a 2001 tfc timeline
(6/30/01 to 1/5/01, with most recent stuff first)

6/30/01 - Vorax is promoted to Demigod by Tynian! He starts the Shadows, and Tirant becomes his first follower. Saroth reaches 25mage/25ranger and kills a gnome guard for mobmaster 12. Abaddon levels to 16 warrior (Wa:16 Sh:25). Avoozl levels to 10 warrior (Wa:10 Cl:15). Zee levels to 5 mage. Alaron levels to 7 cleric. Dhrok levels to 3 & 4 shaman. Artanis levels to 3 cleric. Ozrenicqwpo reaches Wa: 8 Cl: 9. Khoth reaches Wa:14 Sh:14. Trefuilngid levels to 12 thief. Phil kills Skoale the Swashbuckler for mobmastery 57.

6/29/01 - Veronica joins Kodachi's Spirit, becoming Whitehawk's 6th follower. Majere reaches level 27 cleric (Cl:27 Wa:30). Ghazkull levels. Legolas levels to 20 mage (Ma:20 Ra:11) and gets a train! Sirus levels to 3 cleric (Cl: 3 Wa:13). Chaoz reaches level 3 cleric. Packard levels to 7 warrior. Aslan levels to 17 cleric. Corellon levels to 3 mage. Vetinari levels to 10 ranger. Kaltar levels to Sh:15 Wa:14. Treel is created. Bliss somehow turns herself into a male for awhile, and players see:

Hum [      Demigod      ] BlisS wields a sharp kitchen knife.

6/28/01 - Kharad-Delving is installed at about 2am mud time, and Noctus is the first to find it. Plato's temple is installed. Whitehawk accepts his first follower, Posner. Teluin levels to 17 shaman. Kenshin levels to 6 warrior. Hextor levels to 7 cleric. Dart joins the Dreamwalkers. Langbardr levels to 11 cleric. Ripper is created.

6/27/01 - Morimox posts a petition for immortality. Chee levels to 11 cleric. Sirus levels to 2 cleric (Cl:2 Wa:13). Teluin levels to 15 shaman. Trefuilngid reaches 6 thief. Grep levels to 5 warrior. Majere completes mobmaster 68. Langbardr levels to 10 cleric.

6/26/01 - Whitehawk is promoted to Demigod, creating a neutral following called Kodachi's Spirit. Tynian checks in version 3.70h, which adds Plato's temple entry. Noctus levels to Ordained 14. Drakar levels to 15 ranger (Ra:15 Cl:20 Th:20). Langbardr is created, joins the Dreamwalkers, and levels to 9 cleric. Sirus duals to cleric. Jennica reaches 7 cleric. Dezmond levels to 9 cleric. Axe levels to 6 warrior. Totekara levels to 4 cleric. Drayk is created.

6/25/01 - Teluin levels to 10 shaman. Snappy kills Toxic (justifiably), the first time a Dreamwalker has PKed.

6/24/01 - Okk is promoted to attendant of Tripper! Menion is re-created. Rhianna is created. Voldemort levels to 12 mage. Wylen levels to 5 cleric. Galatea levels to 19 thief (Th:19 Ma:15 Ra:19). Arianas levels to warrior 17 (Wa:17 Sh:22). Pitt joins the Dreamwalkers, after finally finding a new home for his anti-good eq. Sirus levels to 13 warrior. Chee levels to 10 cleric (Cl:10 Ra:20). Darkclaw posts a note to all called "Home". Tynian checks in versions 3.70f & 3.70g. Nayr posts the following note to all: "A quick warning: The old safe room in Kuroth, is no longer safe. Use the chapel down the hall to the south instead. (Kuroth residents should repop there upon death as well). This was done because it was impractical to make it so that mobs could not enter the old room. Mobs should not wander into the new one, so serial killers can sit around in there and not spam our info. (You know who you are :)."

6/23/01 - Vorax is promoted by Tynian to attendant of Tamar! Ephiny reaches level 17 Wa/30 Cl. Khouth levels to 5 Wa/14 Sh. Lodi levels to 6 warrior. Waelyn, Mork and Dezmond are created. Sorroi is created and levels to 3 warrior. Sethvir levels to 22 ranger (Ra:22 Th:21 Sh:25 ). Kain levels to 23 ranger (Ra:23 Cl:25). Jiki levels to 20 cleric. Tirant completes mobmaster 27. Tamar rises to Intermediate Power.

