a 2003 tfc timeline
(from 6/14/03 to 3/29/03, with most recent stuff first)

6/14/03 - Lins completes mobmasters 120 & 121 (a large statue, both times, and he also makes a HUGE zombie out of 121). Kailani reaches Wa:11 Ma:15. Hitoriga levels to 19 thief. Seraph reaches Cl:30 Wa:21. Melisa joins Triston. Locke reaches Ma:25 Wa:30. KatVina reaches double 19's (Wa:19 Ma:19). Ratchus does his first mobmaster and reaches Bard: 12 7 2. Ihsahn reaches Wa:30 Ma:30 Th:20. Tranquility reaches Th:24 Sh:25. Ptarchyzk tries to get Tynian to xp with him, but decides it's not a good idea when Tynian cants, 'I'm careless with spells and what I attack'. Thamuz levels to 5 cleric. Valgar reaches Ra:29 Sh:26. Malakost reaches 7 ordained. The rank listings from this day.

6/13/03 - A huge herd of Pink Elephants (the beer-stealing kind) are fought off in Dwarvenhold, apparently foiled while attempting a hostile takeover of Churg's Brewery. Lins takes the #1 spot on mmrank by completing mobmasters 116 thru 119 (?, a tormented apparition, a traveler, & a dangerous watersnake - click on mobnames to see logs). Roen reaches Ra:16 Cl:30. Judge reaches Ma:24 Ra:30. Alias reaches Cl:10 Wa:11. Tynian posts "win now!". Mirelle is created. Ambiant reaches Ma:18 Wa:13. Taelanus reaches Sh:16 Wa:15 Th:15. Nevyn has a field day with Azeworai (apparently Nevyn was ticked that Aze wasn't paying enough attention to his songs - Vex gossips (in common), 'Nevyn yells, 'You RUINED my performance!'.'.. Nemesis is created and levels to 5 cleric. Qeiri reaches Th:19 Wa:20.

6/12/03 - Lins completes mobmasters 112 thru 115 (a white oak tree, a bison, veil of fog, & an evil fiend). His mobmaster 115 took 24 heals & ghosted too, ouch (see log). Santiago reaches Wa: 4 Ma:15 Th:10. Leif reaches Ra:21 Cl:21 Th:18. Version 3.123d is installed. Schwartz reminded me that i'd promised (threatened?) to post his picture here, so here it is: (He made me put up "the good one".) Teluin completes mobmasters 11 thru 17. Jian reaches Ma:11 Ra: 9. Morphius reaches Sh:15 Wa:10. Seraph reaches Cl:29 Wa:21. The wizlist from this day.

6/11/03 - Aster reaches effective 50th! (Th:30 Ra:30 Sh:30). Kiko completes mobmaster 1 and levels both classes, reaching Ma:11 Ra:12. Prowler reaches Wa:13 Cl:18. Carmen levels to 8 warrior. Mordon leaves Katrana and posts a note about Mordon inc. Uriel reaches Sh:28 Th:22 Wa:30. Blizzard levels to 15 shaman and duals to warrior. Leif reaches Ra:20 Cl:21 Th:18 and completes mobmaster 49. Aldursil levels to 4 mage. Teluin completes mobmasters 9 & 10. Lothauwin reaches Bard: 13 6 2. Uginn reaches Wa: 4 Ma:13. Naralas levels to 4 cleric. Blanca completes mobmaster 29 and reaches 12 ordained.

6/10/03 - Malakost is ordained "Dark Undead" by Kerriariadne! Mystaya reaches Wa: 4 Sh:30. Ratchus reaches Bard: 11 6 1. Teluin completes mobmasters 7 & 8. Bol levels to 9 cleric. Vandil reaches Wa: 9 Cl:15. Hitoriga levels to 16 thief. Rone completes mobmaster 7. Target reaches Ra:21 Sh:20. Santiago reaches Wa: 3 Ma:15 Th:10.

6/9/03 - Rone reaches Wa:16 Cl:20. Shaido reaches Wa:23 Ma:22. Yagi joins Majere. Darodayos is created. Milena reaches Th: 3 Wa:10 Ma:10. Ratchus reaches Bard: 9 5 1. Ezoriel joins Katrana. Wylin has a little problem with his phone line. Teluin completes mobmasters 1 thru 6 and levels to 19 shaman. Ebony reaches Cl: 5 Wa:13. Chyna levels to 10 warrior. Lycron reaches Wa:23 Sh:22. Majere accidentally becomes a Demigoddess (Hum [ Demigoddess ] Majere, God of Monks Clan of the Rose). Rone & Tweedle join Tiax. Mongrel completes mobmaster 1. Mystaya reaches Wa: 3 Sh:30. Strohm is created. Malathreal joins Triston. Azual reaches Wa:21 Cl:22. Lothauwin reaches Bard: 12 4 1. Qeiri hits 135 points on location quest. The rank listings from this day.

6/8/03 - Myronides retires :(.  Dekar posts a note to all Wisdom & Plato. Casius reaches Sh:17 Ra:12. Bahamut levels to 8 cleric. Barry reaches Sh:19 Ra:15. Bliss, who has needed a CR for a while now, watches as Tynian auctions item after item that sound suspiciously like her eq. But at least he's generous enough to give her back a whole egg casing full of negative stuff! Wonder if she still needs a CR? ;)  DarkClaw reaches 27 ordained. Targin reaches Wa:19 Cl:21. Mongrel levels twice, to 21 warrior. Ween joins Kerriariadne. Oook completes mobmaster 38. Dekuin levels to 15 shaman. Cytoxan reaches Wa:12 Ma:11. Kethran reaches 16 ordained. Isolas asks if he can be in every timeline entry of mine, saying that everything he does is notable. I'm still waiting for proof of that, but since he went on to entertain me he's at least getting this entry :P

6/7/03 - Qeiri reaches Th:18 Wa:20 and gets another extra practice. Teluin levels to 18 shaman. Kailani reaches Ma:15 Wa:10 and is happy about getting imp id. Tynian logs on and passes out spell after spell (including rift & flamestrike - Lothauwin and Keat are the masochistic recipients of those) to the first person to say they want it. He throws in a beer for Wylin too. Maybe the beer-spell is next on the to-be-implemented list? Milena triples to thief. Raeden reaches Cl:17 Ra:15. Kethran reaches 14 ordained. Xander completes mobmaster 3. Santiago reaches Th:10 Ma:15 and triples to warrior. Valgar reaches Ra:28 Sh:26. Schwartz reaches Ra:23 Cl:24. DarkClaw gossips (in common), 'I'm so buff I scared away a termite by hugging it! *cheer*'. Later she does some impromptu rhyming on gossip which I can only assume was inspired by Keat, and people help celebrate her birthday. Nathlar is created. TaRgIn reaches Wa:18 Cl:21. Dekuin levels to 14 shaman. Take reaches Wa:25 Cl:24. Jobano re-creates himself. Lothauwin reaches Bard: 5 1 1. Aslan reaches Wa: 8 Cl:30. Tynian posts a note about tfc-related web sites.

