Tynian: Policy management
Fri Sep 7 19:46:48 2001
To: all
Last week, the gods and I made a change to how TFC policies are managed.
In the past, policy and rule changes were made directly by me. Although
Nayr was also empowered to change TFC policy, I'm sure there was some
hesitation to do so, since I had established many of the policies long

Although the details are still being worked out, the basis for policy
changes now rest with God(s)/Greater God(s)... currently, Nayr, Tokugawa,
and Khore. They will review all proposed changes, and the decision of
whether to enact a policy will be based on a simple majority, with each
god+ (except me) getting 1 vote. A tie vote is a vote for the status

While I reserve the right to veto any such decision, I will avoid this.
My thought is that if a decision is made but it doesn't work out, it can
be revised.

There are several potential advantages to this change. No longer will
proposed policy changes impact my limited time. The decision will be made
by those primarily dedicated to policy/rule enforcement. And the god+
focus is shifted from maintaining and enforcing historical policies/rules,
to critical evaluation and improvement of TFC's rules, policies, and

More details will be forthcoming.