Tynian: Creating new socials.
Sat Sep 15 14:25:06 2001
To: all
I don't mind adding socials, so long as you supply the text, and I like it.

New social ideas should be listed on the idea list.

A social consists of several lines of text. Below is the text for the
'applaud' social. I have numbered the lines.

1. "applaud",
2. "Clap, clap, clap.",
3. "$n gives a round of applause.",
4. "You applaud $S actions.",
5. "$n applauds $N's actions.",
6. "$n gives you a round of applause. You MUST'VE done something good$
7. "You applaud yourself. Boy, are we conceited!",
8. "$n gives $mself a standing ovation. Boy, are we conceited!"

Line 1 indicates the social command.

Line 2 is wat you see when you use the applaud social, but do not specify
a 'victim'.

Line 3 is what displays to everyone in the room, if no victim is displayed.
The character's name is substituted for $n.

Line 4 displays to you, when a victim is specified (e.g. applaud bob). 'his',
'her', or 'its' is substituted for $S, depending on gender.

Line 5 displays to the room, when a victim is specified. The victim's name
is substituted for $N.

Line 6 displays to the victim.

Line 7 displays when you do the social on yourself (e.g. applaud self).

Line 8 displays to the room. 'him', 'her', or 'it' is substituted for $m.