Torchbearer: The Beginning of the End
Sat Dec 8 21:42:46 2001
To: all

I'm going to shed some light on things, and explain in a bit better detail *who*
the Dawn Bringers are and *what* we believe (esp. in regards to evils, neutrals,
and unaligneds).

First, yes, we are extremist goods, and a following who has its roots in JohnPaul's
Virtue. We, however, are NOT Virtue's Pilgrims as led by JohnPaul by any means.
We ARE a Sentry following, which means we cannot attack outright without justification.
If you don't wish to have us slay you, simply don't mess with us.

In the case of Tirant, he followed MY ORDERS to have Galatea slain. She is known
as a helper of evil, and as such is deemed a sinner against Good. Tirant possessed
the creativity to fulfill my most Holy and Divine Justice by helping Galatea to her
well deserved doom. If anything, the rest of Good-kind should be ashamed they
have ignored Galatea for this long.

As seen by the Dawn Bringers, the alignments are ranked from superior to inferior
in this manner: Good, Evil, Neutral, Unaligned. This means that we like goodies,
and we help them. Evils should die for being evil. Neutral should die for being
fence-sitting opportunists. And Unaligneds should die for being atheistic. This
means that YES, I support the removal of all that is not good. There are times,
however, when we may use a Neutral or Unaligned for the purpose of good, in spite
of them being inferior to evils.

For centuries, the world has been haunted by false goods who turn their cheeks to evil
and face only the Nashite enemy. Goods have helped evils, and neutrals who help evils,
and ignore the sinful realities of what they do. After suffering for my own sins as
the Dark Seraph in Angelic Purgatory, I have returned to purge the world of these
blasphemers and the cancer they knowingly aid in this realm.

The Night is no more: Behold the Dawn of Virtue.

Torchbearer, Lin Primus, Seraph of the Dawn.