5/00 - Khorlan joins Tripper. Aringar Ironwolf is re-created.

6/4/00 - Masher, Tel, JohnPaul, and Mekt are retired by Tynian for inactivity. Bubba levels to 30th. Fen joins Tripper. Hammen levels to 3 mage. Orpik completes mobmasters 26, 27 & 28.

6/3/00 - Fen leaves Torchbearer. Valerik joins Tripper.

6/2/00 - Vorax levels to 40th. Alaric joins Tripper.

6/1/00 - A who list from this day.Mael is reformed from Tel. Porthos levels to 4 cleric. Quarnel reaches Wa:16 Cl:20. Euros gossips (in common), 'Do you have a brother named Prime, Meridian?'.

5/26/00 - Athorne is created.

5/25/00 - Tripper's Temple is installed.

5/23/00 - Khorlan and Babs join Tripper.

5/22/00 - Doc joins Nicademus.

5/21/00 - Teva posts "A Compelling Vision". Alexander joins Nicademus. Gitane reaches effective 20th (Wa:9 Cl:19). Brenick proposes to Sorliea.

5/20/00 - Nicademus is promoted to Demigod! Torchbearer ordains Jasmine, calling her "Hezekiah Hiram". Malin levels to ranger 30. Whitehawk is de-ordained by Okk. Brenick kills Captain Vazhlune solo. Tynian posts the following note on various topics to the tfc mailing list.

5/19/00 - Teva and Skeeve join Tripper. Version 3.59 is checked in.

5/18/00 - Tripper is promoted to Demigod! Major changes are made to the vortex, and they're not especially well received at first.

5/14/00 - Eldacar is created.

5/12/00 - Steelblade reposts a retirement note. Endeldam posts a retirement note.

5/11/00 - Noctus reaches mobmaster 50.

5/10/00 - Steelblade posts a retirement note.

5/9/00 - Tylorn is ordained by Molo.

5/7/00 - Version 3.57g, which fixed a large number of bugs, is checked in by Tynian.

5/5/00 - Elladan turns 1000 years old.

5/3/00 - Tamar reaches lesser power.

5/2/00 - Caramon joins Unity. Joecenevial is created. Cask joins Elladan as coadjutor and healer of the HAND.

4/28/00 - Rath reaches mobmaster 60.

4/27/00 - Duvel reaches mobmaster 50. Rath levels to 40th. Ghazkull, a Torchbearer follower, posts the following board note: "It is with great sadness that I must request my release from the following. Since Joining you, I have been mercilessly hunted and killed by Bruce on Numerous occasions and it pains me to say it but once strong faith has failed me. It is with a heavy heart that I do this but I feel that it is needed to further my enjoyment of this already excellent MUD. If Torchbearer can see fit to grant me my release, then any punishment he deems necessary will be graciously accepted. Farewell Arcanes, and thank you for your help and support throughout my time here with you." Shortly after that, Ghazkull joins the Dreamwalkers.

4/26/00 - UuKrul is killed by Stouthbound.

4/21/00 - Boromir and Cassandra renew their wedding vows in the Storytelling Amphitheater, Dakkon requests deletion. Stouthbound completes mobmaster 100.

4/19/00 - Kollen levels for the first time in three RL years. Noctus reaches mobmaster 40. Vixon levels to 20 cleric.

4/18/00 - Galaphile joins Tel. Seyton levels to 20 Warrior. Abender posts the following note. Gavroche is reformed from Virtue. Gitane joins Unity.

4/17/00 - Jasmine completes her 300 hours of Neutral PK debt restriction. Sixx joins the Black Conclave. Caramon is created.

4/16/00 - Aries completes mobmaster 60. Keat levels to 30th shaman.

4/15/00 - Tien is created. Berrin attacks Rath (Conclave) and Alyria (Balance). They both flee, and Berrin hunts and kills Alyria. This is much discussed on notes.

4/14/00 - Baldor joins Elladan as coadjutor, becoming his 15th follower.

