bliss says that the people have spoken, and of course i agree with her completely.

Bliss: The great people of the realm have spoken..more chocolate!
Wed Sep 26 19:42:20 2001
To: all

According to 88% of persons polled, more chocolate items MUST
be added to TFC as soon as possible.
There were only two persons who claimed no more chocolate should be added,
and a few others with some sort of chocolate/vanilla combo.

When asked whether Vanilla items should be added to TFC, the resounding
response was NO!
Only 1 immortal *cough* Kerriariadne *cough* responded that Vanilla
should be added. Clue wished for Vanilla Fudge, Kaltar wanted
vanilla ice cream only in an ice cream parlor, and Okk desired
cookies and cream ice cream.

The people have spoken! Let chocolate flow from every fountain.

strider needs help, cause this is what he says....

Strider: Chocolate is disgusting.
Wed Sep 26 20:40:32 2001
To: all
Tfc should be cleansed of all chocolate items.