a 2003 tfc timeline
(from 3/28/03 to 1/1/03, with most recent stuff first)

Send me whatever you'd like to see on this timeline, it's open to everyone. Thanks a bunch to Tokugawa, Bliss, Neodis & Vorax, among others, who keep me up to date on the daily stuff that happens so i can do this thing. To make sure you're viewing the most recent version of the page in Internet Explorer hit CTRL and F5 at the same time on your keyboard (thanks Tiax).

3/28/03 - Artanis retires, after naming practically every following on the mud an enemy. (His final act of Mayhem?) Maximus is ordained "Bara no Ikari" by Majere. Lanfear completes mobmasters 95 & 96 (the Tempest & Grandma Schon). Beowulf reaches Cl: 7 Wa:11. Ibicus reaches Th:11 Ma:15 Wa:12. Rhayl levels to 10 mage. Ihsahn completes mobmasters 52 & 52. Gdelf reaches Ma:26 Ra:27. Seraph reaches Cl:18 Wa:18. Christoph is created. Qeiri duals to thief.

3/27/03 - Wish hits 5999 points on location quest. Stormletter levels to 5 warrior. Jiggle levels to 10 shaman. Okk posts "The Circle". Shushila duals to warrior. Ragnarok reaches Cl:15 Wa:11. Alexander levels to 13 cleric. Beowulf levels to 5 warrior. Qeiri levels to 10 warrior.

3/26/03 - Bergsten completes mobmaster 48 (the ghost of a Fire Elemental). Reggie reaches Wa: 4 Ma: 9 Th: 9. Aristaeus reaches Wa:14 Sh:20. Saryio completes mobmasters 46 & 47. ### [Boromir says (in common), 'chocolate restores the balance needed '] (no no, chocolate IS the balance!) Nazzuk reaches Cl:26 Wa:15. Xant reaches Ra:12 Ma:13.

3/25/03 - Toke completes mobmaster 61. Xant reaches Ma:13 Ra:11. Aster reaches 25 ordained. Omar levels to 10 warrior. Tweedle completes mobmasters 35 thru 37. Karyna reaches Wa: 5 Cl:11. Daelan levels to 5 warrior. Synn reaches Cl: 5 Wa:11. Bergsten reaches Th:20 Ra:23 Cl:23. It's nursery rhymes on gossip. Tiela duals to warrior. Wish does several location quests and hits 5857 points total. Qeiri levels to 9 warrior. Dakkon completes mobmaster 70. DuKaron reaches Ma:21 Wa:11 Th:12. Erol reaches Ra:15 Ma:15 Th:10. Dee reaches Cl:19 Wa:15. Jiggle the flying ogress levels to 9 shaman. (Does visualizing a jiggling, flying ogress scare anyone else?) Aoife reaches Th: 2 Ra:30 Sh:30.

3/24/03 - It's ordainment day, as Blanca is ordained "Sun Guardian" by Tiax and Thrall is ordained "Bara no Toge" by Majere! Alexandrea reaches Ra: 7 Sh: 9 and gets an extra practice. Twelf reaches Wa:17 Th:19 Ma:19. Factor completes mobmaster 42 (the lammasu). Bergsten levels thief twice, reaching Th:19 Ra:23 Cl:23. DarkClaw reaches 18 ordained. Erol reaches Ma:12 Ra:10 Th:10. Dolomite reaches Ra:14 Cl:15. Thrall does his first location quest. Ragnorak reaches Cl:14 Wa:11. Squawk the Aarakocran is created & levels quite a bit. Mordon auctions (in common), 'HUMMING! now all I would need is a whisteling pair of pants and I'd be set'. (I don't want to picture him walking down the street like that...)

3/23/03 - Factor reaches Cl:27 Wa:16. Bergsten reaches Th:17 Ra:23 Cl:23. Versions 3.112c & d are checked in. The world has 9083 mobs with 15066 objects in 12600 rooms. Shaido completes mobmaster 30. Grale reaches Th:11 Ra:30 Ma:30. Ergain levels to 5 warrior. Sluuna reaches Ra: 5 Ma:10. Phantasm completes their first mobmaster and reaches Th:12 Ma:12. Dwalin is created. Myre reaches Th: 4 Wa: 9 Ma:12. Mace reaches Wa:18 Cl:20. Xander becomes a sociopath. Erol triples to thief and reaches Th: 5 Ra:10 Ma:10. Harry Potter, the Boy Wizard levels to 5 mage. The rank listings from this day.

3/22/03 - Blanca reaches effective 40th! (Wa:30 Cl:30). Flick reaches Wa:17 Th:12. Mario reaches Wa:16 Sh:17 Th:10. Belerik levels to 15 warrior. Version 3.112b is checked in. Dee reaches Cl:18 Wa:15. Method reaches Ma: 6 Wa:10. Dauthi reaches Ra:10 Cl:17. Tyrn reaches Ma:19 Ra:15 Th:15. Alias kills his first dragon.

3/21/03 - Lanfear completes mobmasters 91 thru 93 (Scriem, Avangeline & Jair the Librarian). Version 3.112a is checked in. Method duals to mage. Coulter completes mobmaster 89. Natilena posts a note about helping with advertising. Izual reaches Wa:11 Cl:30. Xant reaches Ma: 7 Ra:11. Grale reaches Th: 8 Ma:30 Ra:30. Malakian duals to cleric. Synn levels to 10 warrior. Erol reaches Ma: 6 Ra:10. Mace completes mobmaster 20. Dynn is created. Qeiri levels to 8 warrior.

3/20/03 - Tynian posts a big note about version 3.112 (### [Fobro says (in old-common), 'the last note on the new version is scary']) and then posts a note about Mish. Endairairrek levels to 9 mage. Dolomite reaches Ra:13 Cl:15. Ink gossips (in common), '### Bozz killed by Bozz at A Grand Hunting Lodge' Tyrn gossips (in common), 'I didn't know it was Bozz season'. Qeiri levels to 7 warrior. The wizlist and rank listings from this day. Erol duals to mage. Rone reaches Cl:18 Wa:14. Renalie is created. Alyria posts a note offering many thanks. Thrall reaches Ma:29 Wa:30. Gedix reaches Wa: 7 Sh:12. Lanfear completes mobmaster 90 (Captain Meryl).

3/19/03 - Artanis announces that the Ottawa GT has been postponed to April 6th. Dart completes mobmasters 30 & 31 and reaches Ra:15 Cl:18. Malakai reaches Ma:12 Ra:11. Lins posts a little quest. Saryio completes mobmaster 43. Seraph reaches Cl:17 Wa:15. Rone reaches Cl:17 Wa:14. Solitude is created. Kinky completes mobmaster 38. Derth reaches 5 ordained. Qeiri levels twice, to 6 warrior. Vex gossips (in common), 'You see the following faint symbols: [|AC 6 ma(25) ma(10) hr(2) ]' Vex gossips (in common), 'hehe the funny thing was i stepped in zone and Thingone says nothing good popping at all!'.

3/18/03 - Indiga reaches effective 50th! (Or:30 Cl:30 Wa:30). Fobro completes mobmasters 48 & 49 (the ogre captain & a centuar archer). Myre triples to thief. Renegade levels to 5 warrior. Gulotor reaches Cl:18 Wa:15. Synn joins Majere. Solaron posts a story about Tharune to the tfc forums. Cynder hits 100 points on location quest. Merkderk reaches Th:26 Wa:30 Cl:30. Zip reaches 24 ordained. Endairairrek is created. (And they get my vote for hardest to spell name since Kerriariairaiarrieidne.) Gaul levels to 15 warrior and then duals to cleric. Isolas reaches Ma:13 Ra:12 Th:12. Thrall completes mobmaster 31. Kinky reaches Cl:25 Wa:24. Bomber levels to 10 cleric. Qeiri is created and levels to 4 warrior.

