a 1999 tfc timeline (most recent stuff first)
If you have any events or logs to submit, please send them to me (along with the date they took place if you know it).

12/28/99 - Marisa goes dancing. Right around this time, quite a few immortals are retired (including Rhina, Darkmoon, and Zarous).

12/18/99 - Marisa reaches Wa:21 Th:22 Ma:22.

12/3/99 - Version 3.57 is checked in.

11/29/99 - Version 3.56c is checked in.

11/28/99 - Versions 3.56, 3.56a, & 3.56b are checked in. (3.56 adds the memorize ability).

11/19/99 - Version 3.55 is checked in, which adds marking on imp ids, inscribe, and modifies the damage cap.

11/14/99 - Version 3.54 is checked in, which removes link from evil OMs.

10/28/99 - Shazam is created.

10/26/99 - Version 3.53 is checked in, which among other things allows ogres to worship good FLIs and rangers & giants to worship evil FLIs.

10/23/99 - Steelblade is promoted to Ambassador! Elladan is promoted to Ambassador!

10/13/99 - Tamar is promoted to Ambassador at 508 hours.

10/8/99 - Version 3.52 is checked in. Major updates in this version include adding a 300 hour PK restriction for reformed Neutral-aligned characters, and allowing people to eat & drink during battle again (yay!).

10/3/99 - Tamar becomes the first single-classer to complete 50 mobmasters (by killing the Instructor).

9/18/99 - Tamar levels to 30 cleric.

9/10/99 - Version 3.51 is checked in, and the biggest change is that the PURGE code is now live.

9/5/99 - Version 3.50 is checked in, which adds the turn spell for clerics.

9/2/99 - Clue completes mobmaster 42 (the Ruffian).

8/24/99 - Bliss meets Darkmoon's flute, and gets to see her bag collection.

8/12/99 - Lorna announces a quest. Sometime during this quest the tempest is killed for the first time.

8/10/99 - Mijre completes mobmaster 18. Tynian posts a note about Syla's aura. Apparently Tynian finally gets the bags he needs, because shortly after this Syla gets her old size 72 aura back and is re-retired, much to her relief.

8/8/99 - Robert is promoted to Lesser God! Syla is unretired and gets a new size 71 red aura. This prompts Tynian to post a note about remaking auras. Version 3.48 is checked in.

8/5/99 - A who list from this day.

8/4/99 - Thaygar posts "Serenade to a Siren" and "Fear of the Truth". Ptarchyzk posts a note about changing weather. Maldobar is assigned a quest. Bliss gets hunted.

8/3/99 - Nicademus reaches effective 40th (Wa:30 Sh:30)! Doc reaches Th:19 Sh:30. Some who lists and a wizlist from this day. There's some discussion on notes about a possible character purge.

8/2/99 - Okk is promoted to Demigod! There is an idea posted about 2x/3x conversion, and so Tynian posts a note in response about the playing field. Falcor levels to 10 cleric. Hutt levels to 7 warrior, and has a small problem with his corpse. Allyena levels to 7 mage. A wizlist from this day. The top 3 followings at this time are: the Black Conclave (Molo), the Flying Tigers (Lorna), and the WarDancers (Solanthas), in that order. Cerberus levels to 10 cleric. Smaggle levels to 19 shaman. Veronica is created. Kennet completes mobmaster 4. Baldor gossips (in common), 'never give your icq to a strong willed woman'.

8/1/99 - Tetynst triples to mage, which is a little stranger than it seems at first glance. Merlyn joins Tokugawa. Tynian posts a note about version 3.47.

7/31/99 - Tynian posts a note about version 3.46. Maldobar starts playing again, and posts a note called "Foul, non-believers".

7/30/99 - Tynian posts a note about version 3.45.

7/29/99 - Tetynst is created.

7/24/99 - Version 3.44 is checked in, which among other things puts in the Algenara quest.

7/17/99 - Version 3.43 is checked in. This implements a new calendar for TFC, and also makes it so that "practices are no longer reimbursed for spells that the caster can no longer used when the caster is reformed from a following and is now unaligned".

7/5/99 - This date holds the record to date for the highest player count since 08/29/98 (with 64 players online at once). Version 3.41a is checked in.

7/4/99 - Version 3.40 is checked in, which allows for questmobs that can be used by god+'s.

6/30/99 - Version 3.39 is checked in, which implements the following changes for various races and classes: "Halflings get a bonus for some thief skills. New human characters get more trains. New half-elf characters get more trains. Ogres get a damage bonus vs non-ogre PC's. Rangers get a damage bonus vs ogres. Dwarves and gnomes absorb damage. Minotaurs are more difficult to trip, lose footing less. Giants have innate magic resistance."

6/26/99 - A who list from this day, along with some ftells from Craige about Bliss.

6/25/99 - Branta is created. Vera reaches Wa: 7 Ma:12. Rennia reaches Ma: 8 Wa:15.

6/22/99 - Cordir is promoted to Demigoddess! Thaygar unretires and is re-promoted to Lesser God! Shortly afterwards, Typhon rejoins Thaygar.

6/21/99 - Version 3.37 is checked in.

6/15/99 - Cybrid and Grenseal join Molo. Raake reaches Wa:19 Cl:17.

6/14/99 - Plane and Alexis are married by Solanthas in the temple of the WarDancers.

6/13/99 - BeelzeBub reaches effective 50th! (Wa:30 Th:30 Ma:30).

6/11/99 - A compilation who list from this day. Here's a log of the lich on gossip.

6/6/99 - For some odd reason, there's a corpse of Lataal in the void.

6/5/99 - A couple of who lists from this day.

6/4/99 - JarJar is created. JarJar gossips (in common), 'yay... meesa leveled!'.

6/3/99 - Sirak has a discussion on gossip. Fabienne levels to 4 shaman. Lorna and Rennia have a conversation.

6/99 - Okk is promoted to Ambassador! Cordir is promoted to Attendant of Tokguawa!

4/30/99 - A look description of Tylenol.

4/24/99 - Version 3.370 is checked in. Torchbearer's temple goes in.

4/1/99 - Gaul is pked by Beelzebub. This came about because Gaul went ahead and grouped Beelzebub in the guild to make it easier to talk, and Beelzebub promptly portaled him to a no exit, no recall, no teleport room & killed him. The moral of the story? "Don't group mages who are trying to pk you.".

3/31/99 - Vex is created.

3/27/99 - Version 3.36c is checked in, which fixes several bugs.

3/25/99 - Whitehawk is created.

3/21/99 - Version 3.36b is checked in, which incorporates some fixes for Mish. ("Fixed one instance where Mish would not update when a character was last seen. There is probably still a problem here somewhere, since requests that should still be valid appear to get cancelled for a still unknown reason." and "If a shopkeeper is given an item that Mish is searching for, the shopkeeper gladly accepts the donation, this was a posted idea.")

3/99 - A GT is held at the Renfest in Arizona. (See a few photos.)

1/27/99 - Plane is created.

1/9/99 - A partial who list from this day. Kerriariadne is created this month.

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