Okk: Your Not-So-Average Retirement Note
Sat Dec 1 20:57:54 2001
To: all
I have gone off to rejoin the Ancient Order and fight dark spirits in Fela Hasrodel, the Land of Darkness and Unreason.
If you would care to lend me your strength, then do this: eat in apple pie while thinking of me. That should do the trick :)
I can still hear whispers at sillyogre@hotmail.com

"Song of Parting"
by Nakka

I look into the sky and see
raindrops falling down on me
"can't you see your friends are dying?"

I flutter by and every tree says
"look at you, should you be trying...?"

the waves of the sea
call out to me
thundering, they beat like drums



I can wait no more

the spirits calling out to me
this sudden shift of priority
so to the Land of the Setting Sun I go
I am answering their call

glory is the Day
...but someone makes it stay that way

to preserve our Heaven
I descend into Hell