3/17/03 - Kurie duals to warrior. Wired and Dantareth join Majere. Gala completes mobmasters 60 thru 62. Democritus reaches Th:17 Wa:20. Ibicus reaches Wa:11 Ma:15 Th: 9. Look levels to 5 shaman and joins Clue. Nessa completes mobmasters 12 thru 19 and reaches Wa: 2 Cl:15. Somnus reaches Ra: 8 Ma: 9. Keat completes mobmaster 86 (lineoath valley camp leader). Shushila is re-created, after a very long absence. Lydawn levels to 5 mage. Valin reaches Th: 8 Wa:15 Ma:15. Thingtwo announces that they are retiring, "due to popular demand and Damnation". Zip completes mobmaster 38 (a screaming banshee).

3/16/03 - Tynian posts an important warning about an upcoming change in the storage code. Tycho reaches Sh:21 Ra:17. Kaia levels to 5 cleric. Gaul joins Cordir. Mace completes mobmaster 7. Merkderk reaches Th:24 Wa:30 Cl:30. Neodis reaches Ma: 3 Ra:11. Tiela levels to 13 mage.

3/15/03 - Triston is promoted to Attendant of Bliss! Karyna and Terny renew their wedding vows. Nessa hits 99 points on location quest. Snarf completes mobmaster 78. KatVina levels several times, reaching Wa: 4 Ma:12. DarkClaw reaches 17 ordained. Gala completes mobmasters 58 & 59. Croaker levels to 3 mage. (With a name like that, is he planning to die a lot, or is he a frog?) Dart reaches Cl:18 Ra:13. Tyrn reaches Ma:17 Ra:15 Th:15. Dakkon completes mobmaster 64. Persephone reaches Cl:15 Wa:15. Travin reaches Th: 8 Wa:11 Ma:15. Mance levels to 5 ranger. Nazinthas completes mobmaster 65. Cevon levels to 10 cleric. Mario reaches Wa:15 Sh:17 Th:10.

3/14/03 - Dolomite completes mobmasters 17 thru 19. Maximus reaches Ra:28 Cl:30. Rhys reaches 11 ordained. Solora is created. Judge completes mobmaster 52. Blanca reaches Wa:27 Cl:30. Satar levels to 5 warrior. Solaraon reaches 16 ordained. Gala completes mobmaster 47 thru 51. Arioch is created. Lycron reaches Wa:22 Sh:20. BRaKaN the Aarakocran is back!

3/13/03 - Tyrn reaches Ra:15 Ma:15 Th:15. Seraph reaches Wa:12 Cl:12. Bozz levels to 8 warrior. Karyna reaches Wa: 4 Cl:11. Valgar completes mobmasters 22 & 23. Linkin reaches Wa:24 Ma:24. Thingtwo reaches Sh: 5 Wa:12. Gala reaches Wa:29 Ma:20.

3/12/03 - Karyna invites everyone to a renewal of her & Terny's wedding vows. Bergsten completes mobmaster 40. Helm levels to 4 shaman. Morgoth reaches Cl:13 Wa:11. Skie announces the details of the upcoming NY gt. Judge reaches Ra:27 Ma:22. Treehugger joins Katrana. Mystical reaches Th:20 Ra:30 Cl:30. Zip (aka "Bubbles") reaches 23 ordained. Thrall completes mobmasters 20 thru 28 (2 guardian beasts, a milita man, a rakaska citizen (sp?), half elf mother, snow dog & clansman). Lita reaches Ma:10 Wa:10 Th: 9. Gaul levels to 5 warrior. (Maybe he'll get properly addicted again?) Valgar completes mobmasters 19 thru 21 and reaches Ra:22 Sh:20. Tyrn reaches Th:15 Ma:15 Ra:11. Solaron reaches 14 ordained. Raiko reaches Cl:17 Ra:16 Th:14. Lycron completes mobmaster 41.

3/11/03- Specious is deleted. Kaern gossips (in common), 'I've been tagged by the crossbow fairy!' Dracon duals to cleric. Skie posts a note about a possible NY gt. Gala completes mobmasters 38 & 39 and reaches Wa:27 Ma:20. Blade reaches Wa: 5 Cl:11. Joelle levels to 10 mage. Aster completes mobmaster 87. Dragonslayer gossips (in common), 'do you know where i can find a fetish'. Garland gossips (in common), 'Depends on what type of person you are....'. Bergsten completes mobmasters 33 thru 37. Iki levels to 5 warrior. Ziggy is created.

3/10/03 - Rohan duals to mage. Bergsten completes mobmasters 20 thru 28 (some of which were one of Landru's guards, the queen's bard & Anathea) and he also reaches Th:13 Ra:23 Cl:23. Wish hits 4496 points total on location quest. Aster completes mobmasters 82 thru 84. Smug levels to 11 warrior. Rhys reaches 10 ordained. Valin reaches Th: 2 Wa:15 Ma:15. Coulter completes mobmaster 82. Harkle reaches Ma:14 Wa:10. Daisy reaches Sh:21 Wa:15. Ecnelis levels to 5 warrior.

3/9/03 - Gaul stops by for a visit! (Maybe next time it'll be when I'm on :P) Tynian posts a note to those for whom tfc might be going on a back burner for awhile. Cordir gets a "Triat Weaver" classtitle. WarMachine joins Katrana. Allsop is re?-created.

3/8/03 - Here are the results of Tynian's quest, which ended this afternoon. (Altogether 46 people signed up for it, 25 died, 4 played without dying but scored no points, and 6 were left with points at the end.) Tynian gossips, 'Hmm, I just got a weird info'. 'I'd better shut us down and investigate!'. (In other words, I shock everyone and reach Wa:25 Th:22 Ma:22.) Durin reaches Cl:27 Wa:24. Dolomite completes mobmasters 12 thru 16. DarkClaw reaches 16 ordained & gets a train. Bergsten reaches Wa:25 Th:22 Ma:22. Gedix levels to 10 shaman. Vex gossips (in common), 'for short when i want to assist rubicant all sometimes i type ass rub all'. Tryn reaches Th: 8 Ma:11 Ra:11. Dart reaches Cl:15 Ra:13. Mace reaches Cl:15 Ra:13. Sluuna levels to 5 mage. Caradoc stops by for a visit.

3/7/03 - Tynian's quest starts, and all kinds of crazy things happen during it -- including Mong becoming the richest ogre on tfc for one minute (and probably the richest mortal ever :P), and many many group fights, pks, meteor swarms, hoards of Queen Mariels, etc. Oh and people killed the mage mobs too! Mosi reaches Th: 8 Sh:12 Wa:11. Sidney reaches Ma:12 Wa:11 Th: 9. Myronides is SURE that i'm not really me, because he discovers me xping. A lot. Demonwalker levels to 5 cleric. Several mini-versions go in to fix quest-related things, with the last one being version 3.111e. Pygmy levels to 5 thief. Leoglas follows his own ghost around. The rank listings from this day.

3/6/03 - Tynian posts a note about version 3.111. Ink completes mobmaster 6. The TFC Contingency Fund Contributors page is updated. Lexie posts an "important notice". The wizlist from this day.

3/5/03 - Lins posts a note called "me and myself". Merkderk completes mobmaster 60. Rhys reaches 9 ordained. Ire reaches Wa:15 Cl:14. Dracon levels to 10 warrior. Locke reaches Wa:22 Ma:23.

3/4/03 - Levron posts a retirement note. Mosi and Mordon join Katrana. Gala completes mobmasters 23 thru 27. Valin reaches Ma: 6 Wa:11. Dart completes mobmaster 25 and reaches Ra:11 Cl:13. Coulter completes mobmaster 76. Kay reaches Or:10 Wa:10. Gangleri levels to 5 shaman. Thingtwo is created. (It's beginning to sound like Dr. Seuss around here.) Mace joins Majere. Pygmy is created. Triston must be going ambassador-crazy already, because he gossips, 'Are you lost? Do you find your hometown confusing? Do you type the wrong commands in and end up fleeing? Well order Triston's new book, "How not to be a newbie" only 10000 gold'.