6/6/03 - Plato is retired. Ebony and Isitititis join Majere. Aurora reaches Ma:17 Wa:10. Rath reaches 13 ordained. Brosh levels to 12 warrior. Mystaya levels to 30 shaman and then duals to warrior. Serenity levels to 11 ranger. Tynian posts a note about version 3.123c. Ihsahn reaches Wa:28 Ma:30 Th:20. Mistyfier reaches 31 ordained. Kailani reaches Ma:14 Wa:10. Scelus joins Katrana. Wish does a corpse retrieval for Alyria from the blazing inferno (4th floor masters), and doesn't even charge his "normal corpse rescue fee". Taelanus reaches Sh:13 Wa:15 Th:15. Alexis reaches Ra:22 Ma:21. Teluin levels to 15 shaman.

6/5/03 - Qeiri passes 100 points on location quest. Linkin reaches Wa:25 Ma:24. Zander is created. Wistom joins Cordir. Milena reaches Ma: 8 Wa:10. Dekuin levels to 10 shaman. Agirik reaches Sh:13 Wa:10. A huge shaman mob runs amok, killing everybody it comes across until Vex manages to kill it. Targin joins Triston. Xzanadin reaches Ma:14 Ra:12. Aster reaches Th:28 Ra:30 Sh:30. Brosh joins Tiax. Mongrel levels to 19 warrior. Aslan levels twice, reaching Wa: 7 Cl:30. Kethran reaches 13 ordained. Dokimion duals to mage. Mystical joins Katrana. Valin reaches Ma:22 Th:20 Wa:25. Yoink reaches Th:18 Ra:18.

6/4/03 - Gangleri reaches Sh:23 Wa:15. Dwalin reaches Cl:13 Wa:11 Th:11. Mistyfier reaches 12 ordained. Ratchus reaches Bard: 5 1 1 and joins Molo. Aster reaches Th:26 Ra:30 Sh:30. Azeworai Prince Junior Grade of Rhinoceroseseses reaches Wa:27 Ma:25. (What IS a prince junior grade anyway?) Ire reaches Wa: 9 Cl:15. Teluin levels to 5 shaman. Tiberon is created. Kirith reaches Bard: 10 8 2. Blanca reaches 11 ordained. Katja reaches Wa: 8 Ma: 9. Ebony levels to 10 warrior. Bahamut joins Triston. Qeiri reaches Th:17 Wa:20 and gets an extra practice.

6/3/03 - Bovina duals to thief and reaches Th: 6 Wa:11. NatAku reaches Ma:23 Wa:17. Vandil reaches Wa: 7 Cl:15. Ambrose completes mobmaster 28. Dart reaches Cl:22 Ra:18 Th:15. Apollo reaches Ma: 7 Wa:10. Serenity is created. Kaldred retrieves Lanfear's & Noctus' corpses from Jester's Keep. (Sounds like one of those tours of death to me.) Azkral reaches Wa:27 Ma:25. Marcalo levels to 10 warrior. Schwartz reaches Ra:22 Cl:24. Plato drops to Lesser Power. Dyr levels to 5 warrior. Valin reaches Ma:21 Th:20 Wa:25. Tramp reaches Cl:16 Th:15 Wa:16. Aster joins Cordir. Chyna the Ogress levels to 5 warrior. (Does anyone else picture a bull in a china shop?) Spartacus reaches Wa:12 Cl:14. Cloven reaches Wa:18 Th:16 Ma:16. Tidus reaches Th: 3 Wa: 9 Sh:15.

6/2/03 - Aster reaches Th:24 Ra:30 Sh:30. Ezoriel reaches Wa: 6 Cl: 9. Goth reaches Wa:10 Cl:15. Total completes mobmaster 6. Mongrel levels to 16 warrior. Qeiri reaches Th:16 Wa:20 and gets her first *** ANNIHILATE *** with backstab. Casius reaches Sh:16 Ra:12. Veldrik is created. Pride gossips (in common), 'when I was young I had to fight the chicks off with a stick.'. Pride gossips (in common), 'now all they say is you make me sick'. Raeden reaches Ra:13 Cl:15. Sycora reaches Th: 2 Ra: 9 Ma:10. Raszagal levels to 10 ranger. Gdelf reaches Th:18 Ra:30 Ma:30. Brosh levels to 5 warrior. Dolomite reaches Ra:17 Cl:20. And for those who've thought about joining Tiax's following, this spell might come in handy... ### [Somewhere, Dolomite utters the words, 'comprehend dutch'].

6/1/03 - Mael reaches effective 50th! (Th:30 Wa:30 Ma:30) Katja reaches Wa: 7 Ma: 9 and gets another train. Zaaris reaches Wa:20 Cl:30. Faille and Judas join Katrana. Yoink reaches Ra:18 Th:16. Shaido reaches Wa:22 Ma:22. Twilight is created. Platinum reaches Ma:14 Th: 9 Wa:10. Aster goes on a massive leveling kick (doing at LEAST 7 thief levels) and reaches Th:23 Ra:30 Sh:30. Milena joins Majere. Kethran completes mobmaster 59 and levels twice to reach 12 ordained. Bilk levels to 5 shaman. Kodak reaches Wa:18 Sh:30. Wisteria reaches Ra:14 Ma:16. Tranquility posts a thank you note. Pardoquilian reaches Th:22 Wa:22 Sh:22.

5/31/03 - Smoke duals to ranger. Myre reaches Wa:17 Th:16 Ma:15. Tramp reaches Th:15 Cl:15 Wa:16. Tynian posts a note about some helps changes. Nozdormu reaches Wa:16 Cl:20. Cirien levels to 5 cleric. Humble reaches Th:19 Wa:21 Ma:20. Ire reaches Wa: 5 Cl:15. I think the OMs must have been having a secret contest or something, because 4 of them level: Solaron reaches 21 ordained. Riella reaches 5 ordained. Blanca reaches 10 ordained. Kethran reaches 10 ordained.

5/30/03 - Elisa levels to 5 cleric. Azreal reaches Wa:10 Ma:12. Cloven reaches Th:14 Wa:16 Ma:16. Teren reaches Ra:15 Ma:15 and hits 330 points on location quest. Mongrel levels several times, to 10 warrior. Qeiri reaches Wa:20 Th:15. Nessa reaches Wa:12 Cl:15. Clytemnestra reaches Wa: 2 Sh:29. Zero is created and levels to 5 warrior. Yagi reaches Ma:11 Ra:11. Reggie reaches Wa:12 Ma: 9 Th: 9. Riella reaches 4 ordained.

