a 2002 tfc timeline
(4/25/02 to 1/1/02, with most recent stuff first)

Thanks a ton to those who submitted logs and events, and to those who let me use logs from their collections so they could all be in one place. If you have any events or logs to submit, please send them to me (along with the date they took place if you know it).

4/25/02 - Nicolas reaches Ra:16 Ma:15. Wardrof reaches Cl:20 Wa:18. Nudd levels to 7 cleric. DarkClaw completes mobmaster 43. Raile joins Kerriariadne. Lorax reaches Th: 5 Cl:30 Wa:30. Glyph reaches Th: 2 Ra:16 Sh:16. Drakar completes mobmaster 58.

4/24/02 - Glyph triples to thief. Kaldred reaches 14 ordained. Lorax reaches Th: 4 Cl:30 Wa:30. Wylin reaches effective 40th (Wa:30 Cl:30) and gets a train! Nightshade is created and levels to 6 mage. Blystur completes mobmaster 56. Dogdaze gossips (in dwarven), 'where can i get a RL personal zombie?'. Someone gossips, 'An Ozzy concert?'. Mystical levels to 12 cleric. Saruman completes mobmaster 34.

4/23/02 - Tranquility posts a note about the upcoming arizona gt. Famine completes mobmasters 33 & 34. Mon reaches Th: 8 Ra:15 Sh:15. Lorax triples to thief and reaches Th: 2 Cl:30 Wa:30. Galahad announces that he is the mayor of Midgaard. Nigel reaches Cl:12 Wa: 9. Lanfear reaches effective 40th! (Ma:30 Ra:30)  Bahlzuri levels to 28 mage and completes mobmasters 14 thru 20. Dart reaches Ra:19 Ma:20. Froty reaches Wa: 9 Sh:10 Th:10. Memnon levels to 8 cleric. Aiken completes mobmaster 57. Dharma is created, and gets a train as she levels to 3 cleric. Whitehawk gossips, 'Well well I still have the highest Attack/kill percentage... muahah!'. Clue is embraced by Khore.

4/22/02 - Ichabod reaches Sh:15 Wa:13. Wylin reaches Wa:29 Cl:30. Orin reaches Wa:15 Cl:19. Darien and Tsumemasa are created. Dogdaze reaches Wa:18 Sh:30 and gets a train. Bolarian levels three times, reaching Th: 5 Wa:11. Nazinthas reaches all 17's: Th:17 Wa:17 Ma:17. Selene reaches Ma:14 Wa:15 Th:10. Mux reaches Wa: 4 Ma:15.

4/21/02 - Solanthas is promoted to Demigod! His first follower is Berrin, and his initial following description is: The Wardancers is a small group of adventurers dedicated to fighting evil. The followers of Solanthas are expected to be strong and fierce in fighting, and gentle and kind to their allies and those they consider friends. A Wardancer is loyal and trustworthy and puts goodness above all. The way of the Wardancers is a difficult path to walk, and their actions will not always agree with the rest of the other good followings. Nevertheless they strive for a world without evil, and have good intentions. Shortly afterwards, Tel is unretired and promoted to Attendant of Tripper! And last but not least, Gavin is promoted to Attendant of Kerriariadne! Cordir posts a note about visiting Arizona. Then, late this night, Molo wipes Apex chocolate from existence! (Guess that's why I've never heard of it. Still, *sob*, any chocolate disappearing is bad!) In non-immortal news: Khorlan completes mobmaster 85. Jun levels to 20 warrior. Hiro reaches Cl: 2 Wa:11. Trunks levels to 7 thief. Morphius completes mobmaster 43. Mystical levels to 11 cleric. Amastacia levels to 7 warrior. Zappa reaches Ra: 6 Ma:15. Kellicia levels to 5 cleric. Drakar reaches Ra:21 Cl:23 Th:20 and completes mobmaster 57. Buzzbuzz levels to 13 mage. Galahad duals to mage. Neodis posts "Dancing under the Ashen Moon".

4/20/02 - Tokugawa is promoted to Greater God! yay yay yay!  Tynian posts a note announcing "Official TFC web site remodeled, new webmaster". Cheeba is created. Pheonix levels to 25 cleric. Kaldred (now called "Eraic Dhan") reaches 11 ordained. Pyr reaches Wa: 5 Ma:15. Famine completes mobmasters 29 & 30 (a male ent & a crocodile). Garland reaches 8 ordained. Valin levels to 8 warrior. Syne reaches Wa: 9 Cl:15. Kerson reaches 8 ordained. Wyn completes mobmasters 40 & 41. Alrandolin reaches Wa:30 Ma:28. Mux reaches Wa: 3 Ma:15. Mon reaches Ra:15 Sh:15. Drakar completes mobmaster 55. SnowFalcon completes mobmaster 33 (Lord Valharik). Dyptricx duals to thief. A wizlist from this day.

4/19/02 - Neodis posts a note on double standards. Ichabod completes mobmaster 25. Vash levels to 6 mage. Dunestripe reaches Ra: 7 Ma:12. Garland completes mobmaster 71 and levels ordained twice. (He completes 7 mobmasters total on this day - 3 Drow Soldiers, a Drow Warrior, a drow Guard, a priestess & Timon.) Wyn levels twice (once in thief and once in ranger) reaching Th:10 Ra:15 Ma:15. Famine reaches Cl:19 Wa:17. Yensid completes mobmaster 11.

4/18/02 - Cordir announces the winners of Khore's challenge. Mon reaches Ra:13 Sh:15. Kelanea reaches Ra:24 Ma:19. Pyr reaches Wa: 4 Ma:15. Alyria reaches Ra:29 Ma:30. Grale completes mobmaster 59. Garland reaches 5 ordained. Spyder reaches Th:10 Ma:18 Wa:17. Syne reaches Wa: 7 Cl:15.

4/17/02 - Kerson reaches 6 ordained. Soloman levels to 14 shaman. Bolarian levels to 8 warrior. Tassadar completes mobmaster 37. Drazuk completes mobmaster 10. Isitititis joins Plato.

4/16/02 - Garland is ordained "Soul Hunter" by Tripper, and Kaldred is declared a Triat Master and ordained by Cordir. Zakarious posts a note that sparks a lot of notes about honor & alignment. Vash joins Bliss. Clue completes mobmaster 66. Froty reaches Wa: 5 Sh:10 Th:10. Mon reaches Sh:14 Ra:11. Pestilence reaches Wa: 4 Sh:10. Emacs levels to 12 warrior. Eriq reaches Wa:12 Cl:15. Kaldred completes mobmaster 60.

4/15/02 - Eriq posts "The Black Rose" (parts 1 & 2). Mystical completes mobmaster 5 (a messenger). Khent levels to 5 shaman. Pyr reaches Wa: 2 Ma:15. Wunk reaches Th: 9 Sh:13. Grale posts "Wilting in the Light". Daot is created. Wylin reaches Wa:27 Cl:30 and gets a train. He also turns 400 years old. Vaalgamon levels to 5 cleric. Regul reaches Ma:19 Ra:20 Th:17. Neodis posts "Power and Dark Chocolate". Mon reaches Sh:13 Ra:11. Tripletriztz completes mobmaster 23.

4/14/02 - Plato's (unfinished) area is accidentally installed, and a few people are able to find a way into it. WarMachine reaches Cl:13 Ra:10. Syne reaches Wa: 4 Cl:15. Fairchild levels to 5 mage. Wylin completes mobmaster 28. DragonBane reaches Wa:15 Ma:11 Th:11. Mystical levels to 9 cleric. Mon gossips (in common), 'Chocolate maker is dead, HEADLINE NEWS, chocolate maker is DEAD!!!'. *sob* 

4/13/02 - Syne reaches Wa: 2 Cl:15. Glyph reaches Ra: 9 Sh:12. Slick reaches Cl:23 Ra:17. Pestilence levels twice, to 8 shaman. Mystical levels to 8 cleric. Lexie completes mobmaster 68 (a spider statue). Amastacia levels to 5 warrior. Pyromanci levels to 5 mage. Soloman levels to 13 shaman.

