a 2001 tfc timeline
(9/30/01 to 7/1/01, with most recent stuff first)

9/30/01 - Armalag reaches Cl:29 Wa:25. Llaem levels to 10 ranger and joins Bliss. Thorvin and Ouchohm are created. Lictilon reaches Wa:23 Th:20 Ma:23 and completes mobmasters 19 & 20. Nazca reaches Ma:14 Ra:12, duals back to ranger, and reaches Ra:13 Ma:14. Ravaged completes mobmaster 21. Arianas posts a retirement note. Valo posts a kind of icky poem about lord nash, and Belsambar posts a response. Cyprali reaches Ra: 4 Cl: 9.

9/29/01 - Myre levels to 11 mage. Ordeith reaches Wa:11 Sh:15. Iolith levels to 3 cleric. Khore posts a few more quest details for those wanting to participate in the golem quest. Spell reaches Ra:16 Ma:20. Tynian checks in version 3.77b, which fixes a few problems and adds the "twitch" social. Thingone completes mobmaster 25. Gizamaluke reaches Ma:19 Wa:16. Darwin reaches Wa: 4 Ma:12.

9/28/01 - Someone puts a statue, (Perfect in every regard, a chocolate statue of Bliss dominates the chamber), in Bliss' temple. Lins announces that he will not help followers of Okk, and Keat does likewise. Spell reaches Ra:16 Ma:20. Gizamaluke reaches Ma:19 Wa:16. Cordir posts a note on alignment vs pk model. Darwin reaches Wa: 4 Ma:12. Thingone completes mobmaster 25. Mael retrieves Sherank's corpse from master's tower, and does an evil deed to save Bliss from certain punishment (altho saving his goddess doesn't sound terribly evil to me :P). Maldobar is given a stuffed snow leopard when he mentions he is lonely. Azeworai reaches Ma:27 Wa:15 and gets a train. Khore kills Plane twice, and gives his brain to Tamar. He then kills Azeworai, when Azeworai refuses to eat a chocolate heart from Tamar's ocelot. Azeworai has fun with vent. Whoz changes classes many times as part of a test, promoting people to wonder what's going on on gossip.

9/27/01 - Dragonmaster is created. Maldobar posts sleeping dragons. Belmar levels to 9 warrior. Ravaged completes mombasters 9, 10 & 11. Taibh reaches Ra:11 Cl:15. Joeb completes mobmaster 25. Ordeith duals back to warrior.

9/26/01 - Maximus and Ravaged join Okk, and Ravaged is ordained, after having leveled to 40 as an unaligned. His ordain title is Axis Kyrar. Regul reaches Ra:13 Th:11 Ma:15. Strider reaches Ra:11 Ma:16. Mael dies, sparking a bunch of notes. Gizamaluke reaches Ma:18 Wa:16. Law levels to 3 cleric. Mario levels to 6 shaman. Bliss says that "the people have spoken", but Strider disagrees. Athorne is unordained by Tripper so that he can post an immortality petition. Azeworai reaches Ma:26 Wa:15.

9/25/01 - Aslan writes an rp note expressing her gratitude for the retreival of her corpse, and swears an oath to those involved. Apache levels to 8 shaman. Tomato reaches Ra:12 Ma:10. Leroy reaches Wa: 4 Cl:11. Taibh reaches Ra: 9 Cl:15 and completes mobmaster 26. Regul reaches Ma:15 Th:11 Ra:11. Joeb reaches Ra:13 Th: 9 Ma:16. Krrk levels to 5 thief. Kaleyah reaches Wa: 2 Cl:16. Belsambar reaches Ra:16 Ma:20. Tomato reaches Ra:12 Ma:10. Kudican completes mobmaster 14.

9/24/01 - The Dreamwalker's Refuge is moved to the upper level, and Tamar's office is installed. Galadadrid levels to 10 ranger and duals to mage. Chaos reaches Wa:15 Cl:16. The mud is down for a few hours, and Tynian posts the following note about it and bans a site. Sheldon levels to 7 shaman. Trent is created. Wygraf levels to 5 cleric. Ripper reaches Ma:17 Ra:16. Weezer levels to 19 shaman. Legionaire reaches Ma: 9 Wa:15. Tara reaches Ma:18 Ra:15.

9/23/01 - Myronides joins Tamar. Frederick reaches Wa:10 Cl:15. Quarnel completes mobmaster 31. Dracos dies to Scriem, after being portaled there by someone he grouped with. Gizamaluke duals back to mage. Tynian posts Version 3.77 (as well as versions 3.76a and 3.77a). Aerious levels three times, reaching Ra: 4 Cl: 9. Rune levels to 4 shaman. Rhianna reaches Ma: 5 Ra: 9. Yugi, Jaquays and Preel are created. Serge reaches Sh:18 Wa:15. Aiken levels to 16 mage. Menion reaches Wa: 5 Cl: 9. Thingone completes mobmaster 23. I wear a pirate's eye patch while hunting for treasure (chocolate) with Myro, and can't get it off, *sniff*. Titan retires temporarily. Azeworai reaches Ma:25 Wa:15.

9/22/01 - Torchbearer is re-promoted to Attendant, of Cordir. Sauron joins Robert. Mael kills "the biggest honking triton guard" to complete mobmaster 96. Tynian posts a note about Version 3.76. Milton is created. Kerson reaches Sh:16 Wa:11. Sauron levels to 13 cleric. Tara reaches Ma:17 Ra:15. The mud sees ### Whiny Mortals killed by Khore at Khore's Office. Azeworai reaches Ma:24 Wa:15. Galadadrid levels to 9 ranger. Zifnab reaches Ra: 6 Ma:15 and completes mobmasters 23, 24 & 25. Zakarious reaches Ma:21 Wa:18. Chuck levels to 11 warrior. Thingone reaches Ra:23 Cl:23 and duals back to cleric. Doza completes mobmasters 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 & 13.