3/3/03 - Demian and all of his characters retire and a few people respond. Later this evening, Xavier retires as well, and his followers are automatically reformed. Dart completes mobmasters 23 & 24. Genessee levels to 5 ranger. Rone reaches Wa: 5 Cl:14. Ragnorak reaches Wa:10 Cl:11. Vandil levels to 10 cleric. Blade levels to 10 cleric. Wish hits 3634 points on location quest. Dekar completes mobmaster 58. Mael reaches Th:26 Wa:30 Ma:30.

3/2/03 - Grimace reaches effective 40th! (Ma:30 Ra:30). Khore posts "Dog Days and Rain" to the forums. Rone reaches Wa: 3 Cl:14. Kleitor reaches Sh:20 Wa:17. Dart reaches Ra: 8 Cl:13. Tynian holds a practice quest, and here's the note about the winners.

3/1/03 - Ink is ordained "Khayamu" by Solanthas! Tynian posts a new policy and a HUGE note about version 3.110. He also announces a cool quest which will start March 7th. Dakkon reaches Th:24 Ra:30 Ma:29. Sland levels to 5 cleric. Indiga reaches 26 ordained. Rahvin joins Vorax. Seraph reaches Cl: 7 Wa:11. Alyria reaches Th:13 Ra:30 Ma:30. Tweedle completes mobmasters 31 & 32. Adrien reaches Ra:22 Sh:21 & gets a train. Xavier posts a note about a new stance. Celeborn reaches Ma:27 Th:26 Ra:28. Mace reaches Cl:10 Wa:11. Dundrave reaches Cl:30 Wa:25. The rank listings from this day.

2/28/03 - Triston posts a story about "Ambassador Triston" and Khore posts "Journey's End" to the forums. Marveru levels to 5 warrior. Riella, Triston & Natilena get bored (and i'm apparently sex-changed). Rhys levels several times, reaching 6 ordained. Mace reaches Wa: 9 Cl: 9. Gala reaches Wa:22 Ma:20. We play with the letter z on gossip. A who list from this day.

2/27/03 - Derth is ordained "Bara no Kishi" by Majere! Noctus teleports 49 times in a row, & does at least two teleports where he only had ONE hp left. (What if he'd landed in MG and gotten smooshed by a cityguard?) Alyria reaches Th:12 Ra:30 Ma:30. Huma reaches Cl:17 Wa:15. Thrall reaches Wa:26 Ma:26. Rone duals to warrior. Dekar posts an update on the Ottawa GT. Someone FINALLY comes up with a good policy for words that are and aren't allowed on tfc: Prinzip gossips (in common), 'You aren't allowed to use the words that you would feel apply to President Bush'. Dolomite completes mobmaster 7 (a raptor). Cupid reaches Wa:16 Cl:18. Harkle reaches Wa: 2 Ma:10. Valin levels to 11 warrior & then duals to mage.

2/26/03 - Rhys is ordained "Aquila" by Athorne! Cujo reaches Sh: 4 Wa:17. Daisy the Giant Flower reaches Sh:16 Wa:15. Fenwyth levels to 5 mage. Shaido completes mobmaster 21 and reaches Ma:17 Wa:15 in the process. Linkin reaches Wa:22 Ma:24. Thrall reaches Wa:25 Ma:26. Tamar announces that Cain was caught eq swapping, and that both characters involved had all eq destroyed. Coulter completes mobmaster 69. HarKlan posts "Lights of Life" to the forums.

2/25/03 - Look levels to 21 warrior. Tranquility posts a warning to newbies. Maximus joins Majere. Thrill completes mobmaster 10 and reaches Sh:10 Wa:11. Gala reaches Ma:19 Wa:20. Sland is created. Bergsten reaches Ra:19 Cl:23 Th:10. Linkin completes mobmaster 45. Mystaya levels to 20 shaman. Siri levels to 5 mage. Malakai reaches Ra: 3 Ma:11. Shadowman levels to 10 cleric. Harkle completes mobmaster 5. Loto reaches Cl:20 Wa:17.

2/24/03 - Tweedle completes mobmaster 30. Wish hits 2775 points on location quest. Talyn reaches Wa:21 Cl:30. Telek levels to 11 cleric. Malachi reaches Cl:24 Ra:16. Dart joins Majere. Wired is created. Cujo completes his first mobmaster. Loto reaches Cl:19 Wa:17. Gala reaches Ma:17 Wa:20. Azual reaches Cl:17 Wa:15. Triston gossips, 'they call me the STREAKER'. Rone joins Myronides and levels to 10 cleric. Alucard completes mobmaster 49. Malystrim reaches Sh: 5 Ra:10. Valin is recreated.

2/23/03 - Pez announces the winners of Pez Quest 11. Mistyfier reaches effective 40th! (Wa:30 Cl:30). Sakyra completes mobmasters 36 thru 38. Wish hits 2445 points on location quest. Orpik completes mobmaster 70. Cupid completes his first mobmaster. Lexie cants, 'I honestly think there are no more typos in this entire realm' Tynian cants, 'Not to worry. I'm adding a few here and there, just to keep the typo industry going.'. Thrall reaches Ma:25 Wa:24. Talyn reaches Wa:20 Cl:30. Adwen reaches Th: 7 Ma: 9 Ra: 9. Mystical completes mobmaster 67. Yoshi reaches Ra: 9 Cl:14. Travin reaches Ma:15 Wa:11. Mashadar levels to 5 thief. Apparently Natilena must have continued her mission to teleport mobs, because she was suprised to find that a trout came back.

2/22/03 - The Dutch GT is held in Amsterdam, with Adso, Whoz, Gytar, Robert, Saruman, Pitt, Tiax, Riella, Rhys, Lins, Lanfear & Azeworai (via phone) attending. Someone post pictures, & let me know if I left anyone off the list who was there :)  Pez Quest 11 starts. Ruru levels to 15 mage. Ire duals to warrior. Dekar levels several times, reaching 12 ordained. Boromir reaches Ra:25 Ma:24 Th:24. Omen levels to 5 shaman. Mystical completes mobmaster 66 and levels a few times, reaching Th:17 Ra:30 Cl:30. Gala reaches Wa:17 Ma:15. Straezan reaches Wa:11 Ma:10. Bomber levels to 5 cleric. Lance is created & joins Majere. Talisa duals to mage. Orpik completes mobmasters 68 & 69 (a guildmaster). Harkle levels to 5 mage. Prinzip reaches Sh:13 Ra:11. Reggie reaches Ma: 3 Th: 9. Karyna levels to 10 cleric. Natilena teleports all the 1/2 elves out of Safehaven, and then is promptly bored when they don't come back.

2/21/03 - Triston is promoted to Ambassador! Mistyfier completes mobmaster 63 (the huge mithril golem). Jodah is created and levels to 5 mage. Riverwind reaches Ma:14 Ra:11. Bowser reaches Wa: 9 Ma: 9. Yoman does his first mobmaster. Coulter reaches Ra:30 Ma:26, and completes mobmasters 67 & 68. A bunch of Ladislaw clones show up in Bliss' temple, but sadly, they refuse to sell any chocolate :(  Talisa levels to 10 warrior. Blanca reaches Wa:23 Cl:30. Zip completes mobmaster 37. Judge reaches Ra:26 Ma:22. Twelf reaches Ma:18 Wa:16 Th:16. Versions 3.109, 3.109a & 3.109b are checked in, which among other things fix a crash bug and makes a small adjustment to starting ogre constitution range. Mystical reaches Th:15 Ra:30 Cl:30. Carrie reaches Wa:14 Ma:15. Alucard reaches Th:18 Wa:30 Ma:30. The rank listings and the wizlist from this day.

