a 2002 tfc timeline
(from 10/20/02 to 7/21/02, with most recent stuff first)

Send me whatever you'd like to see on this timeline, it's open to everyone. Thanks a bunch to Tokugawa, Bliss & Vorax, among others, who keep me up to date on the daily stuff that happens so i can do this thing. To make sure you're viewing the most recent version of the page in Internet Explorer hit CTRL and F5 at the same time on your keyboard (thanks Tiax).

10/20/02 - Minian joins Xavier. Fobro does his first location quest. Cordir holds a difficult quest on mud knowledge, and Whoz is the winner (with 36 out of 50 correct). Gytar came in 2nd with 28, and Natilena 3rd with 16. Lyger completes mobmaster 5. Draga joins Vorax. Mandrake "heriocally rescued Duvels lonely corpse from the third floor of masters". Stolz levels to 15 cleric and duals to warrior. Quarnel hits the 7000 point mark on location quest. Phantasm completes mobmaster 10. Rolken levels several times, reaching Ra:13 Ma:17. Mistyfier reaches Cl:16 Wa:12. Lomu completes mobmaster 15. Toke reaches Cl:24 Wa:18. Lins gossips (in common), '### Satan has quit.' Cordir gossips, 'He was assisted with a boot in the butt on the way out. :-)'. Cynder gets a location quest while in the middle of a pk attempt. (Was she the intended pker, or the pkeee, I wonder?)

10/19/02 - Lorax completes mobmasters 85 thru 87. Mordith leaves the Conclave. Tamar announces a Halloween contest. Raiko duals to ranger. Whitehawk stops by for a visit :)  Malakost completes mobmaster 66. Lyger duals to warrior and levels to 15 shaman. Heffor levels to 5 warrior. Zoltar is created. Slim completes mobmaster 15, among others. Rolken reaches Ra: 9 Ma:17. Yoda reaches Wa:14 Sh:16. Turalurayay completes mobmaster 35 and reaches Wa:20 Sh:30. Cordir holds a quick trivia contest, and Pol is the winner. Toke completes mobmaster 23 (a female ent).

10/18/02 - Tokugawa posts a note announcing an upcoming temple area addition. A whole ton of people join Artanis. Kaleyah completes mobmasters 46 & 47. Wylin completes mobmasters 75 thru 80 (Kyb Keyotay, the mayor, the guildmaster, the gnarled warrior, the Master Cleric, & Trelestine). Gwyrdain reaches Ra:12 Ma:16 Th:11. Kleitor reaches Sh:15 Wa: 9. Toke completes mobmaster 20. Tulkas is created and levels to 5 cleric. Ripper reaches Th:20 Ra:23 Ma:21. Sylarn the "rainbow skittle" reaches 12 ordained. Traume reaches Wa:19 Ma:22.

10/17/02 - Talyn gossips (in common), 'My butt jiggles'. TMI?  Kinky completes mobmaster 35. Mystronomius duals to ranger. Glumflor completes mobmaster 15. Auron levels to 12 cleric. Morgant reaches Wa:14 Cl:15. Sylarn completes mobmasters 66 thru 71. Jonah's re-created! (at least, I think it's the same Jonah :)  Phooey reaches Wa:17 Th:14 Ma:18. Wish reaches Th: 3 Ma:30 Wa:30. Neodis adds the TFC Calendar to his site. Turalurayay joins Clue.

10/16/02 - Heartsbane does some impromptu rhyming on gossip. Lomu hits 50 points on location quest. Prile joins Solanthas. Lanfear completes mobmaster 88. Drizzt triples to thief. William does his first mobmaster. Essendil levels to 5 mage. Belial reaches Th:20 Ra:30 Ma:25. Blacky completes mobmasters 73 thru 75 (War'loov, the Supreme Warrior, & the Master Mage). Mystical reaches Th: 5 Ra:30 Cl:30. Morhaven reaches Cl:15 Ra:11. Sylarn completes mobmaster 65 and reaches 9 ordained. Heury reaches Wa:17 Sh:21. Tylorn's baaaack. Cordir runs a couple games of "immortal teleport". Wunk completes mobmaster 42 (a zombie).

10/15/02 - Chaar duals to warrior. Blacky completes mobmasters 71 & 72. Mithras reaches Cl:20 Wa:15. Kelladorn reaches Cl:14 Ra:12. Uriel completes mobmaster 66 and reaches Wa:29 Sh:26 Th:20. Jinn reaches Wa: 5 Ma:15. Natilena reaches Th:28 Ra:30 Ma:30. Albert completes mobmaster 15 and reaches Wa: 5 Th: 9 Ma:10.

10/14/02 - Wistom fears a god+! (Is he that scary? :P) Blacky completes mobmasters 68 thru 70 (a guildmaster, a guildmaster, and the centaur smith). Armalag reaches Th:5 Wa:30 Cl:30 and even gets 2hp ;)  Wylin completes mobmaster 74. Kodak joins Xavier. Kerson passes the 2800 mark on location quest. Toke completes mobmasters 10-16. Mystical reaches effective 40th! (Ra:30 Cl:30) and then triples to thief. Aerith levels to 5 cleric. Talyn completes mobmaster 60 and reaches Wa:12 Cl:30. Dekar completes mobmaster 30. Auroc reaches Ra:10 Ma:15. Glumflor levels to 10 cleric. Telamon is re-created. Shon completes mobmaster 80 (the Master Warrior). Stolz joins Artanis. Hummer levels to 20 warrior. Lictilon reaches Wa:28 Th:20 Ma:25. Wistom reaches Th:17 Sh:30 Wa:24. Phantasm levels to 15 thief. Carrie completes mobmaster 17 (a young duergar).

10/13/02 - Kinky joins Clue and does her first location quest. Wish reaches Th: 2 Ma:30 Wa:30. Mistyfier levels twice, reaching Cl: 8 Wa:12. Chaar levels to 10 mage. Kelladorn reaches Ra:12 Cl:12. Mordith completes mobmasters 95 thru 99 (Jair the Librarian, Grandma Schon, the Magistrate, Borlan, & Captain Niall). Vampris joins Cordir. Weezer triples to thief (at effective 40, ouch). Elysa levels to 5 cleric. Rolken reaches Ra: 5 Ma:17. Borok levels to 21 warrior. Veronica reaches Ma:11 Ra:11. Lycron reaches Sh:17 Wa:16 and completes mobmaster 30. Dekar reaches Wa:21 Cl:30. Mavourneen reaches Ma:15 Ra:15. Mystical completes mobmaster 57. Pardoquilian reaches Th: 8 Wa:22 Sh:22.

10/12/02 - Patton completes mobmaster 17 & 18 and reaches Ra: 9 Cl:13. Kodak duals to shaman. Sylarn completes mobmaster 63 and reaches 7 ordained. Talyn has a little experience. Drizzt completes mobmaster 24. Neodis reaches Ma:18 Ra:16. Zer levels to 5 cleric. Niralith reaches Ma:15 Wa:11. Yoda completes mobmaster 15. Merkderk reaches Th:15 Cl:20 Wa:20. Zip reaches 12 ordained. Neodis gossips (in common), 'Okay TFC, I'm holding a quest right now! First person who give me a health ammy wins.'. (No one won, can you imagine that?)

10/11/02 - Tolken is created. Joey Bladebane completes mobmasters 54 through 57 (Ogra, a mercenary guard, an old centaur, & Lt. Oukri) and reaches Ma:28 Wa:30 Th:20. Vampris levels to 11 mage. Lomu reaches Wa:15 Cl:17. A couple of notes are posted about and by Rolken that crack me up. Pol reaches 14 ordained. Jax levels to 10 warrior. Sylarn completes mobmasters 61 & 62. Quaysh levels to 5 cleric. The rank lists from this day.