5/29/03 - Nayr stops by and posts typos in the very early hours of the morning. (Is that like counting sheep?) Azual reaches Wa:20 Cl:22. Taelanus reaches Sh:11 Wa:15 Th:15. Ajax reaches Wa: 9 Cl:11. Tynian posts a note answering the question "are FYIs rules/policies?". Leon levels to 5 mage. Eriq reaches Wa:18 Cl:20. Dolomite reaches Ra:16 Cl:20. Riella reaches 3 ordained. Logain duals to cleric. Ink completes mobmaster 48. Draco levels to 29 warrior. Cloven reaches Th:12 Wa:16 Ma:16. Argon levels to 10 mage. Elisa is created. Blanca reaches 9 ordained. Bergsten reaches Ra:25 Cl:25 Th:20.

5/28/03 - KatVina reaches Wa:16 Ma:19. Xero reaches Ma: 5 Wa:10. Schwartz reaches Cl:23 Ra:21. Margera reaches Th:10 Sh:10 Wa:10. Mordon gossips (in common), 'What a tramp!' Tramp gossips (in common), 'hey, I represent that remark'. Tynian posts a note about mobmastery quest stuff. Crumb duals to warrior. Mace reaches Cl:23 Wa:20. Ink joins Katrana. Tostig reaches Sh: 6 Wa:25. Yagi reaches Ma:10 Ra:11. The rank listings and the wizlist from this day.

5/27/03 - Morphius duals to warrior. Syl levels to 5 ranger. Jian reaches Ma:10 Ra: 9. Typhis levels several times, reaching Th:12 Wa:20 Sh:13. Milena levels to 10 warrior. Taelanus reaches Sh:10 Wa:15 Th:15. Tripper posts an open letter to TFC and the Tigers. NuTTeR levels to 20 shaman. Ajax reaches Wa: 7 Cl:11. Target reaches Ra:17 Sh:20. Thrall reaches 17 ordained. Argon joins Majere. Aster reaches Th:10 Ra:30 Sh:30. Crumb levels to 10 shaman. Takira is created. Valek levels to 5 mage. Schwartz goes on an unplanned trip to demon realm, and makes it out safely after "flee/recall/flee/flee/flee/recall/breathe".

5/26/03 - Lexie completes mobmaster 115 (the ebon dragon). DarkClaw reaches 23 ordained. Adversary is created and levels to 8 cleric. Roen reaches Cl:29 Ra:15. Xero levels to 10 warrior. Kethran reaches 8 ordained. Blizzard joins Triston. Nalor reaches Wa:25 Cl:26. Drakar reaches Ra:29 Cl:30 Th:20. Aster passes 200 points on location quest and reaches Th: 8 Ra:30 Sh:30. Skylar levels to 5 shaman. Goth reaches Wa: 8 Cl:15. Yagi levels to 11 ranger and then duals to mage. Mistyfier reaches 11 ordained.

5/25/03 - Dakkon reaches effective 50th! (Th:30 Ra:30 Ma:30). Kalob levels to 7 ranger. Nero levels to 4 warrior. Isolas gossips (in elven), 'I'm trying to get everyone to yell if when I log on like Norm on Cheers.'. (Everybody yell "Isolas" next time you see him on... or at least gossip "Norm!" :P)  Nessa reaches Wa:11 Cl:15 and completes mobmaster 34 (the Hierophant). Ephiny reforms from Katrana.

5/24/03 - Solanthas retires :(  Riella is ordained "Sun Guide" by Tiax! Tidus levels several times, reaching Sh:11 Wa: 9. Scave reaches Sh:12 Wa:11. Casius reaches Sh:14 Ra:12. Demeter completes mobmaster 3. Schwartz reaches Ra:21 Cl:21. Margera reaches Th: 6 Sh:10 Wa:10. Garland joins Cordir. Reggie reaches Wa:10 Ma: 9 Th: 9. Yoman levels to 15 mage. Scave reaches Sh:13 Wa:11. Lexie completes mobmaster 114 (some slime mold). Darius is created.

5/23/03 - Riella reaches effective 40th! (Ma:30 Ra:30). Tesarye levels to 5 mage. Dokimion levels to 12 warrior. Kayura reaches Ma:12 Wa:10. Schwartz reaches Ra:20 Cl:21. Wunk gossips (in common), 'Somewhere, Slue sees nobody around, so he slides in his 'Madonna' cd and starts humming quietly...'. Followed by, and this is even worse, ### [Somewhere, Slue sees nobody around, so he swaps out his 'Madonna' cd for 'Brittany'..."Oh baby baby"]. Gdelf reaches Th:14 Ra:30 Ma:30. Gangleri reaches Sh:20 Wa:15. Sandman levels to 9 shaman. Garland reforms from Katrana. Abe completes mobmaster 63. Kethran reaches 5 ordained. Phlegm joins Triston. Marcalo is created and levels to 5 warrior. Yoink reaches Th:14 Ra:16. Qeiri hits 68 points on location quest. Rone reaches Wa:15 Cl:20. Valgar reaches Ra:26 Sh:26.

5/22/03 - Dawn levels to 6 cleric. Jynx reaches Ra:10 Sh:25. Sniper is created. Tidus levels to 7 warrior. Schwartz reaches Ra:19 Cl:21. Dayel duals to warrior. Apollo levels twice, to Ma: 6 Wa:10. Vincent levels several times, reaching Ma:12 Ra:12. Eve reaches Wa:14 Sh:16. ### [Belsambar tells Rath (in common), 'reactivate and stay a while, I decided we need Conclave to come back to power completely if I'm ever gonna be rid of Vex :P']  Barry reaches Sh:18 Ra:15. Mnaramenth Vidrion: Magnetic Blade of FaTe (VP:DDAA) reaches Cl:17 Wa:15. (Try saying THAT 3 times fast :P) Goth reaches Wa: 2 Cl:15. Method reaches Th: 9 Wa:10 Ma: 9. Masher stops by for a visit :)

5/21/03 - Lexie is the first to complete mobmaster 112! (as well as #113 - they were a a vile sea creature and the veil of fog). Alexis joins Triston. Neodis reaches Ma:10 Ra:11. Isolas reaches Ma:15 Ra:12 Th:12. Selune reaches Cl:19 Wa:18. Tokugawa posts a note about some mobmaster changes. Qeiri completes mobmasters 3 thru 6 (a flying fish, a mountain climber, a fat rat, and a penguin). Scave reaches Sh:11 Wa:11. Pardoquilian reaches Th:21 Wa:22 Sh:22. Juniper reaches Sh:14 Ra:10. The rank listings from this day. Azeworai reaches Ma:25 Wa:25. Margera reaches Wa:10 Sh:10. Tamar announces that "Armicron has been deleted for eq swapping, and the eq in question is forfeit." Malakost completes mobmaster 77. Morgant reaches Cl:17 Wa:15. Madilyn levels to 5 warrior. Weedler joins Majere.

