Lexie: Okk's "Saya" group = Kahn in disguise
Mon Oct 1 01:14:16 2001
To: all

Please be aware that members of the "Saya" clan of Okk's following
will do whatever they can to help the pk'ers in Kahn initiate
an attack on an innocent victim. Do not trust anyone with "Saya"
in title.
Gizamaluke: RE:Lexie
Mon Oct 1 07:17:02 2001
To: all
It is understandable that you have experienced a moment in which a member
of the Saya order helps out or initiates in the event of combat. However,
do not come to the conclusion that all in my order will act in that manner.'
I try to retain my beliefs in helping others and remain non-aggressive
towards others. I know you know this, but the actions commited by a Saya, or
any order for that matter, is totally up to them. Understand that only that
person who is involved in your problem should you worry about in future
relations. So please, do not initiate that name calling like in the case
of Ravaged and his relations with the Black Conclave. He is simply playing
the role that he chooses appropriate for his character.

Gizamaluke, tired of this name-calling that floods our note board.
Jaerith: RE: Gizamaluke: RE: Lexie
Mon Oct 1 07:45:02 2001
To: all

The difference being, Giz, is that Ravaged has
been a UA leeching on the conclave for a long time.
he's made it quite clear who his "character" is.

*sweet smile* Ravaged, no matter what skin he wears,
will always be a nashite. plain and simple.

Jaerith: RE..etc..etc.
Mon Oct 1 11:01:42 2001
To: all

The Truth Shall Set YE Free!

Circle of Faces is nashite? alright..that makes more sense.