9/21/01 - Several people post potential chocolate socials. (Think Bliss put them up to it? I know i wouldve if i'd thought of it :P) Cyan levels to 9 shaman. Jobano levels to 7 cleric. Farghon joins Tamar. Quarnel reaches Cl:25 Wa:20. Belsambar completes mobmasters 30 & 31. Tynian posts two revised FYIs on creating new socials. Quite a few new socials are suggested. Drelara, Proetus and Drayk are created. Solaron reaches Wa:24 Cl:24. Virez levels to 13 shaman. Khore announces an upcoming quest. Chuck levels to 10 warrior. Spell reaches Ma:16 Ra:15. Tirayel levels to 5 mage again, having recreated the character and rejoined Cordir. Zifnab completes mobmaster 20.

9/20/01 - Sauron levels to 10 cleric. Kettri reaches Wa:13 Sh:15. Redbar is created. Ilisam completes mobmasters 1 & 2. Nightcaster levels to 6 mage. Zaenaida reaches Th: 9 Ra:19 Ma:19. Kaleyah completes mobmaster 3.

9/19/01 - Wind levels to 13 warrior. Mucik levels to 7 mage. Bliss gossips, 'OH NO!'. Vanilla gossips (in elven), '??'. I can't imagine what Bliss was upset about :P

9/18/01 - Kantor reaches Ma:29 Th:25 Wa:30. Kaldred completes mobmaster 30. QBall posts a note saying goodbye. Waelyn is created. Belsambar reaches Ra:15 Ma:15. Kain, who had apparently been accused of cheating in killing Lanfear, posts a note expressing his discontent about the accusations. Bubba posts a very short retirement note, and several others post notes in response.

9/17/01 - Katrana reaches Sh:26 Wa:23, gaining back an apostatize level. Tajiri levels to 10 shaman. Noctus and Kantor and risk their lives to retrieve Dundrave's corpse from the 4th floor of Master's Tower. Armalag reaches Cl:28 Wa:25. Belsambar reaches Ra:14 Ma:15. Wulff, Cyan, Clint and Jobano are created. Tynian posts a note about Version 3.75, which among other things allows Mish to handle bank transactions. Goganga levels to 9 shaman. Sleighty completes mobmasters 16 & 17. Zifnab levels to 12 mage and completes mobmasters 6 & 7. Ilisam levels to 7 cleric. Jihad posts a note regarding his name change to Chueco. Aerious levels to 7 cleric. Grale reaches Ma: 5 Ra:11 and completes his first mobmaster. Echo levels to 6 thief and is dubbed an honorary elf by Solaron. Tamar reaches full mana again, after having gone in the negative to ordain Legolas.

9/16/01 - Zip levels to 9 mage. Solaron rescues Goganga from the House of Pancakes. Tynian posts a note about Version 3.74, which incorporates a lot of changes from the idea list. Groul and Mario are created. Titan completes mobmastery 23. Daphan levels to 9 shaman. Teron levels to 7 shaman. Slavasa levels to 7 cleric and gets a train. Sleighty completes mobmasteries 8 thru 15. Grale reaches Ma: 4 Ra:11. Otterkin levels to 5 cleric. Ordeith reaches Sh:14 Wa:10. Zifnab levels to 9 mage.

9/15/01 - Tynian gives feedback on TONS and TONS of ideas -- it mustve taken him hours. He also notes that quite a few of them will be implemented with the next check-in. Malakost levels to 5 & 6 mage. Manx levels to 20 shaman. Lana is created. Myrradan levels to 3 cleric. Tynian posts an FYI about new socials.. Nobody and Noone are created. A GT is held in Tempe, with Nayr, Malin, FK, Savik, Crysania, Tokugawa and myself attending. The player of Hiro/Goku/Nasr announces that he is leaving the mud because he is being called after enlisting.

9/14/01 - Abaddon completes mobmastery 47. Belsambar posts the following note on Tripper's behalf. Roguew and Gryffin are created. Feorge levels to 6 warrior. Belsambar reaches Ra:13 Ma:15. Artanis levels to 20 cleric.

9/13/01 - Silvermoon reaches Ra:19 Th:15 Cl:20. Derth reaches Cl:16 Wa:10. Nayr posts a note on appropriate respect. Azeworai completes mobmasters 29, 30 & 31 within minutes of each other. Zaenaida reaches Ra:19 Ma:19. Ebonie reaches Ra: 5 Ma: 9. Thengel, Aniela and Sianobe are created. Kaleyah levels to 10 cleric. Jaerith reaches Sh:21 Ra:15. Zifnab completes his first mobmaster. Quarnel reaches Cl:24 Wa:20.

9/12/01 - Wolfgang reaches level 50 (Wa:30 Th:30 Ma:30)! He is also tied with Stouthbound for #1 on the mobmaster rank list, with 104 mobmasters. Kerriariadne announces that "The Dark will be making a single exception for entry for 1 day, ending at 21:00 system time, Wed Sep 12. This is a time when even The Booga opens his arms." Bridget joins Plato. Korgan reaches Wa:10 Cl:11. Geist levels to 17 shaman. Lavender and Firewalker are created. Mandrake posts a note about mobmaster superstars. Kaleyah levels to 9 cleric. Phyrexia levels to 6 shaman. Graven levels to 6 shaman. Ripper completes mobmasters 15 & 16. Belsambar posts the results of his Rock 'n Roll poll. Edge is looking for a replacement heart.

9/11/01 - New York and Washington are attacked by terrorists who hijacked commercial jets and crashed them into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and a field in Pennsylvania. The real world is in shock. People deal with something traumatic and horrifying like this in their own way, whether that be talking about it, writing about it, giving blood, donating money to the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund, watching the same terrible news footage over and over, holding someone they love or even a stranger, crying about it as they drive down the street or go to bed at night, organizing or participating in vigils, reading about it, praying about it, bringing flowers, signing condolences like this one found by Gitane, working for peace, trying to bring any sense of normality to the day, mudding or other forms of escapism, even joking about it is a valid way of dealing with grief and shock, although it can seem inappropriate to others. Do whatever you have to do to bring a little good somehow out of this terrible thing.

