a 2003 tfc timeline
(from 12/31/03 to 6/15/03, with most recent stuff first)

To make sure you're viewing the most recent version of the page in Internet Explorer hit CTRL and F5 at the same time on your keyboard (thanks Tiax). Also, remember to check out the tfc news page that Tynian did for up-to-the second events that aren't shown here.

12/31/03 - Wylin runs a quest to help fulfill his new year needs, and Solaron is the winner. Lins post a farewell note. The bidding ends for Ptarchyzk at midnight mud time, and Cordir is the winner. A little later, Tokugawa holds a New Year's Eve party on California/Hawaii time and the mud is invaded by enormous herds of Pink Elephants. (Rumor has it they were all after Wylin's beer.) A who list from this date and the last rank listings of 2003.

12/30/03 - Grimace & Wylin become allies. Wylin has a little fun with Zero. Lins posts a note called "dark people", stating that he'll retire if a corpse is not returned and Kerriariadne posts a response.

12/27/03 - Eliste begins posting a series of character interviews in Word format to the forums. They can also be viewed in html format on the tfc website here.

12/25/03 - Merry Christmas :)  And holiday blessings from DarkClaw. Tamar passes out a few Christmas presents, including such things as killing "a skunk" and sex changing Schwartz.

12/23/03 - Hectorborb somehow manages to fight guards in MG safe. Rascal questions (in common), 'where is the dark desert highway......where the cool wind blows in my hair?'. Andress gossips (in common), 'I believe that would be the Hotel California. Take a left off of the GWR.'.

12/22/03 - Seraph is ordained "Dark Shield" by Kerriariadne! Shaido is ordained "Shadow Knight" by Katrana! Rhina posts a note about a curious vow.

12/21/03 - Nhye auctions (in common), 'wanted: holy handgrenade of antioch'. Pol auctions (in common), 'for trade: holy hand grenade of Antioch...looking for thermonuclear device or a bazooka...'.. There are a few followup notes about mages and iding.

12/20/03 - Armalag Blackflame reaches effective 50th! (Th:30 Wa:30 Cl:30). Boromir posts a note about mages and iding.

12/18/03 - Ptarchyzk reaches effective 40th! (Wa:30 Th:30, making him the first non-magic-using effective 40th.) He later posts a note auctioning his worshipping abilities off.

12/16/03 - Nevi actually kills "a skunk" for mobmaster 7. (Yes, that previously unkilled-for-a-mobmastery skunk.)

12/14/03 - Lins posts a note about mobmastery.

12/12/03 - Wisteria posts an all-inclusive note about Looting, pit, newbies, & haunt.

12/11/03 - Natilena posts a note confirming that the Vegas GT rumors are true. Grimace holds a mini scavenger hunt.

12/9/03 - Pepe le Pew posts a note about the Skunk Mobmaster Liberation Unit. Legolas logs in, and is quickly sent on a teleporting spree by Tamar for old time's sake.

12/8/03 - The Monastary and Tinkers Workshop are removed. The area list and the rank listings from this day.

12/7/03 - Vivi is ordained "Stardust" by Natilena! Tokugawa posts a note about the removal of the Monastary and Tinkers Workshop.

12/6/03 - Majere posts a note on the forums about his time on tfc ending.

12/4/03 - Zeks gossips (in common), 'Warning: Zeks is not to be taken seriously (or orally)'. Zeks gossips (in common), 'Externally only! Apply smoothly'.

12/3/03 - Eliste has a RL birthday. Tamar picks up the pit, and then battles Thrall and Taws for possession of it. (Bet you can guess who won :P) Wish posts an idea about a new looting system, which sparks all kinds of debate and other stuff. (Wish's idea and the seemingly endless followup notes are here.) Zek's starts a thread on the tfc forums called limericks anyone? which gets a lot of responses.

12/2/03 - Laujar stops by for a visit! *bounce*

12/1/03 - A who list from this day.

11/30/03 - DarkClaw leaves Cordir and joins Bliss. Gytar posts a note in response to Whoz's retirement.

11/29/03 - Fobro is ordained "Tank" by Clue!

11/27/03 - Dart reaches effective 50th! (Th:30 Ra:30 Cl:30) Vivi levels to 3 warrior, and Vivi gossips (in common), 'WOOT! what a lvl! almost ALL of my stats went up!'  Despite what Natilena's title says (Natilena is Canadian. Thanksgiving was LAST month), Happy Thanksgiving! Cause it's THIS month! ;)

11/25/03 - Armalag gets info3 & global cant. Turkeys invade TFC, just in time for Thanksgiving. (Don't they know they should LEAVE around this time of year?)  The rank listings from this day. Shilea gets hungry a little too quickly.

11/24/03 - Whoz posts a retirement note :(

11/23/03 - Tranquility is given a triat mastery quest. A who list from this day.

11/22/03 - Natilena rises to Greater Power.

11/20/03 - Tamar posts a note about a shadow thief, saying "This mob should be reachable for mobmasters next reboot."

11/18/03 - Clue posts a note about Shilea.