2/20/03 - Kaern dies to the balrog, after being lured to a place he can't escape from by Sako. Talorien levels to 5 cleric. Huma reaches Wa:12 Cl:15. Azeworai completes mobmaster 45 (the Elite Minotaur Guard). Gala reaches Wa:10 Ma:15. Ezorial levels to 10 cleric. Foolkiller posts a reminder about the RenFest GT. Kahlan reaches Ra:14 Cl:16. Pheonix completes mobmaster 51. Elise reaches Th: 9 Ma:13 Wa:13 and gets her first regular info. Raiko reaches Cl:16 Ra:15 Th:14. Kaern gossips (in common), 'don't make me assault you with frogs'. (Is this related to his death? :P) Kisanth reaches Wa:19 Ma:18. Mulva levels to 15 thief. Rahvin levels to 5 shaman. Carrie completes mobmaster 33 (a male ent).

2/19/03 - Carrie completes mobmaster 32 (a rakasta warrior). Nigel reaches Wa: 8 Cl:12. Adwen reaches Th: 6 Ma: 9 Ra: 9. Thrill completes mobmasters 3 thru 6 Talyn joins Majere. Dekar posts a note about an upcoming Ottawa GT. Strife is created.

2/18/03 - Cordir changes her finfo to reflect that her following "is not accepting new followers". Straezan reaches Ma:10 Wa:10. That completes mobmaster 40 and reaches Cl:26 Ra:23. Platinum levels to 5 thief. Kahlan reaches Cl:15 Ra:13. Elise levels a few times, reaching Th: 7 Ma:13 Wa:13. Iyre is created. Dolomite reaches Ra: 5 Cl:11. Tokugawa announces that Migoti was killed, coolered and her corpse forfeited for eq swapping.

2/17/03 - Lins posts a note about the upcoming Dutch GT. Mistyfier completes mobmaster 62. Elise reaches Th: 5 Ma:13 Wa:13. Nightfall reaches Ma: 4 Ra:13. Shaido completes mobmasters 18 thru 20. Silvanus reaches Ma:22 Ra:22. Juxtapoz reaches Ra: 5 Ma:10. Zoren is created. Grimace reaches Ma:28 Ra:30. YumanMon reaches Ma: 3 Th:10. Xzanadin reaches Ma: 9 Ra:12. Opps levels to 9 thief. Nataku reaches Wa: 5 Ma:10. Tiax announces that Blanca has taken a vow of silence until she completes her quest. Triston posts "Immortal" to the forums.

2/16/03 - Sicarian reaches effective 50th! (Th:30 Ra:30 Cl:30) He does this while hitting 4961 points on location quest. Vex posts "The realization" to the TFC forums. Zeriak reaches Cl: 2 Ra:10. Huma reaches Cl:12 Wa:11. Artanis kills his follower Bowser, all because his team lost in hockey. Ezorial levels to 9 cleric. Cupid reaches Cl:18 Wa:15. Malakai levels to 5 mage & joins Majere. Sheep invade the guild hall, and neither Natilena nor Triston will admit to owning them. This somehow leads to talking bunnies: ### [Natilena says (in common), 'A small bunny tells you, 'no potions for you!'.'] Natilena gossips (in common), 'oh the horror! I tried to tell everyone the bunnies where smarter then they looked! now they're.. TALKING'. Valgar reaches Ra:14 Sh:16. Nightfall reaches Ma: 3 Ra:13. Shaido completes mobmasters 14 & 15. Cujo levels to 10 warrior and joins Majere. Alucard completes mobmaster 47. Ibicus reaches Wa:10 Ma:15 Th: 9. Cici and Lictilon are deleted by Tynian.

2/15/03 - Tynian posts a note about version 3.108. Cujo is created. Sicarian reaches Th:29 Ra:30 Cl:30 and also hits 4500 points on location quest. Gala reaches Wa: 9 Ma: 9. Crux levels to 10 warrior. Zip completes mobmaster 33. Phantasm duals to thief. Wish hits 2080 points on location quest. Rolland reaches Ma:16 Ra:15. Vertigo is recreated. Dazzle reaches Ra: 9 Cl:15. Borok reaches Sh: 9 Wa:24. Wario reaches Cl:21 Ra:20. Tokugawa announces that Ashram has been deleted for eq swapping. Aralanthas reaches Wa: 4 Ma:16. Judge reaches Ra:24 Ma:22. The rank listings from this day.

2/14/03 - Tynian posts a note regarding Anduin, and shuts down the mud for about 13 hours. Carrie completes mobmasters 25 & 26 (a female ent & a bronze dragonet). Mistyfier completes mobmaster 60 (Tain, the potion brewer) and reaches Wa:27 Cl:30. Vex posts "Inner Turmoil" and Triston posts "Introduction gone awry" to the TFC forums.

2/13/03 - Myronides' temple is moved to the upper level & his office is installed. Valgar reaches Sh:14 Ra:13. Fobro reaches Cl:28 Wa:24. Tweedle reaches Cl:29 Wa:25. Sicarian passes the 3700 mark on location quest. Elise reaches Wa:10 Ma:13. Mystaya levels to 15 shaman. Blanca reaches Wa:21 Cl:30. Hazel is created. Zim reaches Wa: 3 Cl: 9. Sidney reaches Ma: 8 Wa:11. Dregsa reaches Ra: 2 Ma:13. Thrall reaches Ma:20 Wa:24.

2/12/03 - Kerson completes mobmaster 104! Fobro completes mobmaster 47 (an angry, drunken centaur). Therin levels to 4 warrior, and gets a train. Grimace reaches Ra:30 Ma:27. Daisy reaches Wa: 2 Sh:11. Natilena, Wylin & Tweedle finally kill Boromir's HUGE cat, which then ghosts on them. (Natilena gossips (in common), 'Everyone now know! it is done! I've finally taken down Boromir's cat!'.) Aralanthas duals to warrior. Tweedle completes mobmaster 28. Thrall reaches Wa:23 Ma:19. Nataku levels to 8 mage. Prinzip reaches Ra: 9 Sh:11. Judge completes mobmaster 44. Azual reaches Cl:15 Wa:15. Kahlan levels a few times, reaching Cl:14 Ra:10. Pol tells everyone the the Top 10 things least likely to be heard on TFC.

2/11/03 - Pez posts a note about PezQuest 11. Later, Pez gossips (in common), 'I wake up on the wrong side of the bed one morning, make some lame crack about vex, and all of a sudden I'm a horrible little candy dispenser'. 'oh wait, I already was a horrible little candy dispenser'. Taril duals to ranger. Kahlan reaches Ra:10 Cl:11. Wish hits 1636 points on location quest. Zip completes mobmaster 28. Xzanadin reaches Ma: 8 Ra:12. Elise reaches Wa: 6 Ma:13. Boromir notes that he's leveled 4 times in 5.5 weeks. Flynn levels to 12 shaman. Arabella reaches Wa: 2 Ma: 9. Shaido completes mobmasters 12 & 13. Daisy levels to 10 shaman. Vash reaches Th:15 Ma:15. Lorg levels to 17 warrior. Ragnorak reaches Wa: 5 Cl:11. Kael is created. Malystrim levels to 10 ranger. Sicarian reaches Th:28 Ra:30 Cl:30.

2/10/03 - Sidney reaches Ma: 4 Wa:11. Amethystian & Yoman both level to 8 mage. Taril levels many times, to 9 cleric. Crell joins Clue. Nessa completes mobmaster 4. Mystaya levels to 14 shaman. Cyris reaches Sh:18 Wa:17.

2/9/03 - Natilena's rewrite of the Great Eastern Desert is installed! This means that the mud is up to 12600 rooms total. (Also new are maps for sale of the upper & lower temple areas. Here's Tokugawa's note on it.) Garland levels several times, reaching Th:23 Wa:30 Cl:30. Fobro completes mobmaster 46 (a female centaur). Valgar duals to ranger. That completes mobmaster 39. Riverwind completes mobmaster 24. Kaern gossips (in common), '*Discovery channel voice-over* this is the mutant cannibal in his philosophical mood'. Dilandou reaches Wa:13 Cl:15. Thrall reaches Wa:20 Ma:19. Elise & Izual both dual to warrior. Kahlan reaches Ra: 7 Cl:11. Jeraal levels to 5 mage. Straezan reaches Wa: 3 Ma: 9. Mystical completes mobmasters 62 & 63 and reaches Th:14 Ra:30 Cl:30. Sakyra reaches Th:24 Wa:25 Ma:25. Lorg levels 6 times today, to 15 warrior. Dekar reaches 6 ordained. The rank listings from this day.