10/10/02 - Skie completes mobmaster 20. Mystical reaches Ra:28 Cl:30 and completes mobmasters 52 thru 55. Pymlithe is created. Niralith reaches Ma:10 Wa:11. Tayln reaches Wa: 8 Cl:30. He was also killed today due and did his on corpse retrieval. Martyr levels to 23 warrior. Sylt completes mobmaster 65. Mistyfier reaches Cl: 4 Wa:12. Seraph levels to 6 warrior. Merkderk completes mobmasters 26, 27 & 28. Solaron gossips (in common), 'Take it from me, I'm a sponge. '. Darkblade levels to 5 mage. Ambrose reaches Ra:13 Ma:15 and gets a train. Wylin completes mobmaster 72 (a centaur hunter). Kelladorn reaches Ra: 7 Cl:12. Toni reaches Ma:11 Ra:11.

10/9/02 - Kerson hits 2740 points on location quest. Mavourneen reaches Ma:14 Ra:15. Skares reaches Sh:12 Wa:10. Cynder completes mobmasters 25 (Beata) & 26 (a guardian ant). Grathuk levels to 10 mage and gets a train. Tynian cancels the upcoming PK contests due to "lack of player interest". Kenlo completes mobmaster 30.

10/8/02 - Neodis frees Elektra of a curse. Clarice levels to 11 mage duals to warrior. Natilena completes mobmaster 66. Riverwind reaches Ma: 3 Ra:11. Albert reaches Wa: 3 Th: 9 Ma:10. Derth completes mobmaster 54. Mystical reaches Ra:27 Cl:30.

10/7/02 - Mistyfier and Fobro join Clue. Skares reaches Sh:11 Wa:10. Slim reaches Wa:16 Ma:18. Vex completes mobmaster 99. Tori levels to 5 mage. Pol reaches 13 ordained. Melkor reaches Wa:17 Sh:23. Thingone gossips (in common), 'i'm just a big teddy bear'. Manchild joins Solanthas.

10/6/02 - Natilena hits the TEN THOUSAND point mark on location quest, and posts a note about retiring from it. Flynn levels to 5 mage. Vex completes mobmasters 97 & 98 (Borlan & the Magistrate). Auron levels to 11 cleric. Katzhai reaches Cl:16 Ra:15. Indiga completes mobmaster 76 & 77. Armalag reaches Th:4 Wa:30 Cl:30. ### Lexie tells Clumsyfool, 'Spank me baby'] Rolken joins Clue. Grathuk levels to 7 mage. Talyn reaches Wa: 4 Cl:30. Thingone reaches 26 ordained.

10/5/02 - Tynian holds the first-ever tfc pk contest! Critical reaches Cl:19 Wa:15. Riella reaches Ma:22 Ra:20. Daelix joins Xavier. Skares reaches Wa:10 Sh:10. Merkderk reaches Cl:20 Th:12 Wa:15. Tynian joins Mordith's group. Tynian posts a note about an upcoming cleric pk contest and an upcoming sub-30 pk contest. Glumflor joins Artanis.

10/4/02 - Draven joins Artanis. Mnaramenth completes mobmaster 39 and reaches Wa:15 Cl:15. Raage reaches Wa:16 Cl:16. Gytar posts a note about his bard quest. Auron levels to 5 cleric. Spyder reaches Th:12 Ma:18 Wa:17. Mystical completes mobmaster 44. Spidius levels to 5 thief. Lycron reaches Wa:16 Sh:13. Kenlo reaches Cl:24 Wa:15. Traume reaches Ma:22 Wa:16.

10/3/02 - Maimer posts an idea on character separation which sparks a lot of discussion. Maeron reaches Ra:15 Cl:17. Gwyrdain reaches Th: 8 Ra:11 Ma:10. Tara completes mobmaster 13 (the great bat). Quarnel hits the 6500 point mark on location quest. Asmodeus is created. Mithras reaches Wa:15 Cl:16 and completes mobmaster 1.

10/2/02 - Natilena passes the 9500 mark on location quest and reaches Th:26 Ra:30 Ma:30. Mordith completes mobmaster 94. Null reaches Ra:11 Ma:11. Rolken levels to 9 mage. Terlyn levels to 5 cleric. Grale completes mobmaster 69. Lycron reaches Wa:14 Sh:13. Wylin reaches 25 ordained. Hummer levels to 15 warrior. The rank listings and wizlist from this day.

10/1/02 - Rubicant kills Slue to reach effective 50th! (Ma:30 Wa:30 Th:30). Icarus deletes himself. Malathreal joins Myronides. Warinderin duals to warrior. Sylt completes mobmasters 62 & 63. Ripper reaches Ma:21 Ra:23 Th:18. Zyclon reaches Ra: 7 Ma:11. Azeworai completes mobmaster 44. Finache reaches Wa:13 Ma: 9.

9/30/02 - Bhaal reaches Cl: 7 Wa:12. Gulsen levels to 8 warrior. Azeworai reaches Th:2 Ma:30 Wa:19. Riverwind duals to mage. Koopa levels to 5 mage. FastQ goes down for several hours, making the mud unreachable. Then for a brief time period only people going  from FastQ to FastQ can get on the mud, making it a rather quiet place :P

9/29/02 - Tynian posts a note about version 3.107, which among other things changes the neutral alignment somewhat. He also announces an upcoming team pk contest. Finache reaches Wa: 8 Ma: 9 and joins Kerriariadne. Sicarian hits the 1000 point mark on location quest! Aerios completes mobmaster 26. Boromir reaches Ma:23 Ra:24 Th:21. (How'd he do that in the guild?) Wersion levels to 5 mage. Cordir posts a note about cat and mouse games. Scelus completes mobmaster 37. Legolas gossips (in common), 'i'd like my burp socials to be heard by the entire zone'. Corri (wow) reaches Ma:24 Ra:24. Kenlo reaches Cl:21 Wa:15. Tamar accidentally transfers everyone on the mud to Mish, which has people a little, uh, surprised. Ananasi reaches Th:28 Ra:27 Ma:28. Indiga completes mobmaster 76 (Guido). Malakost reaches Ma:25 Wa:30.

9/28/02 - There's a big discussion on gossip about what people think about alignments, including the idea of removing them altogether. Twelf reaches Ma:15 Wa:10. Ripper completes mobmasters 56 & 57. Persephone reaches Cl:12 Wa:15. That reaches Cl:25 Ra:23, completes mobmaster 36, and does his first location quest. Marcus levels to 5 warrior. Zyclon duals to ranger. Drakar reaches Ra:25 Cl:25 Th:20. Natilena reaches Ma:30 Th:25 Ra:30 (five more to go!). Traume completes mobmaster 35. Cynder reaches Cl:28 Wa:15. Deylann levels to 5 ranger. Arianas posts a note about an upcoming Kansas City GT.

9/27/02 - Mordith completes mobmaster 93. Credillika and Ariacus join Xavier. Sarik levels to 10 shaman. Debonair reaches Sh:20 Ra:11. Ripper completes mobmaster 55. Mystical reaches Cl:29 Ra:25. Drakar completes mobmaster 67. Sicarian reaches Th:23 Ra:30 Cl:30. Lycron completes mobmaster 25. Icarus reaches Ma:18 Th:15 Ra: 9. Thyme levels to 5 mage.