6/22/01 - Lodi and Axe are created. Ryxtius levels to 6 ranger. Treehugger levels to 18 cleric. Galaphile wins a kiss from Tamar in a limbo contest where the limbo pole was manned by demons. Daelin is quiet. Sirus holds a drinking party in the Guild Hall, and later levels to 12 warrior. Voldemort level to 3, 4 & 5 mage. Edaemus reaches level 10 ranger. Zoe reaches level 5 thief. Arianas levels to 16 warrior. Xcalibur levels to Cl:15 Wa:15 (effective 20). A who and wizlist from this day.

6/21/01 - Lins levels to Ordained 19. Dantrag levels thief to 18. QBall announces his impending departure for 2 RL years, which will begin after Sept. 19th, 2001. Tramp levels to 10 warrior (10:Wa 12:Cl 12:Th) and gets 6 practices and a train.

6/20/01 - Cordir and I post the following emails about the timeline to the finalchallenge mailing list. Talyn Napei and Aslan Tsarran invite the mud to their upcoming marriage, date TBA. Noctus levels to Ordained 13. Bliss speaks with Tamar regarding snowballing Legolas as punishment for the bunny-hostage situation. Evelyne makes an appearance in the realm, wanting to say hello to Ghazkull. Legolas levels to 19 mage. Sirus levels to 11 warrior.

6/19/01 - TFC comes back up at its regular address! Alaron, Kreig, and Chris are created. Legolas gets his own rain cloud. Matado levels to 15 warrior. Carnage levels to 8. Snappy levels to 23 cleric. Legolas holds 5 chocolate bunnies hostage, threatening to harm them unless his demands are met. Some of the demands include owning the kitchen and a lifetime supply of strawberry ice cream. Tokugawa then appeared out of nowhere, stole the bunnies from Legolas, and announced that "Legolas's bunnies have been liberated!" Tokugawa then ate a bunny in front of Bliss.

6/13/01 - Okk posts a parody called "The Rime of the Ancient Marinator" to the TFC status list.

6/7/01 - TFC goes down due to Global Crossing issues.

6/6/01 - Azeworai kills a mycon chanter for mobmaster 21.

6/5/01 - Legolas is killed in a snowball fight with Tamar. Ghazkull completes mobmastery 5. Micakthul levels to 9 ranger. Azeworai loses a level and gains it back.

6/4/01 - Kerriaridane is promoted to Ambassador by Nayr. Tylorn posts the following note to all regarding his death: "The mighty and powerful safe sitting Lins has made a claim that I will die in a month's time starting today. The clock is ticking boys, you best get busy." Guess we'll check back in a month... Azeworai levels to 21 mage. Micakthul levels to 8 ranger. The Dreamwalkers' scavenger/leveling quest ends. Tamar announces that the winners are: Snappy, first place with 606 points. Azeworai, 2nd place with 314 points. Chee, 3rd place with 208 points. Legolas & Mentledo each get honorable mentions with 152 and 151 points respectively. Twelve people participated, earning a total of 1842 points, and reaching a total of 22 levels during the 1 week period. Congratulations to all who participated!

6/3/01 - Plato is promoted to Demigod! He starts Wisdom, a good aligned following, and his first follower is Shon. His following description says: "Wisdom is an aggressive GOOD following emphasizing having fun, wisdom is more powerful than equipment, spreading the word of Wisdom, and helping the following and the World grow through respect and integrity in everything they do. They believe that peace is the way to enlightenment. They also believe that if you live by the sword you shall die by OUR sword." Snappy levels to 22 cleric. Tramp levels to 9 warrior and gets a train and 6 practices. Rutherford levels to 5 warrior. Micakthul returns to the realm after a very long absence and joins the Dreamwalkers.

6/2/01 - Saroth completes mobmasters 8, 9, 10 & 11, killing a small spark, Farmer Sara, a young horse, and a little imp to do so. Snappy levels to 20 and then 21 cleric. Mentledo levels to 16 cleric.

6/1/01 - Snappy levels to 19 cleric. Rutherford levels to 4 warrior. Zedar joins the Dreamwalkers.

5/31/01 - The mud sees "### Bliss killed by Tokugawa at Lair of the Ash Moon Coven". Bliss is barely conscious after the experience. Chee levels to 9 cleric. Azeworai levels to 20 mage. Egar rescues Tamar after she is trapped inside an egg casing.

5/30/01 - Chee levels to 8 cleric. Mentledo levels to 15 cleric. Jarngrimr levels to 12 shaman. Snappy levels to 19 warrior.

5/29/01 - Snappy levels to 18 warrior. Legolas levels to 18 mage. Abaddon levels to 15 warrior.

