Nayr: Appropriate Respect
Thu Sep 13 16:28:24 2001
To: All
I would like to address two issues of late. One is the springing
up of airline "jokes" and commentary, directed at individuals or
followings. This is unacceptable. I realize that often people need to
deal with grief or shock by belittling it or laughing in the face of
it, and they feel that in this fantasy world they can be a little
more unrestrained. However, it is not everyone's way, and it can be
very hurtful for others to have to put up with your "callous"
behavior, whether or not you think you are being so. So, please don't
do it. This includes immortals, and any public or semi-public channels,
such as say, which is readily infoable. Essentially, if you can't
prevent your comments, do it in pray. And hopefully your immortal wont
strike you dead on the spot...
The second issue is the reverse. This is not a public forum for
your grief, or for dealing with it. There are many places, both
in the real world and on the net where you can turn for
discussion on what happened and why. This is not such a
place. Please don't post more notes detailing the history of
Islamics, your views on what happened, or other commentary.
If you have friends here you want to talk to about it, that's
certainly fine, but don't drag it out into the public eye...
that is not why most of us come here, and really, us mudders
as a group are not the most theraputic bunch of people anyway. :)
Thank you for behaving respectfully,

-Nayr the Wise, Mud Manager