9/26/02 - Gytar completes mobmaster 104! (the Magistrate). Natilena hits 9062 points total on location quest. Tynian posts a thank you note. Borok and Kenlo both complete mobmaster 10. Trithasyle levels to 5 shaman. Toni reaches Ma:10 Ra: 9. Wylin completes mobmaster 64. Calh reaches Cl: 7 Wa:11. Wistom starts a sick discussion about crickets on gossip, which I can't bring myself to put here :P Shrike reaches Cl: 7 Wa:10. Sicarian completes mobmaster 79 (the Master Mage). Terenas reaches Ra:22 Ma:24. Odd items like "a pair of chain mail skirt" start showing up.

9/25/02 - Xavier's temple is installed. ### [Salomar tells Kerson (in elven), 'I neglect my woman, I don't have a social life, and I don't know what nature is'] Sicarian reaches Th:22 Ra:30 Cl:30 as he completes mobmaster 77 (a Triton warrior). Havoc (a Mayhem follower) levels to 5 cleric. Phooey reaches Wa:13 Th:14 Ma:18. Neodis posts "Depression". Uriel completes mobmaster 62. Auroc levels to 15 mage. Quinnthallis levels to 5 elf. Gwyrdain reaches Ma: 8 Ra:11. Tentre levels to 10 warrior. Cordir holds a teleport game. Belsambar gossips (in common), 'not that I personally use a harness, but some do...'. (I don't think I want to ask what prompted this :P)

9/24/02 - Zarous is re-retired for a little while, and then becomes attendant of Bliss shortly afterwards. Both Tynian and Zarous post some notes about it. Kerson hits 2000 points on location quest! Aster completes mobmasters 68 & 69. Maeron reaches Cl:15 Ra:13. Debonair reaches Sh:19 Ra:11. Avior levels to 5 cleric. Malakost completes mobmaster 59. Wish does his first location quest. Herb reaches Wa:11 Cl:15.

9/23/02 - Tynian goes thru and fixes a TON of bugs (yay Tynian!), and posts a gigantic note about it in version 3.106d. Xstatic levels to 5 warrior. Lexie completes mobmasters 93 thru 96 (divine thief, Slue, Amirth & Scriem). Merkderk reaches Cl:14 Th:12 Wa:15. A wizlist from this day. Natilena hits 8500 points on location quest. Terenas reaches Ma:24 Ra:20 and then switches to ranger and reaches Ra:21 Ma:24. Ishamael levels to 5 mage. People start playing around with meteor swarm, now that it no longer gives multi-kill debt. Orpik leaves Molo and joins Xavier.

9/22/02 - Adso is re-retired. Okk posts some "Poa tree". Cynder completes mobmaster 20. Bashur levels twice, to 25 warrior. Furnock reaches Wa:21 Th:20 Ma:20. Cordir puts together two quests with a title to match, and the winners are Mordith (high line) and Sharn (low line). Sakyra reaches Wa:24 Th:22 Ma:22. Azerael levels to 5 thief. Dekar reaches Cl:30 Wa:15. Garath gossips (in common), 'What are these wampires?'. Lycron gossips (in common), 'Guild pimps?'. Duvel gossips (in common), 'a sign that khore's still active, I guess :)' Lycron gossips (in common), 'Or they could just be guild pimps :-P'. Alex reaches Ma:27 Wa:30 Th:20. Wiggly...I mean, Iggwilv reaches Ma:20 Ra:20. Zim joins Clue. Gwyrdain reaches Ma: 4 Ra:11. Pathos and Torq are created.

9/21/02 - Xavier is promoted to Demigod! He starts the Order of the Draoi, a lawful neutral sword following. His initial following description is, "The Draoi, or Druids, are an order of nature lovers, or nature users. Worshippers of the Order can choose a pathway of either ritual (Bards) or combat (Ovates) Embracing the laws of the Order and those of Tynian, the Draoi attach to no other codes of Ethics, each follows the spirit within. Through shifting alliances, and uncertain allegiances the Draoi maintain a precarious precipace, one of neutrality via equillibrium. The Draoi choose to attack Evil and Good with little discrimination based on alignment, for their take on neutrality is color blindness. Functioning as a cult, there is little room for individuality. The Order functions by selfless devotion to the path of the following, nothing else comes close, nothing else compares." Morphius duals to thief. Dasehra completes mobmaster 35. Neodis reaches Ra:16 Ma:15. Kirith reaches Bard: 9 7 2. Brundlewart reaches Wa:17 Cl:20. Traume completes mobmaster 32. Lomu reaches Cl:10 Wa:14. Melkor reaches Sh:22 Wa:15. Lexie cants, 'where I am, celibacy is uninvited'. Tynian posts a note warning about equipment duplication.

9/20/02 - Kardres duals to shaman. Grale reaches Th: 2 Ma:30 Ra:30. Lycron reaches Wa: 9 Sh:13 and completes mobmaster 20. Kay reaches 7 ordained. Traume completes mobmaster 30. Lyger joins Kerriariadne. Oschean levels to 5 ranger. Pardoquilian reaches Th: 7 Wa:22 Sh:22. Clytemnestra completes mobmaster 29. Quick reaches Ma:10 Th:11. Skares levels to 10 shaman. Pol reaches 7 ordained. Bliss starts to put together an impromptu Pet GT, but is thwarted at the last minute...

9/19/02 - Bliss' office is installed. Maeron reaches Cl:13 Ra: 9. A wizlist and the rank listings from this day. Drakar completes mobmaster 64. Kentesk reaches Sh:19 Wa:15. Saltine levels to 12 thief. Blacky reaches Wa:26 Cl:26.

9/18/02 - Mordith completes mobmaster 90. Genious duals to mage. Joey reaches Wa:25 Ma:24 Th:20. Kerson passes the 1500 point mark on location quest. Lanfear, Snarf & Gytar do a corpse retrieval for Garath in the Strands of Matter. Stalkr completes mobmaster 15. Drakar reaches Cl:25 Ra:23 Th:20. Selune levels to 13 cleric. Traume completes mobmaster 28. Drizzt reaches Ra:13 Ma:15. Svade levels to 15 shaman. Wunk completes mobmaster 31 (a witch). Kaern auctions (in common), '(Artifact Magic) a Major Amulet of True Seeing with light blue polka dots and bunny ears'. Riverwind does their first location quest. Belsambar reaches Ra:24 Ma:20, which apparently makes Lexie REALLY happy since she can now "stalk" him. Garath complets mobmasters 7 (a goblin warrior) and 8 (a mugger).

9/17/02 - DragonBane reaches Th:11 Ma:15 Ra:12. Katzhai completes mobmaster 10. Gytar announces a bard quest and completes mobmaster 102 (the Magistrate). Azeworai (a Bliss follower) meteor swarms the temple area, and Blacky (another Bliss follower) suicides on it over and over again in it to give debt, thinking it's someone else's swarm. (As in, 17 times...ouch.) I hope he makes it up to Azeworai somehow :P  Drizzt completes mobmaster 21. Clytemnestra completes mobmaster 23. Keller posts a note on metal eq. Genious is created. Maeron reaches Ra: 9 Cl: 9. Sicarian completes mobmaster 71.

9/16/02 - Gytar completes mobmaster 101 (the Magistrate). Gabriel publicly gives his word that he won't harm another Fate. Orbit joins Plato. Maimer posts a note on metal armor in response to Rath's idea. Clarice levels to 8 mage. Belial reaches Th: 3 Ra:25 Ma:25. Maeron reaches Ra: 5 Cl: 9. Ramza completes mobmaster 35. Jarid joins Artanis. Keirdan reaches Wa:11 Cl:15.

9/15/02 - Katrana is promoted to Ambassador! Gytar completes mobmaster 100 (the Clerk). Shon reaches effective 50th! (Th:30 Ra:30 Sh:30). Gavin retires. Natilena breaks the 8000 point mark on location quest. Tamar auctions a restring for the most entertaining bid, which is won by Ananasi. Legolas turns 1000 years old. Dasehra posts a note thanking Unity for help with a corpse retrieval. Calh joins Bliss. Kerson reaches 23 ordained. Paython reaches Th:10 Wa:30 Cl:30. Nigel is recreated. Illidan levels to 5 cleric.