4/13/00 - Orpick is created.

4/12/00 - Cask is created. Admire joins Elladan. Fen joins Torchbearer.

4/11/00 - Mija is created. Norak is created. Jessica postpones her wedding to Grishmo for rl reasons. Talmud retires.

4/10/00 - Vorax turns 500 years old. Gryzzl is created.

4/9/00 - Edge obtains a god+ reform from Balance.

4/8/00 - Selestion joins the Black Conclave. Tynian lists the following Immortals as Inactive: Masher, Tel, JohnPaul, Mekt, and Asia.

4/6/00 - Talmud completes mobmaster 50.

4/5/00 - Kodo and Shefan join Elladan. Fei reaches 40th level.

4/4/00 - Vhirrek, Doombringer of the Black Conclave kills King Zentarion to reach level 30 cleric, and is named a member of Molo's High Council. Rath completes mobmaster 40. Jessica and Grishmo announce their upcoming wedding.

4/3/00 - Vixon levels to 19.

4/2/00 - Faille posts "Faille is..."

4/1/00 - Galaphile is created.

3/31/00 - Jeda turns 500 years old.

3/30/00 - Saran levels to 16 mage. Argul completes mobmaster 13.

3/20/00 - Tripper is promoted to attendant of Torchbearer. Nicademus is promoted to attendant of Tokugawa. Elladan is killed by Lorna for singing "Lorna and Molo, sitting in a tree" when he discovers Lorna and Molo together in the crypt. Mikael is created.

3/19/00 - Version 3.57d is checked in by Tynian, which fixed a crash-level bug, among other things. Lessa joins Elladan, becoming his first follower.

3/17/00 - Elladan is promoted to Demigod.

3/16/00 - Tamar accepts Darkwing as her first follower. Vixon is accepted as the second. Calh is created.

3/14/00 - Tamar is promoted to Demigoddesss by Tynian, and creates the Dreamwalkers, a good aligned following. She is 1100 hours old. Seconds later, Natas is promoted to Ambassador by Nayr.

3/13/00 - Orpik is created.

3/11/00 - Chronic is ordained by Molo.

3/9/00 - Wistom is created.

3/7/00 - Volkov is created.

2/28/00 - Bastian completes mobmaster 40.

2/17/00 - Tamar is promoted to attendant of Okk by Nayr after 534 hours as ambassador. Okk is linkdead during the promotion, so has a surprise when he gets back :P

2/15/00 - Nicademus is promoted to ambassador.

2/14/00 - Bastian reaches Cl:20 Wa:20.

2/11/00 - Bastian tells a story to his fellow followers.

2/8/00 - Tamar turns 500 years old. Silonch posts Tylorn the Hunter.

2/7/00 - Elladan is promoted to attendant of Cordir. Kaern is pkd by Redrum and Borneo.

2/2/00 - Elladan and Tamar become eligible to become attendants.

2/1/00 - Noctus is created.

1/28/00 - Bastian reaches Wa:11 Cl:15 and completes 3 mob masteries.

1/27/00 - PezQuest 4 ends, and Pez announces the winners in the following note about it.

1/26/00 - Stouthbound goes down in history as giving the most messed up zombie concert as his bid in one of Lorna's chance auctions. Gavin is created. DemonBreath completes mobmaster 11.

1/25/00 - Rhaen is created.

1/23/00 - Version 3.57c is checked in by Tynian, which fixed a minor bug and allowed for idea purging after 180 days. Beelzebub posts a retirement note.

1/20/00 - Version 3.57b is checked in by Tynian.

1/19/00 - Tripper is promoted to ambassador! Tamar completes 400 hours as an ambassador. Elladan turns 1500 hours old.

1/13/00 - A kidnapping and a joining.

1/10/00 - Version 3.57a is checked in by Tynian. Bastian duals to warrior.

1/7/00 - Cordir's temple is installed.

1/6/00 - Gaul retires.

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