11/16/03 - The mud comes back up after being down for about 8 hours. Boromir gossips (in common), 'the mobs were having a bad hair day :)' -- but Tynian later says it was due to nearly running out of disk space. Daisy posts a "winter" note.

11/14/03 - Syrinz is created.

11/13/03 - Ok, this is a nice thing to find on a shopkeep: Gabbro questions (in common), 'For 1808 gold the glowing jade amulet [m|AC 0 blk(22)]'.

11/11/03 - Takeda reaches effective 50th! (Ra:30 Th:30 Ma:30)  And, Tranquility reaches effective 40th! (Th:30 Sh:30)

11/10/03 - The wizlist and the rank listings from this day. DarkClaw posts "Ode to Tynian". (Maybe after seeing what it was like as Implementor? :P)

11/9/03 - Tynian gossips, 'Who can help me with a fly problem?'. Dart gossips (in common), 'Shoot it with a Dart'.

11/8/03 - DarkClaw somehow becomes an Implementor. Look! Here's proof! Right after Tynian in the who list, it said:
      Hum [ Implementor ] DarkClaw, Ebon OFC'er. -= Fate =-
(Don't you believe me?)  Kyrie posts a large idea about mud balancing, and some people respond to it as well.

11/6/03 - Triston is retired. Khore runs a quest involving killer ducks (and other small normally otherwise-innocent animals) and Solaron is the winner.

11/5/03 - Wylin rises to Greater Power! (Your following is one of the most powerful in this realm! Your Immortal influence on the mortal realms is that of a Greater Power.) -- I bet that's about the quickest someone's ever hit greater power. Coleman posts a note about his Riddle-Me-This contest.

11/3/03 - Alyria reaches effective 50th! (Th:30 Ra:30 Ma:30)  Tokugawa posts a note about Nosferatu.

11/2/03 - Rhina is promoted to Demigoddess! She restarts her old following, the lawful neutral Natural Forces, and Armalag is her first follower. Her initial finfo reads: The Natural Forces seek to maintain the natural equilibrium of the realm. Strictly pacifist, they believe that all are entitled to live their full time until other forces decree their end. The following will be small, of necessity. To tend the growth of many sacrifices the bloom of some; Rhina wishes to see all her followers in full flower. Leaving whims to their goddess, the Forces are principled, objective, and deeply committed to neutrality and peace. The forces of nature are a part of all that surrounds us; those who steward nature will be rewarded as they grow with her.

11/1/03 - Khore announces the latest Golem Wars! Okk posts "Adversity" to the forums. JohnPaul stops by for a visit.

10/31/03 - BOO! Happy Halloween! MissFit passes the 1000 point mark on location quest. Seraph announces that "a small gathrering at yarmouth nova scotia is being planed around nov 12 or 13".

10/30/03 - Fury posts a thank you note. Khore posts "The Singer" to the forums.

10/29/03 - Katrana posts tfc heroes to the forums, which means i now have that beer commercial going in my head :P

10/28/03 - Neodis posts a note about mobs on vacation.

10/27/03 - Khore gossips, 'Try not to die, and excuse the falling rocks of death in the temple area.'. after he "accidentally" meteor swarms the temple area. Molo holds a contest where the participants have to race from hometown saferoom to hometown saferoom within a certain amount of time and tag Molo, and the winner is Ink. But what's really amazing about this is that Molo's actually vis! Of course, Schwartz gossips (in common), 'Will this be a plaque in RoR, with all the public poking of the Arch-Lich?'.

10/25/03 - After some people get curious as to why Cordir's finfo changed to, "cordir has chosen not to share following information with mortals", it's discovered that Cordir's following has gone sword, bringing to an end the sentry pk model on tfc. Khore turns 3000 years old. (Pretty young for a vampire.) Katrana's new temple is installed. Alex posts a retirement note, retiring himself and all his chars.

10/24/03 - Pez hears that Majere retired, and has a few comments about it: Pez gossips (in common), 'thats unfortunate' 'but on the bright side, now theres a spot open for me'. Schwartz gossips (in common), 'First immortal candy dispenser!'. Pez gossips (in common), 'okay, i'm ready, Tynian...take me' 'hmm...i guess he is eating dinner...i'm still mortal'. Talyn announces that he's going to stay unaligned until Tripper returns. (Does this mean Tripper might come back?) Okk posts "Gazing" to the forums, and Nicolas D. Wolfwood posts a poem as well.

10/23/03 - Lexie posts the hilarious War of the Words to the TFC forums. The rank listings and wizlist from this day. Eliste posts some poems to the forums.

10/22/03 - More notes are posted relating to Majere's retirement, including a note from Tynian. Azeworai triples to thief.

10/21/03 - Majere retires, and there are some notes posted about it. Weezer turns 1000 years old.

10/20/03 - Rhina is promoted to Attendant of Bliss! Wisteria posts a couple of well-thought out notes on neutrality in response to Cordir's note from yesterday.

