a 1998 tfc timeline (most recent stuff first)

Thanks a ton to those who submitted logs and events, and to those who let me use logs from their collections so they could all be in one place. If you have any events or logs to submit, please send them to me (along with the date they took place if you know it).

12/26/98 - Daelin is involuntarily reformed from the Conclave by Nayr, and becomes the "Unaligned Yellow Ball Maker of Nashite".

12/21/98 - Fistandan reaches Wa:24 Th:20 Ma:21. Tylorn levels to 6 cleric, as does Loganzibe. Merlin reaches Th: 3 Ma: 9 Wa:10. Demian reaches Wa:16 Cl:18. A who list from this day.

12/20/98 - A 12/20/98 who list.

12/13/98 - There's a record number of Tokugawa followers on at once (13).

12/12/98 - Version 3.31c is installed.

12/8/98 - A look description of Cerebus, along with a who list from this day.

12/5/98 - A who list from this day.

11/18/98 - Admire reaches Th:10 Ra:12 Ma:10. A who mobmaster list from this day. Masja has a secret girl scout outfit.

10/24/98 - Demian joins Tokugawa.

10/13/98 - Robert is promoted to Demigod! He starts the good-aligned following of Unity, and his first follower is Duvel.

10/7/98 - Daelin MASSACRES Chef.

10/4/98 - Madman cancels Quest Master II. About a half hour later, Madman retires. A who list from this day. Asia is an Ambassador at this point, and Jerald is a Demigod.

10/1/98 - Loki joins Tokguawa.

9/27/98 - Garland joins Tokugawa.

9/4/98 - Sometime this month, the grand knight of the realm is killed. Alyria joins Tokugawa.

8/23/98 - Myronides gets whomped on (or, "Daelin & BeelzeBub vs the Purple Myron").

7/20/98 - A who list from this day.

7/19/98 - Gwenhwyfar posts "The most beautiful flower".

7/13/98 - Furnock joins Tokugawa.

7/5/98 - Teva joins Tokugawa.

7/1/98 - Natas joins Tokugawa.

6/27/98 - Atrophy reaches Cl: 5 Wa:14. Corrine levels to 8 mage. Malin reaches Ra:18 Cl:20, and later kills nash. A compilation who list from this day.

6/15/98 - Emaleth joins Tokugawa.

6/12/98 - Pardoquilian and Gizmo join Tokugawa.

6/11/98 - Dragonsbane joins Tokugawa.

6/10/98 - Zedar joins Tokugawa.

6/8/98 - Ramza, Morimox, Merous, Ecstacy, Trunks, Dorval, Clutch, Kundo and Legion all join Tokugawa.

6/7/98 - Kelly and Buff join Tokugawa.

6/6/98 - Tokugawa is promoted to Demigod! He starts the Neutral following of Balance, which quickly gets huge. Threall, Ramirez, Aeris, Bavarian, Shenza, Ferrit & Farlander all join him. Take a look at his rules. Ferrit levels to 5 cleric.

6/5/98 - Version 3.12a is installed.

5/16/98 - A who list from this day.

4/27/98 - Myronides proclaims himself Emperor of Nature, and there's some discussion about that. Some who lists from this day. Molo reminisces on gossip (yes, even way back in 98 he'd been around for ages).

4/26/98 - Some who lists from this day.

4/25/98 - A poem from Jerald. A who list from this day.

4/23/98 - Some who lists from this day.

4/15/98 - Bliss is created.

4/8/98 - A who list from this day.

4/7/98 - Some members of the Hawaii crew post retirement notes, and other characters are deleted by Madman.

4/4/98 - Talon levels to 9 mage. A couple of who lists from this day.

3/30/98 - TFC is at version 3.05v. Sometime around this time, Dove and Syrinx kill Zain (check out Dove's hp's).

3/22/98 - Madman gets after people to kill the elves. A who list from this day. Jerald was recently promoted to Attendant (sometime between now and 3/9). A typical Madman forced save.

3/18/98 - Version 3.05q is installed.

3/9/98 - Casey has troubles, as does poor Liferunner.

2/16/98 - A log of Elemental Canyon pre items-disappearing from-the-ground.

2/15/98 - Solanthas becomes a Questor. BeelzeBub reaches Wa: 3 Ma: 9 Th: 9. Pez gossips some strange things (even for him). Some who lists from this day.

2/12/98 - Version 3.03b2 is installed.

2/15/98 - The scavenger quest concludes, and here are the results (taken from the plaque in the room of records). Daelin sings on gossip.

2/11/98 - Madman posts a note announcing a scavenger quest.

1/20/98 - Version 3.00au of TFC is installed.

1/17/98 - A wizlist from this day. Tokugawa is promoted to Ambassador! (at 2226 years old/4429 hours). Version 3.00ap is installed. Drax levels to 5 warrior. Poit reaches Wa:12 Sh:12. StoutHBound levels to 12 warrior.

1/1/98 - Happy New Year! Cordir posts Saran's poem called "Paradise". A who list compilation from this day.

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