4/12/02 - Lexie reaches effective 50th (Th:30 Wa:30 Ma:30)! Taibh completes mobmaster 68. Hogan is created. Dogdaze reaches Wa:17 Sh:30 and completes mobmasters 53 & 54. Eriq reaches Cl:13 Wa:10. Kaldred completes his Triat Mastery quest by killing the Night's Jester.

4/11/02 - Temptress levels to 6 thief. Hellsabub levels to 3 thief. Dres reaches Th: 5 Ma: 9 Wa: 9.

4/10/02 - Mystical levels to 7 cleric. Glyph levels twice, reaching Ra: 3 Sh:12. DarkClaw completes mobmasters 41 & 42. Wunk reaches Th: 6 Sh:13. Ephiny reaches Wa:28 Cl:30. Malakost completes mobmaster 55.

4/9/02 - Glyph duals to ranger after leveling to 12 shaman. Arianas reaches Th:16 Wa:25 Sh:25. Eriq reaches Wa: 9 Cl:10. Tassadar completes mobmasters 33 & 34. Dragonis levels to 9 warrior. Mon levels to 10 shaman, and later duals to ranger. Weezer completes mobmaster 25. Alyria reaches Ra:28 Ma:30. Valence reaches Ra:21 Cl:25. Wylin reaches Cl:30 Wa:25. Lexie completes mobmaster 65. Garland holds a series of mini-quests.

4/8/02 - Nigel reaches Wa: 6 Cl: 9. Spyder reaches Th: 9 Ma:18 Wa:17. Quananvere levels to 6 cleric. Grale completes mobmasters 57 & 58. Trollslayer levels to 5 ranger. Gangleri reaches Wa: 7 Cl:20. Pyr levels to 14 mage. Wylin completes mobmaster 20. Neodis returns to TFC after an extended absence.

4/7/02 - Drakar is the winner of a 20-item scavenger quest. Syne levels to 11 cleric, getting his best level (19/164 hp, 14/190 m, 6/156 mv, 5/9 prac, 1/5 trn). Wyn completes mobmaster 34 and reaches Ra: 5 Th: 9 Ma:15. Jaden levels to 5 warrior. Arianas reaches Sh:25 Wa:25 Th:15. FisRad levels to 8 mage. Wylin completes mobmaster 15. Soloman levels to 11 shaman.

4/6/02 - Wyn completes mobmaster 33. Layd levels to 6 thief. Sylarn reaches Ma:24 Wa:15. Dracon levels to 13 warrior. Silence levels to 27 thief.

4/5/02 - Tynian posts a note about version 3.92. Kekdu levels twice, reaching Ra:12 Ma:13. Cygnus levels to 8 mage. Dracon levels to 12 warrior. DarkClaw completes mobmaster 40. Chtekinovska levels thief twice, then duals to ranger and reaches Ra: 4 Th:10. Lexie cants, 'fear me!' so a god does. Nigel reaches Wa: 5 Cl: 9. Mithras reaches Wa: 5 Cl:13. Zakarious reaches Wa:29 Ma:30. Leroy reaches Wa:10 Cl:11. Lanfear gossips (in common), 'I know why the Innkeeper in LL is such a moody guy'. 'Nevyn drops by EVERY - SINGLE - DAY.. telling him he is a viking'. A wizlist and some ranking lists from this day.

4/4/02 - Nazinthas reaches Wa:13 Ma:17 Th:11. Daxx levels to 5 shaman. Terminate levels to 6 shaman.

4/3/02 - Triston asks Lexie to marry him today, buying her the cookie Nazca was wearing and proposing with it. She says yes - Big surprise :P Concidentally, Zahar logs on for "the first time in eons" and flips out when he hears the news. Tranquility posts Bad Bad Danger Twins. Nazca holds a "MASSIVE CLEARANCE SALE!" of all his things, selling a level 30 TS for 850k, an elven chain shirt ac11 3hr for 100k, a finely crafted rapier for 150k, a level 30 health for 850k, a 3dam 1dex -1svs bracelet for 1 million, and a nodrop bless fountain for 175k+. Zappa reaches Ra: 4 Ma:15. Eriq levels to 9 cleric. Keller levels to 13 warrior. Blystur completes mobmaster 47 (a cook). Tassadar reaches Cl:23 Ra:15. Mithras reaches Wa: 4 Cl:13. Thingone reaches 23 ordained. Buzzbuzz is created and levels to 5 mage.

4/2/02 - DarkClaw completes mobmaster 39. Dracon completes his first mobmaster. Zaknafein levels to 6 ranger. Gangleri reaches Wa: 5 Cl:20. Nigel reaches Wa: 3 Cl: 9. A mobhunt score and a who list from this day.

4/1/02 - Turalurayay joins Tamar. Tassadar completes mobmaster 32. Aararoc levels to 4 shaman. Tyreth levels to 8 mage. Wyn completes mobmasters 27-31. Nightwind is created. Many, many people die in Master's Tower in some sort of corpse-leaving frenzy (including Belsambar, Gregar and Clue, among others.) Wunk levels to 11 shaman. Derth reaches Wa:24 Cl:25.

3/31/02 - Nazinthas gossips (in common), 'The corpse of Oprah in The Spire Commons.' Dogdaze gossips (in common), 'her rating took a dip and she was cancelled'. Kekdu duals to ranger. Morhaven levels to 11 cleric. Dres reaches Wa: 7 Ma: 9. Dogdaze reaches Wa:16 Sh:30. Lorax completes mobmaster 35. Kaern announces that he is going to make a momentous life change: he's going to start quitting in recall. Sylarn reaches Ma:23 Wa:15. Kelanea reaches Ra:17 Ma:19. Nazinthas reaches Th:10 Wa:11 Ma:11. Paco completes mobmaster 21. Ptarchyzk reaches Th:27 Wa:26 and completes mobmaster 40. Kaleyah reaches Cl:27 Wa:25. Score levels to 5 cleric. Keat decides he'll go out and kill all the bunnies in honor of Easter, but then thinks better of it and demands 'bring me the bunnies so i can slay em in safe!!!'.

3/30/02 - Tristion reaches effective 50th once again (Th:30 Wa:30 Ma:30) and completes mobmaster 49. Tassadar reaches Cl:21 Ra:15. Sirion levels to 5 shaman. Nitidus reaches Ra:23 Th:21 Ma:21. Lorax reaches Cl:29 Wa:23. Anduin reaches Th:25 Wa:30 Cl:30. Nazinthas reaches Th: 9 Wa:11 Ma:11. DarkClaw completes mobmasters 36 & 37. Boromir reaches Ra:23 Ma:21 Th:21 and gets a train - his first since level 1! Nobody levels to 5 warrior. Lexie completes mobmaster 58.

3/29/02 - Adso is unretired and re-promoted to Ambassador! Tokugawa holds some teleport races (where everyone drinks from a teleport fountain and races to be the first to return to Toku.) Poor Thingone has terrible luck, teleporting to a locked room, the ocean, a cave, the plains of shifting grass, & underwater :P Clue is teleported to the Lower Hall. Winners of the games were Triston (twice) and Belsambar. Lorax completes mobmaster 34. Mathias is created. Leviticus levels to 5 shaman. Sylarn reaches Ma:21 Wa:15. Cordir posts a note to all saying that Lanfear is being punished. Triston completes mobmaster 47, reaching Th:29 Wa:30 Ma:30 in the process. Case levels to 12 mage. Rhaen reaches Ra: 6 Ma:15. A small scavenger quest is held, and Esariston wins. (The prize is a custom potion.) Natilena loses her tongue temporarily.

3/28/02 - Natilena turns 1000 years old, and reaches Ra:21 Th:21 Ma:21, getting a train. Maybe that was her birthday present :)  Grale reaches Ra:23 Ma:25. Pyr levels to 9 mage. Morphius and Malakost both complete mobmasters 33. Intrepid levels to 11 shaman. Neon reaches Ma:12 Ra: 9 Th: 9. Ilia levels to 5 ranger. Keller levels to 12 warrior. Tokugawa posts an FYI about his area status page.