10/19/03 - Tamar posts a note about this year's Halloween Costume Contest. Lexie cants, 'god!'. 'remind me not to spy on immortals any more :P' after dying 3 quick deaths in a row to Tokugawa, Tamar and then Kerriariadne because she info'd them. As far as her corpses go, Someone cants, 'You gotta play a game, three corpses shuffle them between you then let her pick one person..'. 'Then she gets the corpse back that person is holding!'. Cordir posts a note about the Defenders.

10/18/03 - Gordon is ordained "ENFORCER" by Wylin!

10/17/03 - Coleman and some snakes take over gossip.

10/15/03 - Kethran wins a 13 round game of mobhunt, with 356 points.

10/14/03 - Zakarious deletes himself.

10/13/03 - Rincewind holds a small trivia contest, and Myre is the winner.

10/12/03 - Happy Thanksgiving if you're Canadian! (at least, I think this is the right day, if not, happy October 12th!)

10/11/03 - Hiro gossips (in common), 'sorry hockey season has started Im kinda one dimensional'.

10/10/03 - TerraHunden returns to the mud after a long absence.

10/9/03 - During a few group fights today, Azeworai realizes he's just a few deaths away from hitting the 2000 death mark for Bliss. Shortly afterwards he reaches that mark by dying to Teluin. It's a busy note day. Tamar posts a couple of notes about RL harassment and rumors. Dundrave posts an angry note about "mud trash" which continues the note saga from Tweedle & Jobano, and Khore posts a funny response. Finally, still more people post responses.

10/8/03 - Tweedle and Jobano post a couple of sarcastic notes regarding a trade.

10/7/03 - BerylNamir posts a thank you note.

10/6/03 - Grimace's temple is installed.

10/5/03 - Fabulous gossips (in common), 'the female laughs at you mercilessly. Man, I hate it when women laugh at me...'. I actually level :P (Effective 40th no less - Ma:24 Th:22 Wa:25! Never thought I'd see the day...)

10/4/03 - Judge is ordained "Redeemer" by Bliss! Jasmine is restored, and she posts a note promising not to harm Fate. MissFit turns 200 years old. Apache gossips (in common), 'I seem to have accidentally created a command halfway between backstab and consider'. Apache gossips (in common), 'bacon'. Kahlan is restored.

10/3/03 - Judge reaches effective 40th! (Ma:30 Ra:30)

10/2/03 - Vhirrek is restored.

10/1/03 - Wylin offers tours of his Saloon.

9/30/03 - Avair (the Veladorn House Mage) comes back! Tynian posts a note about his management assistant.

9/29/03 - Wylin's temple is installed. His newly-acquired followers have fun in the temple, but instead of dancing on the bar, they keep saccing his altar. The wizlist from this day. Bluehawk joins Grimace, becoming his first follower.

9/28/03 - Wylin is promoted to Demigod! He starts the Enforcers, a neutral good aligned sword following, and his initial finfo reads: "Witness "The Enforcers," a motley team of former scoundrels, priests, adventurers and nobles now banded together and bent on destroying evil in any of its varying forms. The Enforcers fight evil as a team, and strive to make this world a better place. If you are good, we will be at your side in times of most desperate need. Neutrals need not fear us if they afford us the same courtesy we shall show to them. If you feel you have the courage and the mettle to be an Enforcer, seek out Wylin or any of his Enforcers and they will guide you down the path that is good and right. For more information visit the Enforcers homepage: http://members.cvol.net/enforcers/index.shtm" His first follower is Fisrad, and he doesn't waste any time collecting more followers (he was up to 13 already last I checked. Maybe it's the beer? :P) Later this day, Grimace is promoted to Demigod! He starts the League of Nidea, a lawful good sword following. His initial finfo says, "The League of Nidea is a lawful good following that is divided into 3 divisions, each having a different focus in the following. The three divisions are the Force, the Trade Commission, and the Magi. The Force is the militaristicly focused division, which is adept in the art of fighting. The Trade Commission is focused on the wealth of the following and trade issues with other followings. The focus of the Magi is the use of their magic and wisdom for the good of the following and of the realm. The three divisions work together for the common good under the leadership of the 3 division leaders and Grimace. Visit the webpage for more information: http://www.geocities.com/grimace_tfc". And sometime prior to Grimace's promotion, some of the immortals decided to have a little fun with titles. Lins breaks 3 million earned experience points. Is he addicted or what? :)  QBall returns to TFC, after a very long absence.

9/27/03 - Charles reaches effective 50th! (Th:30 Wa:30 Sh:30) Oook performs the "Demon Stomping Song".

9/26/03 - The rank listings from this day.

9/25/03 - Vhirrek is back!

9/23/03 - Several people tell stories as part of an items-story quest Cordir ran. (The winner of the quest was Xandria, with Valgar getting an honorable mention for his "sheep stuff" story.) Garland posts a strange note about "a new low", which i'm guessing means he's saying goodbye, but anyone know for sure?

9/22/03 - Neodis posts a couple of notes about a coven site and neodis's website.