5/20/03 - Isolas reaches Ma:14 Ra:12 Th:12, leveling for the first time in 5 months. Nightfall reaches Ma: 9 Ra:13 and gets a train. Yoink reaches Ra:13 Th:11. Reaper reaches Wa:10 Ma:10. Rone reaches Cl:20 Wa:14. A who list from this day. Mandrake has a terrible typo, as he accidentally gives Ink's corpse to Vex instead of back to Ink. (I've done the same thing myself while iding, only thankfully with just one item.) Ink then is de-ordained, posts a note about leaving, and later still triples to thief and reaches Th: 2 Wa:30 Cl:30. Nail reaches Cl:10 Wa: 9. Xev is created. Teren reaches Ra:12 Ma:15. Barry reaches Ra:15 Sh:15. Mistyfier reaches 10 ordained. Qeiri completes mobmaster 2 (a parakeet). Schwartz reaches Cl:20 Ra:18. Nox reaches Th:18 Ma:19 Wa:20.

5/19/03 - Coleman posts a note about his OOC travel. (I'm not sure it was really him tho, since there isn't a single pun in it!) Bophal reaches Wa:12 Ma:16. Quite levels to 5 shaman. Casius reaches Ra: 7 Sh:12. Neon completes mobmaster 50 and reaches Ra:20 Th:21 Ma:25. Oook passes 1500 points on location quest. Jynx reaches Ra: 6 Sh:25. Rhys reaches Ma:15 Wa:11. Ishahn reaches Ma:29 Wa:26 Th:20. Garland gossips (in common), 'I'm not insane, it's just that everyone else is'. Prowler reaches Cl:18 Wa:11. Tuor levels to 5 cleric. Furnock runs around streaking people :P Teren hits 250 points on location quest. Qeiri reaches Wa:19 Th:15 and gets max hit points. Epeon joins Majere. Fleas converge on Midgaard for some reason.

5/18/03 - Kethran is ordained "Cuinnsear Dhan" by Cordir! Scave reaches Sh: 9 Wa:11. Yoink reaches Th:11 Ra:11. Aragorn levels to 5 ranger. Mace announces his retirement. Dwalin reaches Wa:10 Cl:11 Th:11. Targin reaches Cl:17 Wa:15. A few notes are posted about Majere's following. Gehn levels to 11 cleric. Typhis reaches Sh:13 Th:11 Wa:11. Myre reaches Th:16 Wa:16 Ma:12.

5/17/03 - Hunt starts the Reavers, which stirs up the realm for some reason. (I don't get why, but then i've never gotten into that whole good/evil/neutral/pking thing :P). Katrana's website is removed from its host. Vincent duals to mage. Dracon reaches Cl: 5 Wa:15. Triston gossips, 'anyone not in my following wish to worship me for 5 secs so I can rift them (mordith doesn't count!)'. Typhis reaches Th:11 Sh:11 Wa:11. Andrew reaches Wa:11 Ma:11. Liabrum is created and joins Triston. Targin reaches Cl:14 Wa:15. Christoph passes 50 points on location quest. Method levels twice, reaching Th: 5 Wa:10 Ma: 9. Eve reaches Wa:12 Sh:16. Abe gossips (in common), 'Kaern is Gaelic for: 'He who takes you places and gets you killed.''. Kaern gossips (in common), 'abe is gaelic for 'he who did not learn gaelic until it was too late''.

5/16/03 - Demian duals to warrior. Typhis joins Molo, reaches Wa:10 Sh:11 and then triples to thief. Apollo reaches Ma: 4 Wa:10. Tairee reaches Wa:12 Ma:11. Casius duals to ranger. Tiax goes up to greater power. Vincent levels to 5 ranger. Cytoxan reaches Wa:20 Th:15, and then does deleteme and starts over. Pitt hits 487 on location quest. Bain levels to 5 warrior. Margera reaches Wa: 8 Sh:10. Valin reaches Wa:24 Th:20 Ma:20. Zip reaches 17 ordained. Prowler reaches Cl:15 Wa:11. Mael reaches Th:27 Wa:30 Ma:30. Trogdor levels to 10 shaman. Nox reaches Ma:17 Wa:15 Th:15. Quarnel hits 11688 on location quest. Silence is deactivated as an ordained, since Kerriariadne dropped to Intermediate. Boyardee gets to 153 points on location quest.

5/15/03 - A bazillion people level today: Damien levels to 7 cleric. Typhis reaches Wa: 7 Sh:11. Nail reaches Wa: 6 Cl: 9. Weezer reaches Th:26 Wa:30 Sh:30. Gwynne levels to 5 ranger. Eve reaches Sh:16 Wa:11. Serene reaches Wa:21 Ma:20. Vandil reaches Wa: 5 Cl:15. Azeworai reaches Ma:24 Wa:25. Draco levels to 27 warrior. Silence reaches 2 ordained. (Surely SOMETHING else happened today besides levels, but I don't know what... oh yeah, the Matrix Reloaded came out :P)

5/14/03 - Silence is ordained "Dark Bandit" by Kerriariadne! Tiax turns 1000 years old! Tokugawa posts a note about the new mobmaster mobs that were added to the mud, and Tiberius is the first to find and kill one of them. Tilly hits 200 points on location quest. Valin reaches Wa:23 Th:20 Ma:20. DarkClaw gossips (in common), 'Darnit, Triston! Don't do that while I'm sleeping! *grumble*'. Schwartz gossips (in common), 'yeah, wake her up first'. Nox levels many times, reaching Th:14 Wa:15 Ma:15. Goth us created. Valgar reaches Sh:26 Ra:25. Damien levels to 6 cleric. Tylorn deletes himself after some comments that are best not repeated. Ihsahn passes 100 points on location quest. The realm gets littered with PC corpses for some reason. Oook completes mobmaster 37. Jynx levels to 25 shaman. Gdelf reaches Th:10 Ra:30 Ma:30.

5/13/03 - Alucard completes mobmasters 50 & 51 (an ogre & a minotaur). Lankor joins Majere. Tairee reaches Wa:10 Ma:11. Disaster waiting to happen levels to 5 mage. Target levels twice, reaching Sh:12 Ra:15. Scave duals to shaman. Nessa reaches Wa: 9 Cl:15. Schwartz reaches Cl:18 Ra:15. Brimstone joins Majere. Typhis reaches Wa: 4 Sh:11. Sindel levels to 5 thief. Valin reaches Wa:22 Th:20 Ma:20. Nail levels to 9 cleric, and Coleman gossips, 'keep on leveling, inch by inch. You're up to 9 inch, Nail'.

5/12/03 - Neodis reaches Ma: 9 Ra:11. Oook passes 1300 points on location quest and reaches Bard: 24 20 16. Total completes mobmaster 5. Crumb levels to 5 shaman. Look reaches Wa: 5 Sh:11. Eve reaches Sh: 9 Wa:11. Nessa hits 732 points on location quest and completes mobmaster 33. Rincewind reaches Cl:19 Wa:17. Mistyfier bad recalls to Bliss' temple. DarkClaw reaches 21 ordained. Scave levels to 10 warrior. Pitt hits 454 points on location quest. Brundlewart reaches Wa:20 Cl:20. Legolas reaches Ma:26 Ra:30 Th:20. Enigma joins Triston. Papa the Gnome is created, think he's a smurf? Juniper reaches Sh: 5 Ra:10.