3/27/02 - Kekdu levels to 11 mage. Rinnir reaches Ma:17 Ra:13 Th:13 and completes mobmaster 28. Thingone completes mobmaster 86 (a divine theologian). Gogul levels to 3 warrior.

3/26/02 - Very early this morning, Qithlorien does "deleteme" on at least 4 of his characters (including Redrum, Ravaged and Toxic). Lorax completes mobmaster 29. Orin reaches Wa:12 Cl:19. Wang levels to 10 cleric. Spyder reaches Th: 2 Ma:18 Wa:17. Tynian posts a note about version 3.91. Bytorr reaches Cl:13 Wa:11. Grale completes mobmaster 47.

3/25/02 - Nigel levels to 8 cleric. Syne levels to 7 cleric. Goth levels to 4 mage. Weezer reaches Wa:18 Sh:30. Ptarchyzk completes mobmaster 39. Blartch levels to 5 warrior. Lorax reaches Cl:27 Wa:23. Spyder triples to thief. Thingone completes mobmaster 85. A goldrank and xprank from this day.

3/24/02 - Mobhunt is added to the TFC (read help mobhunt for details), and Gangleri wins the first game of it. Legionaire is ordained "Dark Wraith" by Kerriariadne. A wizlist from this day. Paco completes mobmaster 18. Lania levels to 14 cleric. Aries reaches Th:29 Wa:30 Cl:30, which is 10 months in the making. Shon completes mobmaster 65. Gangleri reaches Wa: 4 Cl:20. Folgrim levels to 20 shaman. DragonBane reaches Wa:13 Ma:11 Th:11. Keat completes mobmaster 71 (Thengar) and gets 2097xp for it. Illika reaches Ra:10 Sh: 9. DarkClaw reaches Wa:15 Cl:28 and completes mobmasters 31 thru 35. Brundlewart reaches Cl:16 Wa:15. Tynian posts a note about version 3.90. Pardoquilian reaches Sh:18 Wa:16. Legolas reaches Ra:24 Th:17 Ma:23. Morhaven levels to 10 cleric. Pyr joins Plato. Lanfear reaches Ma:29 Ra:30. Shadowcaster levels to 5 mage. Ilisam reaches Th: 9 Cl:11. Aslan completes mobmaster 35.

3/23/02 - Tynian holds a second forum for people to provide input on TFC's future. Sinder is created. Ichabod reaches Sh:11 Wa:13. Nicolas reaches Ra:10 Ma:15. Tokugawa announces the winner of the game writing contest. Jun levels to 12 warrior. Cirth reaches Ma:15 Th: 9. DragonBane reaches Wa:12 Ma:11 Th:11. Wylin and Xandria each complete mobmaster 8. Nitidus holds a trivia contest, which Gup wins. Shango levels to 11 mage. Brundlewart reaches Wa:15 Cl:15. DragonBane gets 20 failed mobmasters in a row. Okk posts "Not another poem".

3/22/02 - Kim is retired. I actually level for the first time since the year 2000, reaching Wa:24 Th:22 Ma:22, and I get a train :)  Gunner completes mobmaster 45. Bytorr reaches Cl:12 Wa:11. Paddy Murphy reaches Ma: 9 Wa:14. Lexie completes mobmaster 55. Cordir posts Khore's Challenge. Dracon levels to 8 warrior. Clorox reaches Th: 5 Sh:15. Lorax completes mobmaster 20. Thingone completes mobmaster 81 (master warrior). Lexie kills Triston and Khore! (Er, I mean, Lexie dies and dies and dies and dies.)

3/21/02 - A feedback & ideas forum is held in the guild with Tynian. Fraser duals to ranger. Froty reaches Th: 6 Sh:10. Morphius completes mobmasters 28, 29, 30 & 31. Thingone is blinded. Tassadar reaches Cl:18 Ra:15. Nazinthas reaches Th: 4 Wa:11 Ma:11. Jergens is created. Grale completes mobmaster 45. DragonBane reaches Wa:10 Ma:11 Th:11. Tyreth posts Dragon Turtle Soup.

3/20/02 - Caligula posts a retirement note. Kekdu levels to 8 mage. Glathrorn reaches Th:15 Sh:15 Wa:13. Pheonix completes mobmaster 33. Mnaramenth gossips (in common), 'and people wonder why I basically ignore ogres....The innkeeper says (in elven), 'For 1402 gold Gauntlets of Ogre Power.[m|AC 4 chr(-5) int(-5) dmg(1) str'. Jiji levels to 5 shaman. Dart reaches Ma:19 Ra:16. Nazinthas triples to thief. Lorax reaches Wa:21 Cl:26. Sylarn reaches Ma:17 Wa:15 and completes mobmaster 10. Tassadar reaches Cl:17 Ra:15.

3/19/02 - Tynian announces god+ reassignemnts for Tokugawa (to area coordinator) and Nayr (to programmer/bug-fixer). Nazinthas reaches Wa: 9 Ma:11. Nyx is de-ordained, and Cordir posts an explanation of why he decided on that route. Triston posts "My blue eyes", along with a warning ;)  Tynian posts a note about version 3.89. Jiji is created. Thingone completes mobmasters 77 & then 78 (the huge iron golem). A mmrank from this day.

3/18/02 - Lins completes mobmaster 104 (the Magistrate), tieing for first place on the mmrank list! A wizlist from this day. Cirus levels to 10 warrior. Brundlewart reaches Wa:14 Cl:15. Cirth reaches Ma:14 Th: 9. There's some goofy singing rangers on gossip. Paco joins Tamar. Thyris is created. Otak levels to 15 cleric. Dart, Dartt, and Darttt are all online at once.

3/17/02 - Athorne is promoted to Attendant of Plato! Solanthas is unretired and promoted to Attendant of Tamar! Bytorr reaches Wa: 8 Cl:11. Nazinthas levels to 10 mage. Triston completes mobmaster 40. Blartch is created. Bliss goes around pinching everyone that isn't wearing green (and even some that are) for St. Patrick's day. Dogdaze reaches Wa:13 Sh:30. Mux levels to 11 mage. Aslan levels to 28 cleric. Lexie completes mobmaster 50. Orin joins Plato. Rhaen reaches Ra: 5 Ma:15. Paddy Murphy reaches Ma: 7 Wa:14. Tal levels to 7 cleric. Legolas is killed by Tynian. Grale reaches Ma:25 Ra:20. DragonBane reaches Wa: 9 Ma:11 Th:11. Wylin reaches Wa:25 Cl:25. Folgrim joins Tamar.

3/16/02 - An Arizona GT is held at the RenFest, with Tripper, Zarous, Boromir, JohnPaul, Foolkiller, Tokugawa, and myself attending, among others. (See a few photos.) Aslan completes mobmaster 34. Intrepid levels to 10 shaman. Indiga reaches Cl:26 Wa:25. Pardoquilian reaches Sh:17 Wa:16. Alterack levels to 10 warrior. It's Majere's birthday. Mireya reaches Wa:15 Cl:13. Karena levels to 5 cleric. Korran reaches Ra:24 Ma:25 Th:23. Dalaran gossips (in common), 'some of my best nights were spent mudding drunk and naked'.

3/15/02 - Tynian posts a note about version 3.88b. Triston gets teleported 5 times in one battle. Apollyon reaches Cl:26 Wa:25. Mux levels to 10 mage. Cordir accidentally purges the pit. Kaori reaches Cl:21 Th:20. Pardoquilian reaches Wa:15 Sh:16 and completes mobmaster 26. Lania "hits the jackpot" and gets 7777 til next level. Natilena breaks out in song on cant, and then obligingly does it again on gossip. Valo deletes himself.

3/14/02 - Lins completes mobmaster 103 (Borlan) & gets 2600 xp for it, putting him one mobmaster away from tieing for first place on the mobmaster list. Uhaile levels to 8 shaman. Brundlewart reaches Cl:15 Wa:11 and then Wa:12 Cl:15. A re-created Tyreth levels to 6 mage. Tassadar completes mobmaster 15. Ysild reaches Wa: 6 Sh:13 Th:11. Gundin levels to 7 shaman. Zappa reaches Ra: 3 Ma:15. Ping completes mobmaster 31 (a deckhand, and the ship was in port for it) and reaches Wa:15 Ma:16.