9/21/03 - Three new areas are installed! (Candlespyre Mountain by Mael, the Ruins of Ofcol by Nyx, and Riverdale Plantation by Bliss). Ink is the first to find Candlespyre, and Garvax is the first to find Riverdale. (And even I could have found the Ruins of Ofcol, so no prize was given out for that :P) The area list and a who list from this day. Gafgarion gossips (in common), 'Who's the geek!?'. MissFit gossips (in common), 'Better to ask who's not a geek :-P'.

9/17/03 - Valgar is ordained "Bara no Tamashi" by Majere! Skeltah posts an "amzaning" note, which tfcers might not even notice anything unusual about :P

9/15/03 - Weezer reaches effective 50th! (Th:30 Wa:30 Sh:30) Natilena announces the results of the quest! Neodis reaches mage 15, and gets max hitpoints, max mana & an extra practice.

9/14/03 - Edge retires, along with all of his characters. Wylin posts a list of the final team members for the quest.

9/13/03 - I post a note about web page changes. People start locating for IOU's (which are found on fire fairies for the quest) and Solaron finds a slightly unusual one: Solaron gossips (in common), 'An I.O.U. for 108 hockey games in someplace mysterious.'. Wisteria gossips (in common), 'Canada isn't mysterious!'. A spirit of darkness gossips, 'hockey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' Ihshan rescues Ryo from a no exit 1hp room when he gets stuck there with no recalls.

9/12/03 - Natilena announces the potential prizes for the quest, and the quest is posted and begins. Ryo deletes himself and re-starts.

9/11/03 - Natilena announces a large quest (run by herself, Majere & Wylin) that is due to begin on the 12th.

9/10/03 - Doc is ordained "Wandering Rogue" by Bliss! Majere runs a small 1-hour scavenger quest, and the results are: first place Teren with 32 pts, second place Valgar + Mortimer with 26 pts, and third place Magnus + Gdelf + Malakost with 15 pts.

9/8/03 - Valin reaches effective 50th! (Th:30 Wa:30 Ma:30)

9/5/03 - The new TFC website goes live!

9/4/03 - Lanfear gossips (in common), 'let goooooo .. relaaax (### Anger new character.)'. (But did anyone logon Management?)

9/2/03 - Pol stops by for some really bad limericks. Coleman reveals the secrets of Thard on the TFC forums.

9/1/03 - Skeeve finally purges, after I-don't-even-know-how-long of not logging in, and Gleep posts a note about that and eq through history.

8/30/03 - Lycron (aka Sybill) talks on gossip.

8/29/03 - Zip reaches effective 40th! (Ra:30 Ma:30) The rank listings from this day. The door to Whitehawk's temple is installed :)

8/25/03 - Natilena, Rhina & Wylin get into caps.

8/24/03 - DarkClaw posts a note called "It Was You".

8/22/03 - Molo turns 9000 years old. That's NINE THOUSAND. Good thing he's an already dead (or is it undead?) Arch-Lich, otherwise that many candles would've been dangerous.

8/21/03 - Rhina unretires, and is promoted to Ambassador! Tokugawa posts an important note about sanctify. The Inspector gossips (in common), 'STOP!! In the name of the Law!!'. Schwartz gossips (in common), 'The inspector's been drinkin again'

8/20/03 - A who list from this day.

8/19/03 - Wylin is promoted to Attendant of Kerriariadne!

8/17/03 - DarkClaw reaches effective 50th! (Th:30 Wa:30 Cl:30) Her comment on the event? DarkClaw cants, 'It really feels weird not eating or drinking at all anymore...but it's nice.'.

8/16/03 - Champ is more than a little confused about what character separation means - which leads to a big discussion on gossip.

8/14/03 - It's kind of a slow day on the mud since a lot of Northeastern US & Southeastern Canadian players are sitting in a power outage. Gul gossips (in common), 'any int is welcome, I AM STUPID!!!!'.

8/13/03 - The rank listings from this day.

8/12/03 - Belsambar gossips (in common), 'with Arnold at the switch, any California executions are gonna be followed by 'Terminated''.

8/11/03 - All kinds of limiteds all over the mud start poppping like crazy, after the mud comes up after a crash. Wonder if a Rod of Neutrality popped? *drool*

8/10/03 - Rhina mysteriously appears on the wizlist as of today, and in an unrelated event, a huge black cloud of smoke settles over Ofcol. The rank listings from this day.

8/9/03 - Eliste holds a dance in Cillidellia, which involves a costume contest, a dance contest, & some performances by Oook. Meanwhile, Isolas gossips (in common), 'Hmm, a less popular dance is going on the kitchen, where I'm hastily assembling a large brass pole and a stage'.

8/8/03 - Azeworai kills Borlan & makes effective 40th! (Ma:30 Wa:30) It's reported that this level was due to a final little nudge from Tamar, his old immortal.

8/7/03 - Garland dies in Master's Tower, and gets his corpse retrieved. He then posts a note to all saying, "Valin, Vex, Alucard, Azeworai, Aoife, Indiga, Roen, all my thanks go out to you guys for diving head first into Masters tower to get my corpse."

