Symon: My Retirement
Mon May 14 07:40:22 2001
To: all

My time at TFC has been, without question, the finest mudding
experience I've ever had. But like all things, it must come
to an inevitable close. I'd like to thank all those who've
come and gone over the past seven years..I've had an amazing
experience here and I truly hope this place gets back onto it's
feet soon.

I'd rather not draw this out, so I'll keep things short. To
Asia, I thank you for an amazing experience. This was the
first nashite I'd ever played, and while I do not think I would
have fit in to Molo's group, I truly felt like I was a part of
yours. To former members of Pain, thank you all for the endless
nights of fun.

To all I have met, either in friendship or on the field of battle,
thank you. You were what made this place the best mud in existance,
and I truly loved every moment I spent here, be it in talk, or
in battle.

good luck, all. I hope this place returns to it's former glories,
so that others may still know what it is to truly know what
The Final Challenge is truly like.

aka: Drizzt, Destin, Lyim, Jaelyn, Meck, Joseph, Syris/Harkle