3/13/02 - Eriq and Ligea each level to 7 cleric. Daevod is created. Dart reaches Ra:15 Ma:18. Lillishandra levels to 3 thief. Ichabod completes mobmaster 17. Yensid finds a pair of +2dex -2dex gloves. CountChocula logs on and gossips, 'please ban me and my site', prompting people to urge him to use the deleteme command. When CountChocula discovers that it doesn't work because he's too low level, but keeps trying anyway, a someone gossips 'need help?', so I suppose they help ;)  A wizlist and the ranking lists from this day.

3/12/02 - Triston reaches Ma:29 Th:28 Wa:30. Sarabos levels to 24 warrior. Bytorr reaches Wa: 6 Cl:11. Xandria completes mobmaster 5. Paddy Murphy reaches Ma: 3 Wa:14. Tranquility posts a note thanking Bubba, Garland, Korsk, Lins and Paython for their help with a mage mob that was after her. Clue completes mobmaster 59.

3/11/02 - Lanfear tries to buy An Empty Foundation. Wyn reaches Ma:13 Th: 9. Vegg levels to 9 ranger. Froty levels to 10 shaman. Lins rescues Vegg from "the dripping cavern". Caligula reaches Ma:17 Wa:16. Orin reaches Cl:18 Wa:11. Gargantuan and Ilia are created. ### A couatl feather purged from Edge. Glathrorn gossips (in gnomish), 'that took the edge off your equipment'

3/10/02 - Torchbearer is officially retired, and his followers are automatically reformed when they login. Noctus and Tranquility are handfasted in a ceremony in Thaygar's lost temple. Otak levels to 13 cleric. Weezer completes mobmaster 20. Intrepid levels to 9 shaman. Zakarious reaches Wa:27 Ma:30. Ridley completes mobmaster 51. Bronwen levels to 3 ranger. Dundrave reaches Cl:27 Wa:25. Bluco reaches Wa: 8 Ma:14. Wylin reaches Wa:23 Cl:25. Tynian posts a note about version 3.88.

3/9/02 - Tokugawa posts a note called "Rumors about the self deletions on 03-05". Selene reaches Th: 4 Ma:10 Wa:10. Pwyll is created. DragonBane reaches Wa: 8 Ma:11 Th:11. Gundin levels to 6 shaman. Mars completes mobmasters 16 & 17. Vegg levels to 6 ranger. Legolas reaches Ra:23 Th:17 Ma:23. Keller levels to 7 warrior. Jasmine stops in.

3/8/02 - Keller is re-created, after a very long absence from the mud. That completes mobmaster 31 (the queen ant) and gets 1000exp. Vegg levels to 5 ranger. Mars reaches Wa:11 Cl:15 and completes mobmaster 15. Triston completes mobmaster 33. Duel levels 3 times, reaching 11 shaman. Triston has an interesting experience as he is charmed in the Kitchen.

3/7/02 - TFC has 8623 mobs with 12226 objects in 12272 rooms. Morphius completes mobmaster 25. Etrea and Mnaramenth both level to 8 cleric. Mireya reaches Wa:14 Cl:13. Selene reaches Th: 3 Ma:10 Wa:10. Taralynn is created. Kelanea completes mobmaster 19. A goldrank from this day.

3/6/02 - Torchbearer emails Tynian, saying "This is Torchbearer's official request for retirement. I would also like Torchbearer deleted. This is the email address associated with the character file". That completes mobmaster 30. Slick reaches Ra:14 Cl:15. Galdor reaches Ma: 4 Wa:15. Pheonix levels to 22 cleric. Wyn completes mobmaster 17 (a pirahna) and reaches Ma:11 Th: 9. Bliss posts Bliss Poll 2002 in two parts. Azeina reaches Ra: 5 Th:11. Pauli levels to 7 cleric. Blystur reaches Ra:26 Ma:24. War logs on for an hour straight. Leeza levels to 4 mage.

3/5/02 - Claw, Gabriel, Grondahl, Khadgar, Khazka, Marco, Mofona, Odin, Sedona, Strider, Tirant, Valentine and Vatican all apparently delete themselves. In the process some of them also kill themselves (or are killed by TB) and dispose of their eq. At 1866 years old (3709 hours), Torchbearer announces the end, and he also asks to be deleted. I can't even convince him to come back, *sniff*. Lexie reaches Wa:30 Th:27 Ma:27 and gets 20hp & a train. Tide levels to 5 shaman and also gets a train. Clorox reaches Th: 2 Sh:15. Fraser levels to 9 mage. Tripletriztz completes mobmaster 20. Silence, a thief, cants, 'i prefer to see myself as an inventory relocating expert'.

3/4/02 - Foolkiller posts a note about the Arizona RenFest GT update. That completes mobmaster 28. Lataal levels to 15 cleric and duals to warrior. Kelanea completes mobmaster 14. Wistom kills Tirant (who was naked), and then the ghost of Tirant (which gives 96 exp). A mud trivia contest is held in the amphitheater.

3/3/02 - Dasehra levels to 12 mage. DragonBane reaches Wa: 4 Ma:11 Th:11. Legolas is killed by the ghost of Legolas. (Does that mean he scared himself to death?) Wyn completes mobmaster 10. Delvar levels to 9 warrior. Kain completes mobmaster 86. Selene reaches Wa:10 Ma:10. Mija reaches Ma:16 Wa:15 Th:15. Esariston reaches Ma:11 Th: 9 Ra: 9. Fuzzle the Gnome is created. Tomato reaches Th: 8 Ra:13 Ma:13. Sylarn reaches Wa:14 Ma:15. Solanthas asks to be unretired.

3/2/02 - Alyria is re-created. Gregar reaches Wa:15 Sh:30. Augustine reaches Wa: 8 Cl:12. Mithras levels to 9 cleric. Shon completes mobmaster 64 (a fire elemental). Otak levels to 12 cleric. Assistance is created. (I wonder what for...) Maximus completes mobmaster 59. Slick reaches Cl:14 Ra:12. Demoth reaches Th:19 Ma:20 Ra:21. Thengel reaches Th:12 Ra:12 Ma:12. Baleyg reaches Wa: 6 Cl: 9.

3/1/02 - Packard leaves Bliss and joins Torchbearer. Intrepid levels to 5 shaman and joins Tamar. Malakost reaches Ma:13 Wa:15. Fraser levels to 7 mage. Dres duals to warrior. Esariston completes mobmaster 25.

2/28/02 - Bytorr levels to 11 cleric. Dasehra levels to 11 mage and completes mobmaster 6 (a sunfish). Travin is created. Venthaladir completes mobmaster 45, and starts proclaiming his love for Tamar on gossip. Lexie reaches Wa:29 Th:27 Ma:27. DragonBane reaches Th:11 Ma:11. Esariston completes mobmaster 21, and levels twice to reach Ra: 8 Th: 9 Ma: 9. Dres levels to 8 mage. Vatican reaches Wa:10 Cl:15. Kelanea reaches Ra:14 Ma:15. Rynna reaches Cl: 2 Ra: 9. Triston completes mobmaster 31.

2/27/02 - There is a reboot! Yay! (No more fire-hazard Christmas trees either.) Doc thinks he's apostatizing from the Black Conclave, which would be a trick ;)  Lorax reaches Cl:22 Wa:17. Esariston reaches Ra: 6 Th: 9 Ma: 9. Bytorr levels to 10 cleric. Malakost completes mobmaster 25. Allanon saves Lorax from a mysterious "terrible fate". Kelanea reaches Ra:13 Ma:15. Zakarious reaches Wa:24 Ma:30. That reaches Cl:23 Ra:23 and completes mobmaster 25. Brundlewart reaches Cl:12 Wa:11. Anduin reaches Th:21 Wa:30 Cl:30. Chani is created. Wistom gossips (in common), 'i have helped 2 tigers exp'. 'because i am to lazy to exp my self', and retrieves Calavax's corpse from Gronk. DarkClaw completes mobmaster 30. A wizlist and mmrank list from this day.