5/28/01 - Jarngrimr, Dinin & Rutherford join the Dreamwalkers. Azeworai levels to 19 mage. Jarngrimr levels to 11 shaman. Sian levels to 3 and then 4 warrior. Mija levels to 8 warrior.

5/27/01 - CrunchJr levels to 14 warrior and gets a train. Mija levels to 7 warrior.

5/26/01 - Legolas levels to 17 mage, effective 20.

5/25/01 - Sian joins the Dreamwalkers.

5/24/01 - Kerriariadne posts a petition for immortality. CrunchJr levels to 13 warrior and gets a train. Legolas levels to 16 mage.

5/20/01 - Okk posts "What's inside a practice session".

5/16/01 - Tripper's Tigers have their 1st anniversary!

5/14/01 - Symon posts a retirement note. Tynian checks in version 3.70e, which fixes "a problem with deathtoll not resetting properly". A nasty log of jester's keep from Skeeve's point of view.

5/13/01 - Kendrobe apostatizes from the Dreamwalkers, saying that he "must now follow a different road".

5/10/01 - Lins fights Tokugawa and loses, of course. OkenfoldJR is created. Tirant is created and reaches level 6 mage. Ziruxvunalds reaches level 16 mage. Valkjosandi reaches level 7 warrior. Mael completes mobmaster 74.

5/6/01 - Rutherford is created.

5/2/01 - Jyslin leaves the Tigers.

4/30/01 - Ozwyck reaches levels 4, 5, 6 and 7.

4/27/01 - Okk posts the wisdom of glop.

4/18/01 - Evelyne retires from TFC.

4/14/01 - Katja is re-created and re-joins Bliss.

4/13/01 - Sirus is created.

4/12/01 - Dijul joins the Dreamwalkers.

4/11/01 - Azeworai levels to 17 mage and gets max hit points.

4/10/01 - Legolas and Fiend join the Dreamwalkers.

4/7/01 - Cordir stops updating her timeline, but doesn't make public that she no longer intends to update it.

4/6/01 - Sabella posts some poetry.

4/2/01 - Darklord levels to 6 cleric.

3/31/01 - Legolas and Avoozl are created.

3/29/01 - Khoth is created.

3/28/01 - Okk posts "In dreams and joy and reverie...".

3/27/01 - Tramp and Mentledo join the Dreamwalkers.

3/26/01 - Spire levels to 5 thief.

3/22/01 - Ghazkull and Evelyne are wed, and you can see the log on the Dreamwalker's site. Tynian posts a note to all titled Endgame, alerting the mud to potential Global Crossing issues. Gup talks in "Australian" a lot.

3/21/01 - Spire levels to Th:3 Ma:15.

3/20/01 - Glathrorn levels to 7 thief. Spire levels to Th:2 Ma:15

3/19/01 - Spire duals to thief.

3/18/01 - Quarnel levels to 21 cleric and gets max mana. Mija wins a scavenger quest. Kaju levels to 13 shaman.

3/15/01 - CrunchJr levels to 11 warrior.

3/13/01 - Draven and Oganoan join the Dreamwalkers. Azeworai levels to 16 mage.

3/11/01 - Myronides posts the following note to all :(

3/9/01 - Azeworai levels to 15 mage and gets a train.

3/8/01 - Shabba, Masodent and Kaju join the Dreamwalkers. Spire levels to 15 mage. Azeworai levels to 14 mage.

3/7/01 - Goku and Sparky join the Dreamwalkers. Azeworai levels to 13 mage.

3/6/01 - Azeworai levels to 12 mage.

3/5/01 - The selection of the Dreamwalker's first ordained, Azeworai, is announced in the following board note.

3/3/01 - Tylorn is restored. Azeworai and Armalag join the Dreamwalkers.

3/2/01 - About mid-morning mudtime, Tynian posts a note to all titled Examples, in which among other things he announces that Malin has been deleted. Rumor has it that later that night Qithlorien posts a retirement note, which he quickly deletes. Tylorn is deleted. Later that evening, Asia is retired. Azeworai is created.

3/1/01 - Sivan joins the Dreamwalkers.

2/28/01 - Phyrexia joins the Dreamwalkers.

2/27/01 - Phyrexia is created. Evelyne re-accepts Ghazkull's proposal via board note, saying that she "would love to marry the NICEST man on TFC." The wedding date is TBA.

2/26/01 - Ghazkull re-proposes to Evelyne via a board note.

2/23/01 - Crinos levels to Th:15 Ra:9 Ma:15.

