Cordir: The Quest of the Shaman
Thu Dec 20 12:17:40 2001
This quest is open to anyone who wishes to participate. There is no
prize for completion, other than knowing you did. Participants have
24 hours to complete the quest. It will be concluded at 12 noon
system time, tomorrow, 12/21. The person with the most correct
answers provided is the winner.
Quest Answers should be sent to
The point of this quest is to identify the thirty shaman questions
described below. items in quotes are taken directly from the mob's
description. If a mob is asked for, the shaman must be identified by
its short or long description and the zone it is found in. Partial
answers will only be given partial credit.
For example: Q: What is the name of the Shaman practice mob in the Camp?
A: Sitting down with legs folded, Mantra breaks her meditation upon
noticing you. / Camp Tolanrael.

1) Name the first Shaman created on TFC.
2) This shaman bears 'symbols drawn in fish oil and moss'.
3) What is the primary stat of the Shaman?
4) This shaman 'awakens from his trance and screams!'
5) To find this shaman, search by a fire, for a 'small, misshapen'
individual who chants beautifully.
6) By a temple to Knar, this shaman waits... and declares, "I can see
you! I have been waiting!"
7) With strange symbols on hi face, bones in his hair, this shaman
waits by an obsidian monolith.
8) What is the first defensive spell a shaman gains the ability to prac?
9) Bearing a rattle and a striped urn, this shaman folds in on itself...
a warg is seen... then the shaman.
10) Wearing a Student's Robe and bearing a bo staff, this shaman is rready.
11) Spirits gather to watch around this Shaman.
12) Deep within the spire, this shaman leads the chanting.
13) This 'overwhelming calm' shaman looks into a pool, bearing the Luck Blade.
14) Name the first mortal Shaman on TFC to reach level 30.
15) This shaman serves the Spawn.
16) This shaman serves the Polyps.
17) This shaman serves the Chthonians.
18) This shaman serves the Dhole.
19) Name the first mortal Shaman to become a Triat Master.
20) Name the first mortal Shaman to join the Conclave's High Council.
21) This shaman is 'old but far from weak' and his eyes 'demonstrate a feeling
of confidence.'
22) This shaman is 'feared by all the orcs, save his uncles'.
23) Her drab gray plumage is brightened by a orange and yellow starburst on
her chest.
24) Making sacrifices to the Destroyer, this shaman dwells in a hogan.
25) This small, deformed man with a limp teaches the skills of his class.
26) In a chamber filled with paraphanalia, this shaman protects his people
from the dwarves.
27) Name the mortal Shamaness Adept who won the title by completing a
Class Mastery quest in 2001.
28) This shaman 'roams the city looking for intruders and trouble makers'.
29) Coming out of a trance, this shaman explains that 'The life is hard and
perseverance is required.'.
30) 'Wild and crazed eyes stare back at you as the shaman starts chanting
an ancient incantation.'

Good luck. - C.