8/6/03 - Belsambar gossips (in common), 'my day is never made unless I scare a complete stranger...'.

8/5/03 - Tweedle is ordained "Guiding Light" by Natilena!

8/3/03 - Bliss holds a scavenger contest. Trap reaches effective 40th! (Cl:30 Wa:30)

8/2/03 - Natilena rises to Lesser Power.

8/1/03 - Joey reaches effective 50th! (Th:30 Wa:30 Ma:30)

7/31/03 - A pair of wicked black spiked heels purges from Eliste, and Quarnel gossips (in common), 'hoarder!'. Quarnel gossips (in common), 'I've been looking for those spiked heels forever!'.

7/30/03 - ### [Corri tells Ptarchyzk (in common), 'i'm archaic'] Bah, no she's not! And if you don't know what I'm talking about, hmm, pretend you do :)

7/29/03 - ### [Zip says (in common), 'Dragons are for shamans.'] (Is that like Trix are for kids?) Cordir turns 4000 years old, and a bardic circle is held. Abe leaves Cordir's following and joins Majere.

7/28/03 - Qrzon actually kills "the kobold" for mobmaster 2, shocking the entire mud. (Where WAS it?) Wylin posts a note about the Chicago GT #3.

7/27/03 - Natilena's temple is installed. Mongrel announces that he is retiring.

7/26/03 - Wish and Natilena argue some more about squishyness.

7/23/03 - Natilena is promoted to Demigoddess! She starts the chaotic good-aligned sword following of the Stars and her first follower is Cirion. Her initial finfo reads, "Stars guide, they advise and they provide light when all that remains is darkness. Hold in your hands the power of the stars and you have the strength to change the world. Free spirited souls with a desire for fun and benevolence for good deeds will find a home amongst the stars. Each will stand up for what is right and oppose evil in their own way.". Maximus posts a note about RL music.

7/22/03 - DarkClaw posts a public apology. (For what, I don't know :P)

7/21/03 - Heaven posts a goodbye note.

7/20/03 - A who list from this day.

7/19/03 - More notes are posted about Hercules.

7/18/03 - Wish gossips (in common), '### [Somewhere, Eliste grabs Misty's arms and wraps them around her. She needs'. Wish gossips (in common), 'could this be the start of something special?'. Malekith posts a note concerning Hercules.

7/17/03 - Probably in response to yesterday's FYI, someone posts an idea about an ignore command, and there are some notes pointing out the obvious. Coleman moves up to Intermediate power.

7/16/03 - Whitehawk moves up to Lesser power. There are quite a few comments about EC being replaced, including Garland's note. Tokugawa posts a note/FYI that his email address has changed and an FYI about tells.

7/15/03 - Nyx's zone "The Living Lands" is installed! It replaces Elemental, and Dyr is the first to find it. The new area list from today. DarkClaw posts "The Weaver's Poem" and Solaron posts a poem for the Wyldess to the TFC forums.

7/14/03 - Elwin is created. Tamar posts a note about a thief contest.

7/13/03 - Locke is ordained "Treasure Hunter" by Katrana! Majere gossips a warning that ALL followers of Tiax are now fair game for Rose. Shortly afterwards, Cordir posts "The Weaver's Bind and Tiax posts a note about friends, enemies, alliances and pacts. Mylk has a bard council review and reaches Bard: 21 14 6. Slue gossips, 'my girl likes to party all the time, party all the time, party all the time...'. Darla the Saucy Tart gossips, 'Shhhhhhhhhh!!! Slue, it's not nice to kiss and tell!'. ExarKun stops by. DarkClaw reaches 30 ordained, and then is de-ordained, saying that 'There are other obstacles I must overcome...and more ways to grow.'. The wizlist from this day.

7/12/03 - The rank listings from this day.

7/11/03 - More notes are posted about the trial. The mud is down for a lot of the day (for scheduled downtime), and then later Tynian posts a note about version 3.128.

7/10/03 - Accusations fly about the term "squishy", and then preparations for the trial of the century get underway. Hork takes his chances with the immortals: Hork auctions (in common), 'I do not believe Immortals are allowed to purchase any items sorry'. 'Mortals ONLY! *smile*'. Someone auctions, 'I could just take it from you, :)'.  The Reavers are disbanded.

7/9/03 - Jynx posts a note about trading with Malekith. Maxwell reaches Ra: 6 Ma: 9. Erondyll levels to 5 cleric. Nail reaches Th: 4 Ra: 9. Tynian posts a downtime announcement.

7/8/03 - Grimace is promoted to Attendant of Clue! (Becoming Clue's first attendant.) Kain levels thief a lot, reaching Th: 9 Ra:30 Cl:30. Proven (who is back for a short time) levels to 8 mage. Lothauwin reaches Bard: 15 9 2. Malekith posts a couple of notes, and there are still more notes posted about Rose.

7/7/03 - Dax is created. Istari reaches Wa: 4 Ma:15. Dokimion reaches Ma: 9 Wa:13. Dart has swingset issues. (Gossip is ALWAYS the place to come for advice!)