5/11/03 - Silence levels to 30 thief! Ecnelis reaches Sh:19 Th:16 Wa:17. Eve reaches Sh: 8 Wa:11. Tynian posts a note about version 3.123. Tilly completes mobmaster 11 (a vagabond), passes 100 points on location quest, and reaches Bard: 16 8 7. Aslan duals to warrior (from 30 cleric, ouch). Nail levels to 7 cleric and joins Katrana. Cytoxan reaches Th:13 Wa:15. Quarnel passes 11,600 points on location quest. Margera duals to warrior.

5/10/03 - Tynian holds a mob hunting quest and posts the results. Nozdormu reaches Wa:11 Cl:15. Ephiny reaches Or: 5 Wa:30 Cl:30. Gdelf reaches Th: 9 Ra:30 Ma:30. Ezoriel duals to warrior and goes on to reach Wa: 5 Cl: 9. Eve joins Triston. MissFit reaches Ma:16 Wa:18. Boredom reaches Ma:11 Wa: 9. Rincewind reaches Cl:18 Wa:17. Schwartz reaches Cl:14 Ra:15. Oook has a busy day, passing 1150 points on location quest, completing another bard council review, and reaching Bard: 24 20 15. Taelanus reaches Sh: 7 Wa:15 Th:15. Aerith reaches Ma:21 Ra:15. Drake reaches Ma:10 Wa:10. Brundlewart reaches Wa:19 Cl:20.

5/9/03 - Damien is created. Oook hits 838 points on location quest. Barry reaches Ra:10 Sh:15. Wunk reaches Wa:25 Sh:30 Th:20. TaRgIn reaches Cl: 8 Wa:15. The Inspector gossips (in common), 'go go gadget binoculars!'. Oak stops by for a visit. Kylanae reaches Ma:12 Ra:12 Th:12. Tilly completes mobmasters 7 thru 9 and reaches Bard: 15 7 6. Pitt passes 400 points on location quest. Bophal reaches Ma:11 Wa:10. Typhis levels to 10 shaman. Bebbly reaches Wa:15 Ma:11. Ajax levels to 5 cleric. Margera joins Triston. Tokugawa auctions off several nice items, and people throw in some crazy bids.

5/8/03 - Quarnel passes 11,150 points on location quest, sheesh! Jarom is created. Taelanus reaches Sh: 6 Wa:15 Th:15. Killian reaches Bard: 11 2 1. Tilly gives her first bard council review performance and reaches Bard: 14 7 4. Selune completes mobmaster 14. Xynx is created. Nox reaches Th: 9 Wa:11 Ma:11. Kiko reaches Ra:10 Ma: 9. Noctern levels to 10 thief.

5/7/03 - Oook hits 436 points on location quest. Total levels to 10 shaman. Ezoriel levels to 5 cleric. Tilly does her first mobmaster (among others) and her first location quest, and levels several times to reach Bard: 13 6 4. Quadim reaches Ma: 3 Ra: 9. Sarik levels to 10 shaman. Killian joins Kerriariadne. Target duals to shaman. Qeiri reaches Wa:17 Th:15. Aerith reaches Ma:20 Ra:15. Temanick is created and levels to 5 warrior. Mistyfier reaches 7 ordained. Drake reaches Wa: 7 Ma:10. Pikonah reaches Ma:18 Wa:12.

5/6/03 - Tynian posts a note about version 3.122. Quarnel passes 10350 points on location quest. Valin reaches Th:16 Wa:21 Ma:20. Zhentil is created. Oook gives his second bard council review performance and reaches Bard: 24 19 9. Quadim reaches Ma: 2 Ra: 9. Rincewind reaches Cl:16 Wa:17. Seraph reaches Wa:21 Cl:25. A wizlist and the rank listings from this day. (Note that Quarnel is now #1 on location quest.)

5/5/03 - The last of the Chicago GT-ers head back home, completely wiped out but already anxious for the next one. See pictures from the whole thing. (And here are links to Natilena's and Wylin's pictures too.) Noctern and Snoose join Majere. Killian reaches Bard: 7 1 1. Quadim levels to 8 ranger. Tilly reaches Bard: 11 2 1. Halo is created. Shadowman reaches Wa: 6 Cl:15. Pitt hits 369 points total on location quest. Spade levels to 5 thief. Kylanae (who is not a girl :P) reaches Ra:12 Th: 9 Ma:12. Aerith reaches Ma:18 Ra:15.

5/4/03 - Grimace is promoted to Ambassador! Schwartz reaches Cl: 7 Ra:15. Mordos levels to 5 mage. Tynian posts a note about version 3.120 and 3.121. Cloven reforms from Majere. Tichondrius levels to 3 cleric. Sarik levels to 7 shaman. Rincewind reaches Wa:14 Cl:15. Phantasm reaches Wa: 5 Th:16 Ma:16. The bards are back and leveling in force. Tilly is created.

5/3/03 - The Clan of the Rose declares war on The Wardancers. Valin reaches Wa:20 Ma:20 Th:15. Factor levels twice to 18 warrior. Kel posts Bliss's baby picture and Tynian talks about shaman refresh. Grale reaches Th:17 Ma:30 Ra:30. Floyd dies to the vampric mist. Target is created and levels to 6 ranger. Sinister levels to 4 mage. Oook dazzles people in the Storytelling Amphitheater. Malcom reaches Wa:15 Th:15. Aerith reaches Ra:11 Ma:15. Merl levels to 5 ranger. The rank listings from this day.

5/2/03 - The long-awaited Chicago GT starts! Tynian posts a note about version 3.119.

5/1/03 - Talyn reaches effective 40th! (Wa:30 Cl:30). Judge reaches Ma:23 Ra:30. Noctus does a corpse retrieval for Bytorr, which unfortunately later decays. Merkderk completes mobmaster 67. Anthis levels to 13 warrior. DarkClaw posts "The Chill" to the tfc forums. Huma reaches Wa:16 Cl:22. Erondor levels to 6 warrior. Wish gets a little excited cheering on the Giant Squid (and spams himself off). Jian duals to mage. Adwen completes mobmasters 7 & 8. Myronides requests special permission to abuse Schwartz. (Seems like most people do that without permission?) A who list from this day.

4/30/03 - Tel and Athorne retire. Dolomite reaches Cl:20 Ra:15. Flint levels to 10 thief. Wired reaches Wa:17 Ma:15. Fobro reaches Wa:27 Cl:30. Triston rises to lesser power. Schwartz duals to cleric and reaches Cl: 2 Ra:15. Jian levels to 6 ranger. Asai is created. Qeiri reaches Wa:16 Th:15 and gets 20 hp and yet another train. The rank listings and the wizlist from this day.