2/8/03 - Cordir posts a note on the results of the Quest of the Rings, which ended today. Some thank you notes are posted about the quest. Mystical reaches Th:13 Ra:30 Cl:30. Valgar levels to 10 shaman. Fobro reaches Cl:27 Wa:24. Lycron posts a retirement note. Witchdoctor completes mobmasters 50 thru 54. Borok reaches Sh: 7 Wa:24. Damian reaches Wa: 6 Cl:15. Straezan is created and joins Majere. Carrie completes mobmaster 20. Boromir gets a "pet cat" from Tynian. A very BIG pet cat. Gulotor reaches Cl:15 Wa:12. Cupid reaches Wa:13 Cl:15. Mistyfier reaches Wa:25 Cl:30. Garland levels twice, reaching Th:20 Wa:30 Cl:30. Dekar completes mobmaster 57 (the mercury dragon) and also reaches 4 ordained. Bashur levels to 28 warrior. That completes mobmaster 38 (a vrock).

2/7/03 - A bard logs on (Aviendha) and reaches Bard: 10 9 3. Yoman levels to 5 mage. Thingone reaches Th:25 Ra:30 Cl:30. Gyro reaches Ra:13 Ma:15. Zip completes mobmasters 21 & 22. Kaldred cants, 'You know i have a log of the last time i "got some" Uriel :P'. Trunks levels to 5 thief. Nigel reaches Wa: 6 Cl:12. Vex, Dogdaze, Uriel, Malakost, Zip, Alucard and Lins raided Master's Tower. They killed all the mobs, including the Master of Magic, Kerberos and the Lady.

2/6/03 - Foolkiller posts a note about the upcoming 2003 Arizona RenFest GT. Bevier reaches Wa: 4 Cl:14, and gets a train. Twinklefire does her first location quest, noting that she can now get exp without leaving the guild. (Maybe THAT'S how Boromir keeps leveling?) Kerson completes mobmaster 98. Lanador levels to 10 warrior. Thrall reaches Ma:18 Wa:19. Factor completes mobmasters 39 & 40. Mistyfier reaches Cl:30 Wa:24, becoming the first member of FoLK to reach level 30. Elise levels to 10 mage. Sicarian completes mobmaster 87. Isolas reaches Th:12 Ra:12 Ma:12. Pia is created. Maeron completes mobmaster 84. Thingone reaches Th:22 Ra:30 Cl:30. Huma reaches Cl: 8 Wa:11. Alexandra reaches Ra: 5 Sh: 9, getting 6 practices and a train. Judge completes mobmasters 36 thru 39. Darkstarr reaches Wa: 5 Ma:10. Score levels to 5 cleric. Zip zips thru mobmasters 16 to 20. (Ok, how could i resist a bad pun?)

2/5/03 - Dekar is ordained "KING" by Plato! The Unlikely Apprentice saga continues, as Khore posts "Finding Khore" to the forums. Floyd reaches Ma:15 Ra:11. Ragnorak levels to 10 cleric. Frothel duals to shaman. Orpik completes mobmasters 63 & 64 and reaches Th:29 Ra:30 Cl:30 in the process. Thrall reaches Wa:19 Ma:15. Darkstarr reaches Wa: 3 Ma:10. Blanca completes mobmasters 16 & 17. DarkFang joins Clue. Isolas completes mobmaster 19 (an elven mage).

2/4/03 - Malystrim joins Athorne. Isolas passes 50 points on location quest. Toke completes mobmaster 55. Prinzip reaches Ra: 4 Sh:11. Roja reaches Cl:19 Wa:15. Cupid reaches Cl:11 Wa:12. Carrie completes mobmasters 5 thru 13 (a chicken, a small spark, a sheriff, a human fighter, a cityguard, a resident and a giant eagle, among others.) Amethystian levels to 7 mage. Spasm reaches Wa:10 Ma:11. Khore posts "An Unlikely Apprentice: Finding Evil" to the forums. Pez holds some trivia contests, winding up with 3 winners and a jackpot of 150k. Rhys posts a note to honourable players everywhere asking for help mapping Merrick & Guido.

2/3/03 - Wolfwood reaches Cl:19 Wa:11. Prinzip levels to 10 shaman. Roja reaches Cl:18 Wa:15. Dillon joins Tel. Otago completes mobmaster 27. Travin reaches Wa:11 Ma:10. Landric levels to 5 shaman. Zeks gossips (in common), 'You've gotten better at being targeted for summon!'. Aiken reaches Th:27 Ra:30 Ma:30. Cyrain levels to 5 warrior. Isolas completes mobmaster 18 and reaches Th:11 Ra:12 Ma:12. Spasm reaches Ma:11 Wa: 9. Malakost reaches Ma:29 Wa:30. Thrall reaches Wa:14 Ma:15. Valgar is created. Lexie goes nuts on the typo list (even more so than normal) and later finds out that every one has been fixed. Isolas completes mobmaster 18 (a laboring miner).

2/2/03 - Fisrad reaches Ra:20 Ma:22. Lins posts a link to http://www.andreasen.org/bartle/. Orpik completes mobmaster 62. Shaido reaches Ma:15 Wa:10. Maeron reaches 13 ordained. Smoke levels to 10 cleric. Travin reaches Wa:10 Ma:10. Phantasm reaches Th:16 Ma:20. Judge completes mobmaster 30 thru 32 (a giant pudding, among others). Ichabur reaches Wa:22 Ma:21. Indiga reaches 21 ordained. Garland levels several times, reaching Th:13 Wa:30 Cl:30. ### [Khevan tells Carrie (in common), 'jeez this place is filled with ppl killing each other']. (Isn't it a pk mud?)

2/1/03 - A GT is held in Tempe, Arizona with Pitt, Mistyfier, Johnpaul, Syla, Azeworai, Rubicant, Majere, Alucard, Tolken, Tokugawa & myself attending. View a few pictures. Andashalla posts information on the quest of the rings, which has now been changed from not allowing teams at all to requiring teams of 3. Rhys joins Athorne. Orpik passes the 150 point mark on location quest and completes mobmaster 61. Lanador is created. Nessa levels to 12 cleric. Travin reaches Wa: 9 Ma:10. Balthazar reaches Ra:17 Sh:18. Vex does quite a few location quests, passing the 700 point mark. Cupid reaches Cl: 8 Wa:12. Isolas reaches Th:10 Ra:12 Ma:12. Zip reaches 18 ordained, and Maeron reaches 11 ordained. Tweedle completes mobmasters 21 thru 23. Anduin posts an idea about websites.

1/31/03 - Cygnus completes mobmaster 20. Khore posts "An Unlikely Apprentice: Into Fire" to the forums. Dundrave completes mobmaster 28. Tib levels to 10 cleric. Riverwind completes mobmaster 23 and reaches Ma:12 Ra:11. Yurian levels to 5 cleric. Xander levels to 15 shaman. Orpik completes mobmaster 59. Chao is created. Khevan levels to 7 thief. Rolland completes mobmaster 12. Kaleyah posts "One With Me" to the forums.

1/30/03 - Majere's temple is installed. Tiberius reaches Th:27 Ra:30 Cl:30. Thrall reaches Ma:12 Wa:12. Xla levels to 5 cleric. Wylin points out that he's been attacked 2000 times. The rank listings from this date. Micah joins Tiax (with help from Fobro for the entry challenge). Maeron reaches 9 ordained. Casper the friendly ghost reaches Cl:11 Wa:10. Blanca reaches Wa:17 Cl:30. Lexie cants, 'quickly some god+ sleep Vex'. and quickly finds HERSELF slept instead. Isolas completes mobmaster 15. Cupid reaches Cl: 7 Wa:12. Arabella levels to 7 mage. And, Pez is back! Pez gossips, 'Hello TFC!! Your Dwarven Prince has arrived to once again bring meaning into all of your lives!'.

