Okk: In dreams and joy and reverie...
Wed Mar 28 23:44:30 2001
To: Thaygar all
We are the Orthrakai
Crafted from Orthrak's dreams
The Sigil Odegra watches over us

We are the Orthrakai
The blood of Orthrak flows in our veins
We live, we die
And last forever

"The Song of Orthrak"
by Okk Orthrakai

Long ago when the world was young
Lived in the swamps us ogres
Lost in the darkness, blind in our ignorance
In the shadows of terror were we

But driven by dreams and visions
One stood above us all
Warrior, Shaman, Prophet
Orthrak saw beyond the pall

He taught us of the gods and spirits
He opened up our eyes
And said, "Come, let us leave this place
Where we fear the sky."

He led us from the swamps and forest
And first we saw the light
He pointed toward the red noon sun
Said, "Come, my vision leads south."

We reached the sea but were not stopped
'Cause Orthrak had a plan
With boats and flight we beat the tides
And sailed from the land

The Destroyer glared as we left his reign
And cast away our fear
He vowed that day that we would pay
That he would have revenge

How we looked as we crossed the waters
O what a sight to see!
A fleet of rafts and flying ogres
As we went merrily

After many days we reached the land
And climbed up on the beach
Now off the waves we thought we were safe
But then we heard a screech

The Aarakai of Aran
Fell upon us on the cliffs
Many birds and ogres died among
The claws and the soul rifts

At the Destroyer's command the demonbirds came
To punish the Orthrakai
Their eyes were red, we turned and fled
On the south wind through the sky

We flew and came upon a lonely mountaintop
A barren land, a desert, a mass of crimson rock
Said Orthrak, "Go no further, for this is our new home."
So we settled down and landed on the hard sandstone

It turned out that the mountain
Was not as lifeless as it seemed
Beneath the ground life did abound
And from it creatures teemed

In the caverns Orthrak gathered
The animals in there
Cat, Bat, Spider, they made a treaty
They became Clanfriends

Then the slaves which we had brought with us
The gnolls that we called flind
Were cast away, free were they
Not needed with our new friends

Then a curse came from the Destroyer
And struck the Catfriends with a plague
In pain to us for help they cried
So to the Three we prayed

With prayers to the Three the Catfriends were saved
But they were then diminished
So we sent them away with sad parting
And grew a jungle around the Spire for them

Those dead we rose up to the sky
As Orthrak showed us how
The spirits rejoiced as they fed on their flesh
And smiled down on us

The spirits, Clanfriends now
Gave to us a gift
From the caverns flowed sweet waters
And the mount was transformed, now Skull Spire

Then came one fateful day
The sky grew dark with Aarakai
We fought them away, kept them at bay
But lost our dear Orthrak

They killed out Clanleader, such a crime
That cannot be forgiven
And thus we fight and thus we kill
To Endless War we're driven