Okk: My Retirement
Fri Aug 25 01:24:33 2000
To: all

Alright, I feel like an ogre right now for writing this (no joke intended)

There's little to say, really. I'm retiring. Retired, actually, as I write this. Both in character, and in real life, I'm going to be embarking on a journey of d iscovery of myself, this universe, and existence. This leaves little time for a following, hence this decision to retire.

I've always despised overly long retirmenet notes, and I wouldn't want to put anyone through something I wouldn't want to go through myself. So, I've decided not to bore you with millions of thank-you's.



Thank You's:

Tynian Lord:
For this world which we all dwell in. It holds joy and wonders. Thank you.

Sirak Lord:
For Truth, Wisdom, and Knowing. Thank you.

The Breathless Arch-Lich of Nashite:
Though likely uncaring, you accepted my worship and saw me through my mortal life. Thank you.

Cordir Goddess:
You once helped along a pathless ogre shaman. Though you may have forgotten, I have not.
In the Eternal Chaos of the universe, there is a time when an Order is born. It lives for a time, then dies, and the Chaos begins anew.
You are such an Order, and I respect you for that. I only hope that I was, too. Like the stars in the night sky, we immortals, seemingly eternal, will one day fade away.
Until then, be well. I'll see you at this World's End. Thank you.

Thaygar Lord:
For your respect. For you interest. For the Spire, the Triat, and all that you have done for this Realm. Thank you.

Torchbearer Lord:
For all the fun times we've had together :) You had a cool following while it existed. Thank you.

Syla Goddess:

Bliss Goddess:
You gave me Existence, which was great in itself.
But above all, you showed me truly how to care. *hug* Thank you.

Stouthbound, me big brother :)
You've helped me grow up strong, and we've had some good times, fighting side by side. I think we've managed to kill each other many times over (remember Okrii?) :) Thank you

For all those chocolatey times :) Don't be lost without me (no joke intended)

My old mortal buddies--Zane, Amon, Zachyra, Claw, Griimie, Stouty, Jet, Jamie, Hermes, probably many others unnamed:
I've had some fun times with you guys :) Especially you Conclave; you're a great group. Thank you.
(You CAN have fun without me *grin*)

Hornblower, Gregar, Boromir, Serenity, Galaphile...
Anyone who was fun to talk to, or just simply bothered to say "Hi" to me. Thank you.

My first two followers, Falcor and Whitehawk:
For your extraordinary contributions to my following in its early stages. Thank you.

Whitehawk, my blood-brother:
For being my best friend. Thank you.

I've always considered you all to be my food--I mean friends. No really, I mean it. I love you all, and this past year has been a blast :) Thank you.
(and if I ever rifted you, it only meant I loved you more)

Anyone else I didn't mention but deserves mention: (does that sound right?) Yeah. Thanks :)

End of Thank You's!


It's time to say goodbye.

But before I do, I must ask a question:
Was one life changed by my time in this Realm? Was one life brighter or happier because I have lived?

If so, it would make me smile, and I could leave this place with joy.

My time is over. I go to the Land of the Setting Sun now. For you, a new day is beginning, but mayhap we shall see each other, sometime, someplace. Goodbye.

Okk Orthrakai, Child of Sorrow
Divine Spirit of the Nashite Faith
Shaman of the Circle of Faces
Keeper of Order Ayala
Guardian Weaver of Spire Orthrakai
Former Guardian of the Life's Blood of Nashite
Former King of Kuroth
Formel King of Magical Spring Creation
Sirak's ogre
Syla's chew toy
Spawn of Bliss
Brother of Stouthbound
Blood brother of Whitehawk
Malin's Old-Fashioned
Torchbearer's partner in crime

...oh, what kind of person would I be without leaving you with some parting wisdom. Alright. I'll give it to you.
Most people think that they can burp discretely by burping with their mouth closed. THIS DOESN'T WORK. People around you can still hear it, and now they're wondering what the heck is up with you.

Alright, I'll go :)
Goodbye, really

Oh, my e-mail is sillyogre@hotmail.com, if anyone wants to get in touch.

Oh, a note to Tynian:
I would like my characters Endrek and Ugluk deleted.

Bye now