7/6/03 - Shushila reaches Wa: 9 Ma: 9. Treyvan levels to 5 shaman. The rank listings and wizlist from this day. (Apparently Natilena does double duty as both Attendant and Ambassador.)

7/5/03 - Dyptricx gossips (in common), 'well necroport is a bit nasty'. Draco gossips (in common), 'The corpse of a little imp starts moving, transmutes, and looks like Dyptricx!'. Nessa hits 1000 points on location quest. Emaleth is re-created. Missfit fixes her gratz trigger so she doesn't gratz herself anymore ;)  Fabulous gossips (in common), 'yes.. thank you, I'm Fabulous. How about yourself?

7/4/03 - Natilena is promoted to Attendant of Tiax! Tynian turns 10,000 years old, sheesh! Hammerhand levels to 9 cleric. Iris reaches Sh: 7 Wa:15.

7/3/03 - Tynian posts a note about a new news page. Kain reaches Th: 3 Ra:30 Cl:30. Barney & Fubblegut are created, maybe for some kind of new kids show? *ponder*. Tamar posts a note about area coordination information. Andrew reaches Th: 2 Ma:15 Wa:15. A who list from this day.

7/2/03 - Whitehawk is promoted to Demigod! This time he starts the Hawk's Spirit, a chaotic good sword following. His initial finfo is, "The Hawk's Spirit has a simple focus in life: To bring good into the realm. Just as a flying hawk has the freedom to choose its own path, they too, choose their own way in how they manifest this good. Yet only 2 rules exist to bind this group together. Rule 1: Never to lay the sword upon one of Good faith. Rule 2: Love Lord Whitehawk and all those under his aura.". His first follower is Tifus. Rath posts an oath. Demonslayer reaches Ma: 9 Ra:11. Nevi levels to 5 shaman. Dokimion reaches Ma: 8 Wa:13.

7/1/03 - Khore is promoted to Greater God! And a couple of minutes later, Tamar is promoted to Greater Goddess! (Becoming tfc's first Greater Goddess.) Tynian then posts a note about god+ re-assignments. Today is the one-year anniversary of Clue's promotion to Ambassador. And happy Canada Day! (Just checking to see if Natilena reads this.) Orpik, Zakarious, Malekith, Pendrell & Erkenbrand are all restored.

6/30/03 - I post a note about my timeline & big thank you's, which leads to a conversation with Tiax et al. Draco levels to 30 warrior as a single classer! Isolas gossips (in elven), 'Basket weaving is not only a fine skill here, but also serves as a great major for college.'. Lins threatens Ebencaleneezer.

6/29/03 - Somebody trys to convince Ptarchyzk to triple to a spellcasting class, and his response is 'I'll cast when I Immort... :>'. Can you picture his following? ;) Eddy levels for the first time in two years, reaching Ma:18 Ra:15. MissFit reaches Th: 6 Ma:20 Wa:20 & gets a train. Mystaya reaches Wa: 9 Sh:30. Tynian's busy doing uh, something today. I'm not sure what it was, but it sure involved a lot of announcements. He also posts a note about version 3.127. Rath turns 1000 years old. I post a note about dots on a map. (Get dotted, if you haven't already! :)  The rank listings from this day.

6/28/03 - Ajax levels to 5 cleric. Shushila reaches Wa: 7 Ma: 9. Leland is created. Version 3.126b is checked in.

6/27/03 - Bliss posts a note about the Black Kismet. Istari levels to 14 mage, and without missing a beat Coleman gossips, 'when it's really hot, my driveway istari'. This is followed by Azeworai gossips (in common), 'what i look really really hot in your driveway?'. Istari gossips (in common), 'how did we get on driveways?'. Coleman gossips, 'it's amazing how someone could read that into my statement'. Tynian posts a note about Nevyn songs. Damien is restored. Ink levels thief 3 times, reaching Th: 6 Wa:30 Cl:30. Version 3.126a is checked in.

6/26/03 - Tynian adds news to the tfc homepage and posts a note about version 3.125. Version 3.126 is also checked in. The news thingy is really cool, check it out if you haven't already! :)  Damien levels to 4 cleric. Nightfall reaches Ma:11 Ra:13. Seraph reaches Wa:23 Cl:30. Kerraazzyy is created. (Is that someone imitating me spelling Kerriarai-however-you-spell-it, or someone who's craaazzy?) Ecnelis reaches Wa:19 Th:16 Sh:20. TOST is createad and levels to 5 mage. Nozdormu reaches Wa:19 Cl:20. Clumsyfool turns 1001 years old. Hiro levels to 15 mage. Qeiri hits 600 points on location quest, and moves up from #20 on lqrank to #14. Maynard reaches Cl: 7 Wa:11. Shushila reaches Wa: 6 Ma: 9. Selune reaches Cl:20 Wa:20. There's a big discussion on gossip about pinking.

6/25/03 - Tynian posts a couple of notes about version 3.124. Bol reaches Wa: 7 Cl:10. Ink levels several times, reaching Th: 5 Wa:30 Cl:30. Locke reaches Ma:26 Wa:30. Ebencaleneezer comes up as a mobmhunt mob :P  Tassadar becomes a sociopath.