2/26/02 - Aleka levels to 30 shaman! Dravin levels to 6 mage. Sirena reaches Cl:16 Wa:15. Tirant completes mobmaster 67. Drazuk's improved id improves. Mars reaches Wa: 7 Cl:15. Malakost levels twice, reaching Wa: 8 Ma:11. Ransom posts an idea about spring cleaning.

2/25/02 - Arianos completes mobmaster 34. Dasehra levels to 9 mage. Fraser is created. Shon reaches 16 ordained. Azeworai reaches Wa:17 Ma:30. Lexie completes mobmaster 44, and is later sure that Shon is haunting her. She is then besieged by ghosts (all at once), and her title is changed to "I ain't afraid of no ghost". Eventually the staypuft marshmallow man comes to hunt her as well. Lexie gossips (in common), 'The staypuft marshmallow man says, come fight me', and her title becomes "hides in a Dark corner, afraid of the ghosts". Kelanea reaches Ra:12 Ma:12. Dunestripe reaches Ra: 2 Ma:12. Lataal levels to 13 cleric. Kaldred completes mobmaster 58. In ceremonial: A very dry, brown Chrismas tree is here. Dalaran gossips (in elven), 'um.. you know Dead christmas trees are serious fire hazards'.

2/24/02 - Kelanea levels twice, reaching Ra:11 Ma:12. Dasehra levels to 8 mage. Intrepid is created. Tomato reaches Th: 5 Ra:13 Ma:13. Lins completes mobmaster 99 (Captain Niall, otherwise known as "some wussy elf"). Mars reaches Wa: 4 Cl:15 and completes mobmaster 10. Malakost levels to 11 mage and duals to warrior. Boromir reaches Ra:22 Ma:21 Th:21. How'd he do that iding in the guild? :P  Tyanna levels to 5 shaman. Legolas pays Cordir enough for 12 calling cards.

2/23/02 - Artanis is promoted to Ambassador! Majere reaches effective 40th! (Cl:30 Wa:30). Lexie reaches Wa:28 Th:27 Ma:27. Nitidus reaches Ra:21 Th:21 Ma:21 as he completes mobmaster 47. Torchbearer's following is put back to the sentry pkmodel. Gunner reaches Th:14 Wa:30 Cl:30. Kaori reaches Th:20 Cl:20. Triston and Lexie join Kerriariadne. Rynna levels to 9 ranger and duals to cleric. Selene reaches Wa: 5 Ma:10. Brundlewart reaches Wa:11 Cl:11. Derth completes mobmaster 43. Grale reaches Ma:22 Ra:20. DragonBane reaches Th: 9 Ma:11. Ceres is created and levels to 5 mage. Tokugawa posts a contest writing quest.

2/22/02 - Lorax reaches Wa:17 Cl:18. Equate levels to 5 mage. A wizlist and mmrank list from this day.

2/21/02 - Myronides is promoted to Ambassador! Yay Myro! Torchbearer turns evil again. (Torchbearer has his alignment changed from lawful good to chaotic evil, and his pkmodel is changed from sentry to sword.) Mordith reaches effective 50! (Th:30 Wa:30 Cl:30). Ridley completes mobmaster 45. Tokugawa posts a note about rolling pins. Clue completes mobmasters 57 & 58. Dunestripe gossips (in common), 'where are a horde of maggots?'. Kerriariadne gossips, 'Okk's dinner plate. *nods*'. Lania levels to 8 cleric. Otak levels to 10 cleric. Bytorr is created and levels to 5 cleric. Kail completes mobmasters 42, 43 & 44.

2/20/02 - Doza completes mobmaster 49. Einsimi and Case both level to 5 mage. Memnoch levels to 6 mage. Tiberius completes mobmaster 36. Brundlewart reaches Wa:10 Cl:11. Phestus levels to 10 mage.

2/19/02 - Morimox is officially retired. Spyder reaches Wa:16 Ma:18. Valence levels to 13 cleric. Talyn levels to 30 cleric! Belsambar completes mobmaster 67. Malek levels to 5 thief. Elessar reaches all 11's, Th:11 Ra:11 Ma:11. Ziruk completes mobmaster 20. It's time for cow puns on gossip.

2/18/02 - The "Von Trap Mud Singers" perform do-re-mi on gossip. Darwin reaches Th: 8 Wa:12 Ma:16. Mairu levels twice, reaching Th:14 Ra:15 Cl:15. Ridge levels to 5 cleric. Anduin completes mobmaster 85. Otak went to the bazaar for the first time. An 11.5 piercer from Kuroth pops, *drool*. Wardrof reaches Wa:18 Cl:18. Janole is created and levels to 5 cleric. Slick reaches Cl:10 Ra: 9. Legionaire fails an attack on Scairz. Ping reaches Wa:13 Ma:16, gets a train, and completes mobmaster 29. Grale reaches Ma:20 Ra:20. Ebonie reaches Ma:15 Ra: 9. Talyn completes mobmaster 55. Solanthas logs on and polls gossip, asking who thinks he should unretire. (Everyone does, of course ;) Solanthas then gossips, 'I think i am hearing the drums of war in the distance'. Drazuk reaches Th: 8 Ra: 9 Ma:15. Lataal joins Tripper.

2/17/02 - Selene joins Plato. Mulinest levels to 7 thief. Maxcivio reaches Ra: 7 Ma:15. Mairu reaches Th:12 Ra:15 Cl:15. Morphius completes mobmasters 13 & 14. Rocky, by himself, fought a group of 5 others (Anduin, Legionaire, Paython, Drakar & Garland) and died. Late in the fight, Rocky firestormed and was taken down to "stunned" by the group. Since firestorm is an area spell, it hit Tokugawa (who was in the room), and Tokugawa accidentally ANNIHILATED and killed Rocky. After all was said and done, since there was no way to tell whether or not Rocky would have died had Tokugawa not squashed him, Rocky got his corpse back, and the group involved got something for their trouble. Who wants a rematch? ;)  A who list from this day. Leroy reaches Wa: 9 Cl:11. Lorax reaches Wa:10 Cl:18. DragonBane completes his first mobmaster.

2/16/02 - Mordith posts a note regarding Cordir's following. Slick reaches Ra: 4 Cl: 9. Kara is created. Dee levels to 5 cleric. Draven levels to 18 cleric. Keat completes mobmaster 65 in Midgaard. Cordir posts "The Union of Two Souls" (a wedding invitation for Tranquility & Noctus). Valence levels twice, to 10 cleric. Blacky reaches Cl:16 Wa:15. Farranon reaches Ma: 4 Th:11. Grale completes mobmaster 38.

2/15/02 - Elessar reaches Th: 8 Ra:11 Ma:11. Maxcivio reaches Ra: 6 Ma:15. Taer levels to 7 thief.

2/14/02 - Bliss announces the valentine contest winners, and you can view the winners and the entries here. Ravin levels to 7 mage. Blacky reaches Wa:14 Cl:15. Anduin reaches Th:16 Wa:30 Cl:30. Morhaven and DragonBane join Tamar. Garland reaches Wa:28 Cl:30. Tripletriztz reaches Cl: 4 Wa:11 and completes mobmaster 10. Faite levels to 5 thief. DragonBane reaches Th: 6 Ma:11 and gets a train. Morhaven levels to 5 cleric. Torchbearer somehow becomes Derth's valentine. (I won't ask :P)

2/13/02 - A bunch of notes are posted about getting rid of alignment & there's quite a bit of discussion about good & evil. Belsambar completes mobmaster 64. Legionaire reaches effective 40th! (Wa:30 Ma:30). Blacky reaches Wa:13 Cl:15. Elessar reaches Ma:11 Ra:11 and triples to thief. Wistom completes mobmaster 74. Chantille levels to 6 mage.