9/14/02 - Neodis is hunted by a hairy spider that that took a dislike to his anti-spider attitude. Grale triples to thief at level 40 (ouch). Petunia reaches Sh:13 Wa:10. Taimalg reaches Wa: 5 Cl:11. Lexie completes mobmaster 92 (Jair the Librarian). Katja reaches Wa: 4 Ma: 9 and gets a train. Auroc levels to 7 mage. Shon completes mobmaster 67 (the priestess). Keller reaches Cl:26 Wa:25. Maimer gossips (in common), 'i never eat at keyboard, crumbs might get in the way of my superior pk skills'. Wunk completes mobmaster 27. Sicarian reaches Th:20 Ra:30 Cl:30. Zorn levels to 5 warrior.

9/13/02 - Tassadar completes mobmaster 65. Merkderk reaches Wa:13 Th:12 Cl:12. Casius levels to 5 shaman. Something is created. Tel turns 3000 hours old. Sedona reaches Cl:19 Wa:15. Morhaven reaches Cl:14 Ra:11. Aviendha levels several times, reaching Bard: 10 8 3. Cleo joins Clue.

9/12/02 - Valas reaches effective 40th! (Ra:30 Cl:30). Wunk completes mobmaster 23. Natilena reaches Ra:30 Th:25 Ma:28. Shrike levels to 9 warrior. Thargor continues his quest to convince Honey to marry him, offering to have Lisa, Tawny and Anathea be bridesmaids. Ayesha is created. Soloman completes mobmaster 18. Mavourneen reaches Ra: 6 Ma: 9. Herb is mistaken for an angry seagull. Admire announces that he needs 78613 exp for level 14. Ramza joins Cordir. Aviendha reaches Bard: 9 7 2. Xenos levels to 5 warrior.

9/11/02 - Some notes are posted out of respect for the anniversary of September 11th. Pol is ordained "Borean Court Mage" by Tel! Wunk completes mobmaster 20. Rydell is created. Kay and Sylarn each reach 3 ordained. Keirdan reaches Wa:10 Cl:15. Avelyn levels to 15 cleric. Melisa joins Myronides. Mystical completes mobmaster 40. Kleitor reaches Wa: 6 Sh: 9. Twelf reaches Wa: 5 Ma: 9. Rydell levels to 5 shaman. Khore challenges the elven people to choose a champion for a battle of wits against Katrana, and offers a prize of 100,000 coins to the winner. Abe acts as champion, even tho he's not an elf. Here's how it turned out.

9/10/02 - Maurice (a former implementor) stops in to check on old times as MauriceJr and gets a guided tour of the mud, including a visit to his former office, the Garden of Black Roses. He's also surprised to find that his Ghost Town zone is still here. Aster completes mobmaster 63. Marius reaches Cl:20 Wa:15. Garath reaches Sh:16 Wa:15. Threb reaches Cl: 9 Wa:12. Natilena passes the 7600 mark on location quest. Jasper duals to warrior. Cordir posts a note about her website. Sylarn is ordained "Jester" by Artanis! Hummer levels to 14 warrior. Phooey reaches Th:12 Wa:11 Ma:18. Martyr levels to 18 warrior. Scelus completes mobmasters 31 & 32. Keat declares that he's going to kill Ladislaw over and over again til he logs off (sob), but then discovers that "someone made ladislaw big" - a DEATH mob. (*cheer* someone!) Kantor has some trouble doing a corpse retrieval, which turns into a strange discussion.

9/9/02 - Molo and Gavin's followings both go to Cult status. Achilleus completes mobmaster 25 (a guard). Mavourneen levels a few times, to 7 mage. Kay reaches 2 ordained. Tamar asks for a volunteer to "probably die" and is innundated wtih volunteers. (Kinda makes you wonder...) Debonair reaches Sh:10 Ra:11. Silvanus retires from TFC. Kentesk reaches Wa: 9 Sh:15. Lyger is created. Selune levels to 9 cleric.

9/8/02 - Kay is ordained "Samurai ELF" by Myronides! Pendrell reaches reaches Wa:29 Sh:30. Garath reaches Wa:14 Sh:15. Lucca levels to 5 thief. Tweedle reaches Cl:22 Wa:21. Albert does his first location quest. A who list from this day. Krule, Archaon and Palila join Artanis.

9/7/02 - Pendrell completes mobmasters 33 thru 38. Thaonner levels to 15 mage and duals to warrior. Zip reaches 9 ordained. Sakyra reaches Th:21 Wa:21 Ma:21. Thargor gossips (in common), 'I Eviscerated a hen and got 0 xp. Shouldn't I get something for plucking chicken?'. Thargor levels to 11 ranger. Taimalg levels to 9 cleric. Aravan reaches Th:14 Ra:11 Cl:17. Blacky reaches Wa:23 Cl:26. Eamon levels to 19 shaman. Taimalg joins Solanthas.

9/6/02 - Keller reaches Wa:24 Cl:25. Myre reaches Wa: 8 Ma:12. Veronica and Garithil join Clue. Aerios completes mobmaster 21. Palin reaches Th:17 Ma:24 Wa:25. Hummer levels to 12 warrior. Selune levels to 8 cleric. Abe and Mordith do a corpse retrieval for Pardoquilian in demon realm while Lexie, Rubicant & Vex keep the demon population busy. Icarus joins Clue. Lexie cants, 'where is a hairy spider!'. Someone cants, 'your armpit'. Ew :P

9/5/02 - Drago reaches Ma:13 Wa:15 Th:10. Traume completes mobmaster 22. Kaleyah completes mobmaster 42 (the Minister of Heat). Koon joins Clue. Yoda levels to 9 shaman. Liora completes mobmaster 6.

9/4/02 - Clue's temple is installed (although followers can't enter yet). Abe reaches effective 50th! Cordir holds a small calling card inscribing contest. Mirror joins Artanis. Debonair levels many times and then duals, reaching Sh: 5 Ra:11. Raolin levels to 5 cleric. A wizlist and the ranks listings from this day. Arianas triples to warrior.

9/3/02 - Natilena hits the 7000 point mark on location quest, sheesh :) Some notes are posted about the recent GTs. Jacen is created. Ograma levels to 5 warrior. Katja reaches Wa: 2 Ma: 9. Soloman completes mobmaster 14. Thaonner levels to 14 mage. Yoda joins Solanthas.

9/2/02 - See photos from yet another big GT. This one was held in Cincinnati with Mael, Mylo, Sylt, Vex, Agralebean, DuKaron, Solaron, Katrana, Humble, Faile, and Theoden attending. Clue is promoted to Demigoddess! She starts the Fellowship of Lore & Knowledge, a neutral good aligned sword following. Her initial finfo is: "The Seekers of the Fellowship of Lore & Knowledge (FoLK) pursue personal and group growth through adventuring; through exploring and mapping; through helping newbies, allies, and each other, and even through rebirth." Her first follower is Brianna, followed by Clarice. Mylk raches Bard: 21 14 4. Hummer levels to 10 warrior. Critical reaches Cl:14 Wa:15. Roen reaches Cl:19 Ra:15. Aravan reaches Cl:17 Ra:11 Th:11. Brace levels several times, reaching Bard: 13 8 4. Lucretia reaches Th:15 Cl:30 Wa:15. Menion completes mobmaster 1.