1/29/03 - Shaido reaches Ma: 8 Wa:10. Magis reaches Wa: 9 Ma:10. Wish hits 669 points total on location quest. Thrall reaches Ma: 8 Wa:12. ZtormBringer levels to 6 ranger. Dravik is created. Cupid reaches Cl: 4 Wa:12. Thor levels to 10 cleric. Mistyfier reaches Cl:28 Wa:24.

1/28/03 - Tynian, who's been busy for SOME reason, posts a note about their new baby, which was born on the 26th. Gratz :) Solaron is ordained by Katrana! Dekar reaches effective 40th! (Wa:30 Cl:30). Thrall reaches Ma: 7 Wa:12. Cygnus reaches Ra:11 Ma:18. Sicarian does quite a few location quests, hitting 2489 points total. Mosi reaches Th: 5 Sh:12 Wa:11. Travin reaches Wa: 7 Ma:10. Boromir reaches Th:23 Ma:24 Ra:24. Clue rises to greater power. Trunks is created. Tiberius reaches Th:26 Ra:30 Cl:30. Raiko reaches Th:13 Ra:15 Cl:15. Judge reaches Ma:22 Ra:15. Aemon does his first mobmaster. Cupid offers to trade blessings on love lives for a container or two. Treehugger reaches Cl:24 Wa:21, having leveled for the first time since about June.

1/27/03 - Goblez duals to shaman. Maeron completes mobmaster 77. Azual reaches Wa:13 Cl:12. Gulotor reaches Cl:13 Wa:12. Uriel completes mobmaster 83. Aemon reaches Wa:10 Ma:11. At one point for no apparent reason the mud reaches 59 mortals online, making this day the 5th busiest day so far in 3x history. Xander levels to 13 shaman. Eliste reaches Ma: 7 Ra: 9. Treehugger completes mobmasters 38 & 39 (a young monk & a young centaur herder). Celeborn reaches Th:20 Ma:26 Ra:27, and gets his first info3. Kurie levels to 6 shaman. Kethran completes mobmaster 56. A who list and the wizlist from this day. Kerson completes mobmasters 95 & 96 (a divine warrior & Slue).

1/26/03 - Khorlan posts a note about taking an extended holiday. Grimace & Cupid join Majere. Shaido duals to warrior. Garland reaches Th: 5 Wa:30 Cl:30. Otago completes mobmaster 25. Arabella is created. Aldur reaches Ma:17 Wa:16. Specious joins Xavier. Tweedle completes mobmasters 12 thru 17. Floyd discovers he can't adopt a pet. Alton reaches Ra:11 Cl:12. Kethran reaches Ma:29 Wa:30. Thibault reaches Ma: 4 Wa:11. Dekar completes mobmaster 54. Bilbo levels to 10 warrior. (Doesn't he know he's supposed to be a thief?!) Cygnus reaches Ra:10 Ma:18. Maeron reaches 5 ordained. Thrall levels to 5 warrior. Uriel completes mobmasters 81 & 82. Blanca reaches Cl:30 Wa:15. Floyd reaches Ma:12 Ra:11.

1/25/03 - Ariana & Loto join Majere. Dakkon passes 50 points on location quest. Travin reaches Wa: 4 Ma:10 and joins Katrana. Wunk completes mobmaster 59. Mistyfier reaches Cl:26 Wa:24. Runt reaches Sh:13 Wa: 9. Elektra completes mobmasters 28 & 29. Fraser joins Plato. Huma reaches Cl: 2 Wa:11. Garland reaches Th: 3 Wa:30 Cl:30. Solinor reaches Ma:11 Wa:12 Th:11. Dekar completes mobmaster 50. Judge completes mobmasters 23 thru 26 and reaches Ma:20 Ra:15. Aemon reaches Wa: 7 Ma:11. Dingbat levels to 28 shaman. Zip reaches 17 ordained. Bevier reaches Wa: 2 Cl:14.

1/24/03 - Majere is promoted to Demigod! (His first non-AFK promotion :P) He starts the Clan of the Rose, a neutral good sword following. His first follower is Huma, and Ichabur joins as well. His initial following description is, "The Clan of the Rose is a brotherhood of warrior monks. While trained in various forms of combat, the clan will use physical force as a last resort. The clan is founded upon the principles Majere followed in his mortal life. Balance between nature and man, heaven and earth, and good and evil are of the utmost importance.". Maeron is ordained "Dark Sadist" by Kerriariadne! Elektra joins Katrana. Kerson reaches 3914 points on location quest. Thingone, Garland and Khorlan all triple to thief. Diku levels to 5 cleric. Fobro reaches Cl:25 Wa:24. Nessa joins Myronides. Jaerith nominates himself for mayor. Riverwind completes mobmasters 21 & 22. Spasm levels to 9 warrior. Omega levels to 5 cleric. Acer reaches Sh: 2 Wa: 9. Carnage joins Kerriariadne. Nox completes mobmasters 12 & 13 and reaches Wa:11 Ma:11. Skeeve posts a late retirement note.

1/23/03 - Tripper is retired this evening, and followers are automatically reformed as they log in. Cordir posts the Quest of the Rings. Knott levels to 10 mage. Floyd reaches Ma:11 Ra:11. Jaerith does his first location quest. Kethran completes mobmasters 52 thru 54. Kurie levels to 5 shaman. Serge reaches Wa:21 Sh:21. Wylin randoms a health. Alexandra reaches Ra:3 Sh:9.

1/22/03 - I post a note about the upcoming (soon!) Phoenix area GT with Pitt. ZtormBringer levels to 5 ranger. Zidane deletes himself and starts over. Lanfear completes mobmaster 89 (the guildmaster). Dee reaches Wa:10 Cl:15. Boromir posts a note about the planning stages for the upcoming 2003 RenFest GT. Tara completes mobmaster 21. Look levels to 19 warrior. Skares reaches Sh:18 Wa:11. Valdazar levels to 14 shaman. Bevier completes an exploration quest set for him from within FoLK by Fobro by finally finding the last place/item on his list of "A Sacred Glade". He found it thanks to a suggestion by Lanfear, and after finding it dualed to warrior.

1/21/03 - Wish hits 62 points on location quest. Ginny tells stories in the baths (no not those kind of stories, for once :P) Afterwards, I decide to get some xp, and uh, wind up getting a LOT of it, but in the wrong direction. I died twice to some big scary blue dragon, but Abe got my corpse back, *bounce* :) (Later on, Vex went and killed the dragon for me, and got all the stuff that had blown out of my inventory back too, yay!) Factor completes mobmaster 30. Achilleus reaches Cl:23 Ra:21. Saryio reaches Cl:21 Wa:20. Greystone reaches Ma: 2 Wa:13. Indiga completes mobmaster 85 (the headmaster).

1/20/03 - All the trading ends in Tynian's group mobmaster quest, and Vex is the winner! ZtormBringer's back as a newbie, after a long absence. Grimace reaches Ra:25 Ma:25. Riella reaches Ra:24 Ma:25. Melisa completes mobmaster 58. Serge reaches Wa:19 Sh:21. Sacaras reaches Wa: 6 Cl:11. Aemon levels to 10 mage. Khore posts "An Unlikely Apprentice" to the forums.

1/19/03 - Tynian offers a bounty for Levron's filled corpse. He also posts some updates on the quest, and others post commentary or bargains. Mordith is now at mobmaster 104! Here are the rank listings from this day. Solinor triples to thief. Jobano levels to 12 shaman. Skie completes mobmaster 41. Xzanadin levels to 10 ranger. Kabal reaches Ra: 8 Cl:11. Aoife completes mobmaster 60. Wario reaches Ra:20 Cl:20. Dekar reaches Wa:27 Cl:30 and completes mobmaster 44. Kerson the Avenger reaches 29 ordained. Alton reaches Cl:10 Ra: 9. Zip reaches 16 ordained. Isolas reaches Ma:12 Th: 9 Ra: 9. Anduin completes mobmaster 88. Kethran completes mobmasters 44 & 45.