2/12/02 - Elessar reaches Ma: 8 Ra:11. Drazuk reaches Th: 6 Ra: 9 Ma:15. Lorax reaches Wa: 3 Cl:18. Azrael completes mobmaster 30. Pez announces that Pez Quests are officially ended, after he is recreated for about the zillionth time. Gathaway levels to 5 mage. Grale reaches Ra:19 Ma:17 and completes mobmaster 34. Homer reaches Wa: 2 Cl:11. Azalin levels to 5 mage. Armalag reaches 7 ordained. Arby gossips (in common), 'Marty says (in common), 'For 8 gold steak made from Marty.''. Derth gossips (in common), 'does he kill himself on the spot?'.

2/11/02 - Baleyg reaches Wa: 2 Cl: 9. Natilena completes mobmasters 37 & 38. Moritz is created. Rowen levels to 4 warrior. Dart completes mobmaster 10. Leroy reaches Wa: 8 Cl:11. Vatican levels to 15 cleric. Mireya reaches Wa:12 Cl:13. Elessar reaches Ma: 5 Ra:11.

2/10/02 - Lorax levels to 18 cleric. Clorox levels to 14 shaman. Slick is created. Blacky completes mobmasters 27 thru 33, and reaches Cl:15 Wa:11, getting full hp & mana. Mairu reaches Cl:14 Ra:11 Th:11. Elessar duals to mage. Drazuk reaches Th: 5 Ra: 9 Ma:15. Bridget reaches Wa:23 Cl:25. Ping reaches Wa:10 Ma:16 and completes mobmasters 27 & 28. Rowen joins Tamar.

2/9/02 - Blacky reaches Cl:13 Wa:11 and completes mobmaster 21. Brutus levels to 10 mage and then duals to ranger. Maxcivio reaches Ra: 3 Ma:15. Gathaway is created. DragonBane reaches Th: 4 Ma:11. Anduin escapes from a pk attempt by being teleported away immediately after he is slept. Thunderoad posts "The Passage of Time, and where is has brought me". Salim reaches Th: 6 Ma:11 Wa:13. Wistom reaches Wa:20 Sh:30 Th:15. Oliver levels to 7 mage. Lexie reaches Ma:26 Th:24 Wa:27, and begins meteor swarming in the temple area. The ghost of Valo begins haunting her. Keat gossips (in common), 'ghost of valo keeps fleeing.. :('. 'its all lexie's fault..'. Anduin gossips (in elven), 'Keat should haunt him with it :)'. Keat gossips (in common), 'ghost of valo worth 200xp.. thanks :)'. Whoz completes mobmasters 84 & 85 (Master Warrior & divine theologian). Mija reaches Wa:15 Ma:15 Th:15.

2/8/02 - Gunner completes mobmaster 41 (a billow weed). Floran is created. Nhye levels to 9 ranger. DragonBane duals to thief. Ichabod completes mobmaster 13. Clorox completes mobmaster 8.

2/7/02 - Clue completes mobmaster 55. Homer levels to 9 cleric. Bjarni levels to 7 warrior. Drakar completes mobmaster 47. Mairu reaches Cl:13 Ra:11 Th:11. Elessar levels to 6 ranger. Wyn levels to 7 mage. Leroy completes his first mobmaster.

2/6/02 - Mairu reaches Cl:12 Ra:11 Th:11. Griff is created. Khazka reaches Sh:12 Wa:11 Th:11. Tiberius completes mobmaster 35. Soloman levels to 8 shaman. Blacky reaches Wa:11 Cl:11 and completes mobmasters 17-20. DragonBane gossips (in common), 'i think there should be funnies in the newspaper'. Blacky gossips (in elven), 'there are, they're called the obituaries'.

2/5/02 - Berrin reaches Th:17 Ra:30 Ma:30, and completes 21 mobmasters in a row without failing in the hours leading up to midnight mudtime. Mija reaches Wa:14 Ma:15 Th:15. Relinquish levels to 5 mage. Sylarn reaches Wa:11 Ma:11. Mofona reaches Cl: 8 Ra: 9. Thingone completes mobmaster 68. Maxcivio levels to 15 mage. SnowFalcon reaches Sh:15 Th:12. Tripletriztz joins Cordir. Harbinger reaches Cl: 4 Wa:15. Torchbearer sets a couple of challenges for Maximus.

2/4/02 - Tripper reaches 5000 hours old, and drops several trees on people. Blacky reaches Wa: 8 Cl:11. Tirant reaches Ma:30 Wa:22. Maxcivio levels to 14 mage. Thunderoad posts "Some Misadventures". Ihsahn reaches Ma:10 Th: 9 Wa: 9. Tidus levels to 7 mage. Mofona reaches Cl: 7 Ra: 9. Vatican levels to 8 cleric. The fountain in the kitchen begins rifting people.

2/3/02 - Drakar reaches Cl:22 Ra:20 Th:20. Nicolas reaches Ra: 4 Ma:15. Ptarchyzk levels for the first time in months, reaching Wa:26 Th:26. Bliss announces a valentine's creative writing contest. Nobbs completes mobmasters 29 & 30. Maximus reaches Cl:29 Ra:25. Cordir rejects Galatea. Prile reaches Th:17 Wa:15 Cl:19. Homer joins Tamar and levels to 6 cleric. Mija reaches Wa:14 Ma:15 Th:15. Galilee levels to 4 ranger. Doza reaches Wa:14 Ma:25. Maxcivio levels to 13 mage. Mairu reaches Th: 9 Ra:11 Cl:11. Blacky earns 2500xp standing in a single room.

2/2/02 - Foolkiller announces the dates for the annual RenFest GT. Kerson reaches Sh:26 Wa:27. Drakar completes mobmaster 46 (a silver lion). Nusian reaches Cl:18 Wa:18. Khazka reaches Wa:11 Sh:11 and then triples to thief. Mairu reaches Ra:11 Cl:11. Mofona reaches Cl: 5 Ra: 9. Ziruk levels twice, reaching Th: 9 Cl:11 and completes mobmaster 13. He laters gets 2 red-billed toucans in a row with a reverse summon in between for mobmasters. Homer is created.

2/1/02 - Vatican is created. Lexie reaches Wa:26 Th:24 Ma:24. Vex (a deactivated ordained) reaches Or: 7 Wa:30 Cl:30. Tressa is created. Eriq levels to 5 cleric.

1/31/02 - Thunderoad posts "At the Wyvern's Tower, and beyond". I'm really tempted to give him his own page ;)  Drav joins Whitehawk. Alrandolin reaches Wa:21 Ma:21. Sylarn reaches Wa: 9 Ma:11. Ziruk duals to thief and completes mobmaster 5 (a female dwarf). Tramp reaches Wa:15 Cl:15 Th:12. Soloman is re-created and re-joins Whitehawk. Tien completes mobmaster 35.

1/30/02 - Karrion levels to 5 cleric and joins Tamar. Baldor reaches Wa:12 Cl:14. Eganrac reaches Ra:14 Ma:15 Th:11. Korran completes mobmaster 55. Kaori reaches Th:18 Cl:20. Lorax levels to 17 cleric. Doza reaches Wa:13 Ma:25. Belsambar completes mobmasters 63 & 64. Sohcahtoa logs in for the first time in a loooonnng time. Thunderoad posts "The Further Adventures".

1/29/02 - SnowFalcon completes mobmaster 30. Lorax levels to 15 cleric. Nicolas levels to 15 mage. Esariston reaches Ra: 4 Th: 9 Ma: 9. Maximus completes mobmasters 50, 51 & 52. Karrion levels to 4 cleric. Blacky levels to 10 cleric. Thengel reaches Ra:11 Th:10 Ma:12. Korran reaches Th:22 Ra:23 Ma:23. Natilena reaches Th:20 Ra:20 Ma:21. Dart reaches Ma:12 Ra:11. Ping completes mobmaster 22.

1/28/02 - Artanis posts a note offering free mushrooms for all who "support [their] Vending Machine!" as he aims for Ambassador. Derth reaches Cl:24 Wa:20. Garland reaches Wa:24 Cl:30. Tholbar reaches Wa:29 Cl:30. Tassadar levels twice, reaching Ra: 9 Cl: 9 and completes mobmaster 10. Legionaire reaches Wa:28 Ma:30. Korran reaches Ma:23 Ra:23 Th:21. Wardrof reaches Wa:17 Cl:18. DarkClaw completes mobmaster 24.