9/1/02 - A big GT is held in Chicago with Myronides, Natilena, Boyardee, Solaron, Katrana, Humble, Faille, Plato, Shon, Snappy, Ambrose, Tazz, Wylin, Lorax, Maimer, and Lania attending. See some photos from it :)  Tynian posts a note about version 3.106b. Laeoric levels to 7 cleric. Izual completes mobmaster 29. Icarus triples to ranger. Furious reaches Wa:14 Cl:13. Valas completes mobmaster 72 (Traezt the dragon hunter). Pardoquilian reaches Th: 3 Wa:22 Sh:22. Aerios levels to 19 shaman. Jinn joins Solanthas. Vex starts a hugging contest with Gytar. (Why, I have no idea :P  Maybe it was to celebrate Vex turning 2000 hours old this day.) Sybill reaches Wa:15 Cl:15. Dunestripe reaches Ra:10 Ma:12. Roja reaches Cl:17 Wa:15. Macabee reaches effective 40th (Ma:30 Ra:30) and then is ordained "Crusader" by Solanthas! NeWbIeMaN the Boy is created. Packard completes mobmaster 25. Orrk gets trapped in a no-exit "empty foundation". A who list from this day.

8/31/02 - Tassadar reaches 14 ordained. Sicarian reaches Th:16 Ra:30 Cl:30. Shrike levels to 6 warrior. Solaron notes that entries for the banner contest should be sent to solaron_tfc@yahoo.com. Oswald reaches Cl:22 Wa:23 and completes mobmaster 30. Abe cants, 'How can I be fun? I'm purple! Everybody calls me barney *whine*'. Threb reaches Cl: 4 Wa:12. Kethran completes mobmaster 20. Azweepei reaches Cl:15 Wa:13. Menion is recreated. Pax joins Artanis. Vex reaches 28 ordained. Weobwoiht reaches Cl: 4 Wa:14. Abe reaches Cl:30 Th:28 Ra:30. Neon completes mobmaster 46. Petunia duals to shaman. A wizlist from this day. Artanis' temple is installed, and Bliss' and Tel's are moved to the upper level.

8/30/02 - Tel is promoted to Lesser God! (for the second time)  Zarous is unretired and promoted to Attendant of Cordir! (Does this mean the vikings are back?) A flounder gossips, 'Cause underwater the fish don't stink!'. Gilthaniel reaches Wa:13 Cl:15. Traume reaches Wa:16 Ma:12 and completes mobmaster 20. Karma levels to 5 cleric. Katrana and Solaron get married! Moojee levels to 12 shaman. (I love that name :P) Merkderk reaches Wa: 9 Th:12 Cl:12. The mud's innundated with flowery ogresses, as Tulip and then Petunia the Ogress are created. Mael makes an entrance. DragonBane reaches Th: 9 Ma:15 Ra:12. Kentesk reaches Wa: 2 Sh: 9. Mithras reaches Cl:16 Wa:10. Added several infos to the infos page.

8/29/02 - Vex completes mobmaster 94 (an elite tritan guard) without even using a heal. Nazinthas reaches Ma:29 Th:20 Wa:30. Lanfear reaches 20 ordained. Dimwit levels to 15 cleric. Katrana completes her quest (by dying to Scar) and becomes a Triat Master. Dres reaches 99 points on location quest. Drago completes mobmaster 16. Skie reaches Wa:12 Cl:15. Victor reaches Th: 2 Wa:11 Ma: 9. Hakula duals to ranger and Zeaxz duals to shaman. Hutt completes mobmaster 28. Achilleus reaches Cl:16 Ra:15. Natilena is killed by Scelus (the only person she has ever died to) and she posts a poem called "Winter". Wunk reaches Sh:26 Wa:17 Th:20. Lucretia reaches Cl:30 Th:14 Wa:15. Keat gossips (in common), 'merrick at beach.. dont use mish!!'. Noctus gossips (in common), 'Unless you don't feel like seeing Merrick in his swimsuit'.

8/28/02 - GaNn gossips, 'How bad is my debt?' and shortly afterwards is killed by a Bounty Hunter. (Guess it was bad...) Katrana completes mombasters 45 thru 47. Taelanus levels to 5 warrior. Kerson reaches Or:22 Wa:30 Sh:30. Lanfear reaches 19 ordained and completes mobmaster 71. Drago reaches Wa:15 Ma:10 Th:10. Myronides posts a reminder about the Chicago GT on Sunday. Avelyn levels to 13 cleric. Scelus becomes a sociopath. Traume completes mobmaster 16. Weobwoiht completes his first mobmaster. There is a strange discussion about Ephiny's feet. Kay joins Myronides.

8/27/02 - Kerson hits the 1000 point mark on location quest. Scelus completes mobmaster 13 (a half elf guard). Mario levels to 10 shaman. Dethius reaches Wa:17 Sh:17. Hureck levels to 5 warrior. Cleo completes their first mobmaster. Katzhai reaches Ra:13 Cl:13. Merkderk reaches Wa: 7 Th:12 Cl:12. Weobwoiht duals to cleric. Traume completes mobmaster 14 (a ranger guard).

8/26/02 - Kaern requests a donation. Katrana completes mobmaster 44. Kaleyah reaches Wa:29 Cl:30. Saltine levels to 10 thief. Albert reaches Ma: 5 Th: 9. Paython completes mobmaster 62 (Nemdor). Nero and Kay are created. Neodis posts a huge followup note to his previous one on alignments. Kaern gossips (in common), 'A small rock retrieves a stone club!'. Alex leaves Plato and joins Artanis.

8/25/02 - Artanis is promoted to Demigod! He starts the chaotic neutral sword following of Mayhem, and his first follower is Sylarn. His initial finfo is, "Mayhem is a highly agressive following, intent on slaying all three of the alignments. The disciples of Mayhem thrive on the pain of others, but also enjoy a good practical joke, such as causing chaos, mischief and destruction. For further information on the disciples of Mayhem, please visit: www.cvol.net/mayhem" Blacky reaches Wa:19 Cl:26. Neodis posts a huge note on alignment. Clorox reaches Th: 6 Sh:15. Azreal levels to 12 mage. Tynian posts a note about version 3.106. Achilleus reaches Ra:13 Cl:14. Seth levels to 5 cleric. Abe completes mobmaster 55. A wizlist and the ranks listings from this day.

8/24/02 - Kaern announces an event to celebrate. (Yay, I can finally fix his link! :P) Aiken reaches Ma:29 Th:25 Ra:30. Oswald completes mobmaster 19 (Ofcol cityguard). DragonBane reaches Th: 6 Ma:15 Ra:12. Anuwen levels to 13 mage. "Annoying" is created (hopefully they're not :P) and levels to 5 thief. Crash completes mobmaster 15 (a Delving guard). Solaron announces a banner contest. Dekar reaches Cl:28 Wa:15. Plane completes mobmaster 56. Valas reaches Ra:25 Cl:30. Dethius completes mobmaster 27, reaching Sh:17 Wa:16 at the same time. Kerson posts a note explaining a mud client trigger. Shylock reaches Ma:15 Wa:15 Th:12.

8/23/02 - Vex completes mobmaster 91 (a divine warrior). Aerios levels to 17 shaman. Macabee reaches Ma:29 Ra:25. Melkor reaches Wa:14 Sh:14. Traume completes mobmaster 10 and reaches Wa: 6 Ma:12. DragonBane gossips (in common), 'What level mob is Nevyn?'. Wylin gossips (in common), 'level: acidblast :)'. Lefty levels to 5 thief. Lilian levels 3 times, to 4 ranger.

8/22/02 - Amastacia reaches Cl:13 Wa:11. Svade levels to 7 shaman. Blacky completes mobmasters 48 & 49 (a mad gnome). Strider duals to mage. Dazzle levels to 4 cleric.

