Solaron: Torchbearer's Nightbringers.
Sun Dec 9 07:58:27 2001
To: all
Lord Torchbearer, and his
Deceitful tactics to kill an enemy are still deceitful. Is it worth the gain if you
must commit a sin in doing so? Whether or not your following is based off of JohnPaul,
his name is thrown about as if you still honor him. If you wish to honor him, dissassociate
his name with ANY of your followings actions. You dislike Neutrals? Then I shall
ensure that you never have the problem of being aided by me. I would never want to
taint your pure, guileless hearts.
Galatea has upset many people. Admittedly, myself included. She and I have argued,
yelled, insulted and worse. But I have never sunk to the level of, er.. how was it..
I believe it was called "being creative" enough.. to kill someone by lying to them.
*sigh* I must just not be "Good" enough.
If this is your idea of Heaven, Torchbearer, then may your Followers burn in it.
- My words are MY words. I do not speak for the Chosen. I speak for myself. -
Torchbearer: Re: Solaron: Torchbearer's Nightbringers.
Sun Dec 9 10:37:45 2001
To: Solaron all

The End justifies the means. The End is Good.

Torchbearer, Lin Primus, Seraph of the Dawn.
Dezmond: My leave of abscence/TB
Sun Dec 9 15:33:29 2001
To: all
As of the next couple days I won't be seen, I'm losing my internet source.
I should be back soon though.

As for Virtue,
You may believe that the end justifies the means, but in right you
are no different than the Black Conclave. Torchbearer, you
haven't changed since your days as the leader of the Arcanes.
I agree with Solaron fully in the fact that you can burn in your heaven.
If I am a sinner as you say, then come get me. I welcome your attempts.
I speak not for my following, I speak on my own. It is my own
hatred that I spew forth onto you. In my mind, and in many others, you
have disgraced the name of JohnPaul and in the end you will suffer
the consequences. As I have said before, I WILL NOT attack, but even so..
your days are numbered.

Dezmond Lin.