1/27/02 - Dalaran reaches effective 50 (Wa:30 Ma:30 Th:30) again! Thunderoad posts "Over the Northern Continent" and "Thunder and Maxcivio". He also levels to 8 warrior. Mairu reaches Ra: 5 Cl:11. Nobbs reaches Th:14 Sh:15 Wa:15 and completes mobmasters 26 & 27. Blacky levels to 8 cleric. Myro posts a note encouranging people to "vote early, vote often" for him for Ambassador. Gregar reaches Wa:12 Sh:30. Legolas reaches Ra:22 Th:17 Ma:23. Zappa levels to 7 mage. Drazuk reaches Ma:13 Ra: 9. Korran completes mobmaster 54. Mija reaches Wa:12 Ma:15 Th:15.

1/26/02 - Cid reaches Th:11 Ra: 9 and triples to mage. Morhaven is created. Glathrorn completes mobmasters 28, 29 (the cook) & 30.Terenas reaches Ra:18 Ma:20. Mofona levels to 5 ranger. Natilena completes mobmaster 35. Tokugawa takes down the Christmas decorations. Tramp reaches Wa:14 Cl:15 Th:12. Nobbs reaches Th:12 Sh:15 Wa:15. Tassadar reaches Ra: 5 Cl: 9. Bragadoran reaches Ma: 9 Ra:12. Grale reaches Ra:15 Ma:17 and completes mobmaster 28. Drazuk reaches Ma:12 Ra: 9. Bayne levels to 5 cleric. Clorox completes mobmaster 5. (Glathrorn gossips (in gnomish), 'Clorox is really cleaning up!'.) Tokomata levels to 5 cleric. Wylin reaches Cl:23 Wa:21. Khonsu reaches Ma:18 Ra:14. Blacky is created. Maxcivio levels to 7 mage.

1/25/02 - Artanis posts a petition for immortality. Mandrake reaches Wa:23 Cl:24. Drazuk reaches Ma:11 Ra: 9. Jbmflutist levels to 5 warrior. Orin reaches Cl:14 Wa:11. Grale reaches Ra:14 Ma:17 and completes mobmaster 27. Nhye is created. Anduin reaches effective 40 (Wa:30 Cl:30)! Whoz gets Nevyn as a mobmaster and decides not to go after him :P  Thunderoad posts Traveling with Elves.

1/24/02 - Zappa levels to 5 mage. Agro reaches Ra: 8 Sh: 9. Halo and Kane are created. Bliss posts a note about her big uh oh, and an entire army of huge chocolate bunnies is unleashed. (This chocolate bunny is not something you want to eat. As it looms over you, you notice chocolate drool dripping on your head. Ewww! A chocolate bunny is in perfect health.) A who list from this day. Thunderoad posts "Searching the Temple. Hiro levels to 8 warrior. Mairu joins Bliss.

1/23/02 - Nayr announces that a change is pending to the distiller in Dwarvenhold. Anduin reaches Wa:29 Cl:30. Talyn levels to 25 cleric. Spyder completes mobmaster 27. There is an incident involving Kaldred and two Torchbearer followers, one of whom (Kallyia) was level 6, which ends with Kaldred being locked in a zone by the high level TB follower. This sounds much worse than it was tho, since the level 6 really had no clue what was going on, and was not "plotting" with the other follower to harm or annoy anyone.

1/22/02 - Cid levels to 9 ranger and duals to thief. Aslan completes mobmaster 22. Isitititis reaches Ra:11 Ma:16 and gets a train. Uhaile levels to 5 shaman. Thengel reaches Th: 9 Ma: 9 Ra: 9. Nevyn continues spreading campfires & leaving bedrolls all over the realm. Tirayel is re-created. Foolkiller posts a note about AZ Ren Fest GT time asking for votes.

1/21/02 - Teluin posts "'Mish', a poem by the champ of romance". Wish completes mobmaster 50. Dogdaze reaches Wa: 8 Sh:30. Kirth reaches Ra:14 Ma:20. Grale completes mobmaster 25, making 11 in a row.

1/20/02 - Demoth reaches Ma:12 Ra:11 Th:11. Frakir levels to 7 cleric. DarkClaw completes mobmasters 17 through 22. Grale reaches Ra:12 Ma:17. Ren levels thief several times, reaching Th: 5 Wa:15 Cl:15, and also completes mobmasters 32-34. Nobbs reaches Wa:11 Sh:11 Th:11. Anduin reaches Wa:28 Cl:30. Glathrorn reaches Wa:13 Sh:14 Th:11. Drazuk reaches Ma: 7 Ra: 9. DragonBane is created and levels to 5 mage. Paython reaches Wa:29 Cl:30. Lexie reaches Wa:23 Th:24 Ma:24, and completes mobmaster 40.

1/19/02 - Talyn completes mobmaster 31, leveling to 23 cleric in the process. Nobbs reaches Wa: 7 Sh:11 Th:11, and completes mobmasters 15 & 16. Kaern gossips (in common), 'The Day Nobbs Killed All The Mobs'. Draven levels to 17 cleric. Thengel reaches Th: 5 Ma: 9 Ra: 9. Sober levels to 9 thief.

1/18/02 - Nayr goes vis and offers rifts for everyone, but they're all in a saferoom. Lief points this out, and is rifted (and killed) anyway in safe. Leif gossips (in elven), 'You report: 101/352 hp 35/251 mana 397/397 mv 138611 xp.'. 'after a heal'. 'Nayr's soul rift *** ANNIHILATES *** you!'. 'You have been KILLED!!'. Dogdaze completes mobmaster 44. Garland posts "The Weathered Rose". Mairu reaches Ra: 2 Cl:11. I decide I need a better than average 4 weapon, so I go to get an ant sting. Of course, I can't find the area where it pops, but during one of my attempts to start over to look for it again, I bad recall to the right place ;) I eventually even find the ant sting, with a lot of help from Mael *grin*. Sober levels to 3 thief. Bridget reaches Cl:24 Wa:20. Draven completes mobmaster 18. Pez posts a funny idea about kick skill modifications.

1/17/02 - Artanis announces that he is petitioning for immortality. Garland completes mobmaster 52. Nitidus reaches Ra:17 Ma:19 Th:18. Ember levels to 7 warrior. Kaio and Sober are created. SnowFalcon completes mobmasters 27 & 28. Celeborn completes mobmasters 11 & 12. Salomar completes mobmaster 49.

1/16/02 - Ping completes mobmaster 21. Mairu levels to 10 warrior. Pardoquilian reaches Wa:11 Sh:16. Frakir is created. Khazka reaches Wa: 2 Sh:11. Nobbs reaches Th: 9 Sh:11. Sariel levels to 6 warrior and gets a train.

1/15/02 - Azeworai posts a note regarding iding, to clear his name, and announces that he is "closed". In response, Xavier posts an apology to Azeworai (and all). Pheonix completes mobmaster 20. Demoth reaches Ma: 5 Ra:11 Th:11. Nobbs reaches Th: 3 Sh:11. Isitititis reaches Ma:16 Ra: 9. Charles completes mobmaster 62. Myro asks for "art, poems, stuff on elves" to be sent to prangeway@crosswinds.net for the elven power website he's building. Sirena levels to 11 cleric. Esariston reaches Ma: 8 Th: 9. Natilena reaches Th:18 Ra:20 Ma:21 and completes mobmaster 31. Teluin completes mobmaster 80. Torchbearer gossips, 'But don't think all the care bears and care bear cousins in the world could stop me :P'.

1/14/02 - Agro levels to 9 shaman. Elektra levels to 13 cleric. Drazuk is back *cheer*, and levels to 4 ranger. Mars duals to warrior. Regul completes mobmasters 12 & 13.

1/13/02 - Tiax reaches effective 40th (Wa:30 Cl:30) and spams gossip ;)  DarkClaw reaches Wa:13 Cl:28 and gets a train. Laila levels to 9 thief. Mars completes mobmaster 7. Nobbs is created. Silvermoon reaches Th:18 Ra:20 Cl:20. Talyn completes mobmasters 26 & 27, leveling to 22 cleric in the process. Weezer completes mobmaster 10.