8/21/02 - Tweedle levels twice, reaching Wa:19 Cl:20. Mystical completes mobmaster 34 (a killer bee). Asmodeus is created. Gyro reaches Ma: 5 Ra:15. Moiraine reaches Cl:18 Wa:15. Lycron gossips (in common), 'Lycron's soul rift *** MAKESYOUWANTTOLAUGHITSOWIMPY *** you!' Sicarian completes mobmaster 43. Lycron levels to 10 shaman. Jarid reaches Cl:13 Ra: 9. Agralebean completes mobmaster 10 (a giant shaman). Katrana and Solaron get approval to marry. Kaye joins Myronides.

8/20/02 - Cordir posts a note summarizing the quest results. Cygan reaches Wa:16 Cl:16. Zane levels to 20 shaman. A giant penguin groups with DragonBane, following him around the guild for a bit before returning to the icy lands. Later on DragonBane does penguin calls ('Here Penguin Penguin Penguin!') on gossip to try to lure him back. Achilleus reaches Ra:10 Cl:10. Tripletriztz reaches Wa:16 Cl:15. Malice levels to 5 cleric. DragonBane triples to thief. Martyr levels to 10 warrior. DarkClaw reaches Wa:20 Cl:30.

8/19/02 - Groul is created. DragonBane reaches Ra:12 Ma:15. Legolas reaches Ra:29 Ma:25 Th:20. Silvermoon joins Solanthas. Tomato completes mobmaster 5. A newbie named Amulet discovers that people have a hard time looking at him because of his name. Nicolas completes mobmaster 36 (By-Tor). Dekar reaches Cl:27 Wa:15. Bashur levels to 20 warrior. Paython completes mobmaster 61. Uuug levels to 14 warrior. Mylk reaches Bard: 20 12 4. AnZoth levels to 10 ranger. Raile completes mobmaster 39. Cordir's quest ends at midnight this night, and the winners are the Three Ladies (myself, Lexie & Dogdaze) *bounce*

8/18/02 - Cordir starts a combination scavenger/trivia quest. Neysha and Melkor join Kerriariadne. Roen duals to ranger. Bashful completes mobmaster 51. Korran reaches the 100 point mark on location quest, and Natilena hits the 6000 point mark! Brace levels several times to reach Bard: 10 5 4 and completes mobmaster 5. Donuil levels to 5 cleric. Khore eats a pill of "rift rift death" that was cleverly disguised as a chocolate bunny. (Gee, wonder which chocoholic immortal that was really intended for :P) Petey reaches Cl:11 Ra:10. Oook completes mobmaster 35. Sybill reaches Wa:11 Cl:15. Macabee reaches Ma:27 Ra:25. Drizzt completes mobmaster 15. Kerson reaches 21 ordained. Keat completes mobmaster 81 (the master warrior).

8/17/02 - Quarnel reaches the 6000 point mark on location quest! Neodis posts "Revealing Hypocrisy" and Drizzt posts a note about dark elves & drow. Guderian is created. Shon reaches Th:28 Ra:30 Sh:30. Persephone reaches Wa: 5 Cl: 9. Izual completes mobmaster 27. Neysha levels to 12 warrior. Dingbat levels to 25 shaman. Oook reaches Bard: 21 14 4. Quarnel gossips (in ogre), 'it's Giglamesh, the dyslexic battle god!'. Giglamesh gossips (in ogre), 'I AM NOT DYSLEX... YEAH IM NOT!!'. DarkWolf levels to 5 shaman. Raganok completes mobmaster 1. Zane levels to 15 shaman. Saroth reaches Ra:26 Ma:27. Sakyra reaches all 16's (Th:16 Ma:16 Wa:16). Durin gets 22,000 xp in one day, and reaches Cl:26 Wa:24. Aerios gets teleported away from where he's xping to a locked portion of the dungeon under the arena, so recalls, and winds up bad recalling right back to the xp zone. Sicarian completes mobmaster 35. The wizlist and rank listings from this day.

8/16/02 - Myronides holds a quest for his followers, and DragonBane and Natilena are the winners. Aerios levels to 12 shaman. Brace levels several times, reaching Bard: 8 1 1. Nazzuk reaches Cl:15 Wa:15. Oook completes mobmaster 32. Scelus auctions (in common), 'spell score'. Joyjoy auctions (in common), 'S.C.O.R.E'. (Ok, so i'm easily amused :P) Lotus levels to 9 shaman. Pardoquilian reaches Wa:22 Sh:21. Aravan reaches Ra:10 Cl:12 Th:11. Sylt reaches Th:20 Ma:29 Wa:20. Uriel completes mobmasters 58 & 59. Xendryos levels to 5 cleric. Legolas reaches Ra:28 Ma:25 Th:20. Furious reaches Wa:10 Cl:10. Daelin gossips (in common), 'Yesteday I roleplayed being an annoying jerk and pissed a lot of people off'. 'and then I logged onto the mud'.

8/15/02 - At one point during the day, Vex ISN'T online. Mulva completes mobmaster 1. Marth reaches Ma:16 Wa:10 Th:10. Gilthaniel reaches Wa: 4 Cl:11. Mellora levels to 5 cleric. Iggwilv joins Tel. Kerson completes mobmaster 87. Zane levels to 5 shaman. Paython reaches Th: 6 Cl:30 Wa:30 and gossips 'Jesus, not another train'.. Poor thing! :P Shrike levels to 5 warrior. DuKaron completes mobmasters 22 & 23.

8/14/02 - Noctus hits the 2000 point mark on location quest! Kaeru completes mobmaster 11. Mylk the Cow-Bard reaches Bard: 17 11 4. Jacob levels to 5 ranger. Morgant reaches Cl:14 Wa:11. Joyjoy is back, after an extremely long absence. Lapis is created. Wylin completes mobmasters 31 through 34. Sybill reaches Wa: 8 Cl:15. Tyb levels to 5 cleric. (Hi Tyb!) Phrygian reaches Bard: 11 6 3. Pendrell completes mobmaster 31. Abe completes mobmaster 54. Katja duals to warrior. Uriel gossips (in common), 'whats the temperature in the guild like guys?'. Nalor gossips (in common), 'high in the blues today uriel'. Wish I could say the same for the temperature in Arizona! Cordir holds a trivia contest and the winner is Rath, with Wylin coming in second.

8/13/02 - Rhyeth joins Myronides. Tripletriztz reaches Wa:15 Cl:15. Vezti levels to 5 shaman. Zorin is created. Abe completes mobmaster 50. Tweedle reaches Cl:18 Wa:15. Aerios levels to 10 shaman. Cordir posts a note announcing an accord between Dancers and Fate. Nazzuk reaches Cl:13 Wa:15. Lanie levels to 10 shaman. Heury reaches Wa:15 Sh:13. Macabee reaches Ra:25 Ma:25. Kelladorn joins Tripper. Toke reaches Cl:19 Wa:16. Lysanthir auctions (in common), 'Woho I should get a medal. First mage to do id's for a God :)'. Charles reaches Th:15 Wa:30 Sh:30. Qua levels to 15 mage. Gilthaniel duals to warrior. Khazka completes his first mobmaster.

8/12/02 - Clue is promoted to Attendant of Bliss! Zakarious completes mobmaster 46. Aerios levels to 8 shaman. Heury reaches Wa:13 Sh:13. Phooey reaches Th: 5 Wa:11 Ma:18. Zeks completes mobmaster 15 and reaches Wa:22 Cl:30. Merlin levels to 5 mage. Marth reaches Ma:11 Wa:10 Th:10. Abaddon completes mobmaster 49. Tynian responds to Alex's note about his corpse. Aerios joins Athorne. Glathorn completes mobmaster 5. Carrie reaches Ma:12 Th:10 Ra:11. Furious reaches Wa: 7 Cl:10. Lucretia reaches Cl:28 Th:14 Wa:15. Quarnel has scored 11 points on a location quest (5819 points total). Bliss gossips, 'Who ever finds Vex in whozone gets to pick what spell I use on him (Some restrictions do apply)'., but it doesn't quite go as planned since an immortal immediately finds Vex. People are happy to offer icky spells to cast on Vex anyway though. Uriel reaches Sh:23 Wa:26 Th:20. DragonBane levels 3 times, reaching Ma:14 Ra: 9. Antinua joins Myronides.