4/29/03 - Tynian announces an upcoming mob hunt quest. Qrzon duals to warrior. Pitt joins Cordir. MissFit reaches Ma:14 Wa:15. Kodak reaches Sh:30 Wa:15. Serene reaches Ma:17 Wa:15. Coulter completes mobmaster 92. Malakian reaches Wa:12 Cl:15. Edric levels to 5 ranger. Schwartz joins Cordir and levels to 15 ranger. Debonair reaches Ra:17 Sh:25. Drucilla completes mobmasters 8 thru 14. Flint joins Triston. Tichondruis reaches Ma:13 Wa:10. Aerith levels to 10 mage and duals to ranger. Mistyfier reaches 4 ordained. Vex completes mobmasters 106 thru 109. Schwartz gossips (in common), 'now selling logs of the schwartz+toku group as they housecleaned malenest'. -- I think I should get that log for free :P

4/28/03 - Strave reaches Sh:15 Wa:11. Serene reaches Wa:15 Ma:15. Platinum reaches Ma: 7 Th: 9 Wa:10. Viper levels to 12 warrior. Tynian posts a note about version 3.118. Rincewind reaches Cl:10 Wa:11. Teren reaches Ra:11 Ma:15. Qeiri reaches Th:15 Wa:15 and gets another train. Flint is created. Silence gossips (in common), '*in sign* does anyone else ever get the feelign that maybe we dont exist? that maybe, just maybe we are really just characters in some game . . . .'. Shadowman reaches Wa: 5 Cl:15. DuKaron reaches Wa:12 Ma:21 Th:12. Pikonah finally swings maims regularly. Kirith hits 30 points on location quest.

4/27/03 - Strad reaches Sh:12 Wa:10. Phantasm reaches Wa: 2 Th:16 Ma:16. Strave reaches Sh:11 Wa:11. Crovax joins Clue. Myre reaches Wa:13 Th:12 Ma:12. DarkClaw reaches 20 ordained. Khorlan joins Cordir. Platinum reaches Ma: 5 Th: 9 Wa:10. Pardoquilian reaches Th:19 Wa:22 Sh:22. Valin reaches Ma:17 Th:15 Wa:17. Draco levels to 24 warrior. Takuen is created. Qeiri reaches Th:14 Wa:15.

4/26/03 - Auron posts a note about Ephiny. Platinum reaches Ma: 4 Th: 9 Wa:10.

4/25/03 - Majere changes alignment from neutral good to lawful neutral. Maximus hits 181 points on location quest. Wired reaches Wa:14 Ma:15. Khorlan reaches Th:10 Ra:30 Ma:29. Ping reaches Wa:19 Ma:20 and gets a train. Andrew reaches Wa: 7 Ma:11. Alucard reaches Th:20 Wa:30 Ma:30.

4/24/03 - Wish passes 8000 points on location quest and reaches effective 50th! (Th:30 Wa:30 Ma:30 - gratz and happy birthday!). Qeiri reaches Th:13 Wa:15 and gets a train. Malcom reaches Wa:10 Th:15. Atmos levels to 8 shaman. Jynx levels to 21 shaman. MissFit reaches Ma:10 Wa:15. Rincewind reaches Cl: 5 Wa:11. Crovax duals to shaman. Draco levels to 21 warrior. Ink reaches 20 ordained. Kaz reaches Ma:18 Wa:15 Th:15. Barry joins Molo.

4/23/03 - Coleman unretires and is promoted to Attendant of Kerriariadne! Taelanus reaches Th:15 Wa:15. Bebbly reaches Ma: 4 Wa:11. Mistyfier reaches 2 ordained. Strad reaches Wa: 9 Sh:10. Dart reaches Cl:19 Ra:18 Th:15. Dwalin reaches Wa: 2 Cl:11 Th:11.

4/22/03 - Mistyfier is ordained "Wyrmling" by Clue! Wish passes 7500 points on location quest. Strave duals to shaman. Pikonah joins Triston. Platinum reaches Wa: 8 Th: 9. MissFit reaches Ma: 9 Wa:15. Lankor levels to 5 warrior. Maximus hits 100 points on location quest. Dwalin triples to warrior. Locke reaches Wa:28 Ma:23. Serene reaches Ma:13 Wa:11. Kharis is created. Omar reaches Ma: 5 Wa:10.

4/21/03 - Thrall reaches 15 ordained. Cytoxan levels to 10 warrior. Khore posts "On a Cliff" to the forums. Kaz reaches Ma:16 Wa:15 Th:15. Qeiri reaches Th:12 Wa:15. Triston's temple is installed. Dwalin reaches Th: 9 Cl:11. Sland reaches Wa:10 Cl:12. Dekar reaches Or:15 Wa:30 Cl:30. The rank listings and a wizlist from this day.

4/20/03 - Happy Easter! Oetharm hits 591 points on location quest and reaches Ma:25 Th:20 Wa:15. Katana levels to 5 cleric. Nozdormu reaches Cl:11 Wa: 9. A chicken gossips, 'I taste like....er...me'. Factor completes mobmaster 48. Bophal is created. Bebbly levels to 5 warrior. Alex reaches Ma:30 Wa:30 Th:20. Grale reaches Th:16 Ra:30 Ma:30 and completes mobmaster 72. Sicarian finds two named amulets (a blocking and a health) in one day. Qeiri reaches Th:11 Wa:15.

4/19/03 - Atmos joins Majere. Kalthar levels to 8 warrior. Hetsri reaches Cl: 5 Ra:13. Malcom reaches Wa: 7 Th:15. Terny hits 30 points on location quest. Targin levels to 10 warrior. Alex completes mobmaster 33. Taelanus reaches Th:13 Wa:15. Nordstrom levels to 17 warrior. Ananasi reaches Ma:29 Th:28 Ra:28. Oberon is created. Triston posts a note about sinning.

4/18/03 - Triston is promoted to Demigod! He starts the Lawful Evil following of Sin, and his (huge) initial finfo reads, "The act of sin is an offense to those of a certain moral standard. The followers of Triston don't believe in moral standards, but seek to indulge in the manufacturing of a sinful nature. While all sins are welcomed into the following, a sinner indulges in one of the following seven deadly sins listed below. Vanity: is excessive belief in one's own abilities. Representative Color: Lavender. Envy: is the desire for others' traits, status, abilities, or situation. Representative Color: Green. Gluttony: is an inordinate desire to consume more than that which one requires. Representative Color: Orange. Lust: is an inordinate craving for the pleasures of the body. Representative Color: Blue. Wrath: is manifested in the individual who spurns love and opts instead for fury. Representative Color: Red. Greed: is the desire for material wealth or gain. Representative Color: Yellow. Sloth: is the avoidance of physical or spiritual work. Representative Color: Light Blue. Following members are expected to do some role playing to keep the essence of the following true to the game. A character's name must reflect the day and age of which it comes or have a plausible role-play explanation as to why the name is viable. A quest or other form of initiation may be required to determine if your soul will embrace a sinful nature. All this can be superceded by Triston at any time under any circumstance.". His first follower is Flux. Barry duals to shaman. Loco levels to 5 warrior. Petey reaches Cl:13 Ra:12. Mario reaches Th:16 Sh:17 Wa:17. Terny hits 25 points on location quest. Kaz levels twice, reaching Th:12 Wa:15 Ma:15. Valin reaches Wa:16 Th:15 Ma:16.