It seems incredibly trivial to put timeline information up -- everything has seemed trivial on this day, except the loss of life and how precious life is -- but trivia is part of the stuff of life, and I'm just glad for those that are still here to read it, and glad to have the chance to continue participating in the minutiae of life. So, here is my attempt at normality: Some TFC player's reactions and comments. Rigel levels twice, reaching Cl:10 Wa: 9. Mira reaches Wa: 6 Cl: 9. Azeworai reaches Ma:23 Wa:15 and gets a train. Tyreth completes mobmaster 39. QBall reaches Wa:26 Th:20 Ma:20. Chuck is created. Sakaba reaches Th: 8 Sh:14. Maimer gives the Conclave 10 days to prove the existence of Nash.

9/10/01 - Okk posts Larry Went Down to Skulltop. Drizzt levels to 5 mage. Varan levels to 5 mage. Kaltar reaches Sh:19 Wa:18. Korgan joins Robert. Ephiny posts a note to all regarding her silence. Pele reaches Cl:21 Wa:15. Ripper completes mobmaster 12. Kaltar and Tylorn are added to the TFC Explorer's Society Plaque in the book in the Room of Records. Nazca levels up to 11 ranger, duals to mage and levels up to reach Ma: 6 Ra:11. Tynian tries to interest people in a profit sharing plan with Mish where "You give Mish 1 million gold, and she shares her profits". Version 3.73b is checked in by Tynian.

9/9/01 - Drizzt is reborn as a level 1 mage on Searynx the 11th, The Fool's Errand, year 2491, at 2am, and he rejoins Tamar. Legionaire levels to 14 warrior. Lkin levels to 10 mage. Toto wonders (in a yell) if Tokugawa is still on. Legolas reaches 2 ordained and kills a polar bear and a musician for mobmasters 23 & 24. Belsambar reaches Ra:10 Ma:15. Reepicheep levels to 9 cleric. Somebody levels to 5 mage. Berrin joins Okk. Belsambar posts a note about nicknames for ordains and Maimer posts a response. Mael kills the triton war captain to complete mobmaster 93. Dunst reaches Wa:12 Cl:14. Gizamaluke reaches Wa:10 Ma:10. Squall reaches Cl: 9 Wa:11. Ephiny reaches Wa:22 Cl:30. Polo reaches Wa:12 Sh:15. Garvax completes mobmaster 34. Tynian posts a note about version 3.73 which, among other things, changes link so that it is no longer a non-verbal spell. Volkov completes mobmaster 36. Armalag completes a quest for Tamar. Gavin posts a note pledging himself to Tranquility.

9/8/01 - Legolas is the third selected as the Dreamwalkers' ordained, and becomes the first to receive the title. Armalag reaches Cl:27 Wa:25. Menion completes his first 2 mobmasters. Azeworai duals back to mage, reaches Ma:22 Wa:15, and kills a rakasta citizen for mobmaster 25, receiving 640 experience. Somebody and Ishlan are created. Doza levels to 15 mage. Faethros levels to 8 ranger. Ebonie reaches Ra: 4 Ma: 9. Mandrake posts a note to all where he apologises "profusely for any Immortal feelings [he] have may have hurt" in his recent notes. Daphan levels to 5 shaman. Squall reaches Cl: 7 Wa:11. Gizamaluke reaches Wa: 9 Ma:10. Derth reaches Cl:14 Wa:10. Ammonia reaches Th: 2 Cl: 9. Alderson posts an apology note, saying "I didn't exactly do what the character "Alderson" did, but if anything was really racey, I apologize". Noctus gets his light back.

9/7/01 - Lins gets compared to Mick Jagger by Valo, so Lins starts calling himself Mick. Lanfear reaches Ra:16 Ma:21. Rigel reaches Cl: 7 Wa: 9. Armalag is selected as the Dreamwalkers second ordained. Orajana levels to 6 thief. Rasha completes mobmasters 22 & 23. Okk posts Illusions. Etoh reaches Cl:16 Wa:15. Zog reaches Ma: 9 Wa: 9. Christoster reaches Th: 4 Wa:11. Graven and Syren are created. Shylok reaches Th: 3 Ma: 9 Wa: 9. Tynian posts a note on policy management. Version 3.72a is checked in by Tynian.

9/6/01 - Loto joins the Dreamwalkers. Whitehawk becomes lawful evil. Navigator levels to 6 cleric. Rigel reaches Cl: 6 Wa: 9. Victasan is created. Mandrake throws his thoughts into the good/evil debate, insulting Molo in the process, spawning notes from Molo in response, and causing a lot of discussion on gossip. Arvedui levels to 6 mage. Squall levels to 11 warrior.

9/5/01 - Bliss starts filling the typo list back up, which had been completely cleared by Nayr. Luthien levels to 7 mage and completes mobmaster 2. Minsc and Baldur are created. Robert posts a note on Unity's relationships with Evil. ToTo levels to 7 cleric. Blank levels to 18 mage. Nerull switches back to mage and reaches Ma:16 Ra:15. Gengis reaches Cl:10 Wa:12. Kaldred completes mobmaster 21. A wizlist from this day. Sleighty switches to shaman. Quarnel reaches Cl:23 Wa:20. Doc explains the meaning of LLU.

9/4/01 - Wolfgang posts a link to his website, where he announces that Jerome the Artist has passed on. Rigel joins Cordir, as does Aerith at level 2 ranger. Sheldon levels to 6 cleric. Pipsqueak levels to 8 warrior. Belsambar and Lins kill the Grand Master of Time. Daelin survives a weekend in Tucson :P  Silvermoon reaches Cl:20 Th:15 Ra:15 and switches to ranger. Tamar eats a Magic Mushroom that EVISCERATES, *** DEMOLISHES ***, and teleports her. Tolven reaches Ra:15 Cl:15 and then Cl:16 Ra:15. Squall levels to 10 warrior. Polo reaches Sh:15 Wa:11. Belsambar reaches Ra: 8 Ma:15. Vanilla levels to 6 mage. Where was Bliss when that happened? :P  Foolkiller talks about old times at a gathering held in Cordir's temple. Ravaged, combined with Maldobar and a ghost, kills Noctus. Tranquility offers a reward of 1.5 million gold for the return of all of Noctus' restrings. Maldobar is killed by a Peacekeeper. The Conclave declare a day of deception and change their titles to imitate Fate, so Cordir posts a list of her followers just in case anyone is confused, i assume. A mobmaster rank list from this day.