8/11/02 - Lumpy levels to 21 warrior. Sybill reaches Wa: 6 Cl:15. Qua levels to 13 mage. Achilleus levels to 6 cleric. Alex posts a note about his corpse. Natilena reaches Ra:26 Th:25 Ma:28. Brockman levels to 5 shaman. Neric is created and levels to 5 cleric. Solanthas names Cordir's following an enemy.

8/10/02 - Myronides posts a note about an upcoming Chicago GT. (All these gts! I wanna go! *sniff* Someone take pictures, or better yet, send us plane tickets? :P) Valas completes mobmaster 66. Gyro levels to 7 ranger. Zip is ordained "Witchling" by Bliss! Strad reaches Wa: 6 Sh:10. Weobwoiht levels to 5 warrior. Abe completes mobmaster 47. Isaldor 3. Macabee 23. Tynian posts a note about version 3.105b, which among other things, responds to Valas' idea. Sicarian completes mobmaster 30. Legolas kills Kalena solo. Qua joins Myronides. The ranks listings from this day.

8/9/02 - Solaron posts a note about an upcoming Renfest GT in Cincinnati. Morgant completes mobmasters 13 & 14. Jeff levels to 4 ranger. Calivax reaches Cl: 7 Wa:13.

8/8/02 - Natilena completes mobmaster 58 (Tagi, the superstitious tribal elder) with just 3 ticks left. Glathrorn restarts, and levels to 8 thief. Azweepei reaches Wa: 8 Cl:13. Thyron is created. Oswald becomes a vigilante. A who list from this day, with cracker factory comments.

8/7/02 - Ihsahn completes mobmaster 36. Vash levels to 5 mage. Natilena has scored 12 points on a location quest (5477 points total). Sethvir completes mobmaster 44. Thaonner levels to 7 mage. Drakone duals to thief and reaches Th: 2 Ra: 9. Mylk reaches Bard: 16 10 4 . Oook completes mobmaster 29. Galadadrid completes mobmaster 5. ### [Mael tells Hork (in common), 'I have the world to trade, but nothing to trade for'] (probably that's because he's already got the whole world...)

8/6/02 - Shrike is back! (just smaller). Molo and Gavin go down to Demipower. Damian 10. Strad 10. Drizzt 9. Marckarius completes his first mobmaster. Mercury 11. Pol 18. Stalin levels to 3 cleric. Plane completes mobmaster 55. Pol announces that football season starts in 25 days. (I wouldn't know, I only kick for Penn. -- if this makes no sense to you, ask Pol ;P  Abe reaches Ra:27 Th:26 Cl:26. Vladamir reaches Sh:15 Wa:15. Azilix levels to 6 mage. Taghk duals to ranger and reaches Ra: 3 Ma:16. Aslan reaches 6 ordained.

8/5/02 - Marth is created. Nazzuk reaches Cl:12 Wa:15. Petey reaches Ra: 3 Cl: 9. Drendahar levels to 9 warrior. Gavin announces a window of opportunity. Shon reaches Th:26 Ra:30 Sh:30. Liora reaches Wa: 2 Ma:15. Strider levels to 6 ranger. Vex reaches 23 ordained and completes mobmaster 88. Legolas reaches Ra:27 Ma:25 Th:20. Neon reaches Th:18 Ra:15 Ma:21. Krisok levels to 5 shaman. Drizzt reaches Ra: 8 Ma: 9. Zakarious reaches 8 ordained as he completes mobmaster 41. Oook reaches Bard: 17 12 4. Nazinthas reaches Ma:27 Th:20 Wa:27. Avelyn levels to 10 cleric. Aster completes mobmaster 60. Gilthaniel joins Myronides.

8/4/02 - Tynian posts a note responding to questions about Kain's death. Clytemnestra completes mobmaster 15 (swirling mist). The leveling twins Glyph and Mon reach Th:19 Ra:16 Sh:30 and BOTH get a train. Strad ("The Betrayed Executioner Rises from the Past") and Persephone are created. Otak reaches Wa:18 Cl:18. Crest levels to 5 ranger. Kerson completes mobmaster 85 (Ygren).

8/3/02 - Xixxo reaches Wa: 5 Ma: 9. Cygan reaches Wa:12 Cl:16 and completes mobmaster 24. Azreal levels to 10 mage. Rhialdor is created. Lysanthir reaches Ma:25 Wa:24 Th: 9. Nasr levels to 9 warrior. Izzy reaches 8 ordained, and the 750 point mark on location quest. Drax reaches Wa:11 Cl:11. Darin levels to 5 shaman. ### [Somewhere, Sylarn god I rock] Otak reaches Wa:16 Cl:18. Nazinthas completes mobmaster 26. Kailyal levels shaman 9 times and then duals, reaching Wa: 2 Sh: 9. Nigel reaches Cl:16 Th:10 Wa:10. Liora levels to 15 mage. Gytar completes mobmaster 88.

8/2/02 - TFC goes down for a few hours in preparation for its move, and then it comes up at its new host at mud.finalchallenge.net port 4000. (Sponsored by Fastq - www.fastq.com - Webhosting, Dialup, Broadband, Colocations). Tynian posts a note about appreciation. The Tucson Crew holds a GT in, of all places, Tucson. Scythe levels to 5 cleric. Oswald reaches Cl:21 Wa:23. Scelus reaches Sh:22 Th:15. Bubba levels to 9 shaman. Cygan reaches Wa:12 Cl:16. Sakyra reaches Th: 9 Ma:12 Wa:12. Thaonner is created. Locke joins Solanthas.

8/1/02 - Robert announces an upcoming Dutch GT and Mordith posts a GT survey. Locke levels to 5 mage. Zazzy levels to 5 shaman. Clytemnestra levels to 22 shaman. Pug completes mobmaster 33. Taim dies in DR, and before his corpse can be recovered the mud crashes. Mithras reaches Cl:14 Wa:10. Bubba levels to 8 shaman. ### Jimbob new player. (Maybe he should group with Bubba?) Sicarian completes mobmasters 18 through 22. Xixxo reaches Wa: 4 Ma: 9. DragonBane reaches Ma: 4 Ra: 9. Sorgeneid gets swarmed with bounty hunters as his bounty drops to 680gp. Zahar joins Solanthas. Oook gossips (in common), 'I'm always happy to take a score :)'. Judgement gossips (in common), 'heh, aren't we all'.

7/31/02 - Tynian announces that a new host has been found for TFC, and the mud will move on Friday August 2nd. Sicarian completes mobmaster 10. Drago reaches Wa: 7 Ma:10 Th:10 and completes mobmaster 5. Wylin reaches 16 ordained. Zalti and Katja level to 8 mage. Nasr joins Tel. Katzhai reaches Cl:10 Ra: 9. Ouchohm levels to 15 mage. Nicademus stops by for a visit. Wunk completes mobmaster 1, after failing 5 times. Hutt reaches 17 ordained. Keller and Oook debate the human vs. ogre concepts of morality on gossip, and Oook adds, 'If it weren't for the +int gear I was wearing, I wouldn't even stoop to having this conversation, I fear.'. Cygan completes mobmaster 22. Bubba levels to 5 shaman and joins Bliss. Kerson reaches 19 ordained. Gregar reaches Wa:17 Sh:30. Mylk reaches Bard: 14 9 4.

