Pez: Pez Quest 9 Winners
Thu Nov 22 18:35:06 2001
To: all
Well, my wife has made her decisions and the winners of
Pez Quest 9 have been selected. So, here are the results:

First Place: Bantagar
Second Place: Cordir
Third Place: Artanis

While I must say I do not completely agree with my wifes
selections, she is the judge and her decision is final. Personally,
I would have preferred a more flattering description, but as
promised I will don the winning description permanently.

Thanks for playing folks, and contributing to the jackpot.
I am now taking donations for Pez Quest 10, which will occur
in about 3 weeks.

I will find a place to post the winning descriptions, but for the
first place description, just look at me.