1/12/02 - Gizamaluke joins Torchbearer. Tirayel levels to 9 ranger. Apollyon completes mobmaster 35. Toto levels to 19 cleric. Thengel reaches Ra: 3 Ma: 9. Khazka is created and levels to 6 shaman. Tayln gets dispel evil to superb. Xochitl levels to 5 shaman. Thingone reaches 15 ordained. Derth reaches Wa:20 Cl:22. Cirth completes 8 mobmasters in a row without failing any (a tiny elemental, an eddie, bear cub, goblin guard, a field mouse, a small rock, a female elf, & a lizard man). Solaron posts a note about Lins' idea to remove sentry followings from the game. Alrandolin reaches Wa:17 Ma:18. Krongler levels to 5 warrior. Boyardee reaches Ma:28 Wa:30 and completes mobmaster 59.

1/11/02 - Elly is created. Aoife reaches Sh:29 Ra:27. Isitititis reaches Ra: 8 Ma:15. Dogdaze completes mobmaster 42. Cordir names Torchbearer as an enemy, as does Tripper (a good naming another good as enemy...). Eganrac reaches Ma: 2 Ra: 9. Tirayel levels to 8 ranger. Mars levels to 14 cleric. Paython reaches Wa:28 Cl:30 and completes mobmasters 43 & 44. Weezer reaches Wa:13 Sh:30. Hiro is re-created and re-joins Tamar. Talyn completes 7 mobmasters and levels to 20 cleric. Myro reposts his immortality petition, but accidentally posts it as an "immorality" petition instead :P 

1/10/02 - Orin reaches Cl:11 Wa:11. Demoth reaches Th: 8 Ra:11. Derth completes mobmaster 28. Wish shares a poem on gossip :P  Dustina levels to 4 cleric. A who list from this day.

1/9/02 - Demoth levels to 10 ranger. Tirayel re-levels to 5 ranger. Ichabod reaches Wa: 7 Sh: 9. Regul reaches Ma:18 Ra:20 Th:17. Lirian is created. Elektra & Joey each complete their first mobmaster. Loki levels to 10 mage. Ysild reaches Wa: 4 Sh:13 Th:11. Dart reaches Ra: 8 Ma:10. Derth completes mobmaster 25. Maximus is coolered for "not getting a clue" after being killed by Tokugawa, and after grouping with a stated enemy of Torchbearer's. There's a lot of discussion about help good, and Torchbearer later removes all the followings he had had listed as enemies.

1/8/02 - Joey reaches Ma:20 Wa:20 Th:15. Dogdaze reaches Wa: 2 Sh:30. Derth completes mobmaster 24. There's a suggestion that EEL should be resurrected, and Tholbar later gossips (in common), 'thats it, someone get daelin online and give him a spoon!'.

1/7/02 - Morimox's temple is installed. Artanis completes mobmasters 48 & 49. Elrond levels to 15 mage. Nicolas levels to 10 mage. Weezer reaches Wa:10 Sh:30. Indiga completes mobmaster 41. Aslan levels to 20 cleric. Sweetness levels to 8 shaman. Kat levels to 5 mage. Wylin completes his first mobmaster. Wish completes mobmasters 39, 40 & 41 (an ogre warrior, Captain Derrick, a tired monk). Derth badrecalls from the guild into Scairz. Thengel duals to ranger.

1/6/02 - Tynian posts a note about version 3.87. Kirth reaches Ra:10 Ma:11. Silvanus reaches Ra:18 Ma:18. Dart reaches Ra: 5 Ma:10. Majere completes mobmaster 71. Cirsols levels to 5 mage. Cirth reaches Th: 6 Ma: 9. Speed levels to 5 thief. Aiken reaches Ra:24 Th:20 Ma:23. Christoster reaches Cl:13 Wa:11 Th: 9. Azazel is created. Valo logs on as a level 1, and is restored.

1/5/02 - Talyn & Aslan are married, and a reception follows in ceremonial. Alrandolin levels both mage & warrior, reaching Wa:16 Ma:18. Cirsols levels to 4 mage. Xochitl is created. Klipp levels to 5 cleric. Artulla is created & levels to 5 mage. Tholbar completes mobmasters 53 & 54. Thingone reaches 11 ordained. Joey reaches Ma:19 Wa:20 Th:15. Teluin completes mobmaster 76. Tyrell continues his streak of 4 consecutive self-corpse retrievals.

1/4/02 - Tynian posts a note announcing that TFC is NOT shutting down. Azeworai completes mobmaster 41 (a tired monk). Pheonix levels to 18 cleric. Sedona reaches Wa:11 Cl:15. Nitidus reaches Ma:19 Th:15 Ra:15. Alma is created. Lins offers "I'm giving 250k for the one that brings me a dispel magic sphere. This sphere must have at least 3 charges, and you have to tell me how to use it :). 250k.. that's a lot :P." Hyran levels to 5 cleric. Kain reaches 14 ordained. Chueco reaches Wa:18 Th:17 Sh:20. Ammonia reaches Th:17 Cl:18. Tolven completes mobmaster 14. Ichabod duals to warrior. Baal reaches Sh: 4 Wa:12. Regul gets his corpse back from Dream Realm.

1/3/02 - Darkclaw posts "Love Told, Love True". Kallyia is created, worships Torchbearer, and levels to 5 cleric. Glathrorn switches back to shaman, and reaches Sh:12 Wa:11 Th:11. Thingone reaches 10 ordained. Dalaran completes mobmaster 63. Azeworai helps Dart dual to ranger, by finding Jack after a lot of searching. Titan deletes himself, since he will be away in rl for a long time. Lins finds 4 moderates in one corpse. Jugal is created. Mija reaches Wa:11 Ma:15 Th:15.

1/2/02 - Mira reaches Wa:19 Cl:20. Isitititis reaches Ra: 4 Ma:15. Thingone reaches 9 ordained. Aiken completes mobmasters 23 & 24 and reaches Th:18 Ra:23 Ma:23. Pardoquilian reaches Sh:14 Wa:10. Kerson reaches Wa:27 Sh:25. Mars levels to 8 cleric. Alielle is created. Weezer gossips (in common), '1exp tnl.. :)', and then reaches Wa: 9 Sh:30. Belsambar completes mobmaster 61. Kirth levels to 7 mage. Nicolas levels to 8 mage. Christoster reaches Cl:12 Wa:11 Th: 9. Hsan completes mobmaster 15 (a young duergar). Valo appears to have been deleted after gossiping icky things. Teluin completes mobmaster 74 (the Jailor), and later announces that he is the new mayor of midgaard, and promises that it can be as prosperous as the town he was once mayor in.

1/1/02 - Happy new year! Sirak and Elladan both stop by for a visit :)  Lins reaches 29 ordained, and has 54.5k to next. Vex reaches 6 ordained. Paython reaches Wa:27 Cl:30. Dartt completes mobmaster 15. Belsambar completes mobmaster 60 (the knight templar). Maven levels to 5 warrior. Telamon levels to 8 cleric. Solonar levels to 14 mage. Thingone reaches 8 ordained. Boyardee completes mobmasters 51-54. Doc kills Tomas for mobmaster 71. Rumor has it that Maldobar died while linkdead.

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2004:  (from 12/31/04 to 1/1/04)

2003:  (from 12/31/03 to 6/15/03) and (6/14/03 to 3/29/03) and (3/28/03 to 1/1/03)

2002:  (12/31/02 to 10/21/02) and (10/20/02 to 7/21/02) and (7/20/02 to 4/26/02) and (4/25/02 to 1/1/02)

2001:  (12/31/01 to 10/1/01) and (9/30/01 to 7/1/01) and (6/30/01 to 1/5/01)

2000:  (12/30/00 to 1/6/00)

1999:  (12/28/99 to 1/9/99)

1998:  (12/26/98 to 1/1/98)

1997 & prior:  (12/31/97 to 3/4/94)

odds & ends:  (undated logs)

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