1/18/03 - Katrana's temple is installed. Tynian's weekend quest is well underway. Here's a list of target mobs to date. Tiberius completes mobmaster 84. Xzanadin levels to 8 ranger. Kethran reaches Ma:28 Wa:30. Kastigier levels to 5 mage. Tassadar completes mobmasters 76 & 77. Serge reaches Wa:18 Sh:21. Murdoc levels to 5 shaman. Alton reaches Ra: 8 Cl: 9. Grimace completes mobmaster 46. Fisrad reaches Ra:19 Ma:22. Rampage is created. Fobro completes mobmasters 44 & 45.

1/17/03 - The forum poll closes on going back to 2x, with 79 out of 106 voting AGAINST doing it. Yay! Tynian goes nuts with auctions all day long, making a lot of people very happy (especially the Dutchies). Examples of stuff that got auctioned are: +1 con on random item less than +5 and +1 health to random. Azeworai wins quite a few of the auctions, winding up with a really interesting leather onbody item: 'You see the following faint symbols: [|AC 7 hth(1) obs(1) ts(1) std(1) hp(10) wis(5) wis(1) ]'. Tynian also posts a note about this weekend's quest, and here's a list of some of the target mobs so far. Mosi reaches Wa:11 Sh:12. DarkClaw reaches 8 ordained. Dazzle completes mobmasters 10 thru 12. Alton levels several times, reaching Ra: 5 Cl: 9. There's egg puns on gossip. Ichabur reaches Wa:16 Ma:15. Kethran completes mobmasters 39 thru 43 and reaches Ma:27 Wa:30. Sarik levels to 17 shaman. Lycron completes mobmaster 38 and reaches Wa:20 Sh:20. Isolas reaches Ma:10 Th: 9 Ra: 9. Sacaras is back, only smaller, and he levels to 8 cleric. Dakkon gossips (in common), 'then again, I get lost more often than marisa :P'. (No way! I don't believe it!) Fobro reaches Wa:24 Cl:24.

1/16/03 - Riverwind reaches Ma: 8 Ra:11. Judge reaches Ra:13 Ma:17. Heury reaches Wa:22 Sh:23. Neodis gossips (in common), 'I heard there was a wedding.... any food left?'. Serge reaches Sh:21 Wa:17, leveling "for the first time in like a half year". Isolas reaches Th: 8 Ma: 9 Ra: 9. Gilligan is created. Alryia reaches Th: 8 Ma:30 Ra:30. Marlowe levels to 11 mage. There's a strange discussion about underpants on gossip. (I won't go into how that topic came up on gossip.)

1/15/03 - Adwen duals to ranger. Tiberius completes mobmasters 79 & 80. Eliste reaches Ma: 5 Ra: 9. Alton reaches Ra: 8 Cl:11. Judge reaches Ra:12 Ma:17. ### [DarkClaw tells Alaric (in common), 'I'm not goth in RL.' Bet she's not a vampire, either ;P  Drakar completes mobmasters 80 thru 82. Oetharm passes the 200 point mark on location quest. Abe completes mobmaster 61.

1/14/03 - Riverwind completes mobmasters 16 thru 18 (a hawk, a minotaur guard & a puma) and reaches Ma: 7 Ra: 11. Alexandra duals to ranger. Tynian announces a game, and you can see what happened on Natilena's site. Maeron completes mobmaster 74. Shango reaches Ma:13 Ra:12. Grimace reaches Ra:23 Ma:25. Mistyfier completes mobmasters 56 & 57. Belebrilad reaches Cl:14 Wa:11. Rynna reaches Cl:10 Ra: 9.

1/13/03 - Mourngrim joins Katrana. Alexandra levels to 9 shaman, getting 16hp/16ma/7pracs - max mana and an extra practice. Malathreal reaches Cl:15 Wa:11. Riverwind completes mobmasters 10 thru 15 (a cave fish, a lookout guard, a brown trout, a giant warrior, a spirit of a dead child and a Delving guard). Wish reaches Th:17 Wa:30 Ma:30. Daelin gossips (in common), 'I used to enjoy snapping his neck back and eating the sweet sweet goo inside'. Eww! (Oh wait, he's talking about Pez :P)  Craige posts a note about the 2x vote. Jobano levels to 10 shaman. Bergsten reaches Ra:17 Cl:18 Th:10. Karyna joins Robert. Nox completes mobmasters 2 thru 7 and reaches Wa: 8 Ma:11. Tynian posts some funny notes about a mini-auction. Click levels to 5 mage. Floyd reaches Ra: 8 Ma:10. Drakar reaches Cl:29 Ra:28 Th:20. A large purse and a necklace of pearls mysteriously appear in the guild hall, but no one can pick them up.

1/12/03 - Tynian gets hexed by Bliss' following, and sets an army loose on them in response after naming Coven an Outlaw following. Eventually Bliss surrenders, after the mobs keep coming and coming to her followers. Devin levels to 8 ranger. Riverwind reaches Ma: 6 Ra:11 and completes mobmaster 9 (a lookout guard). Silonch posts Insidious to the TFC forums. Raiko completes mobmaster 9. Raziel levels to 11 shaman. Kailani reaches Wa: 8 Ma: 9. Weezer joins Katrana. Mistyfier reaches Wa:24 Cl:24. The rank listings and the wizlist from this day.

1/11/03 - Garland & DarkClaw are married! This causes the number of characters online to peak at 54 today, which ranks 10th on the TFC Top Online Player Activity list. The wedding also causes today to be listed as #14, #15, #19, #21, #23, and #24. And here's Lexie's point of view of DarkClaw's kiddnapping, etc. Katrana is promoted to Demigoddess! She starts the Wyld Hunt, a neutral evil Sword following. Her initial following description is, "The Wyld Hunt is made up of individuals with both a keen sense of justice and need for vengeance. The Hunt may be called down upon a target for a variety of reasons, with no care as to alignment or race or creed. For those that are called down upon, it is their time - the Pattern has been Woven - their Thread is to be cut. For more information on the Wyld Hunt please visit: www.stormreaver.net/wyld". Solaron and Mordith quickly join her. And her followers don't waste any time either, as they then almost immediately get 3 failed pk attempts. Azual reaches Wa: 2 Cl:12. Zephron levels to 8 shaman. Skie completes mobmasters 38 & 39 and reaches Cl:25 Wa:15. TFC is down for a little while in the very early morning hours due to a database upgrade. Natilena cants '### [Kaldred tells Lexie (in common), 'Got an issue? here's a tissue!']'. Tolken is re-created. Ephiny is reformed from Tripper's following. Crandall levels to 10 mage. Linkin completes mobmaster 43. Boyardee reaches Th: 9 Wa:30 Ma:30. Riverwind has a very busy day, completing mobmasters 1 thru 8 (the small bat, an elven infant, a penguin, a small rodent, a mountain goat, a killer frog, a raven and a larval polyp), reaching Ma: 5 Ra:11, and joining Katrana. Raziel joins Kerriariadne. Kethran passes the 50 point mark on location quest. Pardoquilian reaches Th:14 Wa:22 Sh:22. Hugor levels to 10 warrior. Jarid completes mobmaster 40. A huge who list from this day. Caradoc logs on for a brief visit.

1/10/03 - Rancid reaches Cl: 7 Ra:10. Claron levels to 5 cleric. Factor completes mobmaster 21. Wunk completes mobmaster 57. Fisrad reaches Ra:18 Ma:22. Locke reaches Ma:19 Wa:20. Dyanne reaches Th: 6 Ma:11 Wa:11.