7/30/02 - Natilena hits the 5000 point mark on location quest! Drizzt reaches Ra: 5 Ma: 9. Goblez levels to 25 warrior. Vladamir reaches Sh:11 Wa:11. Liora levels to 14 mage. "Sabella the damned" posts a note on her status. Sergei reaches Ma: 4 Ra: 9. Kojak is created. Marius reaches Wa:14 Cl:16. Arthur reaches Wa: 4 Cl:12. Grungar gossips (in common), 'forming a group of mid teens, anyone want to join?'. Carrie gossips (in common), 'dont understand'. Wunk gossips (in common), 'they're gonna hang out at the mall'. Roen levels to 12 cleric. Tycho reaches Sh:19 Ra:17. DragonBane deletes himself and restarts again. Wunk reaches Th:19 Wa:17 Sh:21. Scelus reaches Sh:20 Th:15. Katzhai reaches Cl: 9 Ra: 9. Bubba is created. Otak reaches Wa:14 Cl:18.

7/29/02 - The "unkillable" sable dragon is killed! (by Agralebean, Allanon, Aster, Kaltar, Mon, Spell, Teluin, and Vex). Wintermeet Valley (Bliss' new area) is installed, and Oook is the first to find it. Kerriariadne posts the first typo in it! Lysanthir completes his first mobmaster (a flying fish). Tadrith levels to 6 ranger. Iota is created. Roen levels to 10 cleric. Falcor is rejected by Vorax. An area list and the ranks listings from this day.

7/28/02 - Tiax's temple is installed, and he holds an open house. Dragons invade the realm! (log includes some ill-fated sable dragon fights). Anduin, Vex, & Furnock collect the most dragon eggs during the invasion and get a reward, and Vex and Taim kill the last dragon standing. Tamar posts a note about the sable dragon. Quarnel hits 5005 points on location quest, sheesh :)  (He then of course goes on and scores a bunch more.) Lania reaches Cl:16 Wa:15. Sicarian completes mobmaster 8 & 9. Delaonnor levels to 5 cleric. Sergei reaches Ma: 2 Ra: 9, and gossips 'You feel more learned!' 'You feel less influential.' In response, Pol gossips (in common), 'consider yourself lucky....on my last level I got 'You feel insignificant and worthless...why are you even here?"'. Oook completes mobmasters 22 & 23. Avatarr reaches Sh: 2 Wa:11 & dedicates the level to Sicarian for doing a corpse retrieval. Kirith and Aviendha (both bards) join Cordir. Nazinthas completes mobmaster 25. Roen levels to 9 cleric. Awax (who's back after a very long absence) levels to 10 cleric. Nazzuk reaches Cl: 8 Wa:15.

7/27/02 - A wizlist from this day. Tine posts a retirement note. Valas reaches Ra:21 Cl:30. Leif reaches Cl:19 Ra:18 Th:18. Izzy reaches 5 ordained, along with hitting the 500 point mark on location quest. Neon completes mobmaster 34. Tynian holds a auction of +1 stat point to any piece of equipment that has less than +5 in enchantments on them, which Rath buys for 1.3 million gold. Glyph posts a note about gratitude. Threb levels to 10 warrior. Marius reaches Wa:11 Cl:16. Omega levesl to 10 cleric. Frek finds himself in hell, after gossiping, 'seeking damnation for making such a bad remark.'. Macabee reaches Ma:23 Ra:15. Goblez levels to 20 warrior. Sicarian reaches Cl:27 Ra:25 Th:15. Cygan reaches Cl:15 Wa:11. Silence gossips (in common), '*in sign* hearing all these bits of peopels conversations amuses me in ways i cant explain'. (I can explain it, it's called nosiness, and i'm really afflicted myself :P) A who list from this day. Loth and Everard join Myronides.

7/26/02 - Artanis is promoted to Attendant of Solanthas! Xavier is promoted to Attendant of Plato! Drago reaches Th:10 Ma:10 and then triples to warrior. Goblez levels to 19 warrior. Hutt reaches 12 ordained. Cordir posts "What Fate is or is not". Tripper removes Cordir as an ally. Mylk completes mobmaster 1. Clue hits 100 hours as an Ambassador (already). Tynian posts a note about song titles and one about FLIs and Attendants. Izual completes mobmaster 22. Skie levels to 15 cleric. Deadpan levels to 5 ranger. Roja reaches Wa:14 Cl:15.

7/25/02 - Kerson reaches 18 ordained. Amick levels to 5 shaman. Roen levels to 6 cleric and joins Myronides. Lysandred levels to 9 mage. Drax reaches Cl: 7 Wa: 9. Oook completes mobmasters 16-19. Pol reaches Th:11 Ma:15. Tweedle reaches Wa:10 Cl:15. Paladine reaches Cl:15 Wa:12. Nazzuk reaches Cl: 5 Wa:15. Katzhai reaches Cl: 5 Ra: 9. Silence gossips (in common), '*in sign* hey im jealous, what man can compete with a mage that knows the enlarge spell'.

7/24/02 - Vladamir levels to 8 warrior. Tweedle reaches Wa: 8 Cl:15. Gryffen joins Myronides.

7/23/02 - Hutt is ordained "Grub Worm" by Plato. Izzy is ordained "ELF" by Myronides. Ptarchyzk completes mobmaster 44. Sergei is created. Gryffen reaches Cl:14 Th: 9 Ra: 9. Tweedle reaches Wa: 7 Cl:15. Goblez levels to 10 warrior. Plato announces an Chicago GT. Grimace completes mobmaster 40. Sabin levels to 5 cleric. Loto reaches Wa:14 Cl:15. Tycho reaches Sh:17 Ra:11. Silence posts a note about a thieves guild. Silvanus joins Tiax. Tien completes mobmaster 38. Valas completes mobmaster 60 and levels twice, reaching Ra:18 Cl:30. Sicarian reaches Ra:25 Cl:25 Th:15. Paco reaches Ra:21 Ma:22.

7/22/02 - Duvel posts a note about a new title contest. Abe reaches Th:16 Ra:26 Cl:26. Valas reaches Ra:16 Cl:30. Omega levels to 5 cleric. Tynian posts a note about version 3.105. Aster reaches 9 ordained. DragonBane reaches Ma:13 Wa:15 Th:11. Ihsahn reaches Ma:17 Wa:14 Th:15. Gizamaluke joins Gavin. Natilena scores 4550 points total on location quest. Lumpy levels to 10 warrior. Azuroth reaches Cl:14 Wa:15. RayRay levels to 5 warrior. A wizlist from this day.

7/21/02 - Tiax is promoted to Demigod! He starts the neutral-aligned Defenders of the Sun using the sword pk model. His first follower is Wisteria, and his initial following description is: "The Defenders are a close knit group of adventurers who dare to take a risk and do cunning quests. To get in one should prove themselves to Tiax, or the General of Challenges. The Defenders are expected to help each other and seek out adventures. Tiax will help them in any way he can." Furnock joins Cordir. Valas reaches Cl:30 Ra:15. Mighwa levels to 5 mage. Phedre joins Solanthas. Katzhai levels to 8 ranger. Tynian posts a note about version 3.104. Phedre joins Solanthas. Drago reaches Th: 8 Ma:10. Vertigo levels to thief. (Is this the same Vertigo from eons ago?) The bard auditions are held. Froty reaches Th:12 Sh:12 Wa:11. Sicarian reaches Ra:23 Cl:25 Th:15. People start picking their nose instead of picking locks. Luckily that's quickly fixed :P

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