2/22/01 - Tynian checks in 3.70d, which fixes "a crash-severity bug related to scroll use". Kicks is created, a reincarnation of Kick.

2/21/01 - Crinos The Puffed Corn Cheeze Snack of DreamWalker levels to Th:14 Ra:9 Ma:15.

2/20/01 - Darkwing makes Tamar flee by singing dwarven drinking songs in the Refuge. Tirayel holds a storytelling contest.

2/19/01 - The Conclave holds a "Day of Deception", using fake titles from other followings, and telling some people that Molo retired. Pez announces that the current PezQuest 8 jackpot is 310K. Darkmoon's RL baby is made #1 in a cute baby contest. Arioch loses 5 levels in order to be reformed from Pain. Crinos levels to Th:13 Ra:9 Ma:15. Chee reaches level 18 ranger. Democritus posts a revelation.

2/18/01 - Tynian checks in version 3.70c, which adds Bliss' temple entrance.

2/17/01 - Stafellayinn reaches Ra:21 Th:18 Ma:18.

2/15/01 - Chee, Helaman and Spire join the Dreamwalkers.

2/14/01 - Khore retires, rather undramatically.

2/13/01 - Stafellayinn levels to Ra:20 Th:18 Ma:18 and turns 1725 years old.

2/12/01 - Ghazkull declares that due to inactivity on her part, he has decided to cancel his wedding to Evelyne.

2/11/01 - Tynian checks in version 3.70b, which fixes a "serious problem with apostatize working on the non-current class".

2/10/01 - Marisa's RL improves significantly ;)

2/9/01 - Drizzt announces his retirement for the second time in the following note. Maldobar, Katrana, and Vhirrek kill Justice. Tynian checks in version 3.70 and 3.70a.

2/7/01 - Palin, Seer of Fate, publicly accepts Jet's apology and pledge. Pan joins the Black Conclave. Dorrian reaches Wa: 6 Ma: 9. Ephiny reaches Cl:16 Wa:15. Farakhan levels to 10 mage. Valo reaches Ra:24 Ma:23.

2/6/01 - Tynian posts the following email to the TFC mailing list.

2/5/01 - Spire is created.

2/3/01 - Ghazkull levels to Ma: 7 Ra:11. Solaron is created.

2/1/01 - Morimox reaches Th:24 Wa:30 Ma:30 and completes mobmaster 42. Padishar levels to 4 & 5 mage. Ludicrous is created and levels to 3 warrior. Elise reaches Wa:19 Th:15 Ma:15. Alderson completes mobmaster 22. Dracos completes mobmaster 45. Khyl joins the Black Conclave.

1/31/01 - Morimox joins Asia. Bishop reaches 4, 5 & 6 mage. Xepo levels to 10 mage. Talyn levels to 16 cleric. Bengal levels to 8 warrior. Maldobar levels to effective 50 (Th:30 Wa:30 Ma:30).

1/30/01 - Ghazkull reaches Ma: 7 Ra:11. Awai levels to 7 shaman.

1/29/01 - Malin's retiremenet takes effect. Plato is promoted to Attendant of Cordir! The "last killed" portion of deathtoll can no longer be viewed by mortals. The apostatize command is added, and Tynian explains in version 3.69 that "This command will allow a mortal to reform with level loss, without the assistance from a Greater God+. There are several circumstances in which 'apostatize' will not work, including excessive use, not being high enough level (dual-class), having lost levels to regain, or being ordained. In most circumstances, however, it will be possible to self-reform with level loss. Typing 'apostatize' will give instructions, and whether you are eligible to use the command. I will also add the ability to be able to reform at no cost in the future, if your god is inactive, or under other limited circumstances."

1/26/01 - Whitehawk is promoted to Attendant of Robert! Pez names Stafellayinn his official sidekick and biographer, and he also reaches level 5 cleric again. Antryg, Gertrude, Ratchus, Pasmin & Gwenhwyfar join Bliss. Markoon joins Robert. Destin posts the following note to all. Grindel levels to 15 shaman, and then later to 11 thief. Oganoan levels to 4 & 5 warrior. Sir levels to 7 mage. Morimox levels to 23 thief (Th:23 Wa:30 Ma:30). Talyn reaches 9 cleric. Zeks levels to 11 cleric. Mauler levels to 15 warrior. Edge levels to 19 warrior (Wa:19 Th:18 Ma:22).