4/17/03 - Wylin and Grale do 2 corpse retrievals (for Tweedle & Mistyfier) in Jester's Keep. (Remind me to keep that zone off my wanderings.) Valgar completes mobmaster 29. Darkstarr reaches Wa: 8 Ma:10. Ambiant reaches Wa:11 Ma:11. Drax is created. Hetsri reaches Cl: 4 Ra:13. Tweedle completes mobmaster 43.

4/16/03 - MissFit reaches Ma: 6 Wa:15. Santiago reaches Th: 6 Ma:15. Wario completes mobmaster 13. Kel reaches Th:18 Sh:30. Autumn reaches Ma: 6 Wa:11. Rincewind returns, after an absence of about 5 years. Straezan completes mobmaster 8. Dart reaches Th:15 Ra:18 Cl:18. Nozdormu reaches Wa: 5 Cl: 9. Added a link to the raid on Master's Tower from February.

4/15/03 - Verdad levels to 10 shaman. Nordstrom levels to 13 ogre (I mean, warrior). Syne reaches Cl:23 Wa:15. Isilwen is created. Ginger levels to 5 warrior. Qeiri reaches Wa:15 Th:10. Kaz reaches Wa:12 Ma:15 Th:10. Drucilla completes mobmasters 5 thru 7. Gangleri reaches Wa: 4 Sh:15. Morphius is recreated.

4/14/03 - Tine posts a note saying goodbye. Dekar completes mobmasters 59 & 60. Andrew levels to 5 mage. Cloven reaches Th: 4 Wa:16 Ma:16. Chad levels to 15 mage and then duals to ranger. Nordstrom the Ogre is created. (Now I'm picturing an ogre in a department store...) Seraph reaches Wa:19 Cl:21. Qeiri reaches Wa:14 Th:10. Hetsri joins Majere. Ink completes mobmasters 45 & 46. Flux levels to 9 shaman. Dolomite reaches Cl:19 Ra:15. A low level thief discovers that it's a really bad idea to practice steal from a friend instead of from mobs, and invokes the wrath of cityguards and bounty hunters.

4/13/03 - Teren levels twice, reaching Ra:10 Ma:15 and gets a train. Tiuri reaches Th:11 Ma:27 Wa:30. Graybone levels to 10 warrior. Harkle reaches Wa:17 Ma:15. Vandil duals to warrior. Nessa reaches Wa: 7 Cl:15. Santiago reaches Th: 4 Ma:15. Schwartz levels to 12 warrior. Pitt hits 348 points on location quest. DarkClaw reaches 19 ordained.

4/12/03 - Teren reaches Ma:14 Ra: 9 and gets max hp, max mana & an extra practice. DarkClaw posts fortune cookies for muds. Santiago duals to thief. Myre reaches Wa:11 Th:12 Ma:12. Vash is recreated. Brum levels to 7 warrior. Neodis reaches Ma: 8 Ra:11.

4/11/03 - Lins completes mobmasters 107 thru 111 (Triton King, the Clerk, Captain Niall, & Scriem twice), and is the first to hit 111. Lexie completes mobmasters 110 & 111 (also Scriem). (Is this like I scream you scream we all scream for ice cream?) Agirik levels to 8 shaman. Kel reaches Th:17 Sh:30. Qeiri reaches Wa:13 Th:10 and her backstab improves to superb. Tilar levels to 10 shaman, noting that Tilar gossips (in common), 'ive been pantless for all my levels' 'and no one told me'. Ihsahn reaches Ma:23 Wa:26 Th:20. Gedix reaches Sh:17 Wa:15. Wish hits 7027 points on location quest. Joelle levels to 15 mage. KatVina reaches Ma:13 Wa:12. The rank listings from this day. Sidney completes their first mobmaster.

4/10/03 - Whoz completes mobmaster 105 (Avangeline). Tweedle completes mobmasters 39 thru 41. Merkderk completes mobmaster 64. Bramble is created. Malcom levels to 14 thief. Verdad levels to 8 shaman. Cordir announces that Whoz was the only person to complete the "Great Race" quest that she ran, and that he spent many many hours on it. Lins completes mobmasters 105 & 106 (Avangeline).

4/9/03 - Lanfear completes mobmaster 101 (the guildmaster). NatAku reaches Ma:22 Wa:17. Tyrn reaches Th:17 Ra:15 Ma:20 and turns 200. Ihsahn completes mobmastesr 61 & 62 (a centaur herdsman & a zombie guard). Schwartz is back (yay!) and levels to 8 ranger. Teren reaches Ma:13 Ra: 9 and gets max mana. Fobro completes mobmaster 57. Dart reaches Th: 7 Ra:18 Cl:18. Jinn reaches Wa:14 Ma:16. Qeiri reaches Wa:12 Th:10. Coulter completes mobmasters 90 & 91 (Myron). Ozdrao levels to 16 shaman. Belsambar passes the 1500 hour mark. Merkderk completes mobmaster 63 (a zombie guard).

4/8/03 - The Anduin, Teluin, and Gala characters are deleted. Synn reaches Wa:13 Cl:15. Shadowman levels to 15 cleric. Tynian posts a note about version 3.117. (And Onyx later notes that Tynian "Should have named it - Version Spring Clean :)".) Qeiri reaches Wa:11 Th:10, and her backstab hits for caps damage for the first time. Ambiant reaches Wa: 5 Ma:11. Maximus reaches 10 ordained. Fistandan announces that he's taking some time off. The rank listings from today.

4/7/03 - Coleman stops by for a visit. (Belsambar gossips (in common), 'that can't be right...Coleman is on who...guess I'll have to bug it...'. Coleman gossips, 'didn't anyone inform you that we're reverting back to version 2.x immediately?'. Coleman gossips, 'I am officially the third sign of the apocolypse'.) Fisrad reaches Ra:23 Ma:22. AmbianT levels to 11 mage. Maximus reaches 9 ordained, and Thrall reaches 11 ordained. Ryen is created. Teren completes mobmasters 18 & 19. Xexuse levels to 15 mage. Ptarchyzk gossips (in common), 'it's a nun's outfit.. what can I say?'. (Is he cross dressing, or shouldn't I ask?) Qeiri reaches Th:10 Wa:10. Goor reaches Sh:14 Ra: 9. Mars reaches Cl:18 Wa:15. Factor completes mobmasters 43 thru 45 (the Dancing Master, Mordath's Spirit, and a Mother Fireworm). A who list from this day.