9/3/01 - Sirak and Jaxxon are retired. Jodah levels to 9 mage. Sakaba reaches Th: 6 Sh:14. Kaldred completes mobmaster 20 and reaches Ra:19 Ma:20. Pendragon is created. Tynian posts a note about version 3.72. Bridget levels to 7 warrior. Alegrin levels to 5 mage.

9/2/01 - Thousands of balls of light are created in a competition between the mages. Stien levels to 6 shaman. Vex completes mobmaster 52. Sleighty completes mobmaster 2. Quarnel kills a minotaur prisoner and goblin miner to complete mobmasters 18 and 19. Katana levels to 9 shaman. Jazek levels to 12 warrior. Bridget levels to 5 warrior. Gizamaluke reaches Wa: 5 Ma:10. Toto levels to 5 cleric. Jihad reaches Wa:11 Sh:13. Cecil duals back to warrior and completes mobmasters 36 & 37.

9/1/01 - Aslan posts a retirement note. Whitehawk offers to be Tamar's pet when he hears she made Lesser, but Tamar thought he already was. Armalag reaches Cl:26 Wa:25 and gets a train. Commodous levels to 4 & 5 cleric. Thingone reaches Ra:18 Cl:23. Yurian levels to 7 mage. Danton is created. Pele reaches Cl:18 Wa:15. Tirant completes mobmaster 45. Packard joins Bliss. Tynian checks in version 3.71i, which fixes a couple of problems and now makes it possible for someone to be summoned out of a private room.

8/31/01 - Khore is re-promoted to God, after slightly more than 6 months of being retired. Tamar is promoted to Lesser Goddess, after 781 hours as Demigoddess. Kerriariadne's temple, "the Great Sequoia", is installed. Sune joins Okk. Kerriariadne declares an alliance with Bliss and Vorax. Squall, Commodous and Laepox are created. Azeworai reaches Wa:12 Ma:21. Legolas reaches Ma:23 Ra:20. Gizamaluke levels to 10 mage. Talanesta levels to 9 shaman. Beef levels to 10 warrior. Zakarious reaches Ma:20 Wa:15. Belsambar reaches Ra: 6 Ma:15. Alister levels to 9 ranger. Ambrose levels to 14 mage. Jodah levels to 7 mage. Treehugger completes mobmaster 33.

8/30/01 - A Nature Reunion is held, and Rhina is unable to login as herself, so comes back as a level 1 named Aphra instead to attend the reunion. Attendees include: Aphra (Rhina), Myronides, Theoden, Tamar, Tonto, Dalaran, Solanthas, Khore, Lorali, Tokugawa, and Clumsyfool. Kerriariadne also stops by for a little while, and Elladan sends his regards. Theoden joins the Dreamwalkers during the reunion. Gytar posts the official LLU alphabet (living legends unite alphabet), and notes that "Ebby died twice today....bad demon day huh?!?" TiamaT levels to 10 warrior. Pipsqueak levels to 7 warrior. Legolas kills a soldier ant for mobmaster 21. Zakarious levels twice, reaching Ma:18 Wa:15. Milcor is created. Stacy levels to 10 cleric. Sleighty reaches Th:10 Sh:11. Rasha completes mobmasters 20 & 21.

8/29/01 - Zarous stops by for a visit for the first time in....ages! and wants to know who Toku killed to get promoted to God. A who list from this night. Gronk is created. Alicia reaches Ra: 2 Ma: 9. Tiamat levels to 7 warrior. Revenge reaches Wa: 6 Cl:14. Anduin joins Cordir. Gup makes a silly cant trigger.

8/28/01 - Myronides is released by Bliss. Revenge reaches Wa: 3 Cl:14. Barazuur levels to 6 cleric. Rhianna duals to mage with help from Legolas. Tiax reaches 30 cleric. Azeworai levels twice in warrior, reaching Wa:11 Ma:21. Menion duals to warrior with help from Azeworai. Derth levels to 7 warrior. Shylock reaches Wa: 2 Ma: 9. Korgan reaches Wa: 3 Cl:11. Zakarious reaches Ma:14 Wa:12. Alicia levels to 9 mage. Fubar levels to 10 shaman. Kethran completes mobmasters 12 & 13.

8/27/01 - Myronides announces that the Nature Reunion will take place on 8/30 at 9pm Central, 7pm Mud Time. Kaldred joins Cordir. Katrana posts a note about her decision to leave the Conclave. Neodis completes his first mobmaster, an elven infant, and receives 37 exp for it. Dagoba levels to 6 shaman. Zakarious reaches Ma:10 Wa:12.

8/26/01 - Degrea of UNITY levels to 30 shaman. Titan completes mobmasters 12 through 15. Kaldred apostatizes from the Black Conclave. Anduin apostatizes from Wisdom. Wardon duals to ranger and completes his first mobmaster. Solaron reaches Cl:23 Wa:20. Ordeith reaches Sh:12 Wa:10. Atienza is created. Zakarious levels mage twice, reaching Ma: 6 Wa:12. Augustine reaches Wa: 4 Cl:12. Titan completes mobmastery 15. Shinobi levels to 4, 5, 6, & 7 thief, all at once, and then to 8 & 9 thief. Kettri reaches Wa: 6 Sh:15. Geist levels to 16 shaman. Vassago levels to 8 cleric. Kurlon is created. Rogancey reaches Cl:15 Ra:13. Pele reaches Wa:14 Cl:14. Brahma completes mobmasters 11 through 16.

