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Send me whatever you'd like to see on these timelines, they're open to everyone. Logs of fun things would be really good, and of course dates of levels, mobmasters, "big" or instructional pks, quest results, following stuff, unaligned stuff, goofy stuff, poems, whatnot, etc would be great. The facts posted here come from info & logs sent to me, from my own personal observations, and from the tfc web page & mailing lists. Thanks a TON to those who submitted old logs and events (Tokugawa, Natilena, Oak, Skeeve, Bliss, and others). Also, if anythings wrong or missing, holler. Feel free to link to this page or the rest of my site (as long as you're not going to say bad things about it, of course :P)

IMPORTANT: To make sure you're viewing the most recent version of these timelines in Internet Explorer hit CTRL and F5 at the same time on your keyboard (thanks Tiax). Note: unfortunately due to size limits some of the timelines are broken into several parts, hopefully this'll be resolved soon. Meanwhile just click on the links for the time periods youre interested in, and if for some reason they don't come up the first time, keep trying, because they ARE there, i promise :)

Choose from:

2004:  (from 12/31/04 to 1/1/04)

2003:  (from 12/31/03 to 6/15/03) and (6/14/03 to 3/29/03) and (3/28/03 to 1/1/03)

2002:  (12/31/02 to 10/21/02) and (10/20/02 to 7/21/02) and (7/20/02 to 4/26/02) and (4/25/02 to 1/1/02)

2001:  (12/31/01 to 10/1/01) and (9/30/01 to 7/1/01) and (6/30/01 to 1/5/01)

2000:  (12/30/00 to 1/6/00)

1999:  (12/28/99 to 1/9/99)

1998:  (12/26/98 to 1/1/98)

1997 & prior:  (12/31/97 to 3/4/94)

odds & ends:  (undated logs)

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