1/25/01 - Malin posts a retirement note to all. Jahar joins Asia. Cassandra & Elistan join Bliss. Kerriariadne reaches Ma:26 Ra:27. Sethvir levels to 21 shaman (Sh:21 Ra:15). Noctus reaches Cl:29 Wa:25. Azeroth levels to mage 4 & 5. Lins levels to Wa:19 Cl:25. Bigtoe levels to 4, 5 & 6 warrior. RedBaron reaches Ma:13 Ra:15. Morgant is created and reaches level 6 warrior. Anvil levels to 11 warrior. Antryg reaches 4 mage.

1/24/01 - A wizlist from this day. Themiscrya levels to 12 ranger. Mauler reaches Wa:14 Cl:14. Destin, Hybrid, Azuroth, Jet, Sorsha & Majere worship Bliss.

1/23/01 - Tynian posts a version note explaining various bugfixes. Bubba, Fulcrath, Keldor, Ibram & Losban join Bliss. A gathering of the Dreamwalkers is held in the Refuge to promote the cause of good. Much spam and many ideas ensue. Quarnel joins the Dreamwalkers. Anvil levels to 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9 warrior. Quixletobia reaches Ra:13 Ma:15. RedBaron reaches Ma:12 Ra:15. Fweep reaches Cl:24 Wa:17. Jyslin levels to cleric 12. Talyn levels to 7 & 8 cleric. Laikeisha levels to 8 & 9 mage and joins Bliss. Muknuggle reaches Sh:18 Wa:15 Th:15. Russia reaches Th: 8 Ma:21 Wa:30. Valo reaches Ma:17 Ra:20. Antryg is created. Bigtoe is created. Bliss posts BlissPoll 2001. Erkenbrand completes mobmastery 9.

1/22/01 - Bliss is promoted to Demigoddess, starting an evil-aligned chocolate-oriented following. Her first follower is Melisa. Her initial following description (available by typing finfo Bliss) is: "Bliss, leader of The Coven of the Ash Moon: The Coven is a close-knit group of spellcasters who strive for expertise in the dark arts. While its members enjoy their privacy, they will gladly share their knowledge of the realm with anyone who asks. However, while they do not actively seek to harm anyone, once one of the Coven has been harmed, the aggressors and those closest to them, will be cursed for all eternity."

1/20/01 - Version announcements are now available at http://mud.finalchallenge.net/tfc/news/verindex.shtml

1/19/01 - Version 3.67j is checked in, which takes care of several fixes. Heero, Bigtoe, Shamar and Flood join the Dreamwalkers. Molo posts the following note to all about membership requirements for the Conclave. Gabriel levels to 12 ordained. Azmodin reaches Ma:21 Wa:18. Gaelin levels to 11 mage. Chrono levels to 4 & 5 ranger. Valo reaches Ra:17 Ma:15. Isoto reaches Wa: 10 Cl: 9. Zenin completes mobmaster 5. Dante completes mobmaster 30. Glathrorn completes mobmaster 9. Molo announces on gossip that he has "2,026kg of equipment in 696 items".

1/18/01 - Sacarre joins Tripper. Blackblade, Snappy, Countchocula and Abaddon join the Dreamwalkers. Hookah returns briefly to the realm. Kantor completes mobmasters 74 & 75. Twinklefire completes mobmaster 12. Saroth reaches Ma:23 Ra:18. Quarnel reaches Wa:17 Cl:20. Ephiny reaches Wa:11 Cl:15. Tholbar reaches Cl:28 Wa:15. Winter levels to mage 5 (Ma: 5 Wa:10 Th: 9). Eddy levels to 5 mage (Ma: 4 Ra:11). Chrono is created and levels to 3 ranger. Aragorn levels to 5 warrior. Zeks levels to 8 cleric. Galithandril posts a retirement note

1/17/01 - Larry is retired due to inactivity. Arioch leaves Wind and joins Solanthas. Later that day, Solanthas posts a retirement note, as do Nicademus and Natas. Blackblade reaches Th: 7 Sh:24. Thel levels to 11 warrior. William reaches Cl:17 Wa:15. Losban levels to 8 mage. Stafellayinn levels to 8 mage. Helm levels to 14 warrior. Zeks is created.

1/15/01 - Stafellayinn is restored to his former levels as a triple-classer and re-joins the Dreamwalkers.

1/14/01 - Pez is re-created.

1/12/01 - Shamar & Democritus are created.

1/6/01 - Version 3.67g is checked in. Some of the fixes include: cant, soul sense, detect good and detect evil, and good-only and evil-only rooms. Changes made to bounty hunters so that they can no longer be used to experience on without a repop.

1/5/01 - Stafellayinn returns to TFC after a long absence and joins the Dreamwalkers.

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