6/24/03 - Rhina stops by for a long visit! Ratchus completes mobmaster 3 and reaches Bard: 14 9 3. Maynard joins Majere. Adea levels to 5 warrior. Goth reaches Wa:12 Cl:15. Qiki levels to 5 mage. A bardic circle is held, during which Furnock is rejected by Cordir. Atmos reaches Ra: 6 Sh:15. Myre completes mobmasters 31 & 32. Dax levels to 8 shaman. Merrick does some rhyming on gossip. Malakost reaches 11 ordained. Goomba levels to 10 shaman. Dokimion reaches Ma: 6 Wa:13.

6/23/03 - Raszagal duals to mage. Ramza reaches Cl:30 Wa:23 Th:20. Tessa levels to 5 warrior. Katja reaches Wa: 9 Ma: 9. Leif reaches Cl:23 Ra:21 Th:21. Legolas talks on cant. Lucian levels to 15 cleric and then duals to ranger. Linkin reaches Ma:25 Wa:30. Hectorborb levels to 18 shaman. Oook reaches Bard: 27 26 17. Teren passes 400 points on location quest and Qeiri gets close with 396. Zulieka levels to 5 warrior. Garland reaches Th:26 Wa:30 Cl:30. Nozdormu reaches Wa:18 Cl:20. Debonair completes mobmaster 2. Isolas reaches Th:13 Ma:15 Ra:15. Late at night Tokugawa auctions off some nice stuff, including adding +1 to any slot not a light or wwp, which goes for a million. At one point he auctions +3 strength pants, armor class 2 and a someone asks if they are from a kill. Tokugawa says, yes, from an eq swapper, I killed him, ;) and the someone responds Well I don't want blood stained pants (but of course a player was happy to buy them :P)  The rank listings from this day.

6/22/03 - Zip reaches effective 40th by killing Slue! (Or:30 Ma:30, making her the first effective 40th straight magic-user.) Brundlewart joins Majere. Apollo is re-created. Hulwin levels to 5 mage. MissFit reaches Ma:19 Wa:20. Wisteria reaches Ra:16 Ma:16. Majere followers start wildly looking for amulets for some reason. Qeiri hits 373 points on location quest and levels both classes to reach Wa:21 Th:21, getting an extra practice & training session in the process. Graaga levels to 10 ranger. Isolas reaches Ra:15 Ma:15 Th:12. Santiago reaches Wa: 7 Ma:15 Th:10. Qua completes mobmasters 21 thru 24. Darodayos levels to 13 mage. Azreal reaches Ma:15 Wa:16. Tynian posts a note about version 3.123i. DarkClaw reaches 28 ordained and gets a train. Dekuin levels to 21 shaman. Heaven levels to 10 shaman. Abbatoir is created. Natilena spray-paints a ceiling somewhere and spreads glitter-glue in the kitchen while squishing bananas. (Is *that* what ambassadors do these days?)  Ceven joins Kerriariadne. Verilak levels to 9 cleric. Hectorborb levels to 17 shaman. Aurora reaches Ma:20 Wa:10. Grommash has a busy day - he's created, levels to 10 warrior, and joins Katrana. Wentworth levels to 10 warrior. Shaido reaches Wa:24 Ma:22.

6/21/03 - A GT is held in Darien Lakes, NY with Natilena, Skie, Malakost, Dart, Lycron, Garland, Kerriariadne, Belsambar, Tidus & Goth attending. (See some pictures by Natilena, tfc staff photographer.) Lins completes mobmaster 126! Lucian levels to 7 cleric and joins Majere. Milena reaches Th: 8 Wa:10 Ma:10. Bilk levels to 8 warrior. Gleep posts a note to European tfcers. Sicarian gossips (in common), 'Why's everyone keep checkin' my health?'. Tirpitz gossips (in common), 'you look sickly?'. Dreck joins Triston. Xander levels to 22 shaman. Scave reaches Wa:14 Sh:15. Tessa is created. Heaven joins Clue.

6/20/03 - Naralas levels to 9 cleric. Uginn reaches Wa:12 Ma:13. Ernoy levels to 10 cleric. Tidus reaches Th:15 Wa: 9 Sh:15. ### [Schwartz says (in common), 'and i know the oldbies could use the info'] (What info?! I'm an oldbie, tell me! :)  Azual reaches Wa:23 Cl:22. Roen reaches Ra:19 Cl:30. Branta reaches Sh: 2 Wa:15. Milena reaches Th: 7 Wa:10 Ma:10. Adena is created. Teluin gossips (in common), 'any girl that carries a shot gun has my heart'. Debruin is created and levels to 5 cleric. Tamar turns 1500 years old, having spent just under 1250 of them as an immortal.