4/6/03 - Lexie is the first to complete mobmaster 105! (Ramona, and she uses over 100kg of magical stuff in order to do so.) Ephiny is ordained "Huntress" by Katrana! Factor reaches Cl:29 Wa:16. Riella reaches Ra:29 Ma:25. Ihsahn completes mobmasters 58 & 59. Versions 3.116a & 3.116b are checked in. (If it wasn't obvious from all the version notes, Tynian's been really busy, since it looks like ALL bugs are now fixed!) Otago reaches Wa:29 Sh:21. Qeiri completes her first mobmaster (a dwarven tourist) and reaches Th: 9 Wa:10. Snook duals to mage. Cordir posts a note about Tripper & ICQ. She also runs part of "the Great Race" and holds a little scavenger hunt that Indiga wins. Tassadar completes mobmaster 78. Sland reaches Wa: 3 Cl:12. A someone tries to encite people into having the "fight of the millenium" (reds vs. blues), but this somehow turns into the founding of Solaronville instead. Rolland reaches Th: 9 Ra:15 Ma:16. Bevier reaches Wa: 8, Cl:14 and gets a train. The rank listings from this day.

4/5/03 - Since girls are allowed to change their minds, Natilena goes ahead and hits 10012 points on location quest, retaking the number 1 spot. Versions 3.115, 3.115a, 3.115b & 3.116 are checked in, which among many bug fixes adjusts the mage dispel magic spell and also implements a rewrite of the mobmastery code. (This means that 104 is no longer the upper limit on mobmasters.) Baldie levels to 10 shaman. Septimus reaches Wa:10 Ma:13. Rhayl reaches Ra:10 Ma:10. Floyd gossips (in common), 'I'm naked and vulnerable' TMI :P  Alexander levels to 19 cleric. Dwalin levels to 10 cleric. Zip reaches 25 ordained. Fobro accidentally attacks Nevyn, so Grale & Co rally to the rescue and kill Nevyn.

4/4/03 - Qeiri does her first location quest. Neodis reaches Ma: 6 Ra:11. Reimer levels to 8 shaman. Santiago levels to 12 mage. Lanfear completes mobmasters 98 thru 100 (the Magistrate twice and then the Clerk). Fobro completes mobmaster 56 (Unwao). Version 3.114a is checked in, which fixes a variety of bugs. Ihsahn completes mobmaster 56. Ogrogo the Ogre is created. Jiggle levels to 12 shaman. Sycora reaches Ma: 7 Ra: 9. Straezan reaches Ma:16 Wa:16. Coleman visits the forums!

4/3/03 - Merkderk reaches effective 50th, in UNDER 500 hours! (Th:30 Wa:30 Cl:30). Qeiri levels twice, reaching Th: 8 Wa:10. Maximus reaches 8 ordained. Wish passes the 6400 point mark on location quest. Malcom levels to 8 thief. Takeda reaches Th:14 Ma:15 Ra:16. Kefka levels to 10 cleric. Grale has 7 consecutive bad recalls. Some of the rank listings from this day. Version 3.114 is checked in. Bliss runs a little quest to distract & entertain people. Wylin hits 319 points on location quest. Otak joins Majere. Myre completes mobmasters 25 & 26. Goor reaches Sh: 6 Ra: 9. Valgar reaches Ra:24 Sh:20. Qualin reaches Cl:14 Th:11. There's a very quiet moment on TFC.

4/2/03 - Fobro completes mobmasters 51 thru 55 (a traveler, a magman, a Dark Brother, a male centuar & a centaur archer) and reaches Wa:25 Cl:30. Harkle gossips (in common), 'I'm starting to wonder just how normal this realm is, if I'm killing someone for a fur hat..'. Qeiri reaches Th: 6 Wa:10. Malcom & Santiago join Majere. Myre completes mobmaster 24 and reaches Th:11 Wa: 9 Ma:12. Takeda reaches Th:13 Ma:15 Ra:16. Alexander levels to 17 cleric. Triston gossips, 'Link keeps getting lost. Please someone find him!'. Clumsyfool gossips (in common), '*gasp* not the missing link?!'.

4/1/03 - A who list from this day. Mario completes mombmaster 20. Landric reaches Wa: 3 Sh: 9. Qeiri reaches Th: 5 Wa:10. Lins posts a note about Fate. Ihsahn completes mobmaster 55. Demeter levels to 7 cleric. Aurora reaches Ma: 5 Wa:10. Solaron gossips (in common), 'Help, help, I'm being repressed!'. Qualin duals to thief. Ecnelis completes mobmaster 23. Xant reaches Ra:16 Ma:15. Mars reaches Cl:16 Wa:15. Harkle completes mobmasters 29 & 30. A couple of free simple rings are offered: one to whoever can get 10 bags of tiny elements in an hour, and one to anyone who can get Slue a date. (The second sounds easier, somehow, but does anyone notice this is April Fool's?)

3/31/03 - Qeiri levels twice, reaching Th: 4 Wa:10. Synn reaches Cl:11 Wa:11. Darkwind is created and levels to 5 mage. Ragnorak reaches Cl:16 Wa:11. Maximus reaches 5 ordained. Thrall reaches 10 ordained and completes mobmaster 33. Nomad is created. Merkderk reaches Th:28 Wa:30 Cl:30. Myre reaches Th: 8 Wa: 9 Ma:12. Sylarn reaches Th:21 Wa:30 Ma:30.

3/30/03 - Lanfear completes mobmaster 97 (the Clerk). Qeiri joins Cordir. Tynian posts a note about version 3.113. Sicarian completes mobmaster 88. Aurora duals to mage. Nessa passes 175 points on location quest. Glumflor completes mobmaster 21. Beowulf reaches Cl:12 Wa:11. Fobro reaches Cl:30 Wa:24. Bergsten cants, 'Gee... just realised I made Th:20... just pracced info3 and this is my first cant *snicker*'. Ink completes mobmasters 19 thru 31 and reaches 17 ordained. Sylarn levels several times, reaching Th:15 Wa:30 Ma:30. Erol reaches Ma:19 Ra:15 Th:15. Alexander levels to 15 cleric.

3/29/03 - Clumsyfool joins Clue. (His comment on the event was "Mud stability - I .. the one ..the only CF .. joined the FoLK March 29,2003. and the mud did not crash .. wobbled ..yes .. crashed ..no"). Trunks duals to warrior. Ink is busy...passing 100 points on location quest, doing mobasters 10 thru 18, and reaching 15 ordained. Rhayl reaches Ra: 5 Ma:10. Drashamir levels to 5 mage. Wario joins Solanthas and reaches Cl:25 Ra:20. Grale reaches Th:15 Ra:30 Ma:30. Seraph reaches Cl:20 Wa:18. Auron joins Majere. Portrait levels to 5 cleric. Ibicus reaches Th:12 Ma:15 Wa:12. Mukimura levels to 5 thief. Qeiri reaches Th: 2 Wa:10. Silence posts a note about a thieves guild.

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