QBall: Goodbye
Tue Sep 18 13:59:20 2001
To: all
Well the time has come for me to leave, I'll be gone for a while (2 years)
It's been fun and I've had a blast, but I'm flying out for Language Training
Tomorrow then flying to Romania...anyways I'm just saying goodbye

Tynian, you've made an awesome game, keep it up, you rarely get the thanks you deserve

Virtue, Arcanes and Tigers, It's been fun...thanks for always giving me eq cause
I die so much, anyways, thanks you all were awesome
JohnPaul, if you'll even read this I don't know, but you were one awesome god
thought I only got in Virtue right before you retired...well I should say, right
before your Angels retired =(.....

TB I know you don't play anymore, and for that your a dork, but you were awesome
*cackle* actually kept me eqed, and somehow I leveled a bit during that

Tripper, I have the utmost respect for you, I remember running in and croaking
in yer temple, and you scolding me...heh...ahh the memories
I'm gonna miss being in Tigers, you made an awesome following out of us.

Tigers, Quixletobia, Ephiny, Khorlan, Skeeve, Athorne, Doc, you guys saved my butt
so many times, hehe, thanks....I'm not gonna name all the Tigers, I want to thank
I don't have time cause I gotta go, but thanks all you Tigers.

Maybe after I'm done with my mission I'll be back...maybe not, anyways BYE!
oh yeah!...LLU!!
Us old Farts rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

QBall the Virtuous, Arcane, and Chaotic Tiger! *LLU* 0 days...