6/19/03 - Lins completes mobmaster 125! (an enormous octopus) Bevier reaches Wa: 9 Cl:14 and gets an extra practice. Branta levels to 15 warrior. Hiro levels to 10 mage. Leif reaches Th:21 Ra:21 Cl:21. Isolas joins Cordir. Mordith yells (in common), 'the players behind the characters have gone MAD!'. Aiken reaches Th:29 Ra:30 Ma:30. Istari levels to 10 mage. Saithien joins Coleman. Dekuin levels to 19 shaman. Ratchus reaches Bard: 13 9 2. Teluin levels to 23 shaman. Kirby is created. Oook reaches Bard: 26 26 17. Korran reaches Ma:26 Ra:25 Th:25. Agirik reaches Sh:15 Wa:10. Schwartz gossips (in common), 'we have a lost immortal looking for his parents at the courtesy desk'. (Wonder who it was?) The wizlist from this day.

6/18/03 - Whitehawk is promoted to Attendant of Bliss! Azeworai reaches Wa:29 Ma:25, and gets 20hp and a train! Tuck reaches Ra:17 Ma:20. Azreak reaches Ma:13 Wa:16. Malakost reaches 10 ordained. Wentworth is created. Mammon levels to 11 mage and duals to warrior. Wylin holds a few "find Wylin" games, offering (what else?) beers as prizes. Hiro levels to 9 mage. Grale reaches Th:18 Ra:30 Ma:30. Malakost finds a pair of 5mr boots (marked) just laying at the pit. Darodayos levels to 11 mage. Teluin completes mobmasters 25 thru 29. Valgar reaches Sh:27 Ra:30. The Pax Nocturnus alliance is dissolved. A few of the rank listings from this day.

6/17/03 - Natilena is promoted to Ambassador! (oh my god, no more info3's from her, *sob* But gratz!). Vorax retires. Lins completes mobmasters 123 & 124 (the chambered nautilus & the dullahan). Slath levels to 5 cleric. Stolz reaches Wa:10 Cl:15. Oook reaches Bard: 26 25 17 and completes mobmasters 40 thru 42. Serenity levels to 20 ranger. Sland reaches Cl:17 Th:10 Wa:12. Armalag auctions (in common), 'wanted simple ring, will follow god in trade.'. Skie posts a GT reminder about the upcoming NY GT. Leif completes mobmaster 50 and levels twice to reach Th:20 Ra:21 Cl:21. Ratchus reaches Bard: 12 8 2. Pez, Sybill, Serenity, & Hiro, Clumsyfool & Schwartz join Coleman. Xander levels to 21 shaman. Gulotor reaches Wa:20 Cl:20. Armalag reaches Th:14 Wa:30 Cl:30. Qeiri hits 222 points on location quest. Valin reaches Wa:28 Th:20 Ma:22. Goomba levels to 5 shaman. Tidus reaches Th:13 Wa: 9 Sh:15. Tynian posts a note about version 3.123f. Coleman's temple is installed. Turek levels to 10 warrior. Lycron reaches Wa:24 Sh:22. Hectorborb (Master Borbite, Keeper of Nachos) levels to 14 shaman. Mammon joins Majere. Slue does a strange version of the hokey pokey. Lins posts a note about the dullahan.

6/16/03 - Coleman is promoted to Demigod! He re-starts Mirth, but this time around it's a Chaotic Neutral Sword following. His initial finfo reads, "Having honed his Mirth during years of absence from the Realm, Coleman has returned to once again cultivate a following. Followers should bring with them a sharp tongue, an enduring sense of humor, a knack for creativity, and a strong sense of camaraderie. A Pointed Wit is the weapon of choice, and the unprovoked PK is, with few exceptions, not a part of the Mirthite's arsenal. The relationships developed with others are not constrained by the concepts of Good or Evil. Instead we follow few laws outside our own, aid those that deserve our assistance, and torment the rest. Ask Coleman or a follower for more information if you are interested." His first follower is a tie between Belsambar in actuality and Schwartz in spirit. Shortly after that, Wylin is promoted to Ambassador! Valgar reaches Ra:30 Sh:26. Gdelf reaches Th:21 Ra:30 Ma:30. Zeluin levels to 5 shaman. Tressa is created. Lins completes mobmaster 122 (the spirit of the dead). Tidus reaches Th:11 Wa: 9 Sh:15. Ptarchyzk reaches Th:30 Wa:26. Atmos levels to 15 shaman. Khore posts "Ehdawuin" to the tfc forums. Spasm joins Katrana. Oook reaches Bard: 25 24 16. Myre reaches Ma:17 Th:16 Wa:17. Orthos levels to 10 cleric. A who list from this day.

6/15/03 - Teluin completes mobmasters 19 thru 24. Aldursil levels to 8 mage. Tairee reaches Th: 2 Ma:11 Wa:15. Wylin gossips (in common), 'If I get sunburnt while fishing and drinking beer in a boat, is that Tiax's fault?'. Qeiri passes 200 points on location quest. Hectorborb levels to 12 shaman. Augustine reaches Cl:20 Wa:15. Malakost reaches 8 ordained. And winning the TMI award of the day is...Malathreal with his gossip of 'I Just Dropped my breeches'. Pygmy posts a small poem to the tfc forums.

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