1/9/03 - Maeron reaches effective 40th! (Ra:30 Cl:30). Fobro completes mobmasters 42 & 43 (a servant). Kisanth levels to 10 warrior. Wunk reaches Wa:22 Sh:30 Th:20. Sylarn completes mobmaster 87. Boom levels to 10 mage. Flick reaches Wa:16 Th:12. Boris reaches Wa:17 Cl:22. Tiberius completes mobmaster 75. Kay reaches Or: 9 Wa:10. Tynian posts a controversial poll to the TFC forums about whether or not to revert to 2x code, and it causes quite a stir on gossip. Krule reaches Sh:15 Wa: 9. Scooby is created. Damian reaches Wa: 2 Cl:15. Ichabur levels to 5 mage. Bliss has a series of strange titles. Isolas triples to thief. Ruru levels to 5 mage. Lyra reaches Wa: 4 Th: 9.

1/8/03 - Grimace reaches Ra:22 Ma:25. Shrike reaches Cl:14 Wa:10. Skie completes mobmaster 37. Demonslayer reaches Ma: 8 Ra:11. Floyd reaches Ra: 5 Ma:10. Cordir posts a note about wedding restrings. Boyardee gossips (in common), 'Mish says, 'I don't really want a simple ring, Boyardee, but thank you for the offer.'.'. Boyardee gossips (in common), 'you don't hear that every day'. Factor reaches Wa:14 Cl:16. Bergsten reaches Ra:15 Cl:15 Th:10. DarkClaw reaches 7 ordained. Phlanax is created. Lexie & Uriel kill the tempest.

1/7/03 - Clue turns 2500 years old! The rank listings and a wizlist from this day. Alkhem reaches Cl: 2 Wa:15. Fobro reaches Wa:22 Cl:24. Aravan and Mosi posts notes about newbies. Phipher reaches Cl:18 Wa:15. Judge reaches Ma:10 Ra: 9. Rumor has it that some simples rings and enchant relics were teleported, but no one's saying if they were real or not. Bliss causes a stir by posting a Nashite poem to the TFC forums, but later retracts it and later still posts an anti-Nashite one instead. Natilena completes mobmaster 88. Wolfwood is embraced by Clue. Abe gossips (in common), 'Has Baron Marel's changed any recently?'. Baron Marel gossips, 'One way to find out.'. Abe gossips (in common), 'er.. nevermind'. Lief posts an apology. Hutt reaches Cl:18 Wa:10. Kylanae levels several times, reaching Ma:10 Th: 9 Ra: 9. Tiberius completes mobmasters 71 & 72.

1/6/03 - Lexie kills the jungle master. Alkhem duals to cleric. SirPsycho stops by for a visit. Maeron completes mobmasters 70 & 71. Tiberius completes mobmaster 68. Bergsten reaches Th:10 Ra:10 Cl:10. Kylanae reaches Th: 5 Ma: 9 Ra: 9. Zeks reaches Wa:24 Cl:30. Cordir gossips, 'but SOMETIMES immortals take a freakin break from policing the playground.'. Zeks gossips (in common), 'I claim the see-saw!'. Khore posts "Soliloquy to a Brook" and Okk posts "The Sensitive Warrior" to the TFC forums.

1/5/03 - Myronides is promoted to Lesser God! Yay, Myro :) And a little later this same day, Majere is promoted to Attendant of Kerriariadne! This means that for the first time in a very long time, TFC has no ambassadors. Xavier ordains Martyr as his first Ordained, naming him "Thamaoddis". Casius levels to 7 mage. Kylanae reaches Ra: 8 Ma: 9. Kabal levels to 10 cleric. Cynder passes 75 points on location quest. Melkor reaches Sh:26 Wa:25. Kethran completes mobmasters 29 thru 31 and reaches Ma:26 Wa:30. Thibault is created. DarkClaw reaches 6 ordained, getting two levels in one day. Thibault levels to 5 warrior. Ouchohm reaches Ra: 6 Ma:16. Alkhem joins Myronides. Rolland reaches Ra:12 Ma:13. Slick completes mobmaster 47 and reaches Ra:24 Cl:30. Bergsten unordains and triples to thief, leveling many times to Th: 7 Ra:10 Cl:10. Linkin completes mobmaster 40. Drakar completes mobmaster 43. Kylanae levels a few times, reaching Th: 3 Ma: 9 Ra: 9.

1/4/03 - Maeron completes mobmaster 65. Jakirth duals to ranger. Ebone and Torbin both level to 5 cleric. Abe completes mobmaster 60. Kylanae reaches Ra: 6 Ma: 9. Factor reaches Wa:12 Cl:16. Cthulu joins Xavier. Aster completes mobmaster 81. Iridium levels to 10 cleric. Locke reaches Ma:16 Wa:20. Flick reaches Wa:15 Th:12. Sicarian completes mobmasters 83 & 84. Crandall levels to 5 mage. Fobro completes mobmaster 41 and reaches Wa:21 Cl:24. Celeborn gossips (in common), 'Ok, whoever is watching me through the hole in the ceiling. I know your there'. Gyliana levels to 13 cleric. Dyanne reaches Th: 4 Ma:11 Wa:11. Saryio completes mobmaster 10. Darker is created. Tiberius completes mobmasters 61 thru 64. Nimf reaches Wa:12 Th:10. Pharamin reaches Ma:14 Th:12. Gdelf reaches Ma:19 Ra:19. Drakar reaches Ra:27 Cl:28 Th:20. Boris reaches Cl:19 Wa:16. Oswald reaches Cl:27 Wa:23. Grimace completes mobmasters 43 thru 45.

1/3/03 - Teren completes mobmaster 17 (a student). Raiko reaches Ra:15 Th: 9 Cl:15. Starla levels to 10 warrior. Aster reaches 23 ordained. Mistyfier completes mobmaster 55 (a bathing centaur). Fobro reaches Wa:20 Cl:24. Debonair reaches Sh:21 Ra:15. Regul levels both mage & ranger, reaching Ra:28 Th:23 Ma:28. Judge reaches Ma: 5 Ra: 9. Floyd levels to 10 mage. Flick reaches Wa:13 Th:12.

1/2/03 - Dekar completes mobmasters 39 & 40. Alex reaches Ma:29 Wa:30 Th:20. Acer levels to 8 warrior. Pharamin reaches Ma:10 Th:10. Oswald completes mobmaster 41 (a tired monk). Tiberius completes mobmaster 60. Luthien levels to 5 cleric. Isolas reaches Ra: 7 Ma: 9. Saryio reaches Wa:19 Cl:20. Phipher completes mobmasters 17 & 18. Taenn levels to 5 ranger. Judge does his first mobmaster and reaches Ma: 4 Ra: 9.

1/1/03 - Tynian posts a couple of notes to start off the New Year right, AND some new versions (3.107d&e) are installed. Here's the first rank listings of the year and a who list from this day. Dee reaches Wa: 9 Cl:15. Boris reaches Wa:15 Cl:17. Casper reaches Wa: 5 Cl:10. Rhys reaches Wa: 7 Ma:11. Drakar completes mobmaster 76. Harlan and Starla are created. Legolas gossips (in common), 'if you had to choose between having spoons in life or turtles, which would it be?'. Demonslayer reaches Ma: 3 Ra:11. Tiberius reaches Cl:29 Ra:25 Th:21. Bergsten reaches 19 ordained. Tweedle completes mobmaster 8. Locke reaches Wa:18 Ma:15. Hex reaches Ma:11 Th: 9 Wa:10. Kylanae joins Myronides. Alyria does her first location quest. Belsambar reaches Ma:21 Ra:25. Grimace reaches Ra:21 Ma:25. Wistom reaches Wa:25 Sh:30 Th:20. Borok sings "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" on gossip. (I didn't know that WAS a song.)

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2001:  (12/31/01 to 10/1/01) and (9/30/01 to 7/1/01) and (6/30/01 to 1/5/01)

2000:  (12/30/00 to 1/6/00)

1999:  (12/28/99 to 1/9/99)

1998:  (12/26/98 to 1/1/98)

1997 & prior:  (12/31/97 to 3/4/94)

odds & ends:  (undated logs)

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