8/25/01 - Katrana apostatizes from the Black Conclave, falling to Sh:25 Wa:23 in the process. Hitoriga levels to 8 shaman. Tiberius levels to 19 cleric. Armalag reaches Wa:25 Cl:25 and duals back to cleric. Riella duals back to ranger. Athorne reaches 14 ordained. Ephiny reaches Wa:21 Cl:30. Alstor reaches Ra: 7 Cl:13. Fenix finds a +2 dam leather item inside a container. Zakarious duals to mage. Gaelin reaches Ma:19 Ra:15. Rogancey reaches Cl:14 Ra:13. Raziel reaches Cl: 2 Wa:11. Titan completes mobmasters 10 & 11. Vex completes mobmasters 47 & 48. Gitane completes mobmaster 21. Solaron completes mobmasters 29, 30 & 31. Apollyon, Snorkel and Saffle are created. Kerriariadne posts a note for the curious, and accepts his first two followers, Harmony and then Manx. (I wonder what Syla will think about his duck rule :P)  Tolven reaches Cl:13 Ra:10. Wind levels to 10 cleric. Muldaan levels to 9 mage. Gizamaluke levels to 7 mage. Kethran joins Cordir.

8/24/01 - Gavin is promoted to Ambassador! Kerriariadne is promoted to Demigod, starting the The Dark, a lawful evil following of the sword. His initial following description is "WANTED: Mischievous, fiery, adventurous spirits who can and will do what others cannot or wont -- "can do" attitude a must. Some experience necessary. Look to stretch and challenge yourself, and do so with intelligence and reason. Camping discouraged -- get yourself out there and live a little. Those who have adverse reactions to dark red auras or are otherwise unbalanced need not respond." Tyshalle almost becomes his first follower, becoming instead the first to be rejected by Kerriariadne. Adso is promoted to Ambassador! Zakarious levels to 10, 11 & 12 warrior. Mardon levels to 3 mage. Tidus levels to 5 & 6 cleric. Ambrose levels to 13 mage. Myka, who is 2 hours old & level 3, offers to take bets on how many levels he will grow at once. It turns out to be 3, as he levels to 6 warrior. Silent, Gizamaluke & Matanui are created. Katana levels to 6 shaman. Sucre levels to 6 thief. Korgan reaches Wa: 2 Cl:11. Manx levels to 8 shaman. Belsambar completes mobmaster 24.

8/23/01 - Rigel duals to cleric. Sliver levels to 4, 5 & 6 shaman. Reorx and Blackwolf are created. Rogancey reaches Cl:13 Ra:10. Matado reaches Th: 3 Wa:15. Raphael levels to 3 cleric. Destro levels to 3 mage.

8/22/01 - Valo completes mobmasters 57 & 58. Azeworai reaches Wa: 9 Ma:21. Menion levels to 9 cleric. Rhianna levels to 9 ranger. Pele reaches Cl:14 Wa:10. Rifter levels to 4 shaman. Ripper reaches Ma:13 Ra: 9. Katana levels to 3 shaman. Alicia levels to 7 mage. Axe levels to 3 shaman. Artanis levesl to 15 cleric. Ruce, Dagoba and Vanoon are created.

8/21/01 - Noctus posts a note to all, warning newbies "of the fact that Jazek will do anything to kill you. Do not believe him when he says he is part of a certain following, not even if his title says so." Galaphile reaches Th:30 Wa:13 Ma:30. Legolas reaches Ma:22 Ra:20. Wardon levels to 15 mage and duals to ranger. Tiberius levels to 15 cleric. Tolven reaches Ra: 8 Cl:11. Iramis levels to 9 mage. FisRad levels to 10 mage. Tholbar completes mobmaster 35.

8/20/01 - Jazek publicly apologizes for talking smack, and promises not to do it anymore in the future. Mael offers to buy newspapers for 1k of people dying in his zone. The Black Conclave conquers King Triton. Noctus reaches 17 ordained. Zugzug levels to 6 shaman. Rifter and Korgan are created.

8/19/01 - The mud is down for a few hours, and Tynian explains that this is due to "an area-related issue that causes the game not to come back up when rebooted", that it is not anyone's "fault", and that he is investigating. Mael is rumored to have said that he knew he shouldn't have put those 17 crash level bugs in his area :P  Spittle (ew) levels to 7 ranger.

8/18/01 - A new area, The Triton Halls, is installed at about 8:30pm mudtime and Tylorn is the first to find it. Armalag exp's for the first time in over a rl year. Talyn gets permission [approval (stamped)] from Nayr for his upcoming wedding to Aslan. Now they must complete their quest before a wedding date can be set. Wardon reaches 14 mage. Azeworai reaches Wa: 8 Ma:21. Ishbuuu levels to 5 mage. Wind levels to 8 warrior. Who reaches Ra: 3 Ma: 9. Legolas reaches Ra:20 Ma:21 and duals back to mage.

8/17/01 - Legolas reaches Ra:19 Ma:21. Khonsu, Macclanahan and Xandria join Plato. Tynian posts a response to pk change questions. Kuhl levels to 5 & 6 mage. Frederick reaches Wa: 7 Cl:15. Henrog levels to 4, 5 & 6 warrior. Eldori reaches 4 & 5 warrior. Jazek levels to 10 warrior. War reaches Wa:15 Cl:15. Ishbuuu is created. Titan reaches Wa:16 Cl:19.

8/16/01 - Solanthas stops by and hangs out for awhile :)  Qiziquiment posts ideas about a "fire man class", which i'm pretty sure are a joke ;)  -- Daelin later discusses this on gossip, commenting that he has never once needed the spells "fire hose" or "fire pole". In response, Wylin gossips "c 'dalmation' daelin". WolfLord is created. Strago levels to 10 mage. Who levels to 9 mage. Macclanahan levels to 13 cleric. Pele reaches Wa:10 Cl:10. An area list from this day. If i counted right, there are 160 areas as of now. Okk posts a "save the kitchen" note.

8/15/01 - Plato returns to TFC after resolving RL computer problems.Who joins Plato. Pele reaches Cl:10 Wa: 9 and duals back to warrior. FisRad levels to 8 mage. Lieras levels to 7 mage. Megel posts a note requesting a beer fountain, and urging others to vote for one as well. Tsumemasa levels to 4 shaman. Legolas reaches Ra:18 Ma:21. Axe duals to shaman at 15 warrior.

8/14/01 - Gytar D'Alchemist of Unity announces that Tuesday the 14th of August was a bad demon-day. Hibnue levels to 10 cleric. Tharivol levels to 4, 5 & 6 shaman. Azeworai reaches Wa:7 Ma:21. Tsumemasa is created. Legolas tries to rescue Azeworai from Maldobar and Gabriel, and survives (altho Azeworai doesn't :P). A who list from this day.

8/13/01 - Lanfear and Lizzy post notes about Lizzy's luck. Jaerith posts "We". Legolas reaches Ra:17 Ma:12. Rhianna levels to 7 ranger. Menion levels to 7 cleric. Gabriel joins the Black Conclave. Aster reaches Sh:28 Ra:25. Muldaan levels to 5 mage. Tara reaches Ra: 7 Ma: 9. Cien levels to 13 mage. Myro told me he posted a note to the gods saying, "Someone changed my title from God-Like Emperor of the Elves to God-Like Ego. The correct title change would have been Implementor-Like or Greater God-Like Ego. For I have not yet met anyone who's ego approaches mine in any way." I've always loved how modest he is :P  A wizlist from this day. Legolas completes mobmaster 13. Artanis levels to 14 cleric.

8/12/01 - Tokugawa posts a fun quest in which monkeys invade TFC, which ran from slightly after noon mudtime until about 4:15pm. The quest started with 225 monkeys being teleported thruout TFC, and ended with Gavin finding the final prizeholding monkey on the GWR. Prizes were: a simple ring, 5 named amulets, 5 restrings and 5 circlets of power. Lizzy, a Plato follower, dies many many many times during the quest, but amazingly wins 4 prizes (2 restrings, 500 xp, and an amulet of blocking), making her the winningest (and probably the dieing-est) participant. Aoife was the lucky winner of the simple ring. Elladan stops by the realm for a brief visit. Dewi levels to 8 mage. Raith levels to 4 shaman. Rhona levels to 5 thief.

8/11/01 - Tynian posts an in-depth idea to all on his plan for pk changes. Wolftooth Gorge is installed at about 6:45pm mud time, and Kaltar is the first to find it. Okk's temple is installed, and he invites everyone to an open house. A trivia contest is held, and is won by LeiLani. Yvon, a former Kindred, apostatizes from the Dreamwalkers, falling to 22 mage, and joins Bliss. Solaron and Aphrodite get married in RL (gratz). Legolas reaches Ra:16 Ma:21. Belsambar reaches Ra: 3 Ma:15. Grug reaches Sh:15 Wa:10. Kaldred reaches Ra:22 Ma:20. Rand reaches Wa:11 Sh:11. Paddy Murphy levels to 12 warrior. Dewi is created. Version 3.71f is checked in by Tynian.

8/10/01 - Tiberius joins the Dreamwalkers. Rigel & Tyb are recreated (yay), returning to TFC after an absence of years. Gengis announces that on "Aug 10th 2001, system time is 04:22:59, I was the only Character on this mud game :)". Alderson is now "gone" from TFC. Jaerith reaches Ra:13 Sh:15. Cinder reaches Ma:14 Ra:12. Fisrad and Pharoah are created. Morodan levels to 6 cleric. Belsambar completes mobmaster 18. Cordir updates her timeline, after almost exactly 4 months of not posting info to it. Guess she changed her mind again or something, but I'm going to continue posting info here. I think it's pretty silly to have 2 timeline sites, since prolly people won't bother looking at both of them, but i know i can count on me, and i like to look, so :P

8/9/01 - Solaron posts a note to all thanking Legolas for his "selfless dedication to IDing". Maldobar trys to convince people that the mud should be rebooted, since there are "no qualifying mobs available" for him to mobmaster on. Guess that's what happens when you're working on mobmaster number 97 ;P  Version 3.71e is checked in by Tynian. Legolas levels to Ra:15 Ma:21. Tiberius levels to 10 cleric. Gorbadoc is created. Starmaster reaches Cl:10 Ra: 9. Starlite levels to 9 warrior. Aster reaches Sh:27 Ra:25. Frederick reaches Wa: 5 Cl:15. Arianos completes mobmaster 32.

8/8/01 - Chee reaches Cl:15 Ra:20. Jaerith reaches Ra:11 Sh:15. Camell, Bradon, Alone and Tiberius are created. Ripper reaches Ra: 8 Ma: 9 and completes mobmasters 3 & 4. Sleighty reaches Th: 5 Sh:11.

8/7/01 - Riella posts a note saying that she and Tiax would like to thank all those who made their weddding a success, and thanking those who gave gifts. Xandria levels to 6 cleric. Illica levels to 8 cleric. Harmony leaves Cordir.

8/6/01 - Imaldara is created. Legolas reaches Ra:14 Ma:21. Darkfang reaches Ma:14 Ra: 9. Jaerith completes mobmaster 16.

8/5/01 - Tigers Tiax and Riella are wed. Tynian posts a clarifying note on apostatizing and checks in version 3.71d. Menion (a former Cerebus follower) and Rhianna join Tamar. Gandalf and Champ join Okk. Kaldred reaches Ma:20 Ra:20. Kilrogg levels to 5 shaman. Arianos reaches Th: 8 Ra:15 Sh:17. Wardon levels to 11 & 12 mage. Jaerith completes mobmaster 15. A who list from this day.

8/4/01 - Kerriariadne is promoted to Attendant of Bliss by Tynian! Upon being promoted, he announces that "The Power of Vanilla will prevail!". Pikonah holds a bachelor's party in Ceremonial for Tiax's upcoming wedding. Sturm joins Tamar. Wardon joins Tamar and levels to 10 mage. Sian reaches Wa:12 Cl:15. Snyder reaches [ Ma:12 Wa:12 Th:12. Arianos reaches Th: 7 Ra:15 Sh:17. Champ reaches Th: 8 Ra:21 Ma:20. Rhianna levels to 6 ranger. Solaron completes mobmaster 20.

8/3/01 - Tynian posts an idea about PKs to all. Many ideas are posted by others in response and there is a lot of discussion on gossip. Valik levels to 7 mage. Scrotack levels to 10 warrior.

8/2/01 - Sian levels 7 times, 2 in cleric and 5 in warrior, reaching Cl:13 Wa:11. Wardon is created.

8/1/01 - SirPsycho logs in for a brief visit and I miss him, *sniff*. Cein is created. Frederick levels to 15 cleric.

7/31/01 - Sian levels twice, reaching Wa: 6 Cl:11. Dezmond levels to 15 cleric. Tara levels to 5 & 6 mage. Raile reaches Cl:12 Wa:10. "Someone" offers to give immortal aid if anyone wishes to try and kill Tylorn -- there are no takers. Fei wishes on gossip for a Tynian garage sale with nothing over 5k, so Tynian holds one, auctioning at least half a dozen "Fur hat, ac3" items which sell like wildfire. He then auctions a few items like 'Fur hat. ac 3. +3 dam +3 da', also for 5k, and a 'Fur hat, ac 3, -3 da -3 dam ND' item :P

7/30/01 - Loreena joins Plato. Chee reaches Cl:13 Ra:20. Ordeith reaches Wa: 5 Sh:10. Wardrof reaches Cl:13 Wa:12 and completes mobmaster 7. Gengis levels to 9 warrior. Mandrake completes mobmaster 44.

7/29/01 - Kalmyr levels to 9 thief. Tuor levels to 5 & 6 ranger. Faile reaches Cl: 7 Ra: 9. Tigrallef reaches Th: 7 Sh:15 Wa:10. Jaerith reaches Ra: 3 Sh:11.

7/28/01 - Tien reaches Cl:21 Wa:20. Jet levels twice, reaching Th: 9 Wa:30 Cl:30. Leroy levels to 10 cleric. Treehugger completes mobmaster 25. Mephisto completes mobmasters 10, 11 & 12.

7/27/01 - Tamar convinces Gavin to "apostatize" from Bliss. Azeworai duals to warrior. Legolas reaches Ra: 13 Ma:21. Ordeith reaches Wa: 4 Sh:10. Tuor is created. Tiax invites many people to his upcoming wedding to Riella, revising the note a number of times to add unaligned people.

7/26/01 - Caligula levels to 5 & 6 mage. Dredd levels to 7 warrior. Macclanahan levels to 5 cleric. Starmaster levels to 7 ranger.

7/25/01 - Jaerith joins Vorax. Dezmond leaves Vorax and joins Bliss. Sethvir reaches Ra:25 Th:21 Sh:25. Raile reaches Wa: 9 Cl:11. Chloe reaches Wa: 2 Cl:12.

7/24/01 - Myro posts a note to all about a potential Nature reunion. Wylin reaches Cl:14 Wa:11. Cervantez levels to 5 warrior. Keechara levels to 9 shaman. Turalurayay and Spalding join Okk.

7/22/01 - Whitehawk posts a retirement note to all. Winter joins Okk. Pikonah reaches Ma:13 Wa:12. Ljosalfar levels to 5 ranger. Tynian checks in version 3.71c, which fixes a bug with OMs.

7/21/01 - Okk is re-promoted to Demigod, and starts a neutral pk following called the Circle of Faces. His first follower is Kaye. Eluchil levels to 11 mage and duals to ranger. Palladia levels to 4 cleric. Ridley reaches Ma:23 Th:20 Ra:20. Eluchil levels to 11 mage. Medrawt levels to 10 cleric. Shon is ordained by Plato.

7/20/01 - Meemo is re-created. Beowulf and Xandria are created. Tynian posts the following note about rl threats. Ordeith levels to 8 shaman. Tigrallef reaches Th: 5 Sh:15 Wa:10. Torquimata levels to 14 cleric.

7/19/01 - Plane joins the Dreamwalkers. Ordeith is created and levels to 4 shaman. Midian levels to 8 mage. Blizzard levels to 6 mage. Spell reaches Ra:12 Ma: 9.

7/18/01 - Rurharc is created and joins the Dreamwalkers. Thorik levels to 8 warrior. Final levels to 10 thief. Titan reaches Cl:19 Wa:14. Melfice reaches Ra:25 Cl:25. Rogancey levels to 9 cleric.

7/17/01 - Mentledo levels to 17 cleric. Wasuby joins Vorax. Tamar posts a note to all warning that Masodent is effectively no longer a follower of hers, but that he will have a blue aura until he apostatizes. Zingor levels to 14 thief. Leroy levels to 6 cleric. Ogma levels to 12 shaman. Silenius levels to 9 mage. Galadarain levels to 8 ranger. Torquimata levels to 13 cleric.

7/16/01 - Marco rejoins the Black Conclave. Chee reaches Cl:12 Ra:20. Valo reaches Ra:29 Th:11 Ma:26. Melfice reaches Cl:25 Ra:24. Langbardr reaches Wa: 4 Cl:15. Thingone reaches Ra: 7 Cl:11. Spell reaches Ra: 7 Ma: 9. Thorik levels to 4, 5, 6, and 7 warrior. War is created.

7/15/01 - Sally goes crazy and spreads cinnamon rolls thruout the realm, so Tokugawa offers a restring to the person who can bring him the most cinnamon rolls within 30 minutes. Tirant disqualifies himself, leaving Gavin the winner. Valius, Holylight & Drezai are created. Teluin announces that he and Mish have had a secret relationship and are now engaged, but Mish publicly denies this. Wiston reaches Th:11 Sh:30 Wa:16. Nepos reaches Ra:14 Cl:11. Anya levels to 10 cleric. Sleighty levels to 7 shaman. Ogma levels to 10 shaman. Legolas announces that he is going to make a journal of his teleports.

7/14/01 - At 11am mudtime Tynian's quest involving Slayers begins. 5 teams participate, and at 1pm the quest is won by Adso's team, which collected all 5 slayers and was aided by Skeeve's team. The results of this quest are later added to a plaque in the Room of Records. Ugluk Orthrakai persuades Okk to post "eggi". Sleighty levels to 5 & 6 shaman. Zingor levels to 12 thief. Pikonah reaches Ma:10 Wa:12. Tynian checks in version 3.71b, which reduces the combat penalty for sleep.

7/13/01 - Strakeln levels to 5, 6, 7 & 8 mage and joins the Dreamwalkers. Snappy reaches Cl:24 Wa:19. Misfit levels to 11 mage. Blackdemon levels to 8 warrior. Ogma levels to 8 shaman. Alderson completes mobmaster 37. Joeb completes mobmaster 22. Tynian checks in version 3.71a which makes several fixes.

7/12/01 - Misfit levels to 9 mage. Titan reaches Cl:18 Wa:14. Kurast levels to 4, 5 & 6 shaman. Strakeln levels to 4 mage. Ogma levels to 7 shaman. Bluco levels to 11 mage. Judgement completes mobmaster 19.

7/11/01 - Xcalibur apostatizes from Bliss, falling to Cl:10 Wa:15. He then joins Vorax. Anna joins Plato. Zedar discovers that the mud is back up :P  Gerrard levels to 10 shaman. Dijin levels to 5 shaman. Alderson reaches Wa:29 Cl:30.

7/10/01 - Version 3.71 is installed, and Tynian posts the following note to all about it. Tokugawa's temple is moved to the god realms, becoming a temporary office. Vorax's temple is installed, and other temple changes take effect. Bluco joins Vorax and dies repeatedly. Suleidan joins Vorax and levels to 8 shaman. Teluin levels to 29 shaman. Wistom completes mobmaster 61. Abaddon completes mobmaster 46. Aphrodite completes mobmaster 14.

7/9/01 - Ridley completes mobmaster 42. Demandred reaches Wa:20 Cl:23. Melfice reaches Ra:23 Cl:24. Croac levels to 5 warrior. Axe levels to 10 warrior. Runeworth levels to 10 cleric. Langbardr levels to 13 cleric. Wylin reaches Wa: 3 Cl:11. Tubby and Wubby are created.

7/8/01 - Ishamael joins Plato. Taringail is created, levels to 3 warrior, and joins Plato. Ravage leaves Vorax. Legolas reaches Ma:21 Ra:11, and gets better at improved id, after "4000+ ids". Tirant completes mobmasters 33, 34, 35 and 36. Solaron reaches Wa:15 Cl:15. Paython reaches Wa:21 Cl:25. Valkyrie levels to 10 shaman. Nerull levels to 10 mage. Gitane is rifted by Tynian.

7/7/01 - Ephiny holds a party in the Tiger Den, inviting Tokugawa and "any other online Immortals to the Tiger DEN for refreshments served by we groveling mortals". After several months, deaths, and 7 effective levels, Neodis completes a quest for Tokugawa in order to get a special item (a shimmering crescent moon of divine chocolate) as his offering for joining Bliss' following. Whaylin leaves the Coven. Dravin and Whaylin join Plato. Soveliss is created, levels to 3 mage, and joins Plato. Luthair is created and levels to mage 5, joining Plato. Anakin levels to mage 7. Nerull levels to mage 8. Panic levels to 7 cleric. Thingone levels to 10 & 11 cleric. Wylin levels to 7, 8, 9 and 10 cleric. Pius reaches Ra: 6 Cl:15. Cinder reaches Ra:10 Ma:12. Uriel completes mobmaster 39. Mong completes mobmaster 44. Teluin completes mobmasters 17 & 18. Arbin completes mobmasters 24, 25 & 26. Tynian posts the following note about eq swapping.

7/6/01 - Newbiekillers Crackle and Gee retire. Aphrodite joins Cordir. Teluin levels to 26 shaman. Raile levels to 3 cleric. Kaltar reaches Sh:16 Wa:14. Synan is created.

7/5/01 - Tamar and Plato become allies. A Dreamwalkers quest ends, and the winner is the team of Snappy and Chee. Silvermoon reaches Cl:14 Ra:13 Th:13. Thamoir levels to 4, 5 & 6 ranger. Solaron reaches Wa:13 Cl:15. Paython reaches Wa:18 Cl:25. Alex reaches Th:18 Ma:20 Wa:15 and completes mobmaster 11.

7/4/01 - Okk and Tiax post the following notes. Tokugawa auctions an Anti-Demon item, which is sold for 70K to Khorlan. Arianas reaches Wa:18 Sh:22. Draco levels to 4, 5 & 6 ranger. Ryknow is created. Avoozl completes mobmaster 16. Gavin completes mobmaster 70. Tirant completes mobmaster 31. To my knowledge, no one has killed Tylorn in the previous month.

7/3/01 - Twisted joins Plato. Tupac joins Bliss and levels to 8 warrior. Edge apostatizes from Molo, losing 5 levels in the process and falling to Ma:17 Wa:20 Th:20. Themiscrya apostatizes from the conclave as well, also losing 5 levels. Noctus is inducted into the TFC Explorer's Society by Tynian. Whoz'onE of Unity levels Mage to 26 and Warrior to 25 (Wa:25 Th:23 Ma:26). In the process, he mistypes shOrt (sword) and accidentally sacrifices his beloved ac6 2dmg -2svs shIrt (Doh!). Meck levels to 16 and 17 warrior. Hybrid levels to 6 and 7 cleric. Saroth reaches Ma:26 Ra:25. Khorlan levels to 20 ordained. Shadowfox levels to 6 cleric. Dyptricx completes mobmaster 33. Athorne completes mobmaster 71.

7/2/01 - According to the TFC web page, the world has 8,575 mobs with 12,587 objects in 12,115 rooms. Bliss posts a note regarding the upcoming Alliance of Shadows. Bailor is created. Ravage levels to 10 warrior. Silvermoon reaches Th:11 Ra:13 Cl:13. Sirus reaches Cl: 4 Wa:13.

7/1/01 - Morimox is promoted by Tynian to Ambassador! Cordir releases Alex, and he joins Vorax. Tynian posts a quest. Ibicus is created. Dillon reaches Wa:13 Cl:13. Alstor levels to 10 cleric. Artanis levels to 8 cleric. Anya levels to 5 cleric. Harley levels to 11 warrior. Solaron reaches Cl:14 Wa:12. Kicks levels to 9 ranger. Lucretia reaches Cl:21 Th:14 Wa:15. Version